Shadows of the Universe (Sci-fi Action RP)(Started)(Closed)

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"Hmm, something underground." Jason mumbled to himself thinking of what could be underground. "Well we can figure that out when we go down. So what do you have on the weapons?" Jason asked coming back to reality.

Chris handed the datapad that had all the information on the weapons to Jason.

"Well, the ammunition their weapons use are invisible, so its going to be a bitch to try and trace the shot, and there doesn't really seem to be any way to switch out magazines. The ammo seems to be built inside the gun, making the user have to open the gun up to do that, and even then I'm not sure if their guns even need magazines. They may just be able to materialize the ammo. So the guns either run out of ammo and they find a new gun, or they don't have to worry about ammo at all. Oh, and one more thing: their 'bullets' are acidic, so if you get shot, it's going to hurt, and it will burn through our armor quick. I already test-fired it on the heavy armor as well, it doesn't help much either, just takes a little longer to burn through. Colon might have some more info for you, but that is all I have."

Jason scowled at the words 'acidic bullets'. "Damn, so now we need to find a way to stop the acidic bullets since our armor isn't going to cut it as they are now." Jason stated as he took a look at the datapad. "So they basically have bullets we can't see, a gun that may or may not run out of ammo and bullets that can destroy our armor. Here I thought this mission was going to be easy." Jason added still checking through the datapad.

James raised his brow at the mention of a map and went over to look over the tech-man's shoulders at it "It's... a good map. Like. High quality briefing material, and they can just drag this around? I'm guessing those side displays are probably weather factors or possibly intel. Then again, I don't read Bloodthirsty Nasty E.T." James scratched his head "Techie, is it possible my bombardment revealed and/or destroyed that? It was a pretty tough bashing" James looked curiously, obviously asking trained questions, hard to say how much of his sudden articulation was personal or mechanical

Chris turned around to face James, "Hard to say." he replied. "Without knowing how deep the sand goes, your bombardment might have or not. There is also a possibility that this map is real-time."

Chris then turned back toward Jason and asked, "Did the analysts keep an eye on this map the whole time we had it, and if so were there any changes?"

"I told them to notify me the second they found anything. If they followed my orders they just found this device." Jason responded to chris' question.

"If you want, I could go down and do some covert recon. They weren't able to see me sniping while I was cloaked during the battle, or they didn't seem to at any rate..." James pointed at a spot a couple miles from the dot "Drop me there with some light gear and some intel equipment, and I can get a read, get to an extract, and be back before dinner." James was stroking the chin of his helmet making a light 'tink' sound. It looked like a robot was trying to imitate Socrates.

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