Eye of the Black Marsh: A Tamriel Adventure

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"Think what you want."

The Dovahkiin faced the front door and called for Farkas and Vilkas, saying "Come on! Lets go." He then walked towards the King and opened the door. "We'll go ahead."

Ja'Raviir stepped aside to allow the Dovahkiin and his companions free passage, at the same time he looked over at Brann, he could sympathize about loosing his home and friends and being bitter about it, but right now there wasn't much that could be done about it.

"Are you ready to go now?" He asked as he started walking down the tunnel.

Birane listened silently to the verbal skirmishes that the adults engaged in. All of this talk of questing long past and old wounds meant very little to the young Breton. The only thing that had really caught his ears was the mention of retrieving the Staff of Chaos. Such an artifact had been mentioned in passing in one of the many books that the boy had gathered during his time at the University.

I may not fully understand what is going on here...but I have a feeling it would be beneficial to see it through to the end.

He rose silently and followed the movement of the others.

As you walk down the extensive tunnel, the sounds of clanging metal is heard, and a "FUS RO DAH!" Ahead, you see the Dovahkiin fighting off more black cloaked men and woman, Farkas and Vilkas lying on the ground wounded.

"By the Nine!" the Emperor cries. The King runs a few steps up, and pulls on a torch, causing the wall to part, revealing stairs. "Go!" he hisses.

The King didn't need to tell Ja'Raviir twice, with no weapons and no way to counter the power of the voice he ran down the newly opened set of stairs. To be honest it felt kind of cowardly, but he knew that he wouldn't be of any use to the Dovahkiin and his companions.

Eh maybe he'll die defending this place. A man can dream can't he? He thought to himself as his hands began to radiate cold and he started making his way down the newly formed path. Its gonna feel great to fight for good once again. Let's start with Ice spike. Not too draining, long distance, and moderately effective.

Yen-Hal uses a speed spell to rush in front of Brann. "No! Protect the Emperor and King! I will help the Dragonborn!"

With that, she creates a wall of ice in front of you. The Emperor runs to it, banging on the ice yelling "YEN-HAL! No!"

Cinder and Vas look at each other. Cinder says in Jel "Take the Emperor and King to the Warwol. Go, hurry! I'll go with them!"

Halfway up the newly emerged stairs, Ja'Raviir stopped and turned around to make sure the others were following. "We need to leave now!" He cried out. "We can make no difference here without arms and armor!"

Brann put his hand on the Emperor's shoulder. "Yen-Hal made made her choice. An honorable one if you ask me. Her attempt to save you will be entirely in vain if we don't, Like Ja'Raviir said, leave immediately before its too late." he said a hurriedly before taking his hand off of the King's shoulder. Now that we are in an even more closed in space ill use Ice Storm

The King concurs with Brann, saying "He is right. Come, let us go with Vas back to the Warwol. Cinder will accompany these ones."

The Emperor sighs. "Very well. Let us go. May the gods smile on you all."

They begin to walk off, and as they leave, the King turns, and says something deadly serious to Cinder in Jel.

Cinder stammers, taken back by the King's words. "Yeah!...Lets...lets go, everyone. Good luck, Vas!" A-Cinder-Rev then quickly hurries up the stairs with Ja'Raviir.

Seeing the others following him, Ja'Raviir continued running up the stairs, the sounds of battle growing fainter by each step. "The Emperor and the King returned to the beast we arrived in?" He asked Cinder as he caught up with him.

"Correct. This cave system leads to a river that runs through the capital."

As you get closer to the top of the stairs, you walk out of the tunnel to find this:
"This place used to be a base of operations during the Oblivion Crisis and ran through our invasion of Morrowind. It was only retired forty years ago. Watch your step, and look around for some weapons and armor."

Brann looked around the room. The natural beauty of this place mirrors that of his homeland and for that he marveled at it. He then preceeded to begin looking around for a Mage's robe. He breaks open a crate and finds one. It is a bright red and looks to be roughly his size. "Perfect." He said as he put it on and felt like he was filled with magical energy I needed this. Ice Storm can be pretty taxing with repeated uses.

Ja'Raviir nodded to Cinder's explanation as he surveyed the large cave, there seemed to be walkways constructed to allow access to another level higher up, and the remains of shattered and abandoned boats littered the area just in front of the small pier they were standing on.

His attention drawn to a series of nearby crates, Ja'Raviir walked over to them, the old slightly rotten wood creaking in protest underneath his feet. Picking up a old rusty dagger from the top of the crates, he used it lever them open, revealing some old military supplies. Rummaging around inside he withdrew several pieces of clothing, a bit damp from the high humidity, but otherwise pretty well preserved.

Taking a pair of brown pants, a pair of shoes and a roughly woven shirt for himself he pointed at the crate so that the others noticed it. "Some clothes over here if anyone needs any."

Continuing his search he pried open two new crates, and it seemed like this was much closer to what he had been looking for. "Weapons!" He cried out in joy as he withdrew an iron sword from the pile of simple arms. "Now we just need some armor, anybody else find something?"

Valindor walked up to the Khajit and looked at the sword he held. "Rusted. The enemy will die from lockjaw, not wounds". He pulled out another rusted iron sword from the pile. "This isn't comfortable-" he said as he threw it into the air and caught it with his other hand, "-but it'll do for now". Valindor walked back to the previous crate the Khajit was standing near. He placed the sword on the ground, he then pulled out a set of clothes and began to undress.
"Tell me, how do you fight?" Valindor asked the other prisoners as he dropped his pants.

Ja'Raviir had also taken the opportunity to undress and put on the clothes he had found earlier, and after he had finished putting on his shoes, in addition to everything else, he replied to Valindor.

"Blade and shield, and some lighter armor, mobility is just as important as protection in a fight." He said as he started climbing the walkway leading up to the second 'floor', thinking that he saw a few more containers and an old table there.

Ja'Raviir finds a battered but sturdy wooden shield on the table, underneath an angry Mudcrab sitting over it's eggs. The Mudcrab snaps it's claws at Ja'Raviir.

Stepping back a step from the Mudcrab, Ja'Raviir was surprised at how close he actually came to being harmed by the enraged crustacean, he would be wise to be more attentive in the future. Finding the shield that the crab was using as a sort of nest just what he needed to fight more effectively, Ja'Raviir swung at the small critter again and again, the blade hardly had any bite left due to rusting in a crate for years, but a single mudcrab was hardly a challenge.

The Mudcrab, annoyed, grabs the rusted blade and snaps it in half.

Quest: Find working weapons.
Quest: Find the Imperial Agent in Thorn.

Stepping back again, Ja'Raviir looked at the remains of the snapped blade in his hand. "Useless junk." He uttered as he dropped the now completely useless hilt onto the wooden boards below and readied his claws, with the blade in that thoroughly rusted state they might even be more effective.

Stepping closer again, Ja'Raviir swiped with his claws at the mudcrab, hoping that he would do more than just annoy it this time.

Valindor finished undressing and put on his new old clothes. He saw four of what looked like gutting knives on the table near him. He took one of them and put it on his belt.
"We follow the flow" Valindor told the rest of the convicts.

You take out one of the Mudcrab's eyes. It squelchs in pain. A-Cinder-Rev, seeing the commotion, pulls out a white marble dagger. "Duck!" he shouts, flinging the blade into the Mudcrab. As the filthy beast dies, greenish black blood spurting from the wound, Cinder walks over over and pulls his dagger out. "Snapped your blade, huh? Lets look in here, these barrels should have something."

Lifting a lid, you and Cinder find steel weapons soaking in a liquid solution. A sword, a axe, a hammer, and twelve arrows.


Quest complete: Find working weapons.

Retrieving the wooden shield from underneath the dead mudcrab, Ja'Raviir scraped some of the eggs off it before walking over to the barrel that Cinder had opened and seeing the selection of steel weaponry inside it.

"If it is alright by you Khajiit would prefer the sword, but thinks the axe should suffice if you would rather Valindor have it, Khajiit not too picky." Speaking of which... "Hey, Valindor! There is some better weapons and some arrows up here if you would like some."

Tar-Sheen silently cursed her luck as of late. First her mace was stolen, then she was captured, now this, surly the gods have a sense of humor. She jumped at a new set of cloths, but now was hardly a time to change. She grabbed a tunic and a spare knapsack and moved on. She searched through the crate of weapons and smiled as she found a rusted iron mace. "Not the best one, and certainly not the strongest, but it's better than nothing. And certainly heavy enough to work past the rust." She said hefting the mace and taking a few practice swings.

"Oh that was a close fight. I can't believe you survived a creature as fearsome as a mudcrab." he said chuckling to himself. "I'm glad you people got some weapons so maybe with enough time and training you can kill a skeever." He continued as he crouched down to collect some books laying on the floor. Something to read is always nice.

"Argonian-" Valindor turned to the translator, "-How do we leave the underground?". Valindor walked towards the Argonian and the Khajit, huddled together in front of a group of barrels.
"I don't see a bow-" Valindor took the twelve arrows and put them on a wooden table nearby, "-neither do I see a rucksack for them."

Brann finds the books "The Kajiit Slavegirls of Elsweyr" and "Dunmer: A Guide".

"Up these stairs-" says Cinder. "-and over that rock bridge. A large opening there leads to outside. We should decide where we go now. If you want a bow, try making one. There is plenty of wood here, and the spider silk in these webs should be strong enough for a thread."

Seeing as Valindor ignored the sword, Ja'Raviir picked it up and pulled it from the solution, shaking off any that remained after he had retrieved it from the barrel. Looking around the former military outpost, he reasoned that they probably couldn't expect to find any armor down here that hadn't been claimed by the pervasive humidity and the passage of time. Taking some of his old rags, he tied them up to create a makeshift sling for his sword, sturdy enough to keep it at his side for at least a short while if he needed to use both hands for something.

"What settlements are close?" Ja'Raviir asked Cinder, not really all that familiar with the Blackmarsh, but he did remember one thing. "The Emperor asked us to talk to a scholar in Thorn. Should we start moving towards that settlement?"

Valindor clenched his fist at the thought of forcing himself on wood. He broke open a barrel and took of the of pieces of wood. He snapped it in half and tried to bend it. He took the gutting knife and began shaping the bow. He put the arrows in a dirty sack and slung it over his shoulder. "Boy-" Valindor shouted to the child below him, "-Tell me, why would a child be punished like us men?".

"...Helstrom is a walk away in the west. North of there is Stormhold. East of there is a village called Tess-Ekta. It has merchants and inns we should be able to get for a low price. South from here is an Orc stronghold and south of that is Akkalak, the capital."

Valindor walked around the cave in search of spider webs. He noticed that the boy didn't answer his question. He found enough and weaved them in his hands to make a sturdy string. He then attached it to the piece of wood and tried to draw it. Valindor was surprised at its sturdiness as he didn't feel the wood breaking under his strength.

Ja'Raviir considered the information, though from what Cinder said and the instructions they had received from the Emperor it seemed obvious what their choice of action should be. "Khajiit thinks we should head for Tess-Ekta, we need to learn what this scholar knows before we can plan further." He grimaced, "Especially if those cloaked figures are intent on stopping us, if they know about him, then they might beat us to him if we do not hurry."

Sticking his hand back into the barrel, Ja'Raviir retrieved the hammer and axe. "If anyone is in need of arms we have these, choose whichever you like." With that he put them down on the table next to him.

"Good point."

Birane continued to move quickly behind the adults, watching in awe as they worked their way effortlessly through their resistance.

There is no way that I can keep up in a fight with experts like these...why was I pulled from the camps if I'm going to be this useless?

He was so focused on entertaining this unwelcome thought that he didn't even really register the Bosmer's question immediately. He watched for a short eternity as the elf deftly formed his weapon before it even occurred to him that the inquiry was posed towards the youth.

"I...dabbled more in the forces from beyond then I should have. The results were very disastrous."

His voice quivered, both from the shame of admitting his folly and the belief that he would be unable to provide any true assistance.

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