The Reaper's Game- a TWEWY RP: Week 1, Day 2 (Started, closed until end of arc)

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Having investigated the building, Koji walked back up to Kimiko. "I've been to this place before," he said, "and I found a strange decal that wasn't there before. Looks a little like this black pin that we both have..."

He suddenly realised that she'd asked, just before he said it, which way Udagawa was. "Uh, just, follow me," he told her, walking towards Tipsy Tose Hall.

Kimiko hadn't even realized Koji was around until he spoke up. She jumped slightly, but did her best to hide the fact that he'd surprised her. Apparently he knew the way, so she followed the sounds of his foot steps. It was a lot easier now that the noise of the street seemed to have died down slightly. Or at least she thought it was anyway.

Suddenly, she remembered that Koji had been saying something before they had left. Something about a decal on the restaurant that matched the one on their pins. Not that that information was particularly helpful to her since she couldn't see. "Huh. I guess that's like a sign that it's a part of the game? I dunno."

"Sounds good, should help us to have continued strength in numbers without causing any drama. If they finish on time at least." Good, she thought, that simplifies things.

"Yeah, I guess," Mitsuko agreed as the two of them left Mexican Dog. After being in the relative normal environment of the restaurant, heading back out onto the streetes and watching the people pass right by them, it felt like being in another world. "But yeah, if they can take care of...whatever it is that is probably waiting up there that would be awesome!"

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