Ninja's: Sands of the forest: Mission 1

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Yukiko looked at the sun, using her hand to make a shadow so it didn't blind her. "He's late..." she said. Focusing her attention back on the two chunin, she spoke: "We're not waiting any longer."
Each of the two nin nodded and they took off, running through the tree tops, deep into the forest.

"Finally!" Rukawa yelled, dashing through the tree tops. "Sensei, where is the tree located?"

"It wouldn't be a recon mission if we knew where it was, now would it?" Yukiko asked somewhat sarcastically. "The damn nin has killed everyone they sent before us, so no one has reported back its location. We have a general direction to go in." she said and shifted her direction a few degrees, the other two following.

"Must you be so mean, sensei? It hurts right here." Rukawa replyed sarcasticlly, holding a hand over his heart.

Yukiko chuckled a bit and looked over her shoulder at Kayo "How you holding up back there big man?"

Kayo tried to catch up with the speed of his comrades.
"A bit fast for my taste" Kayo said as he leaped from a tree branch to the next, "I prefer to walk. What are the statistics about the tree? Do we know how it looks like?".

"Large and white barked. shouldn't be easy to miss. " Yukiko said then held up a hand to stop, all of them stopping on their own branches. "We should be in the area." she said, there was a rustle from somewhere near them, sending Yukiko into high alert.
"Guys, I don't think we're alone."

Hearing Yukiko's words, Rukawa did a string of hand-seals, after which he grabbed his naginata and got into a combat stance. "Barrier: Canopy Method Formation I'll know when they come within five meters."

Off in the distance, something large was there, it began to move and pick up speed. IT was closing in fast on the group. Rukawa went to warn them but the creature was moving too fast.

A large white snake emerged from the underbrush below them and took out Yukiko. it dragged her to a clearing where it wrapped around the jonin.

Kayo jumped down from the treetop . He made six hand seals and punched the ground, " Earth Release : First of Earth " Kayo's feet entered the soil and he grabbed one of his two brass knuckles, holding it with his right hand.
He raised his right leg and kicked the earth behind him, a large mound of earth piled up behind him and he propelled himself forward towards the clearing.
"We go in, Now" Kayo shouted.

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When Kayo entered the clearing there was a laugh that echoed around it. it was the laugh of a mad man. A puff of smoke and Orochimaru was standing ontop of the snake, still laughing. "Look at what we have here, a loose end and a kekki genkai i haven't encountered yet. tell me boy, does this belong to you?" he said and the snake waved Yukiko's body around.
"Because last time i checked, it belonged to me."

As Rukawa entered the clearing, he saw a pale madman saying something about belongings. "Who are you and what are you doing with sensei."

"You aren't sasuke, who are you?" Kayo reached for his side pack and threw a shuriken on the ground. "Property of Konohagakure. I sugest you take your snake and leave" Kayo said, the shuriken sinking into the ground.

Starting a string of hand-seals Rukawa turned to Kayo, "If you can get him to release sensei, i can trap him"

"Me? They didn't teach you about the three legendary sannin? My name is Orochimaru if you must know." he said laughing again. "I'm just tying up loose ends."

During all of this yukiko managed to get her hands free and start a chain of signs. Orochimaru noticed this and with a flick of his wrist the snake sent Yukiko's back into an impossible angle as she finished the last sign. her body went limp and the snake tossed it far off into the woods.
"Now where were we?"

"You asshole!" Finishing his hand-seals, Rukawa thrust his hands into the ground, causing a web of lightning to spread out from his hands and spread out underneath Orochimaru."Lightning Release: Telegram Flash"

Orochimaru laughed as he jumped off the snake being shocked. "That was amusing." he bit his thumb and pressed it to the ground. "Summoning jutsu: Six headed serpent!" he said as a large cloud of smoke exploded.
Once it cleared, he was standing ontop of a six headed snake that was two stories tall when it was coiled. "So my old student was your sensai? so sorry." he said sarcastically

not good
"Earth Release: Earth-Style Wall" Kayo brought a large stone wall from the ground in between himself and the giant serpent. He kicked the stone behind him again and threw himself into the air, turned in mid-air and kicked the upper half of the stone wall towards the serpant.
He then jumped on the lower half of the stone wall and onto the flying upper half of it, ran on top of it and jumped up. He made two signs with his hands and clapped them together, creating stone out of chakra that surrounds his left arm, his torso and shins.

Orochimaru was ontop of the middle head of the snake, one of the heads moved infront of him and protected him from the incoming blow. Behind the cover he began a long chain of signs
The rest of the heads were confused my the wall and stared at it for a second before launching fireballs at it, super heating it, then melting it.

Kayo jumped towards one of the snake head that protected Orochimaru. It tried to bite Kayo, but he held its jaw in place with his left armored hand and stabbed it through its mouth and into its brain with his weapon in his right hand. The serpents head moved irratically and Kayo couldn't dislodge his weapon from it before it fell down to the ground.
He jumped on the falling remains of the snake head and launched himself at Orochimaru, "Orochimaru is dead, fool" he shouted at the impostor.

Doing yet another set of hand-seals, Rukawa yelled at Kayo, "Can you distract him for a while? This'll take some time. Jump back when i give the signal!"

"But i'm right here!"Orochimaru said as his head launched off of his shoulders on an ever extending neck. it wrapped around Kayo's body and slammed him on the dead head. the head returned to his shoulders and his neck stared to bleed from the rough rocks cutting it. "Still don't believe?"

Finishing up the hand-seals, Rukawa shouted at Kayo "I'm done, get out now!"

Kayo retreated back and stood next to Rukawa, "He can't be Orochimaru. Maybe... Could Kabuto be alive?", Kayo held his weapon in his right hand tighter.

Lightning Release: Four Binding Pillars! Rukawa said, as four pillars rose up around Orochimaru and created a net of lightning between them, caching Orochimaru, "There, now we can interrogate him."

"Hmmph, this is quite inconvenient." Orochimaru said. He paced around the inside of the nets. The madman went to the center of his cage and began to use hand symbols. on the final one he spoke. "Blue Flame style: Great Flame Dragon!" The entire inside of the cage was filled with blue fire, it began to slowly eat away at the lightning containing him.

Seeing the barrier strain to hold, only one word came to Rukawas mind, "Shit..." Forming another string of hand-seals, he created a Hexogonal Barrier infront of him and Kayo, Lightning Release: Barrier of the Wild Lightning Bird "Brace yourself."

The blue fire ate away at the barrier until it broke. Out of it's cage, the fire took the shape of a giant flame dragon that coiled above Orochimaru. "My, my. seems that your barrier didn't work, now did it?" he said. There was a giant whoosh and the dragon lunged at the two.

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