Serial Killer Round 35: The Round of the Roles. (The Round is Over, the Killer is Dead)

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@CA: yeah there is also that problem. Perhaps you could have one person be the controller of the decks and that person does the draw for both people but then again that person will have to be completely trust worthy. But now I'm just shooting ideas at you :P

@staika: The guy in charge of the players' decks would have to be a co-GM, if not myself. I always create a character or two for my own threads, so people might think it biased if I were in charge of both other players' decks and those belonging to my own characters.

@CA: I usually make a character in my RPs as well. If you were to do my idea then it would probably be best to find a Co-GM that you trust to not take sides in a match and will play fair the entire game. And that is probably the fatal flaw in my idea unless you have a person who you can trust to be fair the entire time.

You know the first thing that came in my head you guys started talking about Yugioh is this video:

So I changed my avatar, this one makes me laugh as well :P

I laughed. And then I laughed some more. Not in my wildest dreams... "Evening loves. Something nice has happened, but you'll need to wait until the PM goes out to see. Did you kill the right person? Maybe."

"The mob has spoken, and are en route to the victim's place of residency. Do you hear someone knocking on your door?"

The victim has been messaged.

Not me I am still alive!! I live to creep another day >.>

@staika: That is my favorite avatar ever.

@Mob: AVENGE ME!! Please? ^_^

@Link: Thanks I saw it on memebase (first time I checked it in about a month) and I loved the gif so I had to have it :P

For the record I added in the santa hat :P

Alas, there will be no avenging my death...unless every commits hara-kiri for their shame.

And their rack of disciprine!!

@staika: Awesome avatar btw. XD

@Mortis: Why thank you, It represents me perfectly I found it funny :P

@staika: I make that same face when a stalk my victims found it funny as well. ^^

@Mortis: My victims never suspected a thing I like the santa hat so I had to add it :P

@Counter: If you ran it with Magic 2012 you could have people duel within it. People could play the part of new plainswalkers. Which ever way you go I would definitely be interested.

@CA: I'd be willing to be the guy in charge of the players decks, but i can't even trust myself. >.> <.< >.<

@staika: Sometimes I am the Mario of that scenario wish I had artistic capabilities.

@axle: I was imagining a more real-life aspect, kinda like the Yu-Gi-Oh anime as I mentioned. Duels 2012 is a possibility, now that I think about it... but not everyone has it, and there might be repeats of decks used depending in the applicants. You and I would both be using Machinations, for example, since we both play it most often.

@Counter: Very true. I do love Tezzeret's deck. I could always choose something else. Auramancer or something like that.

@Skye My heart literally skipped a beat, thanks a lot! XD

@Jak: hahahahahahahahahha

i need to ask the next GM to do that too. your reactions are priceless.

@Jak: What, did she send you a fake kill message, too?

@FakeMessage: Hmm...I never got one of those. The only contact I had was devastatingly real and tangible death.


*eats all the shrimp in the JIB*

@j12: they werent fake kill messages. they were just plain old messages n.n

@Skye: Mmm hmm. And I'm the Crown Prince of France(tm).

@Mortis: You can't fault us too much for executing you. It's almost traditional around here to kill the newbies.

Also, I like seeing the writing ability of fresh blood. You passed the patented LTF test with flying colors. ^_^

@link: welp, well see the writing ability of a few others...

@j1-2: Yes... The doctor said my lifespan shortened about 2 years. :(

@Link: My shrimp! *Pounces*

@GNPZK: *activate force field* Oh no you don't. You got almost all of it last time. I need to make up for lost shellfish. >.<

@CA Going along with Axle's suggestion, there are a few programs that operate similarly to Duels 2012 but without limiting card and deck choices and are also free to download that you could use. Magic Workstation and Cockatrice are a few examples. And I'm sure there's a Yu-Gi-Oh equivalent out there somewhere.

@Fragrance: Hmm... Possible. Though there would be a considerable number of restrictions on cards. No Eldrazi Titans, for one.

And I'm pretty sure I don't understand half of the Yu-Gi-Oh rules any more. =P

@Link: Woohoo!! Do I win anything? :D

@Mortis: Why yes! You get your choice between:


I know this is a difficult decision...but I believe you can make the best choice. ^_^

@Link: *Activates anti-force field* *Hits Link with day old bread stick*

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