The Reaper's Game- a TWEWY RP: Week 1, Day 2 (Started, closed until end of arc)

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"Do you think getting erased hurts?" Of course she knew the answer. It was just like dying. Again. She sat down beside Kimiko, taking turns petting Tuxedo as he happily soaked up the attention.

She remembered when Tuxedo had died. She had been so sad. Her dad said he was hit by a car when he ran away. He would never run away. Papa lied.

"Well.... I don't know. Getting erased certainly sounds less painful than being killed to me, but the only people who can say for sure aren't in any position to." Kimiko replied. It was an interesting question and one she wasn't entirely comfortable with trying to answer. "Oh, uh we definitely won't be finding out though. We'll make it through this together." She quickly added, realizing Suki may have been asking because she was scared even though she didn't sound like it.

She sure is brave for someone so young. Well... Is she young? I guess I've just been assuming by her voice.

"Of course we'll make it through!" Suki smiled. "You'll get your sight back, and we'll be able to go back to normal. No more having to fight the stupid Noise." She remembered when she had finally finished her week.

"I don't want to go back. I want to stay here."
"Are you sure?"
"Yes. I get my entry fee back, right?"

She occasionally looked at the fight, taking mental notes on the two players who were fighting. "Kimiko-sama, we need to hurry up and get to Towa Records as soon as the gate opens, okay?" She knew that once the players fell asleep again she could slip away and have an excuse.

Koji walked over to Kimiko. "Don't worry, I've got you, Nakano-san." He looked over at the street to the record store and continued, "I'll tell you when the wall's down so we can both run. Together." He looked down at the timer. "Still plenty of time left..."

Suki scooted closer to Kimiko, picking up Tuxedo and putting it on the girl's lap. Tuxedo rubbed against her chin for a bit before settling down, curling up for a quick nap. "Tuxedo-chan really likes you, Kimiko-sama!~" she whistled.

"Why did you need money so badly, Nagi? If its too personal, you don't have to answer."
It was difficult for Rikio to put himself in his partner's shoes here; Money had never been an issue in his family. They never hesitated to hire a tutor for him if a grade slipped below even a 95. They always told him that he took his gifts for granted, and Rikio supposed they were right. He couldn't say that he'd act any differently than Nagi did if he needed money that badly.

Mitsuko was still trying to figure out what exactly she was supposed to do to hurt this massive rodent, when she saw embers lifting off of the Noise. It seemed to be in pain from it. Huh. Is that Junko? I gotta do something to try and help here. Where was that pin from earlier?

She dug around in her pocket looking for the pin, but instead she pulled out a different pin. It was weirder looking than the other, almost ancient. "OK, let's see what this one does!" It didn't seem to need anything special like her other pin. As she touched it, the pin glowed before going dark. Mitsuko was disappointed. "That's it? That's all it did? Just go black? I need more than that, pin!"

She turned back to the beast that she was facing, but it's movements seemed more strained than before, as if it was losing life essence just by moving. "Hmm, I guess being slower helps. Anyway, where's that other pin..."

"Don't quite remember... Well, that's not true."

Nagi's gaze averted to the great blue emptiness that hung aloft the world, filling the gaps between the looming towers of concrete and steel. Nagi froze in place, his features fading into something barren and expressionless as the electronic chirps and unintelligible ramblings of the 'Realground' echoed all around him.

"You see, it's all there, but it's not in order. Or it's in order, but it doesn't feel right."

Nagi outstreched his arm and clasped his partner on the shoulder, the almost signature smirk surfacing along the corners of his visage.

"Either way, we better get moving, it is a game after all. We don't want to lose?"

"Yeah, we should get to Towa Records as fast as possible." The two of them had just reached Cadoi City. "We're almost there now" Rikio said with a smile. "We haven't had to fight too many Noise yet either."

Alright one of these has to work Junko thought to her self.

Now pulling out a blue one with yellow lighting bolts. Come on, work! Directing it towards the creature. As she does she notices bolts of lighting coming down from above it, causing it to real back. With that it faded away. "Good, glad thats over with"

The world around her returned to normal, Mitsuko returning to view "Looks like we took care of it. Did you ever find that pin? It might be a good idea to put it on, we don't wan't to have to be digging though our pockets every-time." She says as she placed the pin on her self. "Did you manage to figure out how you summoned that thing?"

As Mitsuko was digging, searching for the pin that produced the bullets from before, lightning seemed to crackle around the creature in front of her, and it faded away with a pained cry. Junko returned to view as the street returned to its prior state.

"Looks like we took care of it. Did you ever find that pin? It might be a good idea to put it on, we don't wan't to have to be digging though our pockets every-time. Did you manage to figure out how you summoned that thing?"

"I have no idea," Mitsuko replied bringing out the two pins that she had on her. She decided to attach them on the sleeve of her blouse for now, for lack of another suitable spot. "It just...appeared all of a sudden." Mitsuko took a couple of steps to see if she could pass through the spot where that strange invisible wall stood prior, and she was successful. "I guess this means we can keep going though. So how much farther is Towa Records?"

As Mitsuko and Junko returned to the 'real' Cadoi City, Koji called out to them. "Hey, over there!" he shouted. "You two Players as well?"

Kimiko was practically melting on the inside as she felt Tuxedo's warm body curling up in her lap, but did her best to keep it from showing. Such a display wouldn't really be fitting of someone like her, especially in front of Koji. "Awww... He's such a good little kitty." She said softly as she continued petting him. "I always wanted a cat of my own. But my brother was allergic so it was out of the question. Once I get out of here and get my own place though..."

Then she heard Koji calling out to someone. Had the other players finished their battle? If so they could finally move on to Towa Records and be done with this day. Kimiko wanted to go see what was going on, but with Tuxedo curled up asleep in her lap she couldn't without waking him up. "Darn you for being so cute.." She whispered to him gently.

Junko turns and looks at the guy yelling over at them, "Oh? Yeah I suppose we are. The wall just disappeared, and I can see Towa right there. I guess that means we are finished for the day. I guess it wasn't to hard, hopefully it stays that way. Say, do you know how we challenge these monsters to a fight? I can't seem to do it when I want to."

Koji looked down at her black pin with the strange white decal, pointed at it, and said, "Use that." He turned to Kimiko, "Nakano-san, forgive me for being a little rough, but we have to get up now." He took her by the hand, followed by the wrist and started to pull her up.

"You want to fight, Junko? You're crazy, girl!" Mitsuko commented on her partner's question. "But I guess crazy is good sometimes."

Junko's attention was on the new guy though, who Mitsuko just noticed. He was younger looking, dressed in a manner she remembered seeing on the kids who loitered outside of school. Looked typical really. He was reaching to pull up a woman, who looked about their age and had something on her lap, and there was a much smaller girl, had to be still in junior high. It was an eclectic trio, however Mitsuko and Junko didn't look like they should be teammates either. He had asked apparently if we were Players, and Junko confirmed it. I guess they must be in the same situation as us. That's good! More people to help beat...whatever it is we're supposed to be in this I guess.

Watching as the boy walks off suddenly "Well ok then."

Rubbing the back of her head, " not particularly. This all seems like a lot of effort and fighting these things. Having to fight these things all week seems like a huge hassle. Still, asking now will save us trouble when it comes up, its best to get that knowledge now." Then looking slightly troubled, ", don't really think I come off as crazy do you.", don't really think I come off as crazy do you.

Mitsuko was a bit surprised that that was the response she got out of Junko. "No! No of course not! I mean, no, you're like, unconventional. I never knew anyone like you before this thing, that's for sure. But I like fact, I think you're lucky to be able to do whatever you want like that, not have anyone watching over you making sure it's what they want instead of what you want. But that doesn't matter now! Let's get to that record store!" Ignoring the guy who had walked off, Mitsuko continued to the mentioned Towa Records.

"ACK! Koji, no! He's trying to sleep!" Kimiko yelled in surprise as Koji suddenly jerked her to her feet. She tried to scoop Tuxedo into her other arm so his nap wouldn't be too disturbed. Hopefully, he could still sleep there. "Did the other players win? Is the wall down? It had better be if your dragging me around like this again." It was getting kind of exciting to know that the mission was almost over. It meant one less day in this hell hole.

"Yeah, I think the wall's down," Koji reassured her. "That guy in red isn't around any more...I think that means he must have removed it somehow." Releasing Kimiko's wrist, he started walking towards the goal.

Suki let Tuxedo ride in Kimiko's arms, getting up and following them. They weren't far from their goal now. She took a glance back at the other pair, who were just getting out of their fight. She would find them next.

Pleased by the kind and personal words "Right, I'm with you," Junko says with a soft smile on her face. She follows Mitsuko to the front of the store. "This is the place, what happens now?" she wonders out loud. Glancing down at her palm, she notices that her timer is gone. Holding her hand up to Mitsuko, "Hey look at that, I guess this means we won"

As she felt Koji's hand let go of her wrist, Kimiko almost protested but managed to stop herself. No... I'm not gonna be relying on him for the next six days. I have to at least be able to walk down a street by myself. I just have to! Kimiko thought as she held Tuxedo in both arms now and slowly took her first step. Even just walking was kind of scary since she had no idea who or what was in front of her. It would be nice if she could tell Koji's footsteps apart from the crowds or follow his voice but she just couldn't do it.

Slowly but surely, she began to take more steps. She increased speed as she grew more confident and didn't trip or run into anything. Of course, she had no idea where she was going or if she was even heading in the right direction, but she hadn't run into a building or another person yet so that was a victory in itself.

Just as Koji rounded the corner towards Towa Records, he heard a noise coming from his side that didn't sound anything like one of the others. He looked down at his hand, where he'd heard the noise - and his timer was gone, although he hadn't yet reached the destination. "That's strange," he called back. "We're not done with the mission, but my timer's gone. What about you?"

He looked forward at the other two girls who had gotten moving first, apparently making the same discovery. "I think those two just finished the mission for us," he added. "So only one group has to do the missions..."

Kimiko turned towards the sound of Koji's voice. He was a ways ahead of her and more to the left than she had anticipated, but she had followed along better than she had hoped at first. "Timer? What timer?" she asked as she caught up to him. She couldn't see any timers obviously, but it would certainly make sense if they all had one. It would explain how everyone except her knew how much time there was left at least.

"Well, if only one of us has to do the missions I'm gonna start sitting them out I think. No way am I risking my life and running around blind when someone else can just do it instead."

"And what happens if everybody else is that lazy?" Koji asked sharply. "The timers run out, and then...we all get erased. Whatever that means." He sighed, then continued, "You might as well get used to being blind. And that's never going to happen if you don't try and live like you normally would."

"I can help you around, nee-san! We can work on you getting around. Maybe we can get you a cane or something to use for now. Or Tuxedo can lead you around. Like a guide cat!" she giggled. Now that she thought about it, there had been a few other blind players before. Sight in general was an important thing, and more often than not became the entrance fee. Usually they died before even getting a partner: it amazed her that Kimiko got together with Koji, and that he tolerated her.

Koji had a point about the possibility of getting erased if none of the other players did anything either, but the way he said it upset her. And to top it off, he started lecturing her on getting used to being blind? Who did he think he was?! She was right about to let him have it when Suki chimed in and she decided it might not be the best idea to start arguing while she was around. "Thanks, Suki-chan. But I think Tuxedo seems to prefer sleeping on me over leading me around." She said with a smile and a giggle of her own before handing Tuxedo back to her, albeit rather reluctantly. "Starting tomorrow, I'm going to start getting around on my own. It's not fair for you to have to take care of both Tuxedo and me after all."

"Besides, a certain someone needs to learn his place and to not underestimate me." She continued, casting a glare in Koji's direction, or at least she hoped so.

All the players suddenly passed out where they stood. The objective had been met. Day 1 was over.

Week 1, Day 2

Rikio strangely found himself waking up in the middle of Spain Hill. A popular hotdog place was on this street. Players no longer needed to eat, but they could still enjoy the taste of teh food served there. Rikio was more concerned with why he had passed out, however. "How the hell did I get to Spain Hill? Last thing I remember was Cadoi City, talking with- Nagi! Where is he?"

He scanned left and right in a panic, only to find that his partner was only a meter or two away. "Good. I won't be attacked by more Noise then." Suddenly his cellphone beeped. "Please tell me that doesn't mean what I think it does." He checked his phone for a text message, and to his dismay, found one. Mute Udagawa. You have 150 minutes. Fail and face erasure.

Rikio winced in pain as the timer returned to his hand. Great. Why am I even getting another mission? Nagi and I never made it to Towa Records. Wait, does this mean a day has passed? How long was I out? Annoyed at how few answers he had, he walked over to Nagi to see if he understood things any better.

Mitsuko was about to comment on her partner's proclamation when her eyes started getting heavy, and she fell to the ground in a blank-out state. It was a while until she woke up.

She looked around, another part of the city she was unfamiliar with. Damn, where's Junko at? She might know this place. She turned behind her, she was in front of a massive store. A store that seemed to have lots of things. It reminded her of the rare trips to the flagship Mitsukoshi store in Chuo with her parents, when she was allowed to choose the books for her summer's reading. However, this was not a trip for something like that. Her eyes were cast through the window into the back, the massive clothing department. She hurried inside, ignoring the buzzing sound her phone made.

"Hello there," the clerk greeted her. "Welcome! Can I help you with anything today?"

The clerk might as well have been a metronome to Mitsuko. Her eyes were firmly trained on the back. "You know what? I'm just going to take a quick look around and if I need anything, I'll let you know, k?"

"Of course, take your time. I hope you find what you're looking for."

"I hope so too!" Mitsuko offered as she was halfway down the aisle, her hand fingering the credit card in her back pocket. It was not used often during the time she was allowed with it, but today it was going to be marathoning.

A familiar sensation washed over Nagi's being, the chills of the cold cement running along his spine, the cracks of fluorescent, flickering light that pierced the veil of his eyelids and the chorus of footsteps trotting around him. It all seemed rather tranquil in it's own right, well; until a volt of brief agony shot up left hand.


Nagi arched forward in the blink of an eye, his grip was coiled tight around his wrist in the vein effort that it would have halted the sudden pain. He tucked his middle and forefinger under the cusp of his blood red glove and pulled it back enough to see the timer. Satisfied with the allotted time slot, Nagi pushed himself from the ground and gained his footing. His eye's scanned the surrounding in seconds before locking gaze with his companion.

" What's the Mission? " He blatantly queried, somehow ignoring the hive of buzzing in his jacket pocket.

"Who should I ask to go with me to the party this weekend? Ika-san is cute, and I like him a lot. He has his own band. But Soru-san is smart and rich. His family owns an electronics business. And then there's Anthony-san... he's from the United States. I wonder if he can take me there for the summer."
"How am I supposed to answer that with yes or no?" Suki moved the coin to black, tempted to throw the coin at the girl. She knew the girl probably couldn't hear her, but she had no idea why people playing Reaper Creeper didn't use the alphabet on paper instead.
"No? I guess I shouldn't go at all. Maybe I should just spend the weekend studying for my calculus test on Monday."

Suki looked at her cellphone, checking the time. The players will start waking up soon... "Tuxedo! We need to go to Spain Hill. We can get milkshakes~" Glad that Spain Hill wasn't too far, she started running down the sidewalk. "There it is! Come on, let's get some food before we start~" Tuxedo stayed outside while Suki skipped into Mexican Dog, getting some food for them.

Once again, Kimiko woke up on the crowded streets of Shibuya. Or at least she assumed it was Shibuya again. But how did she get here? She didn't even remember falling asleep. Last thing she remembered was talking with Suki and that jerk Koji and then... Nothing. "Suki-chan? Are you there?" She called out hoping she and Tuxedo were nearby.

Before she could get a response, she felt her phone vibrating in her pocket just like before. She pulled it out and flipped it open, fumbling for the voice to text function again. Mute Udagawa. You have 150 minutes. Fail and face erasure. Another mission, followed by the sharp pain in her hand just like last time. "Udagawa... That's where CAT's art is!" Kimiko said to herself as the pain wore off. It was disappointing that she wouldn't be able to see the work that had inspired her to change her style, but it felt kinda good to be going somewhere she was familiar with.

"But how will I get there? I don't even know where here is... And how am I supposed to mute it?" She said as she looked around and tried to listen for any clues as to her location. If she could figure out where she was, she probably knew how to get there. That would teach Koji not to underestimate her.

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