Serial Killer Round 36: Insert Witty One-Liner Here (Game Over)

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Try an anagram of your name. Like Kaista! Or Kisata?

@Mortis That's... dark.

@Nouw: I'm actually trying to name a new race of zora like creatures and I don't know what to call them :/

Yes, Mortis Nuncius was the first to be executed in this round.

We now wait for the killer and medic to make their choices for the second time.

@RaNDM: Yeah, kinda what I was goin' for. :P

Poor Mortis, executed first, 2 times in a row...

@Mortis: O_o
Damn, man.
Your deaths are just plain gruesome.

@Jak: I don't mean to be picking nits, but I do recall being the second executed in the last round. Still, kinda tragic that people think I'm the one goin' around, murdering people.

@Zero: Thank you, I try. I really do. ^^

Well, things seem to have slown down considerably. :P

@Mortis: Don't jinx it or we might get 4 more pages before we even know it >.>

Especially with me here since I am a threat to post a few pages in a short amount of time >.>

@staika: Pfft, what's the wordt that could happen?

*looks back 6 pages*



@Mortis: And some of it was my fault I admit it. but that won't stop me from posting a few more pages if I get the chance >.>

@staika: Have you considered seeking help? Like...professionally? O.e

@Mortis: Of course not since I am a professional :P

seems appropriate.
not for staika or Mortis.

*hopes he isnt tempting fate*

i wonder... can the killer commit violent suicide near the end to throw us off the trail?

@Trilby: Yeah you're tempting fate big time :P

i wonder... can the killer commit violent suicide near the end to throw us off the trail?

Nope. That ruins the point of the game: the killer has to eliminate everyone else in order to succeed.

In other news:

The second victim has been chosen!

Check your inboxes, our murderer strikes again.

Wait why did I check my inbox I'm already dead -_-

Oh the things that happen when you're almost intoxicated XD

@staika: Intoxicated? What have you been drinking? :0

Also I don't think I'm dead. >.>

*holds breath...*

well that killed a couple of minutes.
*touches self*
oh thank squeesus! i'm alive!
better make the most of it!
*continues touching self*

@staika: Intoxicated? What have you been drinking? :0

my best guess? he's been drinking *whisper*al-co-hol!

@staika: A professional what? XD

@Sky: Just some rum, drinking it makes me feel like a pirate at times and it's the only thing I got. Damn me and not being able to legally purchase alcohol!!

@Mortis: A professional motor mouth :P
To put that in perspective when I joined the pub club I had a little over 1000 posts and then I started to post a lot. I joined the pub club on sept. 3rd :P

*Stops playing Fat Princess to check inbox*
I'm alive!
@Trilby: O.O
*Resumes Fat Princess...*

@Sky i toldja staika was drinking alcohol! then again, i am right outside his home... hello!

@Jak i'm sorry, did you want me to touch you? *starts touching Jak in his special funtime place*

anyway... the suspense is killing me! i need to know who's dead now.

@Trilby: Hey you young fella, get offa my lawn!!!

@staika who said i was on the lawn. anyway... i'm inside now. lock your walls better!

@Trilby: How did you get past my incredibly complicated lock system!? Not even my mom can figure it out >.>

@staika elementary my dear Watson! i painted it blue! green is secure, red is holy-shit-bad, blue is in the middle.

and seriously, who got murdered to death!?

@Trilby: I wonder why my house suddenly turned blue.

perfect. now i can't see anything.

i'll never know who died!!! *dramatic sob*

Oh my god..... I can't see the page!!!
Best glitch ever

Hooray it's fixed! here's a screenshot of the terrible times for those who don't believe me.

@staika: Ahhh, rum. I'm more of a Apple Sourz/Sambuca person myself. xD

oh this is just ridiculumus!

Ack!! I'm bliiiiiiiiiiind*!!!

*to the thread

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