Eye of the Black Marsh: A Tamriel Adventure

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Gullstampa ran over to Ja'Raviir and said "I'll take that!" as he grabbed the Axe off him and tried it out on a nearby table, wreaking it.
"Now dis it a nice wepon..." he said approvingly.

"Are we ready to leave then?"

"Whenevar you are" Gullstampa chuckled as he holtered his Axe.

A-Cinder-Rev thinks to himself. "Hmm...now, where was that?"

Moving up the stairs, he walks to a small chest hidden under a pile of rubble. "Ah, yes, right where I left it!" he says, opening the chest and taking out a full set of fur armor. "Extremely lucky I happened to make this set of fur a year ago and leave it here. Me and my friends used to hang out in these caves when I was doing work in Terraskar." He quickly changes, and lays his glass armor down. "Glass can make an incredible weapon, but armor like that is heavy and too ornate to help in most cases. This should fetch a lot of coin though. Anyway, if there are no objections, we should get going."

"Boy-" Vallindor acknowledged the youth, "-Be careful when you call for Oblivion", Valindor said as if he knew something the boy didn't. When the Translator stopped and took off his armor, Valindor came up to him and asked him for the glass left bracer.

Gullstampa then asked "Oi! Cinder-Ref, Wut you git locked up for anyways?, ya don't seem ta be a cold hearted crimial, why'd tey throw ya into with the likes of us?" as he eyed his reflecion in the Glass armor.

"Yeah, sure." A-Cinder-Rev said, handing over the bracer. Hearing Gulstampa, Cinder said "Maybe I'll talk about it another time."

"Be careful when you call for Oblivion."

Birane's head fell again in shame. He couldn't understand why it seemed everyone he met took such issue against his favored school of magic. It had never seemed any more horrific to him then the act of tricking the minds of others and he truly found it far less damaging than carelessly tossing the elements from his fingertips.

Maybe I just need to show them?

The idea struck the boy as strange. How would he possibly be able to show these adults that seeing and controlling the ebbs and flows of life while binding the nether to his wishes was far safer than they seemed to believe?

His voice was little more than a whisper.

"Don't worry...I will be."

Light shines through the cave entrance as outside, the sun comes up.

"Looks like it's morning. I can't wait to get to Tess-Ekta. I know a girl who works there, she might be able to get us a discount at the inn."


You begin to make your way to the village. It takes about two hours, and outside of a few local wildlife, there is no trouble on the way there. Birane and Brann both gain more proficiency in destructive magic, as does Valindor in archery, at the cost of two arrows.

Arriving at the entrance to Tess-Ekta, where the trees are so tall, they block out the vast majority of light, you find two large buildings at the gate.


"That one on the right-" Cinder begins to explain, "-is the tavern and inn. There are others inside the town, but most travelers stay there. To the left there is a watchpost. One of us should go in and talk to the guards to get that Silt Strider."

Valindor felt strangely at home. These giant trees reminded him of his time as a boy in Valenwood, something he hadn't seen since he had been thrown out with his clan, but at the same time they were so different. He had previously considered splitting off and walking north towards Morrowind in his search of the master, but the strange sensation of home kept him in the party. He began smiling without noticing as he eyed the treetops.
"We need directions" Valindor told the translator. "Be careful with fire", he told the young boy without looking back.

"The market place is up ahead. The Hist tree is in the center square, and the village elder's house sits on top of a hill near the end of the town. I would suggest talking to him if you want more advice. He might also have a map."

"A map ta the magik stick?" asked Gullstampa.

"Of the Black Marsh."

"ooohhhhh..." The ork replied "Well then, Ya all go on ahead, I'm goin' to sample the local...wa- the local.. the stuff their sellin'"

"Get us a room. Ask for Me'ggan. She is a Dunmer waitress." A-Cinder-Rev says to Gulstampa as he walks into the tavern, followed by Valindor. Inside, a lit fireplace burns. A Redguard sits on a chair in a lounge area off to the side of the room. At the bar, a black scaled Argonian with red war paint and leather armor is talking to the green scaled barmisstress in a threatening tone.

"So, what will it be, Charr-Lor?" the black scale asks.

"Please, I can't make the payment, you know I-"

She is cut off by the Argonian grabbing her arm, and hissing "Then you know what that means."

Gullstampa walked over to the Barmisstress and asked "Excuse meh, but do ya have any rooms?"
Both the Misstress and her Argonian attacker stared at he Ork.
"...Wut?, ya don't have any?"

"Beat it, ogre. We're busy." the black scale rudely tells the wannabee warboss.

Valindor walked towards the side of the bar and ignored the other Argonian. "Any work for a hunter?" he asked the barkeep and pulled out his bow.

"Oi! who asked you, huh?" Gullstampa said to the male, pushing him away.

The black scale growls, unsheathing a dagger. He grabs Valindor by the back of his shirt and tosses him to the ground, saying "You lot got a hearing problem?"

The barmisstriss cowers, saying "Oh no, oh no..."

Valindor picked himself up and took a few steps back. When his back touched a wooden columm, he had already placed his arrow in his bow. He quickly pulled the string back and raised his bow.
"My fingers feel slippery. Leave". Valindor smiled and showed his sharpened teeth to the Argonian. "And I'm hungry to boot".

The Argonian growls, but sheaths his dagger and leaves.

"Oh no...why did you do that...they will burn my inn to the ground now...it's all I have..." the other Argonian pleads.

Birane sat outside of the tavern with Bec wandering idly nearby. He had always enjoyed letting the beast roam free in this realm. Seemed like it was a far more hospitable place then his origin. Thoughts and words spun slowly through his mind as he tried to decide what his next move would be. The others did not seem to trust in his abilities and this wandering did not really help contribute to his studies.

An Argonian with black scales tore from the building in a huff. Birane watched him go, wondering what could have irritated him so.

Bec sat next to the boy and growled softly as the lizardfolk walked away. Something about him disquieted the familiar.

A-Cinder-Rev turned to the Nord mage, the Argonian warrior, and the Kahjiit thief, asking "What do you guys want to do?"

Gullstampa started laughing his ass off "I see ya knife and raise you one Choopa!" as he pulled out his Axe.
Then Valindor broke up the fight before it could start.
"Oi! what ya do that for?!"

Valindor lowered his bow and put his arrow back into his make-shift quiver. "Then you do have work for a hunter" Valindor walked towards the barmaid, ignoring the Ork.


Tar-Sheen watched as the other headed for the Inn. She turned when she heard Cinder speaking to everyone that was still around. "Personally I'd like to sell that armor your not using. I feel a little exposed with out a good set of armor and a shield myself." She said looking towards the direction of the market place. Her gazed shifted towards the Hist tree. "And maybe visit the hist tree." She said with a slight smile.

Ja'Raviir nodded at Tar-Sheen's statement, "We could all do with some proper armor, and traveling without packs or supplies will not work for long." Taking two steps forward and looking up into the dense canopy, the Khajiit's ears folded backwards, he was used to the vast and open desert landscape of the deserts of Pelletine, or at least the edge of the Tenmar jungle, where the trees were thinned out to make room for plantations, this dense roof of leaves left him uneasy.

"We should also speak with the Elder, advice and a map will both prove beneficial to us in the long run." He saw a black scaled Argonian leave the inn that the others had walked into earlier, he seemed in a hurry and he had heard some kind of muffled commotion from inside, but for now that didn't seem important.

The Khajiit warrior turned to Tar-Sheen and Cinder again, "Speaking of which... Is it common for Argonians in the Blackmarsh to speak Tamrielic, or do most just speak Jel? Because that might be problem later, seeing as Khajiit does not know how to speak Jel."

A plump, but none the less pretty Dunmer with dark blue hair and yellow circular glasses, and a raggy dress comes down the stairs, running up to the barmistress.

"Charr, what is going on!?" she asks.

"These Mer...they chased off one of the Dragon Raiders."

The Dunmer was taken back. Trying to hide the shocked expression, she asked the heroes "Wh-why would you do that!? Don't you know they will kill us all, or worse!? We're all dead now! Dead!"

Outside, Cinder and the others, barring Birane, are at the merchants area. Rows of stores offering the best in the Marsh...or so they claim. You find one run by a gruff looking Argonian, wearing a scar on his forehead.

"Most of us speak Tamrielic and Jel, act-oh, here is one."

The merchant looks up, scowling. "Hmm. What do do you want?"

Valindor was taken aback by the responses from both of the women. He raised his voice and addressed the Dunmer, "Do you have a job for a hunter now?". Valindor turned back to the barmaid, "It seems you have a problem. I can fix it for you.".

Charr-Lor curses in Jel. The waitress says "Unless you think you are a match for the toughest bandits and thieves in the Black Marsh."

She sighs, and sits down at an empty table. "Everything was going so well. Ever since A-Cinder-Rev met that Slaughter woman...everything has gone wrong." she cries in a pitiful whine. "Now he is in jail, his father stopped funding the village, and those damn Dragon Raiders moved in. Oblivion-Blade is the worst of them. Thats that black scale that was just here."

Gullstampa started roaring in laugher "THAT black wanna-be is dis town's worse nightmare?!"

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