Fallout-The Lost Island-(Open RP/Started)

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David Smiled as the ghoul ran off but stayed sitting with his gun ready for action.

Kairi knew that the ghoul would likely try to go after her once more if he got away, so she reached down to her waist and pulled out her 9mm before saying. "I'll stop him Mr. Robot!" Bringing it up so that she could see clearly down the sights, she used the training that she had received by the many passerby's in her old town and took a small breath before letting it out. At the pause between exhaling and inhaling, she held her breath and aimed for his legs before firing. She was mostly doing this since not only did he want to cut off her hand, but he wanted her teddy along with it!

Shaun cracked his fist as he knew what to do, "I'll help two, but expect broken bones...hehe" Shaun chuckled darkly as he got up, tucked his chair in neatly and waited for Kairi to fire before lunging at the ghoul, but before that he thought a bit more on what to do to him so he can restrain him without killing him. Its time to go to town on this ghoul's ass, Shaun violently thought.

"A'right," Jayne began, turning to Robin as he set down the Geiger counter and lunch box, "what are them wires for? Ain't an expert on cans, but I reckon there ain't much this thing can do without some more shiny."

David remained calm throughout the others actions and fired three shots at the goons, aiming mostly for the mid-section.

"Yeah, it seems like we keep runnin' into people pushin' tech on us with wires fallin' out. At least ya told us what it's for, Robin. Hey, wouldja be able to put a strap on this rifle so I don't gotta carry it in my hands? Or know someone who could?"


"No problem." Robin quickly brought out some spare pieces and added a strap in minutes.
Turning to face Jayne, "Just some tech junk that wouldn't get shoved in that old chassis." Robin shrugged as it began to beep in the direction of the back of the ship (I.E it grows stronger when pointed in the direction).


David's shots hit! Wounds a goon in the gut and he falls over groaning, the rest get away.
Kairi's shot leave the barrel...
A bullet goes flying...
And manages to hit the ghoul in the arse, followed by many laser shots from numerous stewards and otherwise.
All that is left is a smoldering outline of ashes and half-charred flesh.

Ashley was reaching for her plasma rifle but set it down.

"Looks like we got ourselves a vector," Jayne said as he moved towards the stairs leading to the lower decks.

Shaun sat back down, a bit saddened that the man had to die, but he had seen and done this many times before. He sighed as he sat down, "Well that takes care of that, should we investigate those slavers and missing people now?" Shaun asked the group.

Donny picked up the gun and slung it over his right shoulder. "Thanks, I'll remember this finding your thief. Or thieves."

He followed Jayne and asked "So, how we gonna handle the robbers?"

Kairi couldn't help but giggle happily at the fact that her round had hit the ghoul in the bottom. She hadn't been shot yet, but she imagined the pain would have been worse than a thousand spankings! She was then hit with a realization. Gulping, she turned to Mr. Robot and asked. "U-umm..Mr. Robot, you said that the gold belonged to the ship right? I-I kinda sold some of that gold before..A-am I in trouble too?"

David put his feet up on the table and his hands behind his head.
"And Kids...Thats why you always fence the goods elsewhere...Don't ask me How I know that..."
He turned to Shaun. "I guess we might as well, pass the time until the crowd of people try to kill us..."

"Can't have a proper plan til we find 'em, but I'm thinkin' we keep it quiet, found out last night shootin' will draw them bots. Y'any good with a blade?"

"Ehh, not the best, but I learned a few techniques from this merc I met in the Tops once. Said some of it was military, but I wouldn't know anyway. Meant to hit weak spots, like the eyes, joints, and the neck. We'll see, I guess. Does that thing say how far away we are?"

"Not exactly, just gets to tickin' faster when there's more rads around. Neck's a good target, kill a man in seconds when ya stop blood gettin' t'his head. Ya got any blades on ya?"

"A Bowie knife, had the guard removed so it'd fit inside a pocket in my under-armor." He reached under his suit and pulled the knife out, "I guess you got somethin', too?"

"I keep two 'round. Got my issued combat knife fer them times I gotta be real quiet, then a nice little machete under m'bag here if the dead fella's a bit more aware. Had it since..."

Since you first joined the Legion.

"...since I 'scaped Ar'zona."

"Nice. Pops took one a those to a feral one time, couldn't a gone through quicka if he was wet tissue. Of all the dumb luck, I took afta Ma in the gene pool. All the skinny guys're from her side. What about Arizona again?"

"Parents was traders 'bout twenty years back, caravan got hit by Legion cause we was sellin' booze, meds, all them things butt-raiders didn't like. I's the only one left, so I grabbed this blade off the one dressed most funny. We was from one of them eighty-six tribes Caesar conquered, so all I could do was head west, warn someone they was comin'. Keep 'em from becomin' tribe eighty-seven, get me some revenge." Jayne turned to Donny and smiled.

"After the Legion left Fort Hill, when we held the Dam, I 'member pissin' where we thought Caesar's tent'd been. Woulda been on his grave, but we reckon they took his body with 'em."

"I'm glad he bit the dust. Per l'amore di Dio, the Enclave sound more appealing. Then again, if I had to pick, I'd rather trust lead to rule."

He turned to Clara and asked "What's your story?"

David got up and spun his pistol before holstering it.
"Well...that was been the least eventful breakfast I've ever had...no joke. I'm going to head top side and see if I can't soak up some info on these Missing Passagers, Anyone want to join me?"

"Yep, and also ditto, you ever had breakfast with raiders before...and your the breakfast, I'll say it didn't turn out well...for them" Shaun spoke quickly and chugged another nuka-cola down the hatch before getting up and started to follow David.

"Alright,I think our best bet is to talk with one of the Security Robots, get a lead, follow up on it and most likely shoot some bad guys, come on" David said before he headed up the stairs to the upperdeck.

Shaun nodded as he followed the funny talking David up the stairs and towards the upper-deck where hopefully they can 'Shoot some bad guys' as quoted from David, Shaun hopes that there will be less violence.

AFF-(Away from forum, be back soon)


Well, that's a bit unfortunate, but I can't blame you for your decision, and I think it's better to pull out rather than just let this piddle on in mediocrity. You're a great gm, though, and I hope you'll tell me about any threads you try in the future.

Thats no problem Ray, I needed a RP to quit anyway. You were a great GM and made this experience pretty unique and awesome.

I shall save my sheet as a memory.

See you all on another RP, Shaun out!

Damn. Fun while it lasted, though.

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