Serial Killer Round 34: Raw, Uncensored & Uncut! (Yet Another Completed Round!)

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@Steak: really? it was random? it looks like youve only killed newbies so far... well before element

@Skye I think he meant killing element was random.

The Votes have been Tallied! The End is Nigh!

...Oh wait, we already knew all this.

@Skye: Might wanna get a headstart on making the next thread...

When we kill him, can I eat his Steak heart?
image Yum...

Well, Steak had a good run. =P

@Jak: *groans*

Although now that you mention it, that looks really good. o.o

@Jak: Thank you, you just made my day :P

Edit: You no longer have to go through the torture of my old avatar, I have earned my pardon from Frappe :P

@Pmon3y: way ahead of you. maybe. hopefully i can get it finalized when i get home from my j-o-b. apparently i now work full time on thursdays and fridays, and get to pick a random day where i get to work half day...


unless i get another job of course. because who doesnt love money.

@staika: I like the Christmas touch :D

@Skye: I hated working Mondays when I had a 'seasonal' job. D:

@sky: Thanks it took me about 2 and a half hours to get everything just right. Only thing that was easy about it was the animated e but that's only because it's easy to place.

@Skye: That sucks but I'm on the same boat as I have to get a second job since I'm transfering colleges and because of it I get all of december off and I can't just be lazy the entire break :P


well before i start typing up put the finishing touches on the next round a heads up... people need to vote on the following issue... MEDIC BUFF!

1. whether the medic should get 1 or 2 questions to help find the would be victim
2. whether the would be victims name should be released in thread by the GM, or if it should be left up to the medic's discretion, since it could help find the killer

How DOES the medic work anyway? Do they nominate who to rescue? Or does the GM tell them who's being killed and whether they want to save them?

Oh, balls! I missed a lot, didn't I! Damn you, college! Well, hopefully I didn't miss too much. Right, guys?
... Guys?

@Schiz: The Medic picks a person to save before deaths are announced. It's very hit-and-miss, the latter being more likely, so it could use an upgrade.

@WP: Nah, you didn't miss too much. Just the whole round. >.>

@Skye: I've agreed that the medic has needed an upgrade for a while. From the options presented, I'd say we try 1. and see how much it helps before we make any additional changes.

Scientific method and all that jazz. >.<

@Link: BALLS! D:


@Skye: I'm up for a Medic upgrade as well :0

@WP: Quit college then. Edu-macation's overrated anyways.


Although I should have probably taken it sooner. I only have one semester left. >.<

@The Schizz: Might as well. I have no idea what the hell I want to do with my life. I feel screwed. :S

OH! And I guess the medic is getting a buff. Alright, I guess. I never really felt the medic's presence so I guess an upgrade is overdue.

@War_Penguin Actually the medic role has made a few valuable saves in the past. Actually one of the biggest blunders in SK history came from when an execution vote was made between the killer and a person previously saved by the medic. The vote was tied because people are forgetful and this was before a serious set of rules was established so the vote was given to the last victim. The person saved by the medic who couldn't be the killer was executed and the killer was executed several rounds later, almost wining the game, two rounds from the end.

In regards to the rule changes I'm concerned about the amount of wait time that giving the medic a question would since it is no longer just three names that need to be received and more people will need to be contacted. This includes the fact that if the GM doesn't know the anwser to the question and the victim isn't responding we could be held up on that. That would mean additional rules and timelines would need to be put in place for this rule. However if those can be established I'll be willing to give it a one round test.

The second request I'm currently asking other senior members about as I'm certain that a decision about that was made in a previous round but I can't remember the ruling.

When's Round 35?

A lot happens when I sleep it seems, guess I should become nocturnal >.>

@skye: Being a new member I don't expect my opinion to be taken as highly as the regular members but I think the first option would work well.

@Diablo: Steak would post at least acknowledging he was the one who was killed, and Pm0n3y would confirm he was the killer, or Pm0n3y simply confirms Steak was the killer, and was killed. Then the new round begins.

@element: O_O

Damn, man, your the SK scribe here! I totally forgot about that round.

@War_Penguin Neo's the offical record keeper. I maintain the logic of SK and look for problems with rule changes and roles that are to be added.

@Skye Don't jump the gun and include anything that hasn't been approved if Steak does get announced as dead. Talks of a different method for making the medic more useful are being discussed that are much less Spy like and don't risk a potential major shift in wait times during the first half of the round.

@element: Well, we can have more than one scribe. Or you can be the rule holder or something. Either way, you deserve a title of some sort for your knowledge rule maintaining!

I wanna not die first in the next round!

@Red 5: I think we all wanna not die first in the next round. :P

@element: well you could at least tell me what the discussion is about. id hate to just sit here twiddling my thumbs and get accused of dragging my feet while being kept in the dark

also, i have finished the op if you want to tear it apart before i post it, im just not at home atm to send it

@Skye Currently the position stands that giving the medic questions to ask isn't the way to go. It's not the medics style of play. The method which no one has any major problems with is making the amount of medic saves proportional to the number of people alive. This would be done with by dividing the number of people left alive by 5 and rounding down. Therefore if there's 25+ people left alive the medic get's to choose 5 people to save. 20-24 people get's 4 saves. 15-19 people give them 3 saves. 10-14 people get's them 2 saves. >10 people get's them one save. The Medic submits all the saves at once and if the killer picks a name on the list then that person is saved. However, the medic can only save one person per round so that if the killer chooses someone else on the submitted list that person still dies.

It was also decided before that if you are saved by the medic it should be announced that that person was saved. It was kind of like a reward that you won't be targeted for an execution if the medic managed to save you from getting killed.

@element: while youre having your little meeting can you also ask about the 2 arbiters, a possible randomizer that switches the surviving roles mid round, powering down the spy...

basically, what do i have liberties with?

@Skye: Go on Skype!

@sky: im at work ;_;



@Skye We'll continue this when you get home then. Stop slacking off at work.

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