Star Wars: Cold War! [Accepting Profiles]

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Captain Pirate:


Standing amidst the bodies of slain Jedi in the Temple's Communications Room, Ryn watched as his backup exited from Hyperspace. The trio of ships engaged the Firespray while it tried to shake them off and make a jump to Hyperspace. In a few minutes it wouldn't matter, and the temple would be his.

He sensed more of the keepers rushing his way. Smiling, he activated his lightsaber once again.

Tarr Voxin
"Zex? What the kriff are you doing on Coruscant?" He ducked as a trio of Tie Interceptors screamed through the city canyon. "Actually, never mind that. Get over here and help me get the Temmick running. I can use the docking claw to grab the Nexu as well.

Tarr brought Zex aboard, and the pair headed towards the engine room. The whole place was a cluttered mess, full of sparking circuit boards and fried couplings. It was fixable, but it would take time.

"Zex, you got any Astro droid models on the Nexu? I've been meaning to buy one, but I haven't got round to it just yet."

Mortis Nuncius:

Tiger Sora:

Caster Udea
Caster was quickly recovering from his minor coma. The plan had worked perfectly, and he was finally in the clear. He relished at how well he had managed to fool everyone. To think that his own men had been able to pull off the medical disguise, and switch out his own person with the Human Replica Droid astounded even him. By the time the coroners would even be able to tell the droid was a decoy, he'd be long gone.

It also had the effect of throwing off Thrawn. The massive Praetor Star Destroyer hovering above Galactic City showed that the Admiral meant business. Caster was sure this was just another one of his deceptions. Thrawn wasn't stupid enough to vilify the population like this. No, he was here for something else. Probably Caster himself, if his spy networks were as good as Caster believed them to be.

It was time to set the next part of his plan in motion, and get as far away from Coruscant as possible. Thrawn's entrance would complicate things, but in this chess game, the person who thought more moves ahead would be the winner. He activated his one way comlink to his intrepid "assassins."

"Mr. Vorir, Mrs. Thanewulf, I wish to thank you for your actions. My aide shall deposit the rest of your earnings immediately. Should I need your assistance again, I shall contact you through this link. It's a one way, so don't try to follow me unless I call upon you."

He turned to his aide. "Make sure all the incriminating evidence is transferred to the shuttle, and then have the originals destroyed. Leave evidence that the Cartel was behind the attack, and then answer any questions that the Empire or New Republic demand."

Captain Pirate:

Soviet Heavy:

"Oh you have to be kidding me" Hann said as he saw the three starfighters exit hyperspace and start attacking them. Taking control of the main turrets, he began an assault on the agile, droid-controlled ships. They were quick, no doubt about that rose to mind as they dodged the line of fire.

"Hmmm, the intelligence of these machines is remarkable. They predict fire patterns and accordingly adjust to them within a matter of milliseconds. Good, but not good enough" he thought as he took control of the secondary turrets that were mainly used by the pilot. As one fighter flew past the fire of the main turret, Hann opened fire from the secondary turrets to catch it in its flight path. Hitting one of the engines, it dropped from the air to the frozen tundra below. They still weren't in the clear though; two fighters still remained in the air trying to take him down.

Focusing on the other two, Hann kept looking for an opening. Hann had underestimated them as the remaining droids had learnt from the other's destruction and weren't falling for that trick. Instead, they weaved in and out of line of fire, causing distraction for each other to attack the Firespray.

Hann tried another plan. Using the patterns against them, he kept one of them in front of the ship whilst he got a lock on it. As the confirmation signal chimed, Hann hit the switch and fired a concussion missile at the fighter. The blast hit the droid, overwhelming its shields and destroying it.

As Hann attempted to lock on to the last one, the signals went crazy as ships started to pour out of hyperspace all at once. Looking out of the windscreen, he looked up at a distant sky dotted with small grey and black dots. He walked out of his chair and stood behind his master.

"Sir... how long do we have left?" he asked, frightened as he could see the dots getting closer and closer. Though he couldn't tell what exactly was coming, he knew they were not friends. War was coming and he'd just seen the cavalry.

Mortis Nuncius:

Soviet Heavy:

Tiger Sora:

Before he and Nova boarded into the speeder, Vorir couldn't keep his eyes off the sky. There seemed to be a full Imperial invasion on Coruscant with some magnified Star Destroyer looming overhead. Nova and the droid in the speeder exchanged some words before Vorir felt himself pulled into the small craft which soon sped off. "It would appear that the druk has really hit the oscillation," the Clawdite said humorlessly, with a trace of racked nerves in his voice. This was of the few times in his life where he was truly concerned for his well-being; never had he imagined something of this sort would befall Coruscant so soon, least of all while he was there. The initial shock soon subsided just before his comms came on and he heard Caster's voice on the other end, confirming that both Vorir's and Nova's payment will soon be recieved as well as notifying them that they may be contacted later. The news provided some comfort, for he would be greatly displeased if this particular endeavor turned out to be fruitless. He remained focused on the sky and hoped that the speeder would get them there safely, wherever 'there' may be.

Soviet Heavy:



"Nice shooting there, and yes it should be working now!" Xyras said, flicking all the right switches, destination: Coruscant.
The cockpit's view of the stars became linear and distorted as they jumped to lightspeed.
"Glad we're out of that mess... The journey back could take a while, we're fairly on the edge of the galaxy here." Xyras explained.

Kal'Doshar, The Outer Rim.
A huge, densely populated planet filled with warbands and bloodthirsty species, barely held in order by the Empire.

The Empire was having trouble maintaining order in the capital city centre; a heated debate was sparking out of control. Fuelled by ideas of revolution, and incited by the idea of more bloodshed, the Trandoshan faction was led by a tall, viscious-looking warlord of the reptillian species. The human officer, guarded by stormtroopers, was losing ground fast.

"It seems you have the low footing here, commander!" The Trandoshan, by the name of Kahlassk, shouted spitefully, much to the yelled support of his people.
"Please, honourable warlord, if we might only sit down and discuss this in a civil-" He began, before being cut off.
"No! Enough of this civilised discussion, Imperial! We Trandoshans do not abide by your rules! It is time you learned that this peace time can never last.." Kahlassk shouted, as he raised his clawed fist in the air. instantly, an uproar began. Trandoshans, and other warlike species that had gathered, tore into the Imperial forces, slaughtering them in minutes. Kahlassk himself leapt onto the other podium and ripped the officer apart.

Kal'Doshar was the first of many planets to come: Ryn'Talos' inciting of rebellion had begun in earnest, all over the galaxy, pockets of Republic and Imperial control over subjugated planets were overthrown.
The knights of Talos' game had moved into play.

Delras Zex

Delras grabbed a toolkit and began repairs.
"Oh, yeah, I'll call him over." He said, pressing his commlink, "R5, fly over here will you?" He asked, as some cheery beeping responded.
Soon after, R5-D6 trundled up the docking ramp.
"He's all yours, Tarr. I highly recommend getting one yourself, they're like flying toolkits with something useful for everything. I'll keep trying to get this engine running..." He said, as he re-wired a few faulty connections, replacing some altogether, and tightened loose panels and pieces.

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Soviet Heavy:


Soviet Heavy:

Soviet Heavy:


Soviet Heavy:

Mortis Nuncius:

"Seems luck is still with us eh". Nova leaned back in her seat, present invasion or not she was pleased to be paid.
The speeder whizzed through the sky lanes to Nova's apartment. Time felt like a heavy weight to her chest.
"So Vorir, I assume you need to go wherever you stashed your equipment. Feel free to have our driver take you. But it's a one way trip only, removing evidence and all". Nova winked back to him.

Circle Stronghold

"Shit, shit shit shit!" cursed Dio, gasping for breath. "What the hell are you doing Fontaine!? Get the kriffing shields back up!"

"I've been trying for the last two minutes brother!" she spat back at him. "Find something useful to do, or get out of my way."

"Brilliant, just fucking brilliant." he said, stomping off. The Stronghold was being hammered by one Victory cruiser. One! By all means, the damn ship shouldn't have made a dent on the station, yet here it was, pounding away at the hull after it had methodically stripped the Stronghold of its shields and armaments.

The Concussion missile barrage had engulfed the damn thing in a fireball, looking for all the world like an E-Day Firecracker. The next thing Dio knew, a wing of Tie Defenders appeared and started blasting apart the weapons systems.

In his quarters, Dio packed a survival bag with the help of his droid adjutant. If the station was going down, he sure as hell wasn't going with it. The hallways were filled with serfs rushing to their positions. The comm system chimed that life support was failing, and the emergency lights activated, casting everything with an unpleasant red light. "Come on!" he called to the droid as he made his way to the escape pods.

"Warning, Hull condition critical. Evacuate immediately. Hull compromised."

"Goddammit! I get out of here alive, and I'm gonna shove a lightsaber so far up that blue skinned freak's ass that the Empire could use him as a lamp!"

The Stronghold was rocked by another impact. Dio was thrown from his feet, slamming into a wall. To his surprise, he didn't fall to the floor. Instead, he simply floated.

"Artificial Gravity offline. Inertial Dampeners offline. Repulsorlift field failing."

Dio rolled his eyes. More problems, just what he needed! Grabbing a magnetic lamp out of his pouch, he began to pull his way along the corridor, pushing off the walls and connecting to them in a zero g bunny hop. Following the emergency lights, he finally found the escape pod bay. Most of the cowards had already taken the majority of the pods, but a few remained. Several serfs clambered into them and launched, leaving one pod behind.

Following his Droid Aide, Dio pulled himself into the last pod, but something caught his foot. He looked down to see his sister Fontaine holding him by the ankle. Her face was livid, and her normally well cropped hair was frazzled. Blood ran down her forehead as she glared at him.

"Don't even think of leaving without me, you little whelp!" she snarled. "You don't deserve to leave here! You just had to antagonize the alien currently blowing this place to atoms, didn't you!? Out of the pod!"

Dio gritted his teeth, holding onto the pod's rungs while Fontaine yanked his leg. "I don't think so, sister." he said. Flicking his free foot, the blade hidden in his boot snapped out, and he delivered a swift kick to Fontaine's chest. She screamed as the blade pierced her skin, stabbing between her ribs. Fontaine recoiled in pain, and he used the opportunity to throw another kick at her face, sending her tumbling backwards. He swung himself inside and sealed the pod. The launch sequence fired, and the last he saw of Lady Fontaine was her clutching her chest before the pod bay closed behind them.

Jolted by the launch, he stared out the pod's viewport. The Circle Stronghold lit up in a blinding flash as the reactor exploded. It was gone, along with his sister, and much of the Circle's data. All destroyed in mere minutes because he had to pick a fight with a freak.

He couldn't begin to imagine how much it would cost to replace everything.

Tiger Sora:

"Yes, so it would seem," Vorir said as they sped on, adding in his own mind, But for how long? When they arrived at what he readily assumed to be a safehouse of sorts, potentially even her home, he felt he could trust her on some level. Though he knew, all too well, the cruelties one opened themselves too when placing their trust in the wrong people. When she spoke of using the speeder to deliver him home the possibility of being tracked burned a hole in his mind, and he wasn't quite sure if the wink was a light-hearted gesture only masking malicious intent. The Clawdite only smiled a bit and nodded, showing understanding before he spoke, "Of course, can't be leaving a trace for any potential investigators. Although I can't be sure, given the current situation, travling would be best. Even less so, considering the minimal protection that speeder provides. However, I do wonder, what exactly do you have planned in regards to current invasion taking place?"

"What do you think I'm going to do. I'm gona grab my stuff and hide out at the Embassy. If they're is one safe place it's gona be there. I don't know whos attacking but I'd bet they're still loyal to the Emperor". Nova ran for the patio door. "Now go before fighters close down the sky lanes"!

Victory Star Destroyer Stalwart, Coruscant Orbit
"Admiral, the solid state hologram worked. The station was taken unawares."

"Good." said Thrawn. The device had worked brilliantly. The idea was to use a hologram to simulate the appearance of a vessel projected in front of the ship. Redirecting the deflector shields to cover the holographic image gave it the term solid state hologram. When it fell, the Stalwart had used the momentary confusion to take the station by surprise. "What information did the Tie Scouts glean from their scans?"

"It appears that the station was privately owned by the Alcatraz family, the leaders of the Circle syndicate."

"Then it is no loss." said Thrawn. "This will work to our advantage. With a criminal organization on the run, the people will be more open to our cause. Continue targeting military assets, but leave the residential areas alone. We will draw the New Republic out to us."

The comm officer called from his post. "Admiral, we have several New Republic Battle Groups exiting Hyperspace. Their trajectory suggests an origin point from several Colonies Sector worlds."

"Send a holonet transmission to Captain Pellaeon. Tell him to begin the operation. We need only keep the New Republic's gaze here."


Ryn'Talos, Ilum

The temple was bustling with new arrivals. Several hundred Sith Clones and Super Battle Droids were finishing the purge while Ryn'Talos stalked the halls. Making his way to the holonet transceiver in the comm room, the Nautolan Sith Lord typed in the frequency listing for direct contact with his new Apprentice, soon to be queen.

"Pana, when this message reaches you, I wish you to act immediately. The rebellions across the Outer Rim have started, and we now have a second base of operations far better suited to the training of our new army. Xyras Varik and Hann Polien have escaped, but I have forseen their destination. Go to Coruscant. They will be waiting their, as well as Rugal Bernstein. Kill them all."

Captain Pirate:

Soviet Heavy:

The Firespray was approaching its destination. The past couple of days had exhausted Hann; discovering his late-blooming Force sensitivity, making his first lightsaber and fighting a Sith Lord in one-on-one and surviving. Anyone of those thing could have easily drained a person anyway.

Nearing Coruscant, Hann asked his Master a question.

"Don't you think you should give the ship a name?" he asked "The Firespray sounds a bit weird, you know being ship's model name- Oh, we're here"

As the ship, came out of hyperspace, the two were met with a shocking sight. Over the large city planet were many Imperial Star Destroyers and Tie Fighters. Among them was a Victory 2 class Star Destroyer, a humongous thing that could easily take out most things that would be put against it.

"Kriff! Xyras! Land this thing quickly!"


Stalwart, Coruscant Orbit

"Sir, we have an unidentified civilian vessel entering the combat zone? Model appears to be a Firespray-31 patrol vessel. Orders?"

"Send an boarding vessel to intercept. Try to force them down. We have more important matters to deal with."

The first of the New Republic's response forces began exiting Hyperspace. Several refitted Star Destroyers stolen during the war formed a phalanx and were posed to engage the Imperial Fleet. A mixture of Mon Calamari starships formed the secondary line, while the smaller cruisers and frigates moved forward to engage.

An MC30 missile frigate fired the opening salvo, its complement of cluster missiles splintering into a maelstrom of smaller explosions designed to clear away fighter screens. A wing of Tie Bombers broke apart at the incoming barrage, several being taken out by the blasts before they could regroup.

The Stalwart turned her prow to face the incoming force and provide the smallest profile. Dipping the nose forward allowed her to bring both her heavy broadside banks to bear. The point defense systems began picking off the incoming missiles while the Stalwart's own missile defense systems activated. A torrent of concussion missiles issued forth from their launch tubes in response to the New Republic's aggression. The MC30 was cut to ribbons within moments.

The New Republic fleet charged headlong into the fight, commencing the Second Battle of Coruscant.

Soviet Heavy:

Pana nodded. "I will do so master." the Twi'lek said and she returned to the captains chair. The Liberator was sitting in dark space, off of the charts. "Jump to coruscant!" she said and the ship lurched forward into hyperspace.

when the venator came out of hyperspace, it was directly into the middle of a battle.
"Full shields, ready all weapons, broadcast a peace transmission. I don't want us getting blown out of the sky!" Pana ordered as the ship began to pursue the firespray down towards the planet.
"Intercept any missiles heading for the firespray, i want to kill them myself."

Tiger Sora:

Vorir Beldra, Coruscant

"I'll leave my coms open should you wish to keep in contact," Vorir said as he entered the small speeder, taking control of the craft, and swiftly left Nova's apartment. He traveled for many miles before descending into the very underworld of Coruscant, passing the bustling bars and clubs. Moving far enough to where the streets were near barren, save for a few scavengers looking through the various scrap for anything valuable enough to earn a decent meal or some 'spice'. The speeder hovered towards a clearing - the pilot steering the craft towards a cold, metal wall which was the partially exposed foundation of a gargantuan skyscraper.

The wall was nearly covered in markings, graffiti courtesy of the under-dwellers of the city. Though the markings did nothing to differentiate the wall from any other wall in the dank, dirty depths of the underworld. Disembarking from the craft, Vorir walked to the seemingly unremarkable wall and waited patiently as he was detected by an unseen security system. A small compartment was revealed as it opened itself, showing a small screen and a list of messages began appearing:




Vorir's fingers swiftly flew across the keypad as he entered the 11-digit code.



With a loud metallic 'click' followed by a low rumble, a portion of the large, thick wall began sinking into the ground, revealing a considerably more appealing set of blast doors. The blast doors began opening once the section of the wall was halfway into the ground, and presenting naught but total darkness. Vorir stepped through the opening and, with experienced precision, re-entered the code to shut and lock the door. The sounds of the speeder speeding away on auto-pilot, where it would likely find some place to self-destruct, were cut off once the gap in the door closed and the Clawdite stood in the still darkness. The bright overheads clicked on, lighting the hallway in which he stood. At the far end was a door, behind which was a lift that Vorir soon stepped into and soon was headed down the shaft.

The lift stopped and the doors opened to a large, dimly lit room with a large computer terminal and many screens - a control room of sorts - set before a wall of glass. Vorir stepped up to the terminal and flipped a swith which immediately brought light to the hangar on the other side of the glass. The hangar was no larger than a docking bay of a star destroyer, though still considerably large, and in the middle of the hangar was his MRX-BR Pacifier. All looked as it should be and Vorir was contented as he proceeded to activate the screens which he soon set to display a live feed of surveillance cameras above, watching and waiting, simultaneously formulating various plans of action should the imminent attack be brought close to home.

Captain Pirate:

Tarr Voxin

Well, at least the shields are back up, thought Tarr. The repairs were almost done, Zex just had to rewire the engine couplings and they could get the hell out of the way. From the looks of things, Thrawn had also hired someone to drop the planet's shields, and the area was raining with crashing ship debris, superheated on reentry.

"You almost done back there, Zex?" called Tarr. "I've got the shields back up, but we're gonna have to move sooner than later!"

Nova rushed in bounding over any obstacle in her way. Time was precious. The a back room her armor was laid out on a table, freshly repaired of any damage. It had been some weeks since it had some major maintenance done. Nova scrambled to put the suit on, as fast as she was it took several minutes. Than to gather her weapons, extra reloads and everything else all while trying to keep a level head. With a single turbo laser able to obliterate everything in seconds, she was doing her best. Nova froze just before leaving, remembering her prize from the Jedi. "Can't forget you" Nova clipped the weapon to her belt. Now ready she went back out to the patio to get her bike.


Soviet Heavy:


The Outer Rim
War had erupted, and not just in Coruscant.
Hundreds of smaller, far-off worlds were engulfed in battles, Imperial and Republic footholds were removed as planetary nationalism was taking hold: Ryn'Talos manipulations had brought promises of freedom and independence to those systems where the masses remained ordered by the few. Star Destroyers, Republic Cruisers, and space stations on both sides were destroyed by the rebel forces.

Delras Zex, Coruscant City
"Done!" The Besalisk called from the engine room, and he climbed out and made his way to the cockpit.
"Right, let's get out before... Ah." He said, looking out of the Temmick's windshield.
In the short period of time they had been fixing the ship, many more cruisers had entered the fray.
The Republic fought the Empire in a heated, destructive battle above the megacity, and innumerable debris and starfighters fell from the skies.
"Tarr, I recommend we vacate the planet, find some work elsewhere..." Delras said casually, a hint of panic in his gruff voice, as an A-wing narrowly missed the roof they were on and crashed into a nearby building.

Xyras Varik, Coruscant Skies
"We'll get to the Jedi Temple, let's hope the Empire won't dare bring the fight there.." Xyras suggested, flying full speed ahead in the direction of the landmark spires.
As he turned, they narrowly avoided a Venator-class Star Destroyer's superlasers.
Looking at the scanners and screens, Xyras picked up that most of the fire from it was directed solely at them.
"That can't be an Imperial vessel! It's colouring is wrong, and why would they bother with just one starfighter... Something isn't right here!" The Farghul pondered out loud as he evaded continuous blaster fire.

"Hann, go to the level below the cockpit. There should be controls for something I installed when I had this repainted..." Xyras told his padawan.
In case he ever needed to both escape and return fire, Xyras had installed turrets on the Firespray's back, just under the engines.
"Oh, and I've thought about a name.. since we seem to be attracting so much attention, the 'Target' seems rather appropriate." He chuckled, as he spun the ship sideways to evade some torpedoes from the Venator.

Ryn'Talos, Ilum
"Sir, the Empire, Republic and Outer Rim Rebels have all begun their attacks. War has started, just as planned." A Clone General by the name of Vox reported to Ryn, standing to attention with his saber spear in one hand and the other delivering a salute. "Shall I order the First Battalion to begin the assault?" He asked.
"No, Vox. We do not get involved at this stage in the game. The most valuable pieces are to be used when there is the least resistance to stop them.." Ryn informed him quietly.
"Sir?" Vox replied.

"Let me explain to you this, Vox. There is a creature, on the planet where I was raised, called the Ekruviex. It was the most fantastic and tactical being I have ever seen, remaining hidden and silent as it observed two creatures of a similar size to itself fighting, usually for meat but sometimes it would hunt creatures duelling for a mate as well. It did not matter to the Ekruviex. All it did, was wait, the motionless third combatant, until one animal had bested the other, yet had still received wounds of it's own. Then... just as it had a brief moment of respite... it struck, with a speed that most of the time was faster than I could blink. In seconds, it had both entered the fray and emerged the victor. The first creature, killed by the second, lay dead and waiting to be devoured, and the second was fatally wounded by the Ekruviex' swift fangs. Two meals were had, and the only thing it had cost the Ekruviex, was time, a commodity I have plenty of." Ryn detailed, a glimmer of reminiscence in his eyes.

"And so you see, Vox, that all we have to do is wait for our moment. It will come, in due course..."

The torpedoes sailed directly into two frigates that were preparing to open fire on the Target. Meanwhile the fighter had rolled directly into the path of three more torpedoes that were from a star destroyer. The Liberator opened fire and wiped out the torpedoes, saving the little fighter.

Pana hailed the little ship. "If it isn't Xras and Hann, Long time no talk. I can feel that Hannn has been trained, can you feel my presence?" she asked Xyras, revealing her force signature.
Every being in the skies above coruscant stopped what they were doing as a feeling of dread crept over them. The feeling soon spread to the planet below, and everything seemed to die for a minute. A dreadful silence that was unbearable was only broken by laser fire between the fleets.

"I'm keeping you alive out of pity, so don't get in my way." Pana said as she broke communications and The venator broke off the course it was on. The heading was set towards rugals location.

Captain Pirate:


"The Target... perfect if for all the wrong reasons." Hann shouted back to his Master as he held on the ladder, ready to get to the turret if he needed to. "Pana's a lot stronger too. When I realised that she was the one person in my visions, I kind of knew... somehow... how strong she was. But now that she's tapped into the Dark Side, she seems to have unleashed something. Something that doesn't feel completely like her though."

As the intense atmosphere started to calm down, Hann took his seat again. He then started to think to himself as he kept an eye on the ensuing battle. "Why's she turning away from us? She could easily kill us both if she wanted to... Unless she's not here to kill us!"

"Xyras! Pana's going to be headed towards Rugal! We have to inform him!"



Captain Pirate:

Stalwart, Coruscant Orbit

"Admiral, an unaligned Venator Class Star Cruiser just broke through the left flank and is entering the atmosphere. It engaged the task force sent to collect the Firespray."

"Give me a report on the conflict as a whole. What news from the Reckoning?"

The comm officer spoke clearly. "The Reckoning is holding position above the Imperial Embassy, and troops are debarking as we speak. Records indicate that Senator Udea was killed in an assassination attempt. The body was intercepted on the way to the city morgue, and the medical staff are running biometric scans to determine it's validity.

"The flanks are holding for the moment. Seventeen battle groups remain out of twenty. Heavy losses on the New Republic's side; all forces moving to engage from the surface have been eliminated, but more are continuing to exit hyperspace."

Thrawn pondered for a moment before responding. "Order battle group Avenger to disable the Venator in atmosphere. Force them back into orbit, I wish to see this aggressor myself. We need only stall a few hours more for the plan to succeed. I trust Captain Pellaeon to follow my orders correctly."

Tarr Voxin, Coruscant Streets

"Right, let's get out of here." he said, sliding into the pilot's seat. Zex squeezed his much larger frame into the copilot's chair. The Temmick's engines roared to life. The repulsorlift drive kicked in and the ship began to ascend. Carefully angling the larger freighter over the Nexu Tarr used a combination of the tractor beam and docking claw to latch onto the YT-2400 before breaking for orbit.

The sky was filled with Tie fighters dueling it out with the New Republic's home guard. Most of the skylanes were locked down due to the fighting, leaving only scattered stragglers trying to weave their way through the dogfights. Realizing that he was a rather large target, Tarr flipped his broadcasting transponder to the frequency given to him by the Imperials. It wouldn't stop stray shots, but it might help him avoid picking up any hostiles, while the NR fighters were too busy anyways.

Breaking for Orbit, the Temmick shot out into open space. Tarr smirked. So often people failed to realize the sheer size of planets. While a pitched fleet battle might occur in orbit, there was still several thousand kilometers worth of free space to go around such an obstacle. He punched in the coordinates for Nal Hutta's moon, Nar Shadaa. Vertical City would be the perfect place to hide out until this all blew over.

"Zex, set the coordinates and prepare to make the jump to hyperspace." Zex nodded and made the proper jump calculations.

Battle Group Avenger, Coruscant Atmosphere

"You have your orders, see to it that the Admiral's will be done." the Comm officer's hologram flickered away. Captain Caradde nodded to himself, and turned to announce their new assignment to the crew.

"Men, new orders. We are to enter the atmosphere and intercept the Venator Class Star Cruiser Liberator. This is a capture mission, not a demolition. Surgical strikes only, but keep it from landing or attacking ground targets. Signal the rest of the ships."

The tech officer complied, and opened a frequency to the Avenger's fleet tenders. "Move to engage at close range Ascendent. Mortifactor, disable the engines, but keep their Repulsorlift drives online. All other vessels, form up on my position. Launch all fighter wings."

The two Acclamator gunships moved ahead, striking through the clouds after the Liberator, their Tie squadrons soaring ahead. The Liberator's point defense guns came alive, filling the sky with torrents of turbolaser fire. Under the cover of supporting fire, the Venator's fighter complement launched, streaming back to form a fighter screen.

Gilad Pellaeon, Brentaal IV Orbit

Captain Pellaeon paced the bridge of the Star Destroyer Chimera, checking his chronometer and occasionally looking up to peer out the observation windows. He was waiting for a response from the Admiral. As ordered, once the fleets had moved into position, Pellaeon had sent the encoded message to the Coruscant task force, giving them the go ahead to withdraw. What had happened next suddenly changed things.

At the sound of footsteps, Pellaeon turned to face his communications officer. "Captain, we've received a response from the Grand Admiral. He wishes to speak with you in the Comm Room immediately."

Pellaeon nodded. "Very well, thank you ensign. First officer has the bridge." The Captain strode purposefully down the halls of the warship on his way to the comm room. What information he had to tell the Admiral was not entirely positive, but he would perform his duty regardless of what might become of him for his failure.

Shooing the tech officers out of the room, he activated the private transmission. The ghostly holographic image of Admiral Thrawn shimmered to life from the holoprojector. Pellaeon nodded curtly in respect.

"Captain, give me a status report. You mentioned an unexpected transgression. Elaborate for me please."

Pellaeon straightened up. "Grand Admiral, the assaults along the Mid and Inner Rims have met with success. Your diversionary attack on Coruscant managed to draw away the bulk of their sector patrols, leaving the target sites open. However, I received worrying reports from the Outer Rim and Wild Space regions. It appears that in our absence, several systems along the borders have erupted into simultaneous revolution. We've gained control of the galactic center only to lose the Outer Rim."

"What of Bastion? Have you had any word from the Emperor?" demanded Thrawn.

"We have received no transmissions from the Emperor personally, Admiral. However, my first course of action was to send a transmission to the nearest planet. A scout ship was sent, Admiral. Bastion still stands unaffected."

"Good." said Thrawn, nodding. "This does change things. My fleet will withdraw as soon as our targets are subjugated. Captain, continue your course of actions against the New Republic's military bases. I will deal with this Outer Rim insurrection personally. Your honesty does you credit, Captain Pellaeon."

"Yes, Admiral. Thank you."

The hologram faded away. Pellaeon breathed a sigh of relief. He was starting to like this admiral.


Soviet Heavy:

Xyras Varik, Coruscant Skies
The Target sped at full pelt towards Rugal's Coruscant palace.
Behind them, the Liberator was drawing attention from various Imperial Star Destroyers attempting to capture it.
The Jedi ignored the battle, and went low, around the city's lower skylanes, hoping to avoid the larger warships which couldn't fit around the skyscrapers.
Their move had paid off, successfully out-manoeuvring the battleships, and soon they had arrived at Rugal's palace.
As they landed, Rugal's armed guards approached them.
"There is no time to explain.." Xyras said casually, waving his hand at them, hoping they were of a weak enough mind to believe his Mind Trick. They nodded and allowed the Jedi past, as Xyras sighed with relief.

It didn't take long to find Rugal. He was in the central room of his mansion, men rushing around everywhere, most with guns, but some dressed in pilot's garb.
He was barking orders aggressively as he recognized the two Jedi enter.
"You two!? What are you doing here, can't you see I'm trying to get out of here?!" He shouted hastily.
"That's exactly why we came, Mr Bernstein. You see, our mutual friend, Pana, wants us all dead. We're here to aid in your escape, as our combined efforts will benefit both of us." Xyras said, reasonably yet loudly above the commotion.
Rugal paused. As much as he had a great temper and a burning hatred for the two Jedi that had killed his expensive Bionic troops, he couldn't argue with logic. They had a very good proposition. He knew he wouldn't last long against Pana on her own, and so, reluctantly, his expression changed from anger to begrudging acceptance.
"Fine. My personal cruiser leaves in 10 minutes. Go and load that ship of yours into it's hangar..." He said, before returning hastily to yelling orders.

Delras Zex, on board the Temmick
"Ahh, haven't been to Nar Shadaa in quite a while. Hopefully there'll be more jobs available now that this whole war's reignited." Zex said as the ships sped through hyperspace.
R5, the rounded, green and black astromech behind him, beeped excitedly.
"That's right R5, lots of new business." Delras said with a smile, as the ship exited hyperspace and the planet of Nar Shadaa became visible.
As Tarr began their descent to ground level, Delras raised a question.
"So, where do you suppose we start?" He asked.

The Liberator stopped all power diverted to shielding as the fighters filed back into her hanger. The point efences had gone silent as well, only taking out any incoming torpedoes or bombs. Across the avenger's comm units, a voice came through. "You may board, just don't damage the ship." Pana said.

Captain Pirate:

Soviet Heavy:

"Good. Now that we've got him on our side, all that remains is making contact with the council. We'll need a new base for the Jedi; it's not safe for them to be in a high profile building at this time." Hann said pacing around slightly as he pondered locations that provided good military advantages. His soldier mindset was working overtime; not only did they need a planet that would provide safety but it also needed to be feasible as command center for the war.

"For now, I think a good location for safety would be Tatooine. It would be adequate as a meet up area for Jedi spread out across the galaxy as well as being a center of commerce so stocking up on supplies would be no problem. However, it'd just be temporary; the space ports are too small to build an army in. For that, we'd need somewhere more equipped for armies. Unfortunately, I don't know where the current war hubs are. When you serve a support role, you tend to be left out of the loop of that type of info.

"And by the way Master, thanks for listening to me. At the moment, we need all the help we can get, even if that means making some difficult alliances."

The Liberator stopped all power diverted to shielding as the fighters filed back into her hanger. The point efences had gone silent as well, only taking out any incoming torpedoes or bombs. Across the avenger's comm units, a voice came through. "You may board, just don't damage the ship." Pana said.

"We'll send a shuttle over to board. At the first sign of treachery, we open fire, understand?" came a voice.

A lambda class shuttle bearing diplomatic markings descended through the atmosphere above the pursuing gunships. The ventral hangar bay of the Liberator opened, allowing the small vessel to land on the central strip. Steam hissed from the landing struts as the shuttle settled down on its mounts.

An officer marched down the ramp, accompanied by a stormtrooper guard. Pana was waiting for them when they arrived on the bridge. The officer marched swiftly towards her.

"By order of Grand Admiral Thrawn, you are to state your business here on Coruscant, and explain your actions for breaching the blockade. You are not aligned with the New Republic. What are you doing here?

"Your actions and your men's actions have caused one of the most valuable targets this side of the galaxy to get away." She said calmly. "The man i'm speaking of, of course is Rugal Bernstein. Because of your actions, a pair of Jedi have been able to take him from my grasp." Pana said with a stern and confident voice.

"Your actions and your men's actions have caused one of the most valuable targets this side of the galaxy to get away." She said calmly. "The man i'm speaking of, of course is Rugal Bernstein. Because of your actions, a pair of Jedi have been able to take him from my grasp." Pana said with a stern and confident voice.

"Captain, put me through to her." came a voice from the officer's comlink.

"Sir, are you certain you wish to deal with her?" protested the Captain.

"Now, Captain. Do not question my orders." The Captain sighed and placed the holoprojector on the floor. The hologram of Admiral Thrawn glowed.

"I am Grand Admiral Thrawn, Supreme Commander of the Imperial Fleet." he said. "You are Pana'Gella. I have been briefed on your insurrection, and I have the reports from your raids in the outer rim to prove it. What you are doing is treason, Pana, and the Empire will not sit still for it. However, you do not factor into my immediate plans.

"You say you are pursuing Jedi and Arms dealers, both of whom serve no purpose to me. I will allow you safe passage off of Coruscant to allow your hunt to continue. But before you leave, know this: I am not your ally. Your revolution in the Outer Rim will be crushed, and if you ever interfere with Imperial affairs again, I will not hesitate to engage your ship. Consider it your first and final warning."

The hologram snapped shut. "The Admiral wishes you to see the wisdom in his words ma'am. Leave Coruscant immediately, and we will allow you to go unscathed. If you wish to attack the fleet, do so at your own risk." The Captain nodded curtly. "Do you have anything for me to relay back to Admiral Thrawn?"

"Tell him i am thankful for his offer and will leave the empire alone. The rim worlds are of little value to me, so do as you see fit with them. I have other motives to take care of." She said before sitting back in her chair. "Now get off my bridge."

"Tell him i am thankful for his offer and will leave the empire alone. The rim worlds are of little value to me, so do as you see fit with them. I have other motives to take care of." She said before sitting back in her chair. "No get off my bridge."

The Captain nodded, and returned to his shuttle.

Far above the Imperial Fleet was finally beginning to pull out. Thrawn smiled. His plan had worked perfectly. The secret access routes through the deep core had allowed him to strike at the heart of the New Republic, and the Inner and Mid Rim sectors were dominated by the Empire as a result.

The Praetor Star Destroyer rejoined the Fleet in orbit, providing covering fire while the fleet fled into hyperspace. As fast as the attack had come, it was over after less than a day of fighting. Though technically a victory for the New Republic, the loss was immense. And the War had just reignited.

Ryn'Talos, Ilum.

The Sith Lord sat cross legged in the Temple's meditation chamber. His eyes closed, he could see across the galaxy. He homed in on a familiar energy, cold and calculating, but with an untapped fury. A smile crawled at the corner of his mouth. Pana. He reached out through the Force, speaking to her mind.

"How goes your hunt, my queen? The revolution has started, and I have moved our "test subjects" to Ilum. It will serve far better as a training station than Kamino."

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