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'so what can I do? because I don't exactly see how my power is going to help unless a fight actually starts' he then pointed a wyvern 'also isn't this guy going to pretty much dip them off that mutants are guarding him'.

Wyvern had turned around after he heard Thomas comment.

He state "You do know I got a human form right? I can turn revert back whenever I want to."

He shows them as he begins to revert back to his human form. He feels his body twitch and snap as his wings and tail had shirking back into him. He can feel his scales digging into his flesh as his skin expose out and change colour. All of this had happen within a minute as he is back to his human form. Once that is done he started to rub his arms.

He said "It still hurt to change form although it no where near as bad as my first few transformation."

Thomas watched the transformation with interest, 'ok this raises problem 2, if it takes you roughly a minute to transform they will still have plenty of time to shoot people. why not try hitting somewhere were you are out of anyone's sight but can quickly come into battle to help us' Thomas then took a moment to think of such a place before saying 'or we could paint you like a human statue and you try and act like a piece of decoration till something happens, or those anyone else have a better idea?'

He ponders at his idea for a moment and reply "Yes it does take a minute for me to transform. I was thinking of hiding somewhere to transform like behind the curtain or under the table? Well it depends on what the room look like and what in it. If I'm going to be a statue I may as well be in my dragon form. I mean what more awesome than having a humanoid dragon statue?"

"We need all bases covered. Sniping, crowd, poison." muttered Riptide.
"Wyvern, you're going to patrol the skies. Divebomb if you see anyone in the crowd or on the roof. Pineball, you're going to be with the senator at all times. Diablo, you'll go with Admin and protect him while he takes control of the mainframe of the Galin Tower.
Mr. Lier and I will fly up and clear the building from top down."
"As for Erica...hmm... She can come with us, I'll pick her up in a water sphere."
"Anyone got objections or ideas?"

Diablo slamed the table with his hands then pointed at Riptide and shouted:
(OCC: Sorry, couldn't help myself)
"Besides my personal objection, there a few gaps to be filling in this plan:
1. These guys are trying to make us look bad, Right?, so they will most likely send in a pissed off mutie to do the deed, snipers could be anyone, mutants would point right to us.
2. If worst comes to worst and ya man's is a pile of Red-Mist, our postions will make us look REALLY bad, regardless of how he dies
3. We're going blind into this, No rosters, No timetable, No possible leads, The trick to foiling an assassination is not to be there if something happens, but to not give them the chance to do something.
4. It is not a plan *I* came up with, a Covert Ops LEGEND!!

"So listen kids, class is in sesson, we get some-one onto the Sentors security detail, near unretricted access to all the event grounds, always a nice thing, You fly-boys go with Admin, that way, if the crap hits the fan, you lot can fly back to the event grounds for us to re-group and help us fend off the resulting slug-fest, every-one else in the crowd, bend in, keep an eye out, what'ca think."

Diablo folded his arms in a smug manner.

Wyvern had simply rolled his eyes at Diablo bold statement.

How he got picked into any team I will never know...

He mutter to Riptide "Understood, just bare in mind that I can only stay in the sky for less than thirty minutes so I will be landing on the roof to recover for a few minutes. Anyway I'm heading back to my room now/[/i]

He walks out of the briefing room.

"Diablo... I'm sending you with Admin because I just can't trust you, and I don't care if you once were a Covert Ops Legend, you're now just a mechanical headache. Deal with it. Dismissed." growled Riptide, welling up water in his hands... just in case.

Diablo was hit much harder by the words "Mechanical Headache" than he first thought.
He zoned out for a moment, cluching his fists, crushing a small part of the table in them.
He recovered, saw what he was doing and backed down. "Yes...Sir...Tell me when we're going...I'll be in the bar..." he said as he left the briefing room.

"64 missions competed, thousands of lives saved, The pride of US Army..."
He downed Mixer No. 8
"...Now?, I'm a robotic freak on the run from the government I served, being ordered around by a bunch teenagers and a fat Israeli..."
No.9 followed suit.
He sighed and looked at the scars around his wrists were the Flamers were based.
"...All because I signed that goddamn form...'Be the best you can be'...pfff...yeah right..."

Admin finished plugging in his machines and checking to see if everything was in place.
"We begin our hunt-" Admin sat down on his chair and looked at three of his keyboards, "-with some porn. But before that, we need to download some utilities and scripts from the server".
Admin proceeded to log into his server tucked away in a box somewhere is Tel-Aviv with paid rent for the next five years and a lovely housemaid he calls regularly.
Admin began typing and moving from three different monitors, watching the numbers go from one to ninety nine. After he had finished downloading half of his essentials he continued to probe the systems placed in New York City.
"Ben shel sharmotah, that's a lot of closed systems" he went on to check and see if he had already infiltrated any of them. "I've laid some eggs in here, lets see if any hatched..." Admin continued to inspect the networks and stumbled upon a dozen or so of one he had infiltrated. "Oh, you naughty office workers and your naughty sites" Admin smiled as he tried to locate the physical locations of the routers.
While he searched, he stood up and walked towards his phone. He picked it up, "Yo, I need some info. First, can I blow some buildings up? Second, Can I ground the subways? And third... I need a company email account.Any of them in that building, really. About the traffic lights... is that a green light?" Admin smiled and waited for a response on the other line from his team leader, whoever he was.

Riptide said "What the...[Sigh]...Diablo..."
Mixer Number 65 went down
Diablo stumbled across the Danger Room, after busting the lock to it and the Armory, He was spending his time Blasting the Training Room apart with a Light-Machine-Gun.
The set the program to "Jungle Warfare" and, Thus, was going the best Rambo Impression that a drunk man could do.

"Diablo... the fuck..." growled Riptide from the door, looking on as a drunk cyborg Rambo shot wildly into the air. "The training simulator isn't even on... he's just... firing into the air..." muttered Riptide in disbelief.

Riptide walked over to the controls.

"Maybe I'll get some sleep now" yawned Riptide, turning back into his room.

Diablo was happily shooting up his name on one of the walls as the area changed.
"bb bbut i wassn't done yet..." he moaned.
"You are now" said a voice that gave Diablo pause.
"Dr. Carmack?! WHERE ARE YOU?"
"I'm right here you drunken idiot" a blonde man in a Labcoat and sunglasses clamly said.
Diablo quickly turned around (and nearly fell) and shouted "YOU!!! YOU DID THIS TO ME" He fired his flamethrowers into the air "YOU!!! AFTER ALL I DID FOR YOU GUYS!!! THE MURDERS...THE KIDNAPPINGS...THE LIVES I RUINED SO YOU COULD STAY IN BUSINESS!!! WHY ME!?!?!"
Carmack took off his glasses "Simple, you were the best agent we ever had, it's not our fault you wanted to be better...heheheh...." he chuckled.
Diablo ran over to knock his head clean off his neck when the Hologram disappeared.
He fell to the ground and shouted "DAMN YOU!!! DAMN YOU ALLL TO HELL!!!!" as he punched the ground was massive force, denting it.
Then the Sentiels came in.
Diablo slowly got up and saw that he was surrounded by killer robots.
He readied himself for battle
"...before I do..."


Admin stopped pushing buttons. He stood up and tried walking to his bed. After a few steps he collapsed on the floor. I can hear gunfire Admin stood up and forgot about any feeling of tiredness. He left his room in a hurry and took his rifle with him. He went through the base to find the source of the unexplained gunfire.
"Yo, are you here? Answer me!" He shouted at the top of his lungs, hoping to hear a response.

Danger Room
Diablo braved most of the sentinel attacks but could stand it much longer.
He fell to a knee as the Robots surrounded him.
His face then turned blank.
"< Safety Offline > < Safety Offline > <Warning: C-9302 Version 2.0 AI OS is now online> < All weapons are now online >" he said in a robotic manner.
The slowly got up: " < Threats detected : Entering Combat Mode > "
He said as a Sentinel went over to crush him.
He sharply turned and delivered a massive punch, Blasting the sentinel into several small chunks.

Diablo had a sentinel held Above his head, which he ripped apart with his bare hands.
He then used a Wrist Rocket launcher on a few others before grappling to a wall and un-loading on the rest with the Light Machine Gun he stole earlier.

Wyvern who is in his room had notice how late it had gotten and decided to get some sleep.

Good thing I'm back in my human form otherwise I would of shred the bed to bits. Still it's going to be a pain to transform back in the morning. I wonder when Beast will be able to create a formula for me to transform painlessly?

He closes his eyes and he stops thinking to let his mind to rest and sleep.

I'm calling it dead. Thanks for hanging on you three. But it's as good as dead, there are... what... 4 people missing? Sorry. If I start another one (and I do have an idea in mind) you'll be first on my list.

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