Serial Killer Round 36: Insert Witty One-Liner Here (Game Over)

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-{ Serial Killer: Round 36 }-

Yep, it's that time again. With the conclusion of Round 35, I, the local Turtle Tamer, have volunteered to take on the mantle of GM once more.
I can't think of anything witty to say right now - I might replace this opening paragraph in the future - so let's get straight into it, shall we? The deaths of many await.

List of Participants:
Pm0n3y - Medic
War Penguin - Second Murdered
axle 19 - Entwined
RBMidknight - Arbiter
Schizzy - Third Murdered
SkyeNeko - Entwined
Fragrance of Mtn Dew
Ynnek89 - Spy
Gypsy ninja pirate zombie king
Mr. Omega
Mortis Nuncius - First Executed
staika - First Murdered
RaNDM G - Second Executed
Lost In The Void - Double Voter
Nouw - Third Executed, Killer

The Game Is Over!

number sent!

Number should be sent! >.>

Number submitted.

Pointing out new rule appearance.

No player may ask the GM to give them a role, either through PM or publicly. Doing so multiple times may lead to being uninvited from the game.

I'd just like to point out that only one person has ever been banned from Serial Killer. Don't make us make you join that person.

Sent, this number shall be.

Just to be different.

It's time for Serial Killer Round Thirty Six!

Number AWAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! *whoosh!*

@RBMidknight: Autumn colors? Don't you have anything in more of a Christmas motif? Tis the season after all.

@midknight: noooo i want a colorful wall too ;_;
@CA: soooo now the top floor of the fortress is a base? and the basement isnt again? should i just move the computers up there?

I'm in too.
Last time was fun!

I think I'll join again too, sending number.

Number awaaaaaaay!

*number tied around arrow and shot in your knee*... I'm sorry, I couldn't stop myself!

@Jak: You really should have tried.

@Jak: *arrow bounces off God Skin*

@Skye: You don't have to move anything, we can just swap places. I'll get things done in the basement and you can use the rest of the house as you see fit while I'm working. On that note, we could both share the house... but you have to stay out of the basement. Oh, and don't throw any wild parties while I'm trying to sleep.

@CA: daw... but hey, this is like a promotion! NOW I GET THE WHOLE HOUSE! MWAHAHAHHAHA
*runs into electric fence*
*crumbles into a pile of ash*

Ah...that new round smell. How am I going to get killed horribly this time?

*number incoming*

@element: Wait, that's an issue?

Count me in!! Number incoming.

@Link Only has to happen once for the issue to be raised and a decision to be made as to what's to be done about it. It's only come to our attention once, but we can't know for sure if it has happened before so we made a clear stated policy in case the issue ever arises again.

@Neo: Christmas? Fiiiine...but it looks weird.
@Skye: Bwahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaa

*Constructs Colorful Shield Wall of Defense! (+250 def) [Version 3.5]*
*Constructs a second Colorful Shield Wall of Defense! (+250 def) [Version 3.5]*
*Shifts walls to make ends meet*
*Re-builds safe house behind/inside of walls*
*Re-builds a garage for the safe house**
*Re-digs mini-moat around safe house*
*Fills mini-moat with rum*
*Fills mini-moat trap with piranha*
*Builds bridge, serving as front walkway to safe house, out of dragon bones*
*Cleans telescope on second floor of safe house*
*Reboots all laptop computers in the basement*
*Polishes explosion-proof steel doors*
*Reconfigures biometric security system*
*Secures covering of para-aramid fibers to all floors*
*Sits on living room floor with fleece blanket and mug of hot chocolate*

@RBM: You don't think it's weird having snow fall in Judge Reinhold's courtroom? It's the season.

@element: Ah, fair enough. That's the sort of problem that really should be nipped in the bud.

@CA: Hey, staika had requested before that we throw him on the list since he won't be on tonight because of surgery. Just saying. ^_^

Hope you don't mind a new face. Number sent.

@Neo: Good grief...*Throws snowball at Neo*


@RaN: Actually, I'll be honest, I expected you to start playing this game sooner.

Welcome to the cool-kids table. :P


Number sent.

@Link I wanted to wanted to wait for a new game to start. And that took awhile.

Actually Link, I haven't seen you around any of the other games. Did you just hide in here the whole time?

Guess I should put my name back in

@New Person: No, of course not! We always appreciate fresh corpses.....I mean, fresh players around here...yes.

@RBM: Oh? image

@RaN: Yeah, pretty much. This has pretty much been my default thread for a really long time now.

Now that I think of it, I don't think I've seen any updates for Cleril's CYOA in forever. Maybe I should look that up and vote for once. >.<

@Link It's pretty much Temple of Doom at this point. Pretty cool stuff, but he doesn't update often.

I'm okay with that. He's a busy man.

@Neo: Good grief...*Throws snowball at Neo*


You've gotten your comics mixed up there. "Good grief" was commonly said by Charlie Brown. ^_^

@Count Oh my God, epic follow-up.

@RaN: Yeah, you can always count on him for a pretty good update when he gets around to it. I don't really think we have anything similar in that style on the site.

Which is actually kinda odd, now that I think about it. I mean, with the huge number of MSPA fans we have lurking around here you would think someone would have cribbed the style by now.


@Link: Yay, another fan :)

@CA: Maybe I was going for an epic combo :-P Or a follow-up...


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