Dusk & Knight

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Both John and Bron get a sense of good will between the two. The start of a friendship. Started here, today, was a partnership. Within his heart, John knew that with the wayward scout at his side, he couldn't fail.

As the pair made their way to the quarters, John took a moment to reflect upon this new partnership. A feeling of euphoria had been bubbling inside the young smuggler. He consciously dismissed it as his current state of mind but deep down he knew that his excitement was from the prospect of finally seeing his crew again. The pessimism that had penetrated his psyche from the rest of the day had melted away to make way for this new feeling.


In the living space was a fine bottle of Menkooro whiskey and several clean glasses. John poured a small serving for each and handed a glass to Avery. He smiled as he raised his glass into the air.

"To a new hope."

"To hope." says Avery, as he then downs the drink. He then quickly pulls himself to say, "We should check on the others and stuff."

PD and Chal both wait in the living quarters, PD's eyes glowing scarlet and Chal adorned with scorch marks.

John's weight shifted heavily between his feet as the two entered the room. A look of befuddlement quickly took root over his face. There was a new found laziness in his diction and his words were finding a unique way to run together.

"Ok, whatever story you two have, I think I need to hear it."

For once in his life Chal actually considers taking a bath. Something wookies generally rarely ever consider on their own. Something his never wanted in his life. But while the smell of sweaty wet wookie he can stand. The smell of sweaty wet burned hair is enough to push him over the edge. He goes looking for a bathroom.

Chal finds open shower in the bedroom below deck.

Chal occupies the bathroom. He is happy to have earned some coin. Perhaps he can buy a new breastplate. Or some clawprotectors. Or a fire extinguisher of his own. It could prove useful in the future.

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Chal walks out of the bathroom. Scorch marks off the fur but still beneath. He smells of perfume, horrible odor, but it disguised the horrible smell of burned hair. He looked to John, not really sure what to say. Or if he even should say anything. He would leave the talking to the rich hunk of walking metal.

"Irritated Query: You wish to know what happened do you organic?" PD said slowly as he turned his optics to face John. "Answer: I'll tell you, after our miraculous hunt at that club where you cost me TWO bounties, I went after the other on this planet with the walking mass of burnt fur over there." He said point at Chal. "I then preceded to lose both another bounty and the one who claimed it before I could take his head and mount it on a wall." He finished his optics never losing the red glow. "Conclusion: So unless either of you," His optics swerved in different directions to face Chal and John. "Wish to take his place, I suggest we get off this twice blasted space rock fast." He said as he walked back to the cargo hold.

Chal, smelling of wet dog... Wookie?. . Does not know of a way to respond to the Droid. Other than act/growl slightly angry at the fact that he goes to help the hunk of metal, prevents the guy he hates from escaping. Gets burned, has to take a bath. And he responds in annoyance. The nerve. Or lack of nerve.

Dallas walked out of the other room and noticed the droid and the wookie looked like they went through one hell of a battle. "The first response one would have would be 'what happened' but since it is none of my business I won't ask." Dallas remarked as he entered the living quarters.

Dallas walked out of the other room and noticed the droid and the wookie looked like they went through one hell of a battle. "The first response one would have would be 'what happened' but since it is none of my business I won't ask." Dallas remarked as he entered the living quarters.

Chal strolls out to get something to eat for his newfound cash. If possible some food on board the ship.

"Um, maybe it would be wise to tell them the plan." Avery tells John in his ear.

John glanced around at the rest of the people who had gathered around the ship. Some were seeming more eager to to get off world than others. And then there were some like the droid who were making vague threats regarding using John as a trophy.

That one could turn out to be a real problem if not careful...still, I'm going to need the help here.

John cleared his throat and spoke.

"Well, now that everyone is mostly here, I've got a course of action. I received a tip from an old friend about a smuggling ship that was lost somewhere out near Malachor V. Now, the cargo on this ship would prove to be extremely valuable if we were able to get our hands on it."

His eyes focused on PD. The droid seemed only to speak the language of money. Fortunately, John was also fluent.

"This haul would bring in a lot of credits that could have us living like kings. However, I can't lie to any of you. Malachor V is a dangerous zone to traverse. There will be risks involved. If anyone doesn't wish to stay aboard then now is the time to leave. After we take off...there is no turning back."

PD lenses focused on the human who spoke. He was suspicious of the prospect of credits. Last time this one said something was wroth a large amount of credits, the target was killed. But the danger of the dead planet promised a worthwhile venture. His optics turned a light blue. "Cautious statement: Very well organic. You have my interest. I get a fair share, I'll help get this cargo." He said not taking his optics of the organic. With any luck the profits from this venture would make up for the lost bounties.

John nodded at the droid. Although the machine's mannerisms were rough and self-centered, he knew it was best to have as many guns on his side as he could get. He had no idea what they would find at their destination but he feared that he would not be pleased with the news.

Still...the cargo from the Celest would at least make the others happy.

"Well, if no one else has any objections then we will leave immediately."

He walked forward to the cockpit, a deep sensation of dread and excitement bubbled up inside him.

Here goes nothing.

As soon as the buttons are pushed, the Dusk flies out of the hanger and shoots towards the sky.

In four hours, the ship begins to reach it's destination. Before John and the rest of the crew, is not Malachor V, but a jumble of ships and space rock, collided and compacted together to form a type of space station, teaming with what looked like obsidian black lightning crackling across the surface.

A tractor beam strikes the Dusk, disabling weapons and bringing them into a hanger bay on the side of the Frankenstein ship.

"No no no no NO! This is all wrong!"

John wrenched the controls of the ship and pushed the engines as hard as he could. He felt the ship shudder as the craft fought against the pull of the station. With each passing moment, John knew that this struggle was an exercise in futility.

"Alright everyone, get ready. There's no telling what we're going to see on here."

The Dusk is jerked into the hanger bay. Next to the Dusk lies the Celest, neatly parked. Two red robed figures that appear to be unarmed come from inside and inspect your ship.

"I think we should go wait here." suggest Avery to the crew, "If they pulled us in, not much we can do but wait for them to walk in and do whatever their gonna do."

John's eyes grew wide as he saw the ship that they touched down near.

The Celest...

As he watched the two crimson beings emerge from his ship, his mind began working at a mile a minute. There had to be some way to get the drop on these guys. There was no telling if their intentions were friendly or less so.

Suddenly John's expression lit up.

"Alright, I need one person to volunteer to accompany me in meeting these two. Preferably someone who has both a cool head and a steady hand. I'm not sure what we're going to be up against here but we need to handle it delicately. Everyone else, hide in the smuggling compartments in the cargo bay. If we end up needing your force then it's best that we get any surprise advantage that we can."

"Statement: I will volunteer for this endeavor organic. Smug Statement: No doubt a droid would be more helpful in this situation." PD said stepping forward. He was curious about these beings. He was more anxious to retrieve this cargo ship and be away from the dead planet as fast as possible. He had credits to make up.

The robed figures continue to look over the ship outside.

John curiously stared at the droid for a moment. PD had already proven to be among the least tactful beings that he had ever stumbled across; John was briefly nervous that this trait would not be desirable for their current predicament. However, as his mind processed the possible scenarios, he became more and more convinced that the droid's shooting skills would be of great benefit should the whole situation go south.


"Alright PD, but try to keep that mouth of yours under wraps for now. It would easier if we could get out of here without shedding unnecessary blood."

His gaze locked with the droids optic center. His eyes briefly glinted with intensity and anticipation.

"But if the shooting begins, do exactly what comes naturally."

He turned to the rest of the crew and produced a two-way radio.

"Ok everyone, there's no telling what's ahead of us now. Be prepared for anything. If things start to go badly, I'll send you a signal with this transmitter. If it comes to that, we'll coordinate in a central location and try to work out an escape from there."

He handed the radio to one of the other members before taking his position near the air lock.

"Godspeed everyone."

His hand hovered over the airlock operation switch.

The airlock opens up, releasing air and surprising the robes. One briefly chuckles, and says something, not in a whisper, but in a tone too quiet to hear. The other scurries off, and the remaining robe waits diligently at the Dusk's bay.

John stood defiantly at the mouth of the dock. He could feel his heart racing and his breathing shallow as he looked down at the remaining robed figure below.

Here goes nothing.

"What's the meaning of all this? I'm a fan of some old-fashioned hospitality but can't we at least get a call first?"

The robe laughs. "No, no, you are needed..." a deep, raspy voice bellows from the cloak. "If you'll follow me..." he says, outstretching an arm.

A brief moment passed where John only stood dumbfounded. Something about the picture before him was beginning to send a wave of suspicious energy throughout his body.

"This," he muttered to the droid beside him, "was not what I was expecting."

The Celest. The mysteriously shrouded gatekeepers. The open invitation. This can't possibly be what it looks like.

As he stepped forward, his face did not betray the apprehension in his voice as he whispered to his companion.

"I have a bad feeling about this."

The robe leads Johna and PD to a large, black door, with red trimmings. "Right inside, please...she is expecting you..."

John nodded and swallowed heavily. He wasn't sure what was coming next but he was determined to meet it head on.

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