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"But... but... dammit!" Rick realized that all chance of the soldiers surrendering was gone. But they could come in handy later!

Rick quickly made a snap decision. He had stripped the unconscious soldier he had tackled of his weapons and tied him, why not do the same with the others?

Rick peered around the box he was behind. There was a pretty terrified soldier barely obscured by another crate. He was a perfectly good place to start, and would allow Rick to get closer to the others. Rick burst from cover and jumped at the soldier, who had no time to react to the giant form flying at him.

d20 roll 12

Rick fell on the soldier, the gun flying from the soldier's hands. The soldier's head clunked on the metal floor, stunning him. He exhaled entirely as Rick's weight settled on his chest. He was helpless.

Rick ripped an exposed part of the soldier's traditional fabric uniform, flipped the soldier and tied his hands. "Maybe the Captain won't kill you, because you didn't shoot at him. At least, you better hope you didn't."

The soldier didn't answer. Rick glance around the side of the crate to find his best next opportunity to strike.

"Kill them"

The coldness of the order chilled her, and for a second Camilla hesitated. In that moment she watched Rick knock down a foe, and decided on a little creative disobedience.

Emerging from cover, she stretched to her full hieght and charged a confused-looking pair of soldiers, firing her gun with intentional inaccuracy. They responded in kind, and before one of their panicked shots connected, she was upon them.

She'd never been much for physical combat, but that had been before the mutation. Now, it all seemed rather easy; overwhelm and overpower.

She rammed the first, and as he staggered she clubbed the other with the stock of her weapon. The second went down soundlessly, and as the first tried to respond, he recieved a second impact that robbed him of consciousness.

Listened to Jason give the cold, heartless words, and all Chris could do was follow them.
"Dammit, these are fellow soldiers, why the hell are we even shooting at them?" he asked himself. He then opened a secure channel to Jason, " Sir, with all due respect, we have no reason for shooting at fellow soldiers. I request that we stand down, and meet with the top brass to explain our situation," he asked his CO.

A burst of gunfire startled Rick, and he looked over just in time to see Camilla dispatch two soldiers that weren't particularly used to fighting giants. Rick whooped his approval - despite being a soldier, they hadn't pounded the whole killing bit of being in the army into Rick's head, so he still hated seeing people die. Maybe the captain wouldn't get too furious at him if enough people took the non-fatal approach.

Then, Pax jumped down from the side-stairs and was promptly shot at. He dodged out of the way. Camilla was still in the open, but her armor could take a good set of bullets, easily.

Then, Rick saw the high powered rifle.

A soldier had busted open a box of weapons, and was pointing an armor-punching rifle at Camilla.



As unprofessional as it was, Rick would not stand for an injured woman if he could help it. Camilla's armor was thick, but not nearly as thick as his. Rick burst out from his crate and launched as hard as he could for the space in front of Camilla.

The soldier fired.


Rick's breath was forced out by an impact not unlike being hit by a table.

The bullet dug deep into Rick's armor, but didn't quite pierce it entirely. Rick could nearly feel the tip against his flesh. All his training came back to him.

Recoil - rotate - rebalance - reverse.

d20 roll: 6

Rick couldn't quite make it. His foot came down heavily on its side, and he flailed a bit, managing to stay upright but stumbling out of the way. He managed to guide himself over to the offending soldier and clipped him before sprawling on the ground. He rolled into the cover of a nearby open crate to readjust. Hopefully, the recoiling soldier wouldn't recover before Camilla got out of the way.

Saw Rick get shot by the soldier and then looked over to Pax and saw him wounded. "Sir," he replied while still on secure channel, "forget what I said about trying to plead our case, I believe it is time for these bastards to die." He then grabbed a nearby Tsunami assault rifle, took aim at the soldier Rick had mingled with and, with a swift burp from the AR, killed the soldier.

"Hey Doc," he said over an open channel, "Pax is wounded. I will give you covering fire, try to make your way over to him." Chris , then, lifted his head over the scraped and chiseled crate that he was using for cover and started firing in short-controlled bursts to try and keep the enemy soldiers' heads down.

"KEEP THAT GOING, CHRIS!" Rick quickly arranged a path to get behind the crate of a lone soldier who wouldn't see him coming as long as Chris kept firing.

Rick managed to get beside the crate of the soldier, reached around and quickly dragged the soldier out. Rick quickly pulled him behind another box, the soldier dropping his weapon through the sheer unexpectedness.

Rick immediately grabbed the man's leg and yanked it in a way that he remembered being particularly painful in-training. The soldier released a positively bloodcurdling shriek, and Rick quickly released him and quickly bound him as he did the others. That should reduce the other soldiers' morale even further, Rick thought to himself. Who knows... we might see a surrender yet.

Rick's robotic joints shrieked a bit. He bit his lip. Overworking the joints would cause some pretty nasty damage. He couldn't keep exerting stress on them like that. He was meant, after all, to stand there and soak up bullets. Rick toyed with the ideas of grabbing another soldier, baiting fire like he was supposed to, or just sitting it out now. He didn't want a bloodbath, but another adrenaline infused jump like that could snap something.

A movement beside her, and she almost lashed out. Then the terrible combined noise of roaring gun and savage impact, and Rick went down with barely a wobble. Camilla herself was already moving, and she was forced to leave him for their mutual safety.

Weapons caches were open, and she selected a heavy, long barreled monstrosity. Non-lethal combat; constructive rebellion. She hurled the weapon toward the for, and with a satisfying crunch, both weapons broke, along with a few ribs at least.

Looking round, she watched Rick dispose of another foe, even as he lady on the floor. Gratitude and disbelief moved her, and in a moment of calm in the battle, she made her way to where he lay.

"You stupid idiot" she murmured, lifting him gently, "You could have just warned me, but you had to go and take a fucking bullet, didn't you?"

Despite his boosted body, he still felt small, almost frail in her arms as she took him back towards Damien

Over the mike, she spoke softly, but loudly enough to be heard through the battle. "These are not monstrous aliens, they are men and women of our own race. Do they really deserve to die?"

"Yes Sergeant Marden they do." Jason said coldly over the radio switching to the full squad radio so everyone could hear what he was about to say. "Are you telling me I should let them live because they are humans? Are they not fully aware of what they are doing right now? Did they not make the choice to betray us? Are they not trying to KILL us right now? There's mercy and then there's letting your enemies live. These men are TRAITORS and I will not allow someone who's betrayed me to live!" Jason shouted over the radio upset at the current situation.

Jason heard a rustle behind him, he looked back and saw nothing. "Captain, there are 3 elite snipers hidden farther back" Jason remembered Pax saying. Jason learned how to deal with cloaked snipers, the secret is to wait for them to move causing a slightly visible ripple. Jason decided to take a risk and jumped back a few feet and stood straight up allowing himself to become an easy target. Jason saw three different movements, they were only for an instant but he knew where each sniper was now.

Jason's instincts told him to move, He did a barrel roll to his right while 3 shots hit just where he was standing a moment ago. Jason then in one smooth motion got on his knee and aimed at the first sniper firing three times and hitting him twice. He then aimed at the second sniper and fired three times hitting him three times, when he was firing at the second sniper the third one shot Jason's assault rifle right out of his hands. With his left hand Jason pulled out his pistol and shot all 12 shots at the third sniper, he couldn't tell how may times he hit the sniper. Jason then heard three crashes as each sniper fell from where they were perched. "Invisible sniper perches, General Kim had every intention of assassinating us." Jason thought to himself.

"Sir, I think it's time I return that favor to them. Permission to use my armor?" James waited for enemy units to be pinned down by the others before opening up on two soldiers trying to get into cover, killing one and grazing the other "Friendly coming to you Captain!" diving behind the crate of M-1334s James waited for his answer, while grabbing pistol ammo and a sub-machine gun

"Permission Granted." Jason responded to James question. "WINGS I've had enough of this little skirmish, End it." Jason ordered over the radio. Jason took a quick look and saw that there were 4 more soldiers left, Jason then rolled back into cover because he didn't have a good shot at any of the four soldiers left.

Activating his effective cloaking, and interfacing it with the rifle he loaded a slug and aimed down a line of two soldiers, firing and managing to turn one of their chests to mist, and the other's left arm was blown off, James cursed under his breath for his impatience, and hid behind cover to reload "Somebody finish off that poor bastard."

Sheesh, Camilla was massive. And powerful.

"Seriously, I'm fine," Rick told Damien. "I just overworked the joints of this armor. That's why I stopped moving. They're cooling down and the armor is repairing even as we speak."

A loud bang nearby exploded a soldier and another's arm blew off. Rick cursed. He was almost used to seeing the other side die, but still horribly disliked seeing allies, even those turned on him, die. He was about to stand up, but he wasn't sure how Damien and Camilla would react. Do something, he thought unhappily.

Stubborn idiot, she thought, as Rick denied injury, but it did seem that he was uninjured. She was about to comment when something exploded nearby and she ducked low. Despite the sudden movement, Rick seemed more worried by the foe's wounds than his own. And besides he was barely even bleeding. She set him down, and grinned,

"Alright then, little man," she said with a smile, "Fix your armour and get back into the game. Let's finish this off."

She unslung her rifle, and took careful aim. Three were left, then one recieved a bullet to the knee and fell. He'd be crippled, but the sooner this was ended the better.

Rick carefully stood up. "I'm not that little. You're only half a foot taller!" Rick could feel the bullet easing away from his skin as the armor slowly pushed it out to repair itself.

Rick looked at the last two soldiers, both of whom realized exactly how screwed they were. Rick smoothly drew his pistol and whipped it like a boomerang at one of them.

d20 roll: 4

Rick missed very thoroughly. The soldier turned and looked at the wall where it hit. Rick quickly took the opportunity to grab his assault rifle and throw it as hard as he could.

d20 roll: 9

The assault rifle clipped off the soldier's head, and he went down like a ton of bricks. It looked like he might have a concussion. Better than being dead.

One down, one to go.

James finally managed to shoot the poor bastard crying and practically convulsing in pain from his what's-left-of-an-arm in the head, ending his misery, and then opened fire on the Soldier missed with the five remaining shots his pistol had, riddling the poor man's torso, as he gargled and grunted with each one, before falling dead not unlike a pile of sticks.

"At least his was quick..." James seemed fairly unhappy about the soldier who had to lose his arm and wait that long in such pain, he had no issue killing people, but these soldiers hadn't done any sadistic crime. Walking over to the soldiers, he started collecting dogtags "Captain, should I inform command to investigate possible accomplices to these troops?" When he got to One-Arm, Manuel Bertrand, he used his hands to guide his eyes closed and, noticing a cross on the neck, muttered a prayer.

The last man was running, but he didn't get far. She might not be the fastest starter, but she was like a freight train when she got going. The collision knocked him off his feet, and she pinned him smoothly.

"Alright," she said softly, in an almost friendly way, "You're gonna come with me, friend, and we're gonna talk to the Captain about what the fuck you think you just tried to do, and on whose authority. No way did Kim plan this on his own."

She lifted the man easily, hit him when he struggled, and strode back to the squad. "I caught a live one, sir" she declared, placing him in front of Jason, then turned to Pax, "You okay, Pax? I didn't even see you get hit."

"Nice work Sergeant Marden." Jason praised Camilla with her job capturing the soldier. "Sergeant Chase, hold my weapons. I'd hate to have to kill this man." Jason said giving the captured soldier an evil look. He handed his weapons to Saryll and walked over to where the captured soldier was sitting.

"So you want to tell me why you betrayed us?" Jason started out, he spoke softly trying to coax the soldier to talk without using force. "Fuck you." The soldier said while spitting in Jason's face. Jason whipped off his face calmly, he then punched the soldier in the face. "You got some balls don't you you little fuck." Jason spoke in a deep tone holding back his anger at being spat on.

"Now, Why don't you tell me what I want to hear or I'm going to have my two big friends stomp on your face or I could just torture you. The choice is yours I'm fine either way." Jason whispered, he whispered so that the soldier would have to listen harder to what he said. The soldier glanced over to the two large WINGS members and started to visualize what one of them stomping on his head would do to him.

"Okay okay I'll talk!" The soldier finally said not wanting any part of what Jason had planned for him. "Excellent, Start from the beginning." Jason said happy that the soldier was going to cooperate.

Rick started off to the soldier that got his gun smacked across his head. His joints squeaked unhappily, but the nano-lubricants had jumped to attention, and the squeaking shortened. Rick kneeled beside him and checked his head. There was an ugly bruise, but he looked like he was going to live.

He bound him like the rest. "I've got four live ones around here as well, sir. I don't think they should die, they may know things. Maybe we could stick them in one of the brigs."

He smiled darkly. "This ship DOES have more than one brig, right? It is the size of a decent city."

He thought for a second for loopholes in his suggestion, and found one. "By 'putting them in the brigs', I hope you realize that I meant all of one person in any given brig, captain. As tempting as the alternative may be."

Rick ruffled the unconscious man's hair. "You'll be fine, I think."

"Oh Christ" Saryll muttered under her breath as she stepped out from her cover, she had hoped this wouldn't happen. For one, this man was clearly in extreme distress, she could see the sweat beading on his forehead and his body twitching as he struggled with the fight-or-flight instinct, weighing up if he could run before he was killed, or if he would have any chance of wounding the supersoldier unit before being dispatched, eventually giving up and just looking terrified. Secondly, his capture facilitated torture, as Kahlil had just threatened. This torture had thankfully been avoided, but it left in its place the information the soldier held. One of two things could have happened, firstly and in Saryll's assessment of the situation, most likely, General Kim had wanted to stop the squad for some mostly innocuous reason and been killed for his troubles, and his men had retaliated in accordance with their training, or worse yet, this had been some kind of colossally dunderheaded assassination plan for a unit the government had poured billions, if not trillions into, thereby justifying what had been an unbased psychotic attack by the captain, further deepening the man's violent paranoia.
Saryll walked to the group clustered around the soldier as he began, crossing her arms as she stood to Jason's left, ready to tell Kahlil the captured combatant was lying in either the event that he was, or if his truth was too damaging to the continued safety of the mission.

Camilla walked away from the interrogation, trying to hide her disgust. The Captain wasn't going to listen to her, and she would do the captive no good by provoking Kahlil to even greater anger

"Did you find the ones I dealt with?" she asked Rick, "There's three of 'em around, and they probably want Damien's attention; I was hardly gentle with them..."

She shuddered, quietly to herself; this was her first action post-procedure, and she found both her easy brutality and raw power more than a little uncomfortable in her own skin. This was only a few months into active WINGS service: what must Kahlil be like after a life under such conditions?

She turned away, not wanting the others to see her disquiet.

"Okay okay, well General Kim made it clear that he didn't like how the WINGS were going to come in and take over the ship. He said you guys were monsters and were hell bent on killing all of us." The soldier started talking quite fast. He was interrupted by the sound of the hanger doors opening.

Jason looked back and saw a Pegasus approaching the hanger. Jason got a chill after looking at the ship, something about that ship made Jason fearful. "No it couldn't be." Jason thought to himself hoping it wasn't who he thought it was. The Pegasus flew into the hangar and landed right next tp where they were standing.

"Stop right there Captain Kahlil." Dr. Thompson said as he walked out of the Pegasus. Jason froze where he stood as memories of his past filled his head again. While a normal person wouldn't be able to tell it, the rest of the WINGS could tell that Jason was visibly frightened of Dr. Thompson.

"The Pilot of your Pegasus called back and told us of this nasty happening. It's a shame really, General Kim was such a bright General but a little....... Misguided." Dr. Thompson began walking over to the capture soldier and looking over at what his soldiers did. "I shall take over the investigation now, you and your squad will stay here until I finish my investigation." Dr. Thompson said examining the squad to see how damaged they were.

"Recruits! Front and Center!" Dr. Thompson yelled as a group of ten WINGS recruits ran out of the Pegasus and into position. They referred to the WINGS recruits as FEATHERS because their logo is only a blade with a feather. "Where is Jarmen Kell?" Dr. Thompson questioned as he looked around and didn't see Sergeant Kell anywhere. "He's still in the Pegasus, SIR!" One of the recruits answered.

"Oh he is now. Sergeant Kell you stay here with the squad and make sure they don't make a run for it." Dr. Thompson Ordered, loud enough that anyone in the hangar could hear him. "Not that I expect them to run away." Dr. Thompson added under his breath giving Jason an evil look. "Recruits, round up the survivors and take them to the holding block." Dr. Thompson ordered as he started to leave the hangar. "Yes Sir!" Each Recruit answered as they went to go round up the bodies and the survivors.

Soon the Hangar was quiet as everyone except the WINGS squad was gone. Even though Dr. Thompson was gone Jason still couldn't get himself to stop shaking. Jason just sat there with a blank stare on his face as he tried to calm himself down.

Rick stretched himself and glanced at the bullet hole in his armor. The bullet was still in it, but sticking out a full two inches. Rick popped it out. Small fibers of metal stretched across the hole as the armor fixed itself.

He walked over to Camilla. "You did good, Marden. I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who didn't like what was happening there."

"Understood, sir." Jarmen said as he walked down the ramp from the Pegasus' hold carrying a large dufflebag nearly half his height. He paused and waited a few moments.
"RECRUITS! Disregard those orders. Dr. Thompson's an egghead, he doesn't know what's what. McMillan, Penlan, Drock and Carver you round up the survivors! Get the ones who're still walking to the brig and get medics for the other. Hall, Colon, Knobs and Hunter you start cleaning up the bodies. And Knobs, if I see you trying to steal jewelery or watches or anything I will put my foot so far up your ass you'll be coughing up my boot polish. Mitchell, you go secure the good general's quarters. We want it just as it was for whatever inevitable investigation makes it's way up here. Webb..." and here he spoke quietly to the recruit "Get up to hangar control and have them train whatever security weaponry they've got on our nice new squad here. If Doc Thompson thinks they might try to pull a runner I wanna make sure there'll be nothing left but chunky salsa if they try, alright. DISMISSED!"

He turned his back from the recruits and face the squad looking over each person. He paused briefly on Camilla, looking her up and down and then on Jason.

"Stop fucking shaking so much, boy. I know the Doc's a creepy bastard but he's mostly harmless. to tell me exactly what happened? 'Case all I got from your pilot was you yelling and then stabbing the good general."

Edit: Disregard due to failed reading comprehension.

Saryll caught herself before she let out a derisive snort at the soldier's report on the WINGS squad, but managed to turn it into a disgusted sniff, and stalked off a short way to observe the situation from afar. When Kell arrived and started giving orders, she allowed herself a small smile at his diminutive stature compared to the FEATHERS he commanded, the shortest among them looking around 5'9. When he asked for a sitrep, she stepped forward and cut in "You will use a tone of respect when addressing a senior officer, Sergeant Kell" she snapped, amused when his pupils contracted, indicating he was either confused, angered or thinking deeply about what she had just said "As for what happened, Captain Kahlil killed General Kim, and the ensuing firefight cost valuable lives. We have a mission to completer however, so if you'll allow us to continue with our appointed tasks, we can get on while your clean-up crew do their work. Her demeanour wasn't much removed from her normal manner, but Saryll had taken issue with the way he had looked at Camilla's impressive stature

Jarmen grinned widely, showing tobacco stained teeth.
"Well Miss," he said the word like it was a slur "at the moment I'm acting as the good doctor's bodyguard. That puts me outside the normal chain of command so the only person I have to 'use a tone of respect' with is him."

He paused for a moment. How exactly had she known his rank? He wasn't wearing rank insignia. Well, almost all WINGS start out as sergeant, she was probably guessing. Regardless, he'd keep an eye on her.

"And anyway," he continued "Yeah, I can tell Kim's dead and I can tell there was a firefight. The fact that Knobs over there is picking up some guys arm was clue enough." He looked back over to the FEATHER recruit again. "WHAT DID I SAY ABOUT WATCHES CORPORAL!?"

The recruit jumped and emptied his pockets, grinning sheepishly.

"I was wondering why exactly Captain Kahil here saw fit to stab the good General. All I know is he refused you the right to land."

Jason took a deep breath and took a moment to calm himself down. He stopped himself from shaking but he still felt a feeling in his gut and was unable to fully calm himself down. He wouldn't show anything on his face and slowly got up to answer this new soldier's question.

"Well to begin with." Jason started as he pulled out his pistol and shot one of the invisible sniper perches. The shot ricocheted and those who were trained could make out a little of the invisible perch, Jason then pointed to one of the three dead elite snipers to show that the perches were being used for something.

"To start out the first thing he did was not grant us access to the ship which in itself is treachery. Second he came to meet us when we landed with a group of armed soldiers and cloaked snipers in the room. Whichever way you put it he betrayed us and I killed him for his treason." Jason explained going through his memories of the fire fight just moments ago.

"And you clearly haven't read up on the files of much of the good doctor's work then. The captain most certainly exists within Thompson's private chain of command." Saryll said, not rising to the bait of Kell's tone. "And it might do you well to remember to address your fellow soldiers with courtesy and politeness, sergeant, good manners cost nothing." she continued, using the title as neither an insult or challenge, making a mental note to file the correct paperwork in triplicate with crossed i's and dotted t's for every infraction she saw Kell commit.

Watched the FEATHERS and Kell do their work. He walked over to a nearby stack of crates, climbed on top and sat there. "Look Kell, the general had no right to stop us. The general did not want us on board, we tried to reason with him. He did not want to let us pass for god knows what reason. He threatened us, and we retaliated. I'm pretty sure if you were in the same situation, you would have retaliated as well," Chris said to Jarmen.

"Yeah Captain, neat trick with the sniper perches. I saw them to. I know the general was a traitorous bastard, we've clarified that. Doesn't mean you had the right to stab him. Just the fact that he didn't grant you access doesn't mean much. The hangar could've been full, or under maintenance or the doors could've been damaged, loads of honest reasons why he couldn't let you on board. As for why he had the armed soldiers, well you just forced your way onto the ship, he had reason to be worried. The snipers...well let's say you didn't notice them until the firefight. My issue is not that you started a gunfight in here. It's why? Seems like your first instinct was 'Screw asking questions! There's not enough people getting stabbed right about now.'"

He stopped and sighed heavily.

"Listen, the point I'm trying to make is that you were right, this time. But you keep jumping to conclusions like that before gathering up all the facts and you'll end up courtmartialed or executed so fast it'll make your head spin. Now...go do whatever it is you have to do. You're not insane like I first thought, you're just naive. I've got most of my squad here so it's not as though there's anywhere for you to run to."

"Kell. I don't suggest talking to us that way, you may be guarding Dr. McCreepyBritches, but your deductive ability matches only the great Rock mcDoesn'tHaveAny."

James finally decloaked "There was a fire order, Captain used his specialized armor to stop bullets, and used Kim's body as a shield while he found cover. Fact is, we weren't even armed in a general sense coming in, I had to pick up a knife from a nearby crate and CQC my way to some guns, the rest managed to be fortunate enough to find some weapons crates. Kim didn't exactly ask many questions, just wanted us dead. A prisoner later confirmed he planned a hostile takeover of the ship, and if you give me ten seconds with one of them, I can get them to sing you all sorts of the plans Kim probably had, the man LOOKED like a supervillian. As Weapons officer, I can tell you somebody that acted like Kim, should NOT be on a vessel as well-armed as this one." James stressed Kell and Kim's names, making it known he judged them both about the same.

"And you, miss" He said, this time without the emphasis "are clearly reading some very outdated paperwork. That whole Private R&D command network hasn't existed for quite some time. That was back when Doc was experimenting with the Thompson procedure. After he had that down pat the chain was dissolved. Now he's outside the chain again. And me with him."
He pointedly ignored the comment about courtesy. If they were equals, he'd grit his teeth and play nice, but some fresh off the shuttle little girl talking down to him, very annoying. She'd probably get knocked down to size after a few training exercises or first combat.

"And you, ahh..." He paused, thinking for a moment before realizing he didn't know the boys name "Bandanna, you tried to reason with him?"
He reached into one of the pouches on his chest and pulled out what appeared to be a PDA. He tapped the screen a few times and a tinny, static laced voice rang out loudly from it.


"Yeah, that sounds like a carefuly reasoned argument. Flight audio logs are a fun thing, ain't they?"

Kell jerked visibly as James decloaked beside him. 'Fuck me...' he thought. I knew I heard someone coming over but I thought it was one of the recruits. Sarcastic little bugger too.
"Like I said. You lot were right, but for the wrong reasons. Just have Captain Kahil stop jumping to conclusions so quickly, alright. I know most of you are pretty green but..." He stopped himself, he'd been about to say that they shouldn't be afraid to second guess they're CO but decided it was exactly tactful to say right in front of the boy.
He also decided to avoid mentioning that as weapons officer the only thing the boy knew was how to utilize the ships weapons and not a damn thing more.

"Now, don't let me detain you all any further." Jarmen chose the word "Detain" very carefully, as though implying what would happen if they tried to run under his watch.

He noticed that most of the recruits had finished up their jobs and that loyalist ship personal had begun to appear out of the woodwork as they always do, starting to clean up and repair what damage had been done to the hangar. He chuckled to himself as a man holding a cutting torch vomited as Knobbs walked by, still carrying the arm.

"You can go do whatever work you wanted to get done. I expect Doc Thompson will finish up soon and then I can be out of your hair. Hooray." He added dryly. "I'd still like to have one of my troopers travel with each of you, make sure you don't sabotage the engines or anything. And since I'm such a nice guy you can choose which trooper accompanies you. 'Cept you," Jarmen said, turning to James. "You seem to be chomping at the bit for opportunities to root out any more traitors so MCMILLAN!" He yelled to the recruit without turning his gaze from James "You'll be traveling with this fellow! Mcmillan so frickin' loyal he reads from the WINGS manual every night before bed. You'll love him."

With this Jarmen sat down on an overturned weapons crate and pulled out his PDA. Time to browse some personnel files. Let's see what's in this squad's history...

"I came from Marines, into SpecOps, into WINGS. In my neighborhood as a child, that was how you dealt with dangerous influences. I'm sorry you sucked dick to a nice little white collar desk job following a whitecoat around a little bit of his closet overlord fetish, but I respect Dr. Thompson for his talents, not his character, and I certainly don't think he's even remotely qualified to judge military culture. Just because you can't take it when somebody raises their voice at you, doesn't mean we're just as hopelessly incompetent. The denial to let us on-board, was direct insubordination. The same type, your Master programmed us all to be completely unwavering about, and Leatherboy, The Captain was a KID when he started, just because your training included coffee-making and how to properly bitch and moan, doesn't mean you're a soldier for passing those classes at the top and failing Basic. In the military, when designated CO has orders to come aboard which you contradict, you INCLUDE That reason, and you most certainly do NOT allow some middle-manager to tell them, you report on the goddamn situation yourself." James walked up, he was a Marine, the chain of command was his creed. Granted, when given leeway he took it, but that was because he was trained to know that if that leeway was there than it was meant to be.

"If you'd take a damn look at anything after a man raised his VOICE at you, you'd see questions. And then the order to fire on us-beyond that, you're a SERGEANT! Use the eyes that rank implies, and look at the bullet spreads, and where we were taking cover, the corpse spreads, and the weaponry they had. I remind you, we came into this unarmed. If we came to kill Kim and his team, we would have each had a fully loaded rifle, and there would only be as many bullet holes as enemy heads, and if you were anything remotely close to WINGS, you'd know that you ill-trained unsubordinate foolish maggot." James seemed to be ten times taller and scarier, the cheeky, social smile was now Marine Drill Sgt. Any doubt he was a soldier was gone, as he almost loomed over Kell with his tall frame, he didn't pant, his voice was hardly raised above normal, but it SOUNDED furious. His eyes were positively hateful, it was clear to anybody watching, that Kell had better have the holy grail of evidence, or Damien might have the hardest multiple reconstructive surgery job this side of the Milky Way

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