Dusk & Knight

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Dubblepost, Ignore.

Angelo was feeling the mental effects of his near deaths, even more so than usual.
"PD, I am not having a good day, so please don't make me make yours even worse." he said to the droid.
He then turned to John and said "Personal Experience, if it is a Compound fracture (Bone Sticking out) make sure you dis-infect the wound, It will hurt like fuck, but you will get to keep your leg."
He then went looking around the back tunnels of the cave before he tried to kill someone/thing.

Angelo suddenly finds that all of his wounds have miraculously healed. Before he can contemplate this, he hears a loud roar. Turning around, he sees this-

Angelo Rolled out of the way and stared down the beast.
"Ohhh...really? this is happening? heh, Hey, do You know why I do this to myself?" Angelo said as he took put his makeshift knife.
"Because I get off on this. Immensely. EN GUARD!" He yelled as he went to slash it along the chest.

The knife doesn't even pierce the monster's skin. It grabs Angelo by his chest and slams him into a chunk of ice.

He was pinned to the Ice by the Beast.
He turned to the beast and said "this is because...we cave'd in...your front door...ain't it? can't say...I would blame ya...would do a hellva...lot worse if someone...did that to me..." as he broke off a Icicle and threw it at the beast's face.

The icicle bounces off of it's thick hide, and it charges, letting loose a primal howl as it does so.

Angelo dashes up to it and tries to climb on it and stab it in the face with his knife.


Julia looked into John's eyes, "I'm so sorry. The Desilijic Hutt clan is after me now. I thought..."

Julia stopped and looked around the cave, trying to measure the extent of their problem. She noticed that Angelo is gone.

"Hush now. There are other things that need to be taken care of first."

John's voice was soft and kind as he spoke. He knew that she was in danger of going into shock if her emotions got the best of her now. Better to tend to the injury first and worry about the reasons for it after.

He gingerly worked his fingers around her broken leg, further analyzing the nature and location of the wound. As he watched her face for wincing, his chest began to feel light and his breathing fell into a deep rhythm. Something was stirring within the smuggler, but he couldn't put his finger on it.

When he was done, he looked back into her eyes.

"I'm going into the tunnels for a moment to see if there are any supplies for what we need to do here. I'll be back in just a moment."

He stood up and walked a ways until he was alone. There were no sounds of struggle or of pain.

Just silence.


He pulled the vial from his pouch and popped the cork.


Julia called out to him.

"John, where are you?"

Julia said, attempting to stand up. She managed to stand up and lean against the ice. It's so damn cold., she thought to herself. A long time had passed and John was nowhere to be seen.

"John, are you alright?", Julia asked as she tried to take a step forward and walk towards him.

The cave monster, meanwhile, grabs Angelo by his legs and tosses him into a pool of freezing water.

Chal, now having cooked a leg. Proceeds to eat it, with bread as a sidedish. Meanwhile he wonders what the others are doing.

Angelo climbed out of the water and said "Getting real sick of this...Why can't you just let me kill you?" as he awaited for the monster to attack some he could counter it.

The monster charges again, yelling with it's teeth bared, ready to eat.

Angelo jumped up and grabbed the beast by the horns and stabbed it in the eye

Blood gushes out of it's right eye, and with a WHAP! it knocks Angelo down. The monster stumbles around in the ice, confused and in pain.

John emerged from the darkness with a glowing grin spread across his face. The weariness that had sat under the surface of his actions had almost completely vanished. His mind was working back at full capacity and the shakes had been stifled completely.

"Julia, you really shouldn't be trying to walk yet. We need to get this bone set first."

He sat down with her and looked calmly into her eyes. His gaze was calm and knowing.

He gently placed his hands around the part of her leg where he had located the fracture.

"Alright...this is not going to be pleasant. If you have any more of the rum then now would be the time to take it."

Julia grabbed John's shirt near his waist. "If I drink it, I'll lose consciousness."

She smiled at John. "Do it", she firmly told him.

John nodded silently and took a deep breath.

The crack echoed against the walls of the cave as the bone was forced back into place. Without another moment's hesitation, John took two long wooden dowels from his pouch and removed his belt. He lashed an impromptu splint around the leg and secured it tight.

He sighed as he worked. He hadn't needed to bind a leg like this for years...not since he had left home. Still, his hands moved quickly off of instinct. He didn't wan't to cause Julia any more pain than was necessary.

Angelo smiled at the pained beast.
"go head, run, it amuses me" he said as he went to deliver a killing stike.
He leaped up and sliced a vital vein in the beast's neck.

Julia screamed at the top of her lungs. Her breathing became erratic and she could barely talk. She grabbed Johns' hand, "Smells...Sulfur...Oxidized Sulfur" she mumbled.

I need something to dull the pain

She squeezed harder. "Tw-Twenty grams o-of Glitterstim", Julia commanded John.

"I know"

John stared at her for a moment in a mixture befuddlement and confusion before producing the vial from his pouch and preparing the requested portion. As he presented the substance to her, his voice was floating just under a whisper.

"How did you figure it out?"

The monster collapses, twitching.

Julia quickly took the vial and swallowed its contents. She knew that John was taking Glitterstim through his nasal cavity but she had to make it work as fast as possible.

Julia closed her eyes and held Johns' hand even tighter. She coughed and spat out green mucus. I think it was a bad idea

"Working..." Julia struggled to talk. She let go of Johns' hand and leaned back on the ice. Her breathing settled down. "You smell like it... I know that smell..."

"I made Glitterstim".

"You shouldn't swallow it like that. It does a lot more damage to the stomach lining than it does to the lungs."

He shifted so that his back was also against the ice beside her. For a long moment he remained silent, almost afraid to look at the only woman to have ever discovered his secret. Before he realized it, his mouth was moving again.

"So you have a Hutt clan after you and you're able to identify Glitterstim by scent because you have made it in the past."

He looked over at her with a hint of concern coloring his voice.

"Julia...who are you?"

Julia coughed again and moved her hand against her mouth. She spat more green mucus out.

"Its getting better", Julia smiled. She looked back at John.

"I'm a Hutt only by name. Glitterstim isn't the only thing I made." Julia said. "That crazy Jawa taught me so many different compounds-" her eyes drifted to the cold icy roof. She felt warm all of a sudden.

"good, your in a talking mood i see" angelo said as he threw a giant eyeball at the feet of the pair.
"remember what i said earier...2..."

John raised his hand at Angelo.

"Cut it out. This is a civil conversation and I would like to keep it that way."

He nodded and continued to respond to Julia.

"Why the heck would someone think you needed to know that? What possible reason..."

Suddenly, he stopped in the middle of his words. The realization of why she was being pursued had fully dawned on him.

He sat in solemn silence.

"The Hutt?! , wow, just when things couldn't get worse, they do." Angelo sighed.
"And what, you were a chemist?, god damn, was wondering what was with the Merc's and the ship...Well, great..."

Chal finishes up the meal, packs down the cooking equipment, takes up a flashlight, grabs the remains of a cooked arm. And goes looking for the others.

Julia looked at John. "We need to find an exit", she whispered.

Is this hypothermia?

"I'm feeling warm"

Angelo put a hand to her forehead.
"Hypothermia, along with the wound, never a good combo, John, keep her warm, I'll be back in a second" he said before running back down the cave to the dead beast and started skining it for it's fur.

The weak knife breaks off on the animal's tough hide.

Angelo looked at the knife.
"Ok...we'll do it your way" he said to the body.
He ran back to John and Julia and said "John, follow me, I'll need your skill with a Blaster, now!" as he picked up Julia in his arms and brought the two over to the body of the beast.
"For the record, that's what 3 looks like" he chuckled at this handi-work and laid Julia down next to it.
"Alright, I need you to shoot that thing aroooouuunnndd...Here" as he pointed to at a point in the beast's gut.

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