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"I do have them." Jason said as he pulled out a little clipboard. "Sergeant's Osten and Chase, you will be in charge keeping the EU soldiers organized. Sergeant Gannon, you will be in charge of keeping the electronic components of the ship working. Sergeant Lier, you will take command of the medical staff. Sergeant Marden, you will take control of the engineering staff. Sergeant Pax, you will be in charge of training all the young pilots on the ship and assisting in the flying of the E.U.S. Berlin. Sergeant James, You will be in charge of the ships weapons." Jason said going through the list he had written down.

"With all due respect, sir, what does this entail?"

Rick wanted to add a couple suggestions of what it might include, such as a good motherly paddling for discipline, but he bit his tongue.

"Your Job will be to train and organize the EU soldiers. Think of yourself as a drill sergeant." Jason replied.

Alright. I'm looking forward to getting behind those controls I studied last night" James patted a strange package he brought aboard "I managed to contact some friends in the Special Operations department. I got these new M-1334s, technically not recognized in the equipment rosters." James sounded rather proud of this.

Jason took one of the Rifles and started to inspect it. It looked to him like this weapon could do a lot of damage. He wasn't surprised that they haven't given any to them on the ship. "These are good rifles, I'll make sure to have someone put them in the armory." Jason said as he placed the rifle back.

"I already had the ammo put in the hold this morning."

"Very good." Jason replied.

The Pegasus began to increase in speed and the ship began to violently shake as the ship started to break away from the Earth's atmosphere. The temperature in the ship started the generally increase with the shaking and then it all suddenly stopped. "Captain Kahlil we have broken through the Earth's atmosphere." The Pilot said over the speaker system in the Pegasus.

"The E.U.S. Berlin is currently stationed on the other side of the moon. ETA 10 minutes." The pilot said over the Speakers. Jason looked out the window that was behind him and saw nothing but space, He pondered what mysteries lied for him in the infinite void that space was. The moon then appeared in the window and Jason watched as they passed the moon. Once they had passed the moon he saw the E.U.S. Berlin.

The E.U.S. Berlin was a large black ship that was about the size of a large city. Jason could see most of the weapons on the ship and it looked like it was indestructible. "Captain Kahlil we require you in the cockpit." The pilot said over the speakers. Jason wondering what they needed him for got up and went to the front of the ship. "This is EU Pegasus 2942 we have the WINGS soldiers on board requesting permission to board the ship." Jason heard the pilot say as he made his way to the cockpit.

"Permission denied EU Pegasus 2942." a voice responded over the radio. Jason Became a little agitated at this and took the mic. "This is Captain Kahlil! What was this about not giving us permission to land!?" Jason yelled into the Mic agitated at not being given permission to board. "I'm sorry Captain but General Kim gave us strict orders not..." The voice said. "I DON'T CARE WHAT THE FUCK GENERAL KIM TOLD YOU! YOU'RE GOING TO GIVE US PERMISSION TO BOARD THIS INSTANT!!!" Jason shouted into the mic which everyone in the ship could hear.

"Yes sir, you have permission to board the E.U.S. Berlin." The voice responded in a lower voice then before. Jason slammed the mic back on it's stand and he walked back to the back of the ship and retook his seat. There was a dead silence as everyone else knew not to say anything to Jason at that point in time.

The Pegasus then got closer to the ship and a hanger door near the bottom of the ship opened and the Pegasus entered the Berlin. The doors at the back of the pegasus opened allowing them access to the ship. Jason got his gear and stepped out onto the ship as everyone followed him. They were now officially on the E.U.S. Berlin.

Rick shuffled from foot to foot. "Okay, so... what are our chances of getting suddenly arrested in a hilarious and depressing misunderstanding and all burned at the stake?"

He paused. "...or, if nothing else, should we speak to General Kim before we start acting like we own the place?"

"You don't want to know what I'm going to do to General Kim when I find him." Jason said in a low voice obviously very pissed off.

"Right. OK then."

Rick stretched and walked over to the nearest directory terminal. "I'm heading for the nearest canteen. Anyone want to join me?"

James frowned "Captain, why would the General try to keep us off? And I thought we were outside of his jurisdiction?" James frowned

"I don't know what that BASTARD was thinking but what I'm about to do to him will be off the record! Hey Osten you will stay right here until I deal with General Kim!" Jason said unable to focus that much because of the rage he was feeling at the moment. "I heard the General doesn't like the WINGS." The pilot said while walking out of the Pegasus. "From what I've heard the General doesn't like the idea of Captain Kahlil coming in and taking over the ship. He probably didn't give us permission to board to send a message. Besides that wasn't the usual Hanger commander that we were talking to." The pilot said as he glanced over to Jason to see that he was fuming.

"Well I better get out of here before the situation explodes. Good day to you WINGS." The pilot said as he and his co-pilot walked down one of the corridors out of the hanger.

"Take me with yooouuuu!" mouthed Rick as the pilot left. Rick didn't know what was about to happen next, but he was 98% sure he wasn't going to like it.

James shook his head and followed Jason, making sure to grab a combat knife and put it on his belt, incase things got ugly. He then motioned to the cargo techs and told them where to put all of the weapons and ammo as he caught up to Jason and quietly kept pace

Damien frowned. "Oh dear. This won't end well." Damien checked the medical supplies on the Pegasus, and stuffed a few bio-gel packets into his pack. They were always nice for implants. Then Damien took a basic surgery kit and rolled it up, placing that in his solider's pack right next to the metal box that held his lifelines. "Well, I better get going. Bullet wounds tend to bleed a bit." Damien said, showing a bit of gallows humor as he slung his pack onto his shoulder and nonchalantly followed in the Captain's footsteps. "Captain, try not to do anything lethal. Because then it's my burden to put the bastard back together." Damien shook his head, doubtful that Kahlil would even listen.

As Jason was contemplating the many things he could do to General Kim he noticed that the Hangar door started to close, He found this odd as they were still in the hangar. He noticed that this was a good opportunity for an ambush seeing as they were basically trapped in the hanger. He then remembered what the pilot said earlier So that wasn't the normal Hanger commander, No not even General Kim is that stupid. Jason thought to himself.

The main door at the other end of the hangar opened and in walked General Kim, Jason caught a glimpse of a good number of armed soldiers at the other end of the door before it closed behind General Kim. "Osten, go into the pegasus and look at the compartment above the seat I was sitting in. You will find a few weapons in the compartment go get them, now." Jason whispered to Rick. Luckily Jason prepared for something like this.

As Rick slipped into the Pegasus General Kim started to walk towards the group. "Well if it isn't Captain Kahlil, I thought I told the Hanger controller not to let you in." General Kim said in a nonchalant tone. Jason could tell that General Kim was gravely underestimating what they could tell and was confident that the odd number of soldier's he brought with him could defeat them.

"Well you stupid BASTARD you thought you could not only keep us out of the ship but now you want to BETRAY US!?!" Jason said as he noticed that General Kim was taken aback by what he just said and started to back up a little. "The punishment for this betrayal is DEATH!!" Jason yelled as the door at the other end opened and around 20 soldiers flew in.

Jason's only target was General Kim, he took his knife out from it's holster and he threw it at General Kim. The blade started to spin and it hit General Kim with the handle. Jason then ran right in front of General showing his great speed and caught the blade in mid air and then in a smooth motion slit the General's neck.

Jason Activated his Motion canceler which stopped the General's body from falling as the soldiers started to fire at him. He used the General's body as a shield as he sprinted back to behind the Pegasus for some cover which the rest of the squad did as well.

"Smooth move, Sir!" yelled Osten as he leaped from the ship, a bundle of weapons on his back. The hail of bullets from the soldiers did nothing, Rick's armor was too thick. Rick quickly hopped behind cover and handed everyone an assault rifle and pistol.

James noticed what was happening, the General vastly underestimated a modded brain, and slowly slipped to one end of the hanger, taking a pistol from one of the crates taken out of the Pegasus, and then strapping the holster to his leg. By the time he was done equipping himself, the fire was hot, and he shrugged. To him, this was like Tuesday. He stood still, quiet, and when three soldiers took cover infront of him to lay down a sideways fire on the team, he took out his knife and got to work.

The soldier on his right was behind the others, out of sight, out of mind. And once James put his hand over the soldiers mouth, and used his elbow to brace the chest in a crushing hold, and stuck his knife silently through the temple, and then took the soldier's clean knife as he set him down quietly.

Targets two and three were laying down more suppressive fire, so he then moved almost as a blur, and one of the soldiers was stabbed in the back of the head, while he punched the other's spine, and took his knife while the soldier was stunned with pain.

The soldier scrambled up and reached for his knife, growling as he saw James with a blank, almost amused face throwing the knife away. The solder charged and threw a well-trained right hook at James, before it was caught in-between James's arm and ribcage, a vicious snap of the elbow was muffled in the WINGS uniform, as the soldier was thrown onto James's back and slammed against the ground, but at the last moment, James's free arm braced the neck, functionally hanging the soldier by his own weight. This all happened within three blurry seconds for a normal person's sight, and the soldier flailed in silent pain for a full ten seconds before a loud burst of fire erupted, and James snapped the neck, cloaked by the first volley. He then stood up fully, to be visible to the team about 30 seconds after attacking the first soldier, and motioned that he'd taken down three before crouching back down and grabbing the weapons they carried, positioning to flank when ordered

Rick quickly holstered his pistol and readies his assault rifle. He popped around the stack of metal he was hiding behind and takes aim at a nearby soldier.

Rick missed. He quickly moved back behind his cover to readjust his plan.

Ducked behind some large metallic crates that would keep him safe and grabbed a pistol from the weapons that Rick brought out. He knelt out of cover and took careful aim and nailed 3 soldiers in the upper chest. "You know these, you gotta give these guys credit. At least they are dying an honorable death instead of running away like cowards!" Chris yelled after shooting another two. He pulled his personal computer out of one his pant leg's pocket and put it on his arm. He turned it on and started hacking into the main Pegasus communication network to see if anymore reinforcements were on the way. To his dismay more were. "Poor bastards don't know what they are getting themselves into!" He leaned out of cover again and shot another soldier that was close by. "Now lets see if we can't stop those reinforcements from coming." Chris mumbled under his breath while trying to cancel communications coming from the soldiers on the way to the hangar. "Just need to bypass this firewall and bug this system and. . . there we go, no more communications." He mumbled. He then sent a false message requesting those reinforcements to stand down and return to their posts. "Hey guys good news, these should be the only soldiers we have to deal with!" he yelled to his allies.

"Absolutely fantastic!" Rick decided a more... blunt approach was going to be needed, and the fewer soldiers, the better. Thankfully, these soldiers were armed with weaker assault rifles, it would take a good solid minute of constant fire to breach Rick's armor. Maybe some "WHY WON'T YOU DIE" terror tactics were in order.

Rick was pleased to see one brave soldier moving cautiously towards the heaps of metal and boxes that everyone was standing behind. Somehow, the soldier missed him.

Rick suddenly lunged at the soldier, and

Rick grabbed at the soldier, and just got a hold, but before he could swing the soldier's body up and away, he ended up simply plowing right through where the soldier was standing. Rick managed to slow down and stop behind a large box, still holding the unconscious soldier.

As far as the other soldiers could tell, a giant had run into the fray and kidnapped one of them. This wasn't heartening.

James motioned to the squad from his position across the bay for a comm channel that was WINGS-specific

"Captain, I can get a shot on the CO, should I take it?"

James fired down a bunched up group, killing three more, wounding two, and making the rest confused and scrambling to partial cover

"Take it!" Jason said into the radio as bullets continued to fly around him. Jason then rolled out of cover and in an instant fired three shots at the nearest soldier hitting him twice in the ribs. Jason then rolled back into cover not wanting to be out of cover for an extended period of time.

"Found a better option, Sir, I'll capture him and assassinate his guards. I can still shoot him if you prefer, but I wanted to let you know the option exists. Getting into position." James crawled in the shafts, hearing rounds impact on the floor above, and he grimaced. Leaving the rifle where he was-it was too bulky-he took out the standard heavy pistol and climbed up down, sideways and upside-down.

About a minute after, he slowly lowered himself down into a dark area the CO was hiding in, his camo and dark uniform making him basically invisible, and his two well-trained bodyguards guarding the front, he put one hand on the holstered knife and hid the pistol in it's holster quietly, waiting for orders "In position" He whispered, low enough volume as to not escape his helmet at all

"I don't want ANY of these traitors left alive! Just take the shot! I don't care what he'd have to say I'd probably just execute him anyway." Jason said in a serious tone. Jason couldn't stand traitors he never cared why they did it the action of betraying him was heinous enough in his books.

"Understood, Captain."

With that, James lined up the CO and one guard, and splattered both of their heads and then the other one with two quick pistol shots, diving under their cover before noticing a soldier about to land on him knife-first, he rolled out of the way and into the shafts again, followed by a small team of four grunts jumped in with pistols and knives

"I don't suppose we have any grenades?" Came James's voice, seeming mildly annoyed at the soldiers, as the sounds of one soldier getting his throat slit and letting out his last scream, and then a constant fighting and pistol-fire tempo rung out, as a firefight occurred.

James managed to shoot one of them in the leg and the other in his gun-arm, but while running his helmet got shattered by a bullet and pieces fell off, and he got shot in his left arm, which decreased his blurry speed enough they got two more grazes and a minor skull fracture from the helmet getting blown off. Crawling out to his original cover, where he was much better fortified he picked up an assault rifle from one of the three soldiers he first killed and laid down some suppression, hoping that his team would figure out his comms were knocked out when he got hit, and hoping even more that they could manage to fix him up

It was humiliating, he completely mishandled himself, but he'd recover. The soldiers retreated from the shaft when they realized that his position was too defensible against that approach, and he huffed, looking back to the squad, motioning what happened with handsignals, then going back to laying down some fire at least on the remaining soldiers. He might not be able to run up to them anymore, but his right arm was still good enough to keep his aim with his pistol

Damien shook his head. "Well, so much for the diplomatic option." His helmet slid over his head as the first few bullets began to fly. Two soldiers ran up to Damien, expecting to take the medic out first. "The doctor is in." Damien chuckled as two knives slid down his sleeves and into his hands. His contacts activated, showing him one soldier had an injured shoulder. Damien adroitly flipped the knife around and stabbed into the shoulder, twisting and popping it out from the socket. The soldier howled as he collapsed to the floor, his pain signals knocking him out cold. In the meanwhile, the other soldie had taken out his own combat knife and stabbed Damien right where his chest plate and leggings met. Damien grinned and walked towards the stunned soldier, pulling the knife from his chest unharmed. Damien lashed out with the soldier's knife like a whip, severing the tendons in the man's arms and legs, temporarily crippling him.

"Don't mess with the doctor. I know how to put you together- and I know how to take you apart." Damien saw James redline in his readouts, and quickly looked around to see his teammate guarding a corridor. Damien breathed out, shutting down his pain synapses in his nervous system. He then vaulted over his cover and began to sprint towards James. A few bullets ricocheted off Damien's armor as he slid to James' location. "James, it's me, Damien. Just do what I tell you, okay?" Damien quickly changed the composition of his saliva, adding an anasthesia much like that of the leech to it. Damien took off his gauntlets and gently laid his hands on James' injuries, using his skill of Palpation to determine the extent of injuries suffered. "Minor concussion-nothing to worry about... Minor skull fracture, easy enough... A few soft tissue injuries. Too shallow for any hairline cracks. James, do as I say." Damien commanded. Damien took his shotgun off his back and balanced it upon the crate. "First man to pop his head over that crate shall be considered as violating the Geneva Convention, and shall be dealt with as such." Having given his ultimatum, Damien was satisfied and went to work. He wouldn't even have to aim; in this hallway, firing Damnation was as good as a death sentence. There would be no escape. "James, close your eyes and relax your body. I don't want any muscle spasms right now." Damien removed James' helmet fragments and his left arm plate metal, then pressed a button on his own armor, causing some of the plate to slide bam and reveal his chest. Having built up enough saliva, Damien slathered some on his scapel and began to cut into the skin on James' forehead. The anasthesia copied from leeches was so strong compared to general that James wouldn't even know that Damien had started yet.

"I've had field surgery done on me before Doc. I'd still like this bullet out of my shoulder so I can actually fire at them with some effectiveness again."

Damien chuckled. "Not like this one, you haven't." He then hissed as James' head moved. "Don't talk, dammit! It doesn't matter if you can shoot, you still have a concussion. Gimme a minute..." Damien created fast acting stem cells under his skin. Damien stabbed himself with a second knife, drawing the stem cells out. They quickly began to mature as Damien applied them to the skull, coating the cracks as it became part of James. Damien then folded the skin over the incision, marvelling at his geneti ability as his cells began to heal the cut. Damien pulled out a pair of forceps and went to work on James' arm, removing the bullet slowly so as to not rupture any arteries. With the slug out of the way, Damien matched the composition of his cells to the ones mentioned on James' profile sheet. Cutting this off, Damien quickly placed it over the bullet wounds. With a dab of bio-gel, the skin melded into James' own, a perfect match. James was as if he had never been injured as Damien put the soldier's armor back on. "There you go, good as new. Care for a shot of adrenaline?" Damien asked as he checked his surrounding with his contacts, noting a soldier taking aim over the crate at Damien and James. "I warned you!" Damien yelled as he pulled the trigger. Damnation fired, and to the soldier who was unlucky enough to be in the way, Damnation it brought. Damien brought the weapon closer to himself, ready to fire again if necessary. He was very protective of his patients.

"I could use an extra pistol mag if you've got one, I dropped mine in a blind run to get away from the team they sent down after me." James spoke in a thankful tone, while setting up a comm wire he kept around so that he'd regain comms ability

"I didn't have many to begin with, I had to steal this weapon."

Camilla wasn't modded to be fast, and the armour didn't help. As her team mates leapt into action, she sighed to herself, feeling like some sort of bloated brute as she lumbered into action. This did not, of course, interrupt her almost subconscious combat routines.

She raised her weapon, and shot with careful abandon. Only a single shot found it's mark, but the burst scattered a group, saving medic and his patient from a group assault

Their foes were still moving in groups. Stupid; they were facing several heavy weapons, of which her railgun was by no means the least.

At her thought, her body-armour rippled, sliding plates reconnecting at the shoulder to form the huge cannon. She knelt, setting down her rifle and taking the vast weapon in both hands.

A pity that these men have to die, she reflected. We don't even know why they are fighting us. I don't even know why our commander want's them dead.

The railgun roared, three men were torn to pieces. They screamed as they fell, save for the one who had no neck.

Questions will be asked.

Damien nodded as he slid over an extra pistol mag. "Sorry, this is all I've got. I was planning on grabbing more ammo in the station, but it seems those plans will have to be put on hold- oh shit!" Damien ducked down as shotgun blasts targeted where his head used to be. Even with all his healing ability, if he lost his head, he would lose his life, and consequentially, many more. Several high-caliber gatling gun bullets rocketed over his head, targeting the ones firing at Damien and James. Damien offered a shaky thumbs to Camilla. "Thanks for the save, Camilla." Damien spoke over the comms. He then opened to a wider frequency band, to the entire WINGS team. "Hey, Sgt. Lier here. Can any of you guys give me a quick body count? Are any o you injured?"

"Aside from the high level of anger that I am going through now I am fine." Jason spoke into the radio trying to calm himself down. Jason looked over to the rest of the squad and noted that they were uninjured. "The rest of the squad is fine. We have about eight more enemies out there so just hold tight for now and don't do anything stupid." Jason said hoping that nothing would happen to the squad before their mission even began.

"You soldiers should surrender! I already killed General Kim you have nothing to fight for now! so just surrender!" Jason shouted at the enemies while poking his head out of cover to see what they were doing. Jason saw a soldier pop out of cover and pointed the soldier pointed his gun at Jason. Jason with his great reflexes brought his head back immediately, he then heard a bullet whiz by right where his head used to be. "WINGS, They can't be reasoned with. Kill them." Jason ordered coldly into the radio.

Saryll had taken cover early in the battle, and spent its duration stood behind her cover. She had always been good at analysis, and her analysis in the situation she found herself in was that there would be repercussions, so if she could prove she took no part in the proceedings, especially when she hadn't been given explicit orders to fire upon anyone, then any reprimand would be lessened or she would escape punishment entirely. She wasn't proud of her decision, but if it meant she would remain on the mission, then she was prepared to take the ire of Kahlil, as he couldn't rightly throw her from the team for not wanting to kill men who were merely accompanying their commanding officer at the time of his death. Saryll remained behind the cover she had taken.

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