Serial Killer Round 35: The Round of the Roles. (The Round is Over, the Killer is Dead)

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Man no one comments on my death. I feel like I'll truly be missed. XD

@Lost: I didn't vote for you so I am crushed beyond words D:

@Void: Well there's something I shouldn't have read before lunch. But still, a well done death. Those pesky mob leaders though. Man they're harsh. :-P

@Void: I didn't vote for you either. xD But sucks to be you.

@Void: Dang, we frickin' crucified you? That's rough; the Romans really knew how to prolong an execution.

@void That was the most painful death I've ever read...

And now I have received the rainbow Powah badge, this has been an exciting few moments for me to say the least :P

Can I keep the stakes for souvenirs? :D

For the record, I did not vote him off the island...

@sky: theres only 2 girls here that he could be referring to...

sky! y u crucify void!

"Ugh! Gross! Seriously someone should do something about this..." I spoke to the killer, who was in my office. Perhaps I could be the only one to sit with my back to him now: I would be the only person who he couldn't target. It was amusing when the lynch mob showed more violence than the killer themselves. In fact, no one had even found Gypsy's body yet. Well, no one except for the two of us in the room. "I think you need to be less careful hah. It's no fun to have them lynch without even having a reason yet. Makes me wonder sometimes." I turned to find my companion gone, with a single note left on the table. Ah, players. Give them one role and they think they're invincible...

"Indeed, Void has fallen to the lynchers. Quite sad, he was not the killer. The real killer has struck again while you all have been busy crucifying people."

The killer has struck. Check your inboxes.

@Skye: Whaaaaaaaat, it wasn't me! D:

And RB is a girl too.....

*stares at inbox*
Good boy inbox, no messages this time. My rainbow badge has protected me from the killer!

I hoping I'm still alive and I just haven't gotten it yet.
Goddamn internet...

Spoke too soon laggy escapist betrayed me and now I am dead D:

Edit: I was wrong..... again >.> I'm not dead........ yet.

Welcome to my world...

Death will be posted here once I finish work on it. I'm thinking of putting ninjas in this one :P

Scratch that I am not dead it was Skye playing a trick on me. Well played Skye well played.


@Diablo: I gotta learn to read my PM's better XD
Oh well at least it kept things interesting :P

*looks at post*

*sees "Messages (1)"*



*sighs in relief*

*reads that Bastion is on sale*



I concur...

@Skye: Heh Sky wasn't the ring leader

@staika: Careful Skye did that to me and I died right after anyways XD the timing was hilarious

@Jak: @Link: Always been a fan of a violent commentary style death; its my speciality

@Mortis: You could but then I'd have to kill you...oh wait

@Lost: It got me going for a second because you see a PM from her and then you automatically think "Oh I'm dead" and I jumped the gun XD

Hopefully I won't be the next to die.......

Edit: Sorry I called you link, I must be really tired right now >.>

@Counter That was so sad, I wish I could write that well. However I am curious as to why Skye is living in your house...




*sweeps body out of doorway*

@murderer: you just had to kill him in the hallway didn't ya
@Jak: i think it was the round after i was first gm, or my first round, and i asked if i could crash in his fortress basement. he frequently had a lady angel friend to keep him company.

"Dammit man! Why would you kill the landlord?!" Usually I wouldn't get too angry about something like this, but he just slit his throat outside my door. "A little warning would be nice next time!" I yelled angrily, trying to decide what to do with the body. "Ah, well... at least I can't be suspected for this this time."

"Yes, indeed, Raven has fallen to the murderer's blade. It's again time to vote... and before you ask, no, it wasn't really me in a mask.

Send in your votes.

@CA: See, paranoia does you no good if you let Skye into your home. Heck, I'm surprised she didn't just kill you herself with a rabid weasel or something.

@Vote: It shall be sent. And this time, it will be someone who is actually playing. >.>

@Link: *Thumbs up for Christmas Avatar*

@Killer: *Thumbs down for surviving*



@CA: Well damn. I thought you were the killer. So much for that. Time to change my vote... on an related note, niiiice death post. *starts eating potato chips while trying to empty out my hideout*

Well after that little mix up I just realized that I could vote :P

Incoming vote

While playing Werewolf, a psychologist said I had suspicious shifty eyes. But I wasn't a werewolf then.

So, while I may consistently look suspicious, I'm just a harmless creepy old cat man.

Just sayin', in case you guys were thinking of voting me.

Did you think that would work?...

@Diablo: Oh yeah!

*Whips out cat cannon*

*Fires a volley of enraged cats at Diablo*


God I went there... *Hangs Self*

@Schizzy: Let's face it, we're naturally suspicion-drawing people.

@j1-2themax I wouldn't say that out loud... *loads his crossbow with an adorable kitten*

You're a naturally suspicion-drawing people
*Adds to list*

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