Star Wars: Cold War! [Accepting Profiles]

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"Pace myself? Now where's the fun in that?" Akim laughed as he took the drink. "I got nutttin' to confess 'tho, just been working for 4 months straight...'Uglies' aren't something you wanna try flying hung-over." Taking a pull of his drink, he grimaced. It was cold, sweet, and felt like it could strip paint off a Star was perfect.


Extending his 'good' hand, Akim smiled. "Name's Akim and what can I do for you?" He said to the young man. Looking past his new 'friend', he spotted the Twi'lek sitting farther down the bar. I wonder if she could use a friend? He wondered, as several very dirty thoughts crossed his mind.


"I hope you realize that, that was probably the worst way you could recruit help, but none the less you have my attention. You're either walking out of here with some muscle or you're not walking out of here at all." Pana said to the dead meat who needed help, not looking away from the dead-straight-ahead stare she was giving the wall. she muttered a quick "Thanks" under her breath to the bartender and paid extra for the drink.

Dio laughed. "Not walking out at all eh? Sounds interesting, but I don't feel like dying just yet" he smiled, and continued "but if you want this job, I do worry for your future career choice." Seeing that Pana wasn't pleased with this, he continued "Have you ever heard of "The Circle"?" In Dio's knowledge, silence meant consent, so he went on "one of the members, has gotten a little bit big for his boots. I'd like him to be disposed of, sooner rather than later". Pana was giving Dio a "how the fuck is this gonna ruin my life" look. He paused...."how should I say this.....there is a slight catch to this seemingly easy job though. The man I want you to kill is a senior representative....", Dio paused, looked round and made sure nobody was listening, "....of the Hutt Cartel" Now Pana was slightly surprised.

Pana rubbed her temples from the stress this man just created. "Why the fuck did it have to be assassination?" she said then looked back at Dio. "I can do it, just don't expect it to look like an accident, it'll be mess. I also get whatever i can take from him, Those are my conditions, whats the pay?" she asked, then downed the drink quickly.


"Seeker Corsh" he happily stated while shaking the offered hand. Sneaking a quick glance at the albino making a deal with the Twi'lek he whispered to Akim "you know anything about this 'circle' that guy over there represents? If he's legit or not?"


"Sorry can't help you there Seeker, just got planetside a few hours ago." Akim replied. "I've been on a job near the border for the past few months, and came here for some downtime." Downing his drink and signalling for another, he went on. "So? What brings you to this lovely establishment?"

Eyeing the young man as he sipped his drink, Akim couldn't figure him out. Not self-righteous or self-centered enough to be a Republican or Imperial, and not well dressed enough to be on a crimelords payroll, he couldn't figure the kid out...he didn't like that.

Dio grinned. "Name your price. Naturally, The Circle will provide you with any equipment you need, free of charge." Dio handed over a photo, and a means of contacting him. "Meet me here again tomorrow, and we'll discuss the rest of the arrangements" on that note, Dio abruptly got up. Outside, a discreet but luxurious shuttle awaited him. He stepped inside, and sped off.

Several miles away, a conversation was happening. Despite the Empire being mostly driven off of Coruscant years earlier, the tenuous ceasefire had allowed an Embassy to remain on the planet. It was here, that Tarr Voxin was approached with an offer.

The Inquisitor poured a glass of Tarisian Ale and offered it to Voxin. "I trust that you do not hold any ill will towards our organization, Mr. Voxin. It was very difficult to bring you here without alerting Coruscant Traffic Control."

Voxin stared at the glass, but made no attempt to reach for it. The Inquisitor sighed, and took the glass back. "Very well, if you insist on being difficult. I however, will not let small comforts go to waste." The robed man took a long sip of the ale. "Is there anything we can offer you, Mr. Voxin?"

"My ship for one thing. And then your name, so I know who to kill when I get out of here."

The Inquisitor chuckled. "In good time, sir. However, I can accommodate your second request. I am Inquisitor Domerius. We work with Imperial Intelligence."

"So you're a Jedi Hunter then? Must be hard finding a job when you're at peace."

Domerius glared at Voxin. "This so-called peace is a farce, and everyone knows it. Both the Empire and these disgusting Rebels masquerading as a government are too weak at the moment to continue the conflict. It is only a minor setback, however. I have it on good authority that the Emperor will recover. It is merely a matter of time before our mighty war machine is prepared to fight once more."

"If you're rebuilding, then why bother with me? Was Fett unavailable?"

"Don't play jokes with me, Mr. Voxin. While we are recovering, there is still the matter of preparing the battlefield. After the Rebels threw us from this planet, it has become next to impossible for Imperials to operate out of Imperial Center without alerting these terrorists. That is why we brought you here. Being an independent, you can work where we cannot."

Voxin smiled darkly. "So I'm guessing you want me to find you a Jedi, right? Well, I've got news for you: I'm already on a job, take your offer and space it."

"I assume your refer to the offer you received from the Hutt Cartel?" probed Domerius.

Voxin spoke coldly. "I don't divulge client information. It's bad for business."

"Of course of course." said Domerius. "The mark of a professional I'm sure. However, it is rather pointless to hide what we already know. Krean Villik is your target, isn't he?"

"How do you know that?"

Domerius laughed. "My dear Mr. Voxin, the Hutts will sell anything if the price is right. It was an admittedly pitiful sum to acquire the name of your bounty. And that was the point. We wish to hire you for the same job. I'm sure you will be interested."

"You want me to go back on my word to the Cartel? You're crazier than you seem to think I am."

"Mr. Voxin, the Cartel will get their man. We are only interested in those who are harboring him. We are willing to pay double the Cartel's offer if you accept. As an added bonus, we will pay you a third of the sums up front, and provide the rest upon completion of the assignment."

Tarr was quiet for a moment, his brow furrowed while he concentrated. Working for the Empire was an appealing prospect, especially with payment up front. Coupled with the price the Cartel was offering for Villik, and this might be a worthwhile venture.

"Alright. Who's the target?"

Domerius flashed a toothy smile. "Wonderful! The target is a Zabrak named Triz Maston. The Inquisitorius has taken an interest in her. We believe that she is a Force Sensitive, and may potentially be harboring others as well due to her ties with the New Republic. We do not wish for these Force Sensitives to join with Skywalker's fledgling Jedi Order. They either serve the Empire, or they die."

"Price? I'm not touching this until you give me a figure."

"Two million credits up front, with an additional four upon completion of your mission. Another million will be provided for any other Sensitives you capture in the process. Is that satisfactory?"

"For a price like that, you make it sound like the target was Han Solo. I'm in." Tarr stood up to leave. "Can I leave by myself, or will you insist on dragging my ship out of orbit again?"

"You are free to go. Understand that you will be on your own for this mission. We cannot provide any information other than the name, lest the New Republic trace it back to us." The Inquisitor offered a dataslate to Voxin. "When the mission is complete, contact me on this closed holonet channel. We will have an offworld transfer when you have them. Good day, Mr. Voxin."

Tarr left through the door and into the well lit hallway. Inside his chamber, Domerius smiled to himself and poured another glass of ale.

After paying Triz, Hann struck up a question for her. "How long do you think the ceasefire will last? This is no peace we have here, just two weakened forces trying to rebuild as fast as they can".

He looked around the room, the people he saw previously were intermingling, a lot of them looking like they were making deals. He needed to do something. He couldn't simply sit by any more and listen to the murmurs of mercenaries making deals. If anybody approached him with work or job offers, he would join them, provided the job didn't involve working for Imperials.

Pana just shook her head. "What have i gotten myself into." She looked around the place to see if there was anyone who she could recruit to help her. She saw a man questioning the bartender, prettymuch one of the only people who wasn't occupied. She got up and walked over to him.
"My name's Pana'galla, I'm looking for people to take on a job with me interested?" she asked.

The Twi'lek approached Hann asking him if he wanted to join her in a job. He was interested though he would have to ask some questions first.

"Will I be working with or for Imperials if I accept this offer?" he inquired, not wanting to get mixed up in any business before he found out who he would be employed by.

"We're killing a hutt for the..." Pana said whislt digging in her pocket. She pulled out the card. "The circle. no clue who they are but they gave me a blank check to kill the guy, enough for me to sign on." She said. The guy seemed decent enough, not force sensitive which was a good thing, less of a mark.

After paying Triz, Hann struck up a question for her. "How long do you think the ceasefire will last? This is no peace we have here, just two weakened forces trying to rebuild as fast as they can".

"Politics isn't my strong suit," Triz replied as she put the credits into a drawer and typed something on a terminal. "Just so long as nobody comes after my bar, I should be okay. I'm not worried, it's not exactly an important tactical location."

"Pace myself? Now where's the fun in that?" Akim laughed as he took the drink. "I got nutttin' to confess 'tho, just been working for 4 months straight...'Uglies' aren't something you wanna try flying hung-over."

"Heh, I can only imagine," the Zabrak replied with a grin. One of her teeth are chipped.

Meanwhile, Dio had since travelled to a nearby Circle branch , at which he was staying. His holonet transmitter beeped, and the hazy image of his elder sister appeared before him. "Dio, I trust you have done as I asked, and initiated the deal with the hutt cartel?" Dio was hesitant to respond, "l am sorry, but please inform the Maestro that the deal was a failure. However, I have prepared a suitable compromise. In a tavern, at the lower end of this district, I met a force-sensetive mercenary, and persuaded her to carry out an assasination attempt on the Hutt Cartel representative. This should supply suitable friction to stir up either the Imperials or Rebels or both, and may thus even assist in the breaking of the ceasefire". Dio's elder sister laughed "you do like to entertain, don't you! Very well, I shall inform Maestro Adolantes of the new situation. We have prepared a charter vessel for you to travel to the Circle Arbiter Station orbiting Coruscant. I will meet you there, and we shall then return to The Circle Stronghold. The vessel will be there in three days." With that, Dio's sister closed the transmission. Dio sat down on a comfortable looking sofa, and poured himself a glass of fine vintage wine.

"We're killing a hutt for the..." Pana said whislt digging in her pocket. She pulled out the card. "The circle. no clue who they are but they gave me a blank check to kill the guy, enough for me to sign on." She said. The guy seemed decent enough, not force sensitive which was a good thing, less of a mark.

"The Circle hiring to kill a hutt?" he said "I can't say I've heard of them myself"

"It could be worth looking into this" he thought to himself "Somebody wants a hutt cartel dead and is hiring what seems to be like anyone to do it. Furthermore, they're handing out blank checks. I should probably join up and investigate this situation. Nobody just goes after Hutts, especially cartel, without some good reason"

"Okay, I'll join you"

"Good, I needed someone else, didn't like the taste of this mission, something was wrong with the force surrounding it. Meet back here tomorow, specifics will be then." Pana said.

Rugal was meeting up with some of Coruscant's foremost Black Market Leaders in a private dining room in the Capital. It was not going well...for them.
"Gentlemen, allow me a way you can understand..." he said with pure malice in his voice as his eye scanned his "Opponents", each of them somewhat un-nerved by his presence.
"My Cartel is moving to a total Hostile Take-over of this Planets less... legit... goods and services, the only question is...Will I need to get my hands Dirty?...And bear in mind the numerous armed men who will be entering...riiiiggghhttt about..." He stopped and looked at his watch ""
The Doors to the room blew wide open as the Special Police Unit forced their way into the room.
The scene was like that out of a police show with men in combat armour and advanced weaponry quickly put down any resistance.
One man walked up to Rugal, Gun in hand, ready for action.
The Crimelord calmly pulled out a cigar and took it out of it's packaging.
He put it in his mouth as the policeman pulled out a lighter and lit it up in full view of everyone.
Rugal took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, "I think that...speaks for its-self, sigh the papers, it's not worth the trouble Hahehehe" He laughed lowly.
The other leaders was force to line up and give up their assets and businesses.
At the end, Rugal stood up and said "Gentlement, It has been my honor, now please...enjoy the meal..." on his way out.

In the Hallway, he was met by the Squad Leader, clearing enraged over the entire event.
"All right then, you got what you wanted, we are square, slate: Wiped Clean, Got It?!" He said in a vain attempt to scare the CrimeLord.

He merely walked by before stopping to say "Major. Koxx...You got much bigger things to worry about then mere debts...".
Before the Major could react, the whole Dining room filled with blaster fire and cries of pain.
"...Like the fact that your unit just killed several un-armed men...on camera...But, I know the person reviews the tapes...might be able to find him something friendly...for a fee of course."
He took another drag of his cigar before throwing it at the stunned soldier.
"Well, I got a transport to catch, give it some thought, We'll meet again..." Rugal said before setting off.
Just another day at the office.

"So Triz, how's business?" Xyras asked as he took a gulp of the green liquid in his glass.
He overheard a few people discussing a mercenary job; for some group called 'The Circle'.
Xyras had heard that name a few times; an organisation beyond wealthy. Upper-class didn't begin to cut it.

Xyras was very curious; he missed the adventurous days of the Clone Wars and yearned to break the routine of training the young Jedi he had got into. As proud as he was to be a leading member of the new Jedi Order, he wouldn't mind taking a break.
Adventure was a guilty pleasure of his, despite his Jedi loyalty.

Pana felt the Jedi's interest spike when she said "The Circle". She threw a glance over at him. "You interested too? The more the merrier." she said walking towards Xyras.

The night was beginning to settle in as Voxin left the Imperial Embassy. The lights of Coruscant were springing up across the skyline, the city's nightlife was coming alive. He strode quickly across the landing pad towards his ship. He couldn't help but growl at the Imperial's audacity. If they wanted to hire him for a job, all they needed to do was ask. They didn't need to lock a tractor beam on him while he was trying to land.

The dock officer looked up from his console in the observation booth, and walked through the door towards Tarr with a datapad in hand. He was a young man, but held himself quite arrogantly, at least in Tarr's eyes. "Mr. Voxin, we apologize for the inconvenience. Your ship was... difficult to bring in properly. The paint might be scratched in a few places."

"Perfect." muttered Tarr, "Anything else you managed to break?"

The young man apparently didn't catch the sarcasm. "Um, no, sir. Just the paint. We haven't touched the ship since you were brought in."

Tarr sighed. "Whatever. Just get out of my way." If anyone had touched his ship, he'd know about it. And things would go very badly for them, very quickly.

True to the man's word, the Temmick's distinctive red paint job was scratched and sheared all over the nose. Tarr had spent years fixing up the old YU-410 Freighter for business, so the prospect of some kriffing idiot breaking it made his blood boil.

In the cockpit, Tarr activated the controls, and the Temmick's engines came to life. The ship rose from the landing pad, then merged into one of the countless air lanes of Coruscant. Tarr leaned back in his pilot's seat while the ships computer calculated the closest docking hanger. Ten minutes later, and the Temmick settled down on her struts in a large public docking bay.

After providing the docking authority with a false transponder code to hide the Temmick's identity, Tarr got to work. He'd tracked Jedi before, but only on shoot to kill missions. Bringing one in alive would be an interesting challenge. Heading for the nearest tapcaf, he ordered a Corellian Whirlwind and settled down into one of the recessed alcoves. Tarr pulled out his comlink. Time to flex his Mando'a.

"Su'cuy Kottal. I've got a job I'll need your help with."

Captain Pirate:
"So Triz, how's business?" Xyras asked as he took a gulp of the green liquid in his glass.

"Not too bad, sir," Triz replied, moving some of her white hair behind her ear. "It'd be better if... one of the factions left and let my patrons drink in peace." She said "one" as she looked at an Imperial insignia used as an impromptu dart board. There were quite a few holes in it.

She looked back at the wet rags in her hand, then threw it behind her into a sink. "How are things at the academy?"

"I'm waiting on bated breath to see how you handle this one." said Calius Tagaris, another General of the empire and as close to a 'friend' that Caster had within the military. They were 'playing' with a training simulator developed by a madman who was lost to imperial records. Supposedly the man was trying to create the most realistic war simulation in the galaxy, everything from the slightest shift of wind, to the temperature, to how the environment would react exactly to whatever was happening to it was calculated by the powerful system of the holo-projector.

Calius was the one who designed their little 'map' this time, Caster had a base at the bottom of a canyon, there was only one way out, and they were surrounded by mountains on each side. All he had was a few Stormtroopers and supposedly "useless" artillery cannons. His friend was above the canyon, and had tanks and heavy infantry on his side, reigning down chaos upon his troops. "First I'll move everything to the center..." Caster said, on the holoprojector he saw the Stormtroopers hurrying to the central base, narrowly dodging blasts from the tanks or infantry above them. The troopers were followed closely by the artillery, eventually they were within the central base, his artillery was still stuck outside.

"Secondly, I'll have my artillery fire here, here, and here." Caster pointed to different parts of the ridge, his friend raised his eyebrows yet stayed silent, he knew more then enough about Caster then to challenge his reasoning. The artillery fired... Missing each and every enemy and instead hitting the ridge. Calius began to grin, yet when he saw Caster grinning as well he stopped, a look of dread came over his face, he realized he had lost. The ridge shook and crumbled, it was slowly falling apart, and almost all of Calius' troops were tumbling off of it as well. There was now a hill of rocks where half of the ridge stood. Calius scrambled to organize the survivors and move them away, but it was too late, Caster's troops exited the central base and began to fire on them. Half of Calius' troops were dead, and the other half were running from the ridge. "I believe that's Checkmate?"

Stretching, Caster left the room, he had been assigned to the Coruscant embassy, he could see why, a few notable senators and moffs were getting nervous about all the time he spent with the Emperor, they wanted to dump him here while they consolidated their power. Caster would play this game of theirs... For now.

"I need a drink..." It wasn't easy trying to act as an ambassador for, what most people considered, an 'Evil Empire'. Caster removed his cap and loosened his uniform, there was supposedly a nice bar not too far from the embassy, although Caster doubted the citizens of the New Republic would welcome him warmly.


She looked back at the wet rags in her hand, then threw it behind her into a sink. "How are things at the academy?"

"Ahh, same old." Xyras replied.
"So many to teach so much to, and so few Masters to do so. We'll manage, eventually. Though I doubt if things will ever return to the old ways..."

Pana felt the Jedi's interest spike when she said "The Circle". She threw a glance over at him. "You interested too? The more the merrier." she said walking towards Xyras.

"Hmm... Yes, consider me interested. What's the job?" Xyras queried. He doubted if it would be a good example to the Padawans if a Master was off on bounty hunting jobs, however he'd known Jedi do it before, and he had a feeling if it was a Hutt, it was bound to be criminally related, and no innocent target in the job.

"I've been contracted to go after a hutt, one of their "higher-ups" so to speak. In all honesty i'm looking for all the help i can get. The paycheck is blank but i don't think you'll be one to worry about that, considering you're a jedi." Pana said, hoping to get another soul on board.

"Su'cuy, Tarr. It's been a while." said Kottal, settling into the alcove next to Tarr. "I hear you have a proposition for me. Out with it."

Tarr smiled. "Straight to the point aren't we, Kottal?"

"You're quick, or you're dead, Voxin. You know that."

"Spoken like a true Mandalorian, no doubt." he quipped, smirking.

Kottal pulled her helmet off, revealing a scarred face with short cropped hair. "Better than an aruetii like yourself. At least we lend ourselves better to companionship."

'"Companionship?" Well, I'm not averse to the prospect, if that's what you're after Kottal."

"You know what I mean, Voxin. Now out with it, or I find a new place to shove my Beskad. What kind of job do you need a Mando for?"

"I'm glad you asked." he said, propping his feet up on the table. "I know there's no love lost between you and the Jedi, for one thing. The Imps have offered me a job to track down a bartender."

Kottal scoffed. "A bartender? Was Fett too busy playing the fake Mando, so you had to call me?"

"You know, funnily enough, I said the same thing to the Inquisitor who dragged me down this morning. Took me hours to go through the customs to get the Temmick back. Besides, Fett works alone, even when it hurts him. Me on the other hand, I know how to get things done."

"Sure you do." said Kottal dryly. "Next you'll be telling me that Fett's just a pushover, and you're the greatest Bounty Hunter who ever lived. So it's a bartender. Is he dangerous, or just stupid enough to get under the Remnant's collective shebse?

"She is a Zabrak whom the Inquisitorius believe to be a Force Sensitive. They're rather touchy about letting those guys run loose. I bet the mere thought of Skywalker opening up a new school for all the little telepaths drives the Inquisitorius up the wall."

"Alright then, what's the pay?" asked Kottal. "Are we talking pocket change, or something big?"

"They're paying me six million credits for the Zabrak alone, two up front. They've also lined up another million for each additional Force Using head who might be associated with her."

Kottal's brow raised. "That's a rather big sum for a simple bartender. I didn't think the Imps had enough creds to fix their kriffing fleet, let alone put out hits on civilians."

Tarr threw his arms apart. "I don't know. Maybe they take unaligned Jedi a little more seriously than the rest of us. Come on, this is easy credits if we do it right. Are you in?"

Kottal looked down at the table for a minute. "Right, I'm in. Oya!"


"looking for work that won't kill me" Seeker stated. Akim seemed friendly enough, even if he flew 'uglies' for a living. "speaking of which" he turned to the Twi'lek who was now talking to the jedi of all things, trying to get him to assist in the assassination.


Tapping her shoulder he spoke "I've got a ship that can get you to your destination and back if your interested"

Caster eventually reached the bar, almost immediately as he entered it the place became much more silent, he was given dirty looks by a great deal of the patrons, especially the Aliens. He had to admit that he made himself a target, coming to a Republic bar wearing an imperial uniform and not bringing an Armed Escort with him. Ignoring the looks, Caster found himself a seat at the front of the bar. "Excuse me? Can you recommend a drink for someone who's job may be the most stressful thing on Coruscant?" Caster asked dryly. If one of the Imperial Senators wanted to defeat him, all they had to do was hire a few Death Stick Dealers who simply insist they're loyal imperial citizens and demand protection from whatever gang they got themselves mixed up with.

Wars, diplomacy, backstabbing, chess, all of those were things Caster could handle. Dealing with citizens who consider the weather being stormy for three days in a row as the Empire's fault was too large a task for even him.

Soviet Heavy:


Witty Name Here:


Nova sat patiently in a private back room of the Imperial embassy. She was rolling around a decorative glass ball that decorated the table. Something to pass the time. "The thane of the line. Drawn in the blood of the moon. To hunt the prey. Till all is". She stopped her soft singing as Inquisitor Domerius entered the room.

"Ahh hello my dear. I trust everything has been going well the past few weeks since you were last here". Domerius took a seat across from Nova.

"Well enough" she replied half distracted. "So he's accepted". Nova placed the glass ball back in it's setting.

"Yes, yes, quite willingly given the credits we offered. A paltry sum for slowing down Skywalker". Domerius pushed a hidden button and a holomap appeared out of the crystal ball, a blip flashed indicating Mr. Voxins ship. "Let's just hope Mr. Voxin is as good as we hope he will be". Domerius slid a key across the table to Nova. "That is for your new 'ride'. Consider it a gift from the Emperor for all the services you've preformed for him". A wicked and disgusting grin came from the inquisitor.

She ignored his face and picked up the key. Just as they had discussed weeks earlier. "So is following this new bounty hunter the only one I have to deal with"?

"Well" Domerius flipped another switch."This is Rugal Bernstein, arms dealer". An image of the notorious arms dealer appeared on the holoscreen. "He was just reported in to have taken over the black market here. He's been a 'supporter' for quite a long time. We want you to find him and figure out his intentions. If he is to oppose us though, do not hesitate to kill him, but be careful. He is not a man to be taken lightly". The holoscreen turned off. "Everything you'll need is with your gift".

"Twenty times the rate for Rugal, got it". The inquisitor nodded. Money was never a problem for this guy.

Nova walked down the steps of the Imperial Embassy, just as she had done a dozen times. 'I need a drink and some me time before all this'. Her tail swished lightly at the prospect of a drink. She'd grab her ride from a local Imperial garage after.
It didn't take her long to reach the bar. She practically ran there she wanted a drink so badly. She swung open the door to the bar. Nothing but a quick glance at her from afew, she frequented the place enough no one bothered her, it wasn't like an Imperial Senator..... Nova's breath caught. There at the bar was Senator Caster. 'Does he have a death wish, being out in public with no guard'. She'd seen him a number of times at the embassy.

No other seats were open except for two on either side of the Senator. 'Maybe he's never seen me at the embassy. I'll just get one drink and go. What am I saying who wouldn't notice the only wolf girl there'. Her mouth had gotten significantly dryer. Her throat cried for the sweet relief of a drink. 'Ohh I can't take it, don't talk to me, don't talk to me, don't talk to me'. Nova sat down next to Castor. "One Canadier Honeymead Brew" she asked the barkeep.

Tiger Sora:

Caster thought about his recent plans as he waited for his drink to be served. There's no doubt about it, Domerius must be removed... His 'efficiency' has been a thorn in my side for a while now. Of all the people within the embassy, Domerius was the most concerned with dealing with the Jedi. While some would argue that slowing down/stopping the new Jedi order would be something all imperials would strive towards, it did not serve Caster's best interests. He's been playing the 'Jedi-Hunter' role for a while now, I suppose there will be no real shock if he turns up with his heart pierced by a Lightsaber...

As he was deep in thought, a person took a seat next to him a Shistavanen or 'wolfman' as the other senators referred to them. While Coruscant was a melting pot for several different cultures and races, something seemed different about this one... It was at that moment Caster remembered seeing her at the embassy on several occasions. "This place isn't very far from the Embassy, now is it?" He said to her in a low voice so he wouldn't have to worry about eavesdroppers. "How has work with the empire been treating you?"

'Great he just had to notice me. I couldn't just go someplace else'. Nova's hand was gripping the bar. She thought to just up and leave. But that would let out her childishness. She was a top rate bounty hunter. The kind that showed no fear and had steady hands in tough situations. She couldn't just run. "Bountiful if you must know". Nova's hand loosened up on the bar. Where was her drink. "Whats it to you"? Her voice was showing full signs of desertification. She just wanted to grab a bar tap and drink the whole keg it was so bad.

Captain Pirate:
"Ahh, same old." Xyras replied.
"So many to teach so much to, and so few Masters to do so. We'll manage, eventually. Though I doubt if things will ever return to the old ways..."

Triz just nodded. "Well, I wish you luck. I don't envy you, friend."

Tiger Sora:
Nova sat down next to Castor. "One Canadier Honeymead Brew" she asked the barkeep.

Triz looked the strange girl with a tail up and down for a moment, as if she didn't like her looks. Even so, she reached behind the bar and pulled out a drink and glass, filling it with a purple liquid. "Comin' up. Need anything else, just let me know."

"Looking for work that won't get you killed..." Akim replied thoughtfully. "Sounds kinda boring." Following Seeker's gaze back to the Twi'lek, he shook his head. "Well I'm gonna stay outta that little party she's planning, the Hutt's make good clients, and I ain't about to piss off a potential paycheque."

He was about to go on when a chime from the comm. unit in his left arm interrupted him. "What da a want Thirteen?" He asked. A series of rapid fire chirps and beeps followed by a low 'blat', made his face pale. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT'S DEAD? YOU ASSURED ME THAT IT WAS AS GOOD AS NEW!" He shouted into the mike, his face going from a deathly pallor to a lurid crimson in seconds. "YOU LITTLE TIN PLIE OF BANTHA-"

His rant was cut short by another few quick chirps. Taking a deep breath and forcing his anger down, he sighed. "Alright fine...thank you for getting the replacement drive, but you do know that that pretty much wipes us...never mind I'll make some calls."

Letting out an explosive breath, he looked at his half full second drink. "Well better make this last then...of course the hyperdrive had to pack it in now." Well better get to it, let see if the Empies need an instability. Tapping into a dedicated comm. line, he spoke quickly and clearly. "This is Talan Vos of Blackwater Security calling for an update on the perimeter security. Clearance is Alpha Niner One Break Alpha."

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