Serial Killer Round 34: Raw, Uncensored & Uncut! (Yet Another Completed Round!)

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@Skye: Wow, that sounds amazingly complicated :0

Kinda harsh they suspended your hiring though..

@Skye: Well... that explains this bloody gift...

No I wasn't swearing...

it's really bloody...

with blood.

@Sky: Snow's pretty much gone now (Hooray for living on the coast!)

@Link: Again, I know your MO. I think you're clean.

@Arbiter kill: Good effort Skye, even though to are now the first Arbiter to not successfully kill the killer. Still spot in the record books for you. Rough break though J1.

@Void: It's all their fault. Their not sucking this year is ripping this dimension apart.

@Skye: That kinda sucks about the job but if they're going to be that anal then you didn't need it anyway. Probably for the best too, if it's Target. I heard they are right assholes.

Seems I'm getting a lot of company in the land of the dead.

And with two of my three suspects out of the way, I can safely say that SteakHeart is our killer this round. Thank you, Skye, for taking care of that for me.

And with the Arbiter's mishap, two more people fall at the hands of calamity! But! The Spy may have the Killer cornered! Is the Secretive Savior correct in his findings?! Only time will tell!

...Because someone still has to die before we can vote.

How exciting *grabs popcorn*

Goodbye Counterattack, your death will not be in vain...

@Jak: I'm not dead. Just revealing what I know.

@CounterAttack Oh you will be. You will be...

@Jak: xD That was the best set up and delivery ever!

@spy: WOW that was epic. i just picked a random old timer. cause all the new ones are getting killed anyways. theres just no words. i was close to killing you though CA :P that would have been awkward...

Now see, that's how someone uses the arbiter right. :P

But for now...we wait. >.<

@Skye: Still does not absolve you.

But at least our deaths accomplished something.


@Skye: Welp, I guess I'm caught. Sure, Skye, since my schedule is packed. Just be well sure to give credit where due.

...Is there a rule that I can't take everyone with me in my death? >:D

@Steak Yes. Only you are allowed to die in your death unless you are the arbiter or the arbiter's victim.

@element: Aw. Fine. *Sharpens knife* Now, let's see who my random line picker thingy calls up to my table...

*Starts building the gallows*

@Steak: Now, would you like the hemp rope? Or the silk one? Or the rope made of the life-strings of the dead?

@Schizzy: use the hemp rope those do more damage >:D

Also since I know you all see it I lost a bet and i have to wear this avatar for the rest of the week >.>

"mwahahahah! get ready 4 my l33t p0werz of GMship!"

also, GM's can play around with the roles, can't they?

@staika: who is that and that's disturbing

@SkyeNeko Not really. There are a few optional things you can do but there are rules that are set in stone that you can't change. We do have a GMing guide with a few listed but ask Counterattack or myself before you change anything not specifically listed to make sure it doesn't break a core mechanic of the game or if we feel that it shouldn't be done due to problems that can occur.

I was murder by the unsportsman pun making neanderthal. Death will be up later.

@Skye: the black guy I have no idea the person edited in is myself. Caramel Frappe made it when I lost the bet I made with him.

@staika: oh. ryan.

@Skye: I have to make another bet with him, I'm going to get him back for this :P

You heard that right folks! Elementsoul was the next victim! Because of that...ah, you guys know what to do.

@Steak: Dang. I was hoping you'd go for CounterAttack in a revenge killing so I'd at least get one Medic save in. Oh well. Time to vote I guess.

Damn, a lots happened in the past few days.

@Pm0n3y:*Slow clap* This round went very smoothly, no week long wait between the vote and the kill, and you got everyone to vote!

@staika: I'd like to know more about this bet between you and CF.

@staika: Yeah, I totally just realized where I remember your avatar from.

My brain hurts.

@Link/Staika: OOOH YES! i remember this from a long time ago!

@Link: so the mystery has been figured out, now I know more. Too bad I don't even know what that's from >.>

@Ninja: Frappe and I made a bet that he couldn't keep the same avatar for a month (this was after he changed it about 4 times in 5 days) and the loser had to edit their face onto something of the winners choosing. Since my computer is broken I couldn't make it myself so Frappe had to make it for me. I have to keep this as my avatar till at least Sunday.

@staika: MadTV. It was pretty much a poor man's version of SNL. I personally found most of their sketches annoying but occasionally they'd get a pretty good chuckle out of me.

Interesting fact that I found out while looking for that video: apparently that actor is actually an actress. Had me fooled. @_@

@Skye: Yeah, a real long time ago. I think I first watched that episode my junior year of high school.

Which was almost six years ago.

Alas, the unrelenting march of time. >.<

@Link: that's a girl O.O I had no idea. Now that I think about it I do vaguely remember mad tv I just didn't watch that much tv growing up so all the shows are a blur :P

@Element: Dude, my killing you had absolutely nothing against you, and nothing to do with anything you did. I just pick randomly, and I figured hey, maybe it was fitting? C'mon. I'll let you murder me once or twice over if you want.

@Schizzy: Your mom rope.





You take that back!

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