Dusk & Knight

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John recalls why he rememberd this planet so well. The spice trade. The Exchange had dealers in this city. He just needed a contact...and some cash.

Chal looks to Dallas trying to get an idea of what just happened. The trash just attacked him, which in and by itself. Is wierd enough. But fact of the matter is, the trash was dead. So attacking him is beyond wierd and just plain creepy.

The wookie simply respons with a *Gro-yes-rowl*

Dallas listened to the wookie growl, it took him some concentration to make out what he was saying since he hadn't heard a wookie speak for awhile. "Well that's good, it's not everyday we see a skeleton attack." Dallas responded holding his hand as he started to regain feeling in it.

Dallas also heard what john said earlier and tried to figure out what was going on. "Well whatever that skeleton was of it gave me a feeling similar to the one that attracted me here. Those two things may be connected somehow." dallas said just putting his thoughts out there.

Dallas feels a holocron. However, only a powerful Sith or Jedi can open one.

Dallas felt something familiar and noticed that it was most likely a holocron. "Hey do you guys happen to have a holocron?" Dallas asked to confirm if what he was feeling was correct.

John was aware that this planet was his main hub for many of his business ventures. Desh was traded to manufacturers for credits and more elicit habits of his took place in the underworld. He had become intimately familiar with some of the darker corners of the port.

He knew that he needed to check with one of his contacts before the Dusk took off. He needed supplies and information...and he knew just who he would have to go see.

A shudder slid down his spine as he considered his old acquaintance. Their last meeting had not ended on the best of terms.

Dallas' voice snapped him out of his planning.

"Yeah, long story on that. We acquired it from an old man who isn't with us any longer. Hadn't really had a chance to glance at it yet...we've had a lot of business lately."

"So I guess that's what attracted me here. Too bad I won't be able to do anything with it since I am not powerful enough." Dallas responded now knowing what brought him to this ship.

John looked at Dallas for a long moment, sizing up the Jedi. He stood up slowly and smiled at the young warrior as a memory crossed the mind of the smuggler.

"Well, would you happen to know anyone who is powerful enough? Maybe someone named Klora? The last thing that the old man mentioned before he passed was that this needed to go to Klora."

Dallas remembers his old master mentioning the name "Klora", but he doesn not recall the meaning of it.

"Well the only other jedi I know is dead but he did mention someone's name. What was it?" dallas questioned to himself. "Ah yes now I remember, he mentioned someone named 'Klora' but I don't know who that is or where to find her." Dallas responded.

PD-37 walked past the scene in front of the med-clinic. "Query: What happened with the organic skeleton?" He ask examining the skeleton. "Rapid Retraction: Never mind, I don't really care." He turned heading for the exit. He stopped and his lower optics swerved to face the group around to face the small group "Query: I've recently received an alert on my next prey, if anyone would care to accompany me they would receive a cut of the reward. Think it over, I will be at the nearest cantina for the next few standard hours. Total amount for the two is 350,000 credits. Use those minds you organics somehow evolved to decide." He said as his optics swerved back to face forward as he walked out of the ship.

Minutes later he walked into a cantina called "The Krayt's Head." He walked to a table in the corner, still visible from the entrance should anyone come looking for him. He pulled out his own pazzack, and waited for anybody to challenge him.

A drunken human with a long, scraggly black beard sits down across from PD-37. "Yer a pretty queer looking practice droid..."

"Well, that's unfortunate. Guess we'll have to keep looking into this Klora though. She's the only lead we've got."

John's ear's perked up as the droid spoke of the payment for the bounties. Even half that amount of credits would be plenty to patch the Dusk up to a better condition with more than enough left over for the man to make reparations and do some additional business with his old friend.

He decided to wait and see if anyone else jumped on the offer. If not, he decided to join the droid at the nearby watering hole.

"I'll try to see if I can find anything on her but for the time being we might as well take the droid up on it's offer seeing as this ship probably couldn't take us very far in this condition." Dallas stated looking around the ship and noticing how bad of a condition it was in.

PD's optics observed the scraggly human as he sat down. "Statement: Perhaps sir, but I'm an advanced model, designed to distract the player with idle gossip about various topics, ranging from the weather to some less reputable topics, including bounties, rumored spices dealers, and murders. Please keep in mind that these are not meant to accuse or offend, merely distract." PD said using the organics habit of ignoring droids to his own advantage.

John nodded at Dallas' sentiment as he surveyed the ship a little further. He was surprised that the poor girl had survived even this long. It would require a great deal of cash in order to keep her in the sky.

Suddenly his eyes lit up as an idea took shape.

"You're right, we need the cash. I need to go talk to someone in town for a little while; I'll see what I can scrape up. You should go help the droid. I have a feeling that if my deal falls through here it will be good to have him on friendly terms. Plus, we need the credits."

With that, John started making his way down towards the docks. He had a fellow smuggler he needed to talk to.

The drunk gurgles. "Gahhh...can ya play?"

PD suddenly sees a Duros enter the Cantina. The blue alien's hands are itching, moving incredibly fast.

The target.

John, meanwhile, finds the old back door behind the familiar ally. With a knock, a robotic eyeball comes out.


"Yeah that's probably the right thing to do. I guess I will go see the Droid in the cantina and see if he needs any help." Dallas responded. He headed towards the cantina to see if he could find PD.

John promptly engaged in a legendary facepalm. He had forgotten about his friend's paranoia. It was justifiable, certainly, but some of the extents that he took it to...

"My mother was a Bantha and my father smelled of Veronian Berries. Now could we skip the formalities? I have business to discuss."

The eye registers the code phrase. John waits a few seconds as the old machine taxes itself and finally opens.

John walks into the shady establishment. The surroundings were extremely dark; advantageous to ambush unwelcome visitors as their eyes adjusted to the darkness.

"Lucas? Where are you at? It's John."

Going further in, he finds what he is looking for...

A Wookie nods him to Lucas' backroom.

In there, where the music and noise of the outside Casino is silenced, John hears a sudden ammount of coughing.

A skinny, drugged out Twi'lek is laying on a busted up couch across from sevreal TV screens, displaying the city.

A door opens.


PD's top optic, swiveled and zoomed in on the Duros. His lenses glowed red, the hunt was on. "Apologetic Statement: I apologize sir, but my timer has run out for today. I shall return in a few standard hours after I meet with my master." He said as all his optics swiveled to face the Duros. He walked towards the Duros.

He side-stepped the cantina goers as he neared the Duros, cursing the organics need to drown out their own troubles. He finally reached the Duros. "Cheerful Statement: Master, it's good to finally see you!" He said grabbing his prey by the arm startling the Duros. "I believe it's time we leave." PD said, his lenses glowing a dark red.

The Duros stammers. "Wh-whadda ya want!?"

A sad smile grew over John's face as he entered the back room. Lucas had been one of John's earliest contacts and it always pained him to see his pal in this condition.

My future condition...

He shook the thought away. He knew that he was better than that. He just knew it.

"Hello old friend. How's life been treating you on this side of the rim?"

"Money. All the Glitterstim I can smoke."

Then, gesturing to the girl, he adds "Ladies...I think. I haven't looked in a while."

He coughs up loudly for a dozen seconds.

"Incredulous Statement: Why Master I'm insulted, You asked me to help the patrons of the cantina with their pazzack. And Now that your here, you can wipe today's data to make tomorrows session more successful." PD said, attempting to push the Duros in the direction of the door.

PD-37 pushs the cowering alien through the back door. He trips, falling into a puddle. You, he, and Dallas are alone.

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