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Hector, or Riptide as he was known now, faced down Magneto, drawing moisture from the air and from his canteens to ice claws. He leaped at Magneto, clawing wildly trying to disrupt the magnetic forces throwing chunks of metal at him.

After slicing through one extremely large tire, he switched to using the water in an attempt to lasso Magneto, forcing him into submission, and tying his hands.
"Mutantkind needs this! We must take our place as the dominant species!" roared Magneto, still throwing objects at Riptide.
"No! Mutants must adapt, and co-exist! There are to few of us to go to war!" replied Hector, sending tendrils of water in all directions.

"That's enough Hector..." replied a calm voice from the back of the room.
Hector turned, ready to face the new target, and relaxed when he saw the man standing in the doorway.
"Farseer! Good to see you, shutting down the simulation are we?" asked Hector, gesturing towards the now frozen Magneto, "And just as I was getting to the fun part." he sighed, light humor in his voice.
"Yeah, you've had enough for one day" laughed Farseer, walking towards Riptide slowly.
"Well, I'll just head out then" replied Riptide, "That's the first time I've actually managed to get those ice claws to work". Riptide started moving towards the door when he felt a massive shock to the back of his neck.
He turned to see Farseer turning blue, scales flickering over the once human form. "Yes Riptide, that's enough for one day." laughed Mystique cruelly.

"And now that's enough Hector." laughed the real Farseer from the doorway. "You must always be ready for anything, even a shapeshifter. Besides, I walk with a limp."

"I guess I should have noticed that..." moaned Hector, his head pounding. "Go to the courtyard. You're being assigned to a team."

Riptide made is way out passing by Diablo.
"Oi, Ripper, you get called up for this Final X thingy too?"
"Of course I'm did, *I* am the head of it" Riptide said in a cocky way.
"Ohhh... My new CO is a collage student... Fuckin' A... [sigh] where's the meet?..."
"In the Courtyard"
"fine... lets go"

Anton or otherwise known as Wyvern in the X-men is flying high above the school practicing his flying ability. While he normally hate the feeling of being cold but he find it so refreshing to feel the cold breeze running through him. He can withstand it just fine unlike freezing cold air during winter. He is practising his manoeuvrability and as well trying to maintain in the air as long as possible.

I wonder how many people out there, mutant or not would want to trade places with me to fully experience of flying just by his or herself? I guess this is the plus side to be becoming a dragon like person.

His watch began to beep loudly indicating him that he only got 10 minutes left before his arm get too tried to fly. The watch indicate true as his arms were getting rather tried.

Danm and I thought I can last longer this time too. I better not risk it since Farseer did inform me in the morning that I'm assign to a team. Where was it again? Oh yeah the courtyard!

He shift his wing to point downward as he descend lower and lower to the school courtyard in a spiral movement.

Erica had decided to take to reading in the library at that moment, the only pro to being in any school in her opnion. She was reading a collection of poems and short stories from a few brazilian authors, thankful that it had been translated from portugese to english. One poem in perticular caught her interest, mostly due to her thinking it was a ripoff of a shakespeare poem (she couldn't remember which). It talked about a rose and comparing it to a woman, something she found terribly cheesy and annoying but she couldn't get it off of her mind. Suspecting that it was because she had kept to herself and not shared her dis consent with anyone, she looked around for someone to talk to and tell.

"let's him...not her...she could work but i can do better...Wait, what time is it?", she said, deciding to look around for a clock instead.

It turned out to be time for her to head off to the courtyard. She was asked to meet with some people there but she didn't really care about that...still maybe it would take her mind off of crap like that poem.

"Cool your jets Diablo... or I'll put em out for you" laughed Riptide. "I don't know why I've been assigned to lead, honestly I expected you or Admin to, but hey, whatever".

Riptide glanced up quickly, hearing a faint whooshing sound, to see Wyvern spiraling to the ground. "'Lo Wyvern! Here for team assignments?"

Eli walked into the courtyard from the dorm building. He was stretching his back to help the soreness of sitting hunched over books and a keyboard all day. He gave a nod to the others as he approached and said

"So, what's this all about? Did they find the bodies?"

"Yeah, next time, find a better place than the basement, very lazy."
He then turned to Riptide and said "As for you, just one thing, leave me alone with Admin and..."
His wrist slid open to reveal a Flamethrower and held it up next to Riptide "...I'll put ye strimp on me barbe, got it?"
Riptide slowly nodded.
"Good, now lets go, Baldy's waiting on us..."

"It's "Shrimp" Diablo. Besides, setting a water powered mutant on fire? Good luck with that." laughed Riptide.
Riptide, out of boredom, started flying, using the water form the air, and what was left of his canteens to lift himself up. "See you there!"


Admin was in his working room, a large dark room with many processors submerged in liquid sit in a corner connected to a network of 6 machines.
"Thank you internet for your despicable content" Admin said to his microphone, 'twas a real bitch trying to convict the ass someone on the other said answered him. Admin sat on his chair in front of half a dozen monitors and keyboards, communicating with his mutant companion in Great Britain. Now, if we'll use the kiddie stuff, are you sure he'll crumble? the man on the other side asked Admin, "Don't worry, Blake, He'll be working for your team in your Knesset, erm... Parliament. Just don't forget to mask the identity of the blackmailer" Admin answered, going to his Keyboard number 4 and sending the incriminating content to his friend overseas. "Promise me you'll record his reactions. They won't pay me extra for this, so I'm doing it for comedic relief" Admin smiled and tried to push himself from his chair.
Crap, my back Thank you Barry, is there anything else I can do for you? Blake said on the other line, "Just don't stare at the pics for too long" Admin smiled as he stretched his back and his legs. Blake out
Admin looked at the clock sitting on the large table alongside his monitors, crap, Im late He put on his sunglasses and went to his room.
The room was dark, all of the windows were closed. Admin switched on the light and looked at the horror in front of him. Everywhere were empty cans of beer and soda, empty boxes of insnat Ramen and canned corn. He tried to maneuver himself through the minefield to his closet. He took his equipment and exited his room half naked.
As he walked through the school compound he greeted several of the students while wearing an A-shirt and boxers. He gradually wore his pants, belt, a new shirt and his jacket. He then set up his heavy electronics aorund his belt and stopped. "My Tevor" he said and ran to the school's armory. On his way he set up him microphone next to his mouth.
He reached the armory and took his sidearm, a glock 19 with an extended clip in his concealment holster around his right shin. He took his jacket and pocketed the necessary amount of clips. He took his TAR-21 and a dozen magazines. "If this turns out to be a light-weight job, I'm quitting and moving to New Zealand" Admin mumbled to himself.
He walked through the school again, this time in his battle armor fully ready for any hostile confrontation.

Wyvern saw that Riptide and Diablo were standing below him in the courtyard.

He shouted "Hi guys! Yeah I am!

Just as he had shifts his body so that his feet landed gently onto the ground, he saw that Riptide had immediately using his water ability to fly.

He sigh "He better not ask me for a flying race right now. My arms need to rest for a bit."

He rubs his arms as he waited in the courtyard.

Thomas just finished beating up a mugger when he noticed a note addressed to him lying on the ground, he picked it up and opened it:
you are wanted at Xavier's school, head to the courtyard'
Interested by this note, he started heading towards the school as quickly as possible, later he arrived at the courtyard, he saw three people standing there already 'so what am I, pineball, wanted for?' he asked loudly as he approached the people.

"Hello children" Admin said as he approached the group in the courtyard, "Where are we heading off to today? I've been dying to try some hardware overload scripts, office explosives" Amdin waved his hand in front of him and smiled.

Wyvern replies "Children? We're teenagers or almost young adults! Well that the thing Admin, we don't know other than to meet up here to be assign to a new team or something like that."

Admin rubbed the bridge of his nose and sighed, "I swear I'm moving to New Zealand" he mumbled to himself.

'so you guys are just going to ignore me' Thomas said slightly confused.

Wyvern notices the person near him.

He replies "Oh my apology. Hi I'm Anton aka Wyvern. I believe we haven't met. Are you a new student or a student already? I had only moved here a couple of months ago so I haven't met all the staffs and people here just yet."

Admin waved his hand at the other person, "I've been here for four months and the only name I remember is of Professor Xaviar. Because he signs on my checks" Admin grinned, "I'm in charge of the cyber security here. Call me Admin" he introduced himself to the rest of the group.

'hi I am the superhero PINEBALL' he said over dramatically hoping that his stopping of petie crimes has gotten him known 'I got a letter after one of my many adventures to come here, I as of yet to not know why, that is why I have asked you!'

He wasn't impressed with his dramatic entrance.

Wyvern had awkwardly muttered "Err Who? I guess you should you head to the main entrance to asked one of the staffs like Scott or McCoy but I would avoid Logan if I were you. On second thought do you know why he is here Admin? Also oh, I didn't know you weren't here for that long. I guess I came here after you got settle in."

I guess this Pineball fellow is a C to D list superhero. Oh great is he staring at me for looking like a big blue human dragon?

Admin felt a little unconftorable with his rifle slung over his shoulder standing with a group of teenagers, "I haven't left the room much. Been working hard on getting that porn!" he stopped for a moment, "Erm, you know, blackmail. I've also worked on the security system for the school, set up a few worms here and there. There really isn't anything to look at here" he continued rambling.
"Oh, I have no idea why I'm here. I was told to be here, said I'll see some action" he pointed at his rifle.

"Charming, Admin" droned Hector.
"I'm Hector Fynn, AKA Riptide."

"And I'm Farseer, and welcome to Final-X, and Pineball, you're a C-List superhero, the most violent crime you ever stopped was an assault with a baseball bat... on the corner of Third and Winston in New York." sneered Farseer from the doorway.

"Professor Xavier tasked me with putting together a team to protect the school from anything I deem a threat to the school, whether immediate or not." he continued.

"I will be in command of the team, and will remain in base, your field commander is my good friend Hector. With my powers, I can see through his eyes, and direct you all from the safety of Headquarters."

"Now, if you'll follow me, I'll show you to your shared quarters and garage."

"Fine by me, can't stand the rooms at the school, it's like collage, but without the booze and crazy co-eds, Or as I like to call it, Hell."
Pineball heard the comment and turned around: "and you are..."
"Diablo, Weapon X Project C-9302." He fired up his flamethrowers and shot them in the air, trying to scare the new guy.
"All you need to know"

"Diablo! Enough." shouted Riptide, extinguishing the fires with a quick blast from his canteens.
"If I have to freeze you to stop making you be an ass, I will." he continued... almost jokingly.
At this, he pulled all the water out of a nearby fountain and kept it swirling around him, preparing for a blast from his flamethrowers.

'Riptide, you are out of line, I will deal with Diablo' echoed Farseer's voice.
Farseer turned to Diablo, disapproving frown on his face (like one would look at a poorly behaved child.

"Diablo, you're prone to such outbursts, I don't think having you in Headquarters is safe. I think I'll assign you to a school safety room, just to be on the safe side. Solid steel walls, unmeltable of course. Minimal window space, to minimise damage, metal furniture, as always.
Hmmm... I think I'll have to assign a watcher for security, just until we're sure you can keep control of your powers... I'll put a call into the Professor, see what I can do."

Diablo chuckled and said to Farseer "Just fooling around. If I really wanted to do damage to anyone or anything, I would and there would be very little you could do about it, besides their are other things in my body than flamethrowers, but if you are that concerned about my "powers", don't be, just need to find out what does what, then trial and error should see me though, has before..."
He disarmed his flamers and stared at Pineball, who was somewhat un-nerved by the display, with a evil grin :"...just need some test dummies, do *you* know anyone?"
Pineball said nothing.
"Shame, anyways, 'bout this garage..." He said to move things along.

C list super hero, I have stopped some crimes that involved guns he thought to himself slightly saddened at the fact that he hadn't stopped any properly villainous plan, though he was trying to not show these emotions, he looked around to try and figure out what everyones abilities were 'so you are a big lighter,' he said to diablo 'and you are a dragon person' he said to wyvern 'and you are... a guy with a gun?' he said to admin

"A guy with a big gun . I can also make things explode. That's pretty much what you'll need to know, unless you're interested in what I do in this school" admin checked his belt to see if its functioning. He put on his left glove on and turned on the left lens of his sunglasses.
"I'll just check if Blake got my intel" raised his hand and flailed it around.

Wyvern replies to Pineball "Pretty much. I end up getting the short end of the stick when it comes to my genetic mutation. Sure I can turn back looking like my old self but it hurt alot. Still it isn't all that bad since I can fly, having razor sharp claws and tail. The only thing missing is being able to breathe fire."

He chuckle when he finishes talking for not being a real dragon as he swing his tail like a happy dog.

"just a big Lighter?" Diablo laughed "please, I am former US Special Op's, an Ex-member of the Weapon-X Cyber Division and a former Merc, You?, you're just a giant pinball..."
He walked over to the young hero: "you'll find the bad guys here to FAR more than just some druggie or some drunk teens."

"Cyber Division?" Admin inquired, he turned to Diablo, "Hold still" he said as he moved his left hand through the air. "Electronics,weapons... I need to find a route" Amin mumbled to himself, "I suspect this might hurt" Admin continued to probe Diablo's systems, the uncomfort caused by it was visible on his person.
After a few moments, Admin turned on the right lens of his singlasses and sat down on the ground. "Adir..." he mumbled (='Awesome' in Hebrew).

Diablo managed to lock Admin out, he recovered and stuck Admin in the jaw, knocking him down.
"AHHHHHgrrrr, What. Have. I. Told. You. About. Doing. That?." He said in an enraged fashion.
"[Son of a...(Hebrew)] I was just looking..." cried Admin as he picked himself off the ground.
"And I Don't CARE!" Diablo roared back.
He then turned to RipTide and said "This is what I was talking about earlier..."

"You're a cyborg" Admin rubbed his jaw, "That's insane. What the hell are you americans doing?" He picked himself up and checked if his equiptment is still working.
"Man... I really want to look through you again... I mean, I never thought that this is possible" he checked to see whether or not his gloves still function.
"Fine, I'm fine. Don't hit me again" Admin turned to Diablo.

"Then stop hacking into my mind, It really fucking hurts and it brings back... painful memories.
YOU GOT THAT!?!" Diablo screamed.
He calmed himself down.
"[Sigh] let's just get to briefing BEFORE I try to kill someone, namely Admin, OK?"


Thomas suddenly went into the fetal position he then rocket towards the tree furthest away form Thomas that was still in the courtyard and in a straight line, when eh collided with the tree, it split in half with the top half flying a bit further away and colliding with a fence, the bottom half was leaning towards the fence and some of the roots were torn out of the ground, 'HEY LIGHTER, THIS IS WHAT I DO! ALSO I WOULD HAVE GONE FOR CANNON BALL BUT THERE ALREADY IS A HERO OF THAT NAME!' he shouted at diablo as he walked back over to the group.

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