"Rigor Mortis"-The life after death RP(Started/PM for participation)-Arc 4: Closing Loose Ends

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"Then let's go!" Mira shouted. In her mind, getting caught was out of the question. Without much thought, she grabbed a handful of folders that was labeled "clients" not caring if they were the right ones or not.

Mira rushed through the door and followed Therese as she led them down towards the fire escape. She could hear the pounding of footsteps and the shouts of police officers closing in. She didn't want to engage them or seen either. The last thing she wanted was their faces plastered on televisions.

Marcus sprinted down to the far end of the corridor where a fire escape waited at the end. Luckily, the door wasn't alarmed and so didn't alert the police as to where they were going. Beckoning the others through, he then picked up a chair from a row that lined up against the wall, presumably for clients to sit and wait on, carried it through, and used it to jam the door from the other side. it wasn't much, but just in case the cops figured out where they'd gone too quickly it would buy them some time.

They hurried down the fire escape and burst out of the building into the staff car park at the rear entrance. Marcus' car was parked out front, so there was no way they'd be getting back to it.

"We need a car. Any of these yours?" he said to Therese.

Therese came out of the door last, rushing down the stairs as Marcus came back up and placed a chair against it. Upon reaching the bottom of the stairs, Therese slowed to a quick walk and began to cast her eyes around the parking lot.

"We need a car. Any of these yours?" Marcus asked.

Therese nodded, then swallowed. She pointed towards a black Chrysler Sebring, then began to run towards it.

"Over here, follow me!"

Therese reached the car first, and fumbled with her keys before she was able to unlock it. She climbed into the driver's seat and put the key into the ignition, causing the vehicle to rumble to life. She unlocked the other doors in the car, put her foot on the brake, and shifted the car into drive.

As Frost guided the party to the cabin in which he was slain earlier, he could not help but take in the scenery he spent so much of his life in. The ground was painted in leaves, one could not even see a blade of grass. This was common in the woodland regions, but there were other aspects of the forest that entranced him. As they neared closer to the cabin, they came across his favorite spot, the waterfall. Not a huge one mind, but a small one where the creek came down. He and Marissa would spend hours sitting there and... he hoped he could do that again some time. The trees were a mixture of oak and pine, leaving a very fresh scent in the air. He forgot for a moment, that he was covered in mud. As they neared the waterfall he asked them to wait a moment, walked under the light stream of the waterfall and attempted to remove a great deal of the mud and blood that coated him and while the blood came off easily, the mud almost refused to come off. He felt it had become a part of him now, and his reflection showed it.

He stared in to the pond formed below him, he was a tall man, Six feet, one inch. His hair color was visible again, his hair went down to his shoulders when wet, though it was usually curly and it was red, dark red. Almost a crimson, Marissa would comment that his hair burned with the same passion of his art. He was wearing a sports coat, they were going to go out for dinner later that evening and he wanted to look semi presentable, in fact he was wearing one of his favorite hats earlier. Probably lost somewhere in the forest now. His eyes were a deep blue and while not as striking as his hair, brought to life his smooth face. He was well shaved and kept together despite the fact he was in college. He remembered his family, what they expected him to be, what would he tell them? Would he see them again? His mind whirled, he hoped he would. His pants were blue, but one couldn't tell due to the mud that plastered them. His shoes were made of leather, the mud stole their shine and even with the cleaning of the waterfall, they still were dull.

He made a move out of the waterfall, soaked. He finally came to the cabin after much walking. The area was strangely devoid of trees, of most life really. There was even a bit of grass near the doorstep and around the house, though it was poorly maintained and grew at least a foot high. The cabin was made of wood, most likely the same wood chopped down to clear the area. He froze, he knew what he might find in there, he could find Marissa bound and gagged, being... or worse, dea- no, he couldn't bear to think that, she had to be okay, she had to. "Alrighty then, here it is. What do you want me to do now?"

For the second time in as many days they sped away with perhaps only a minute to spare. However, today Marcus felt different. Where it had once been dull and lifeless, Marcus' heart now raced. They'd got away, again! Another challenge had been bested and his reward was the adrenaline that now made his whole body pound to the same frantic rhythm. It had been a long time, too long, since Marcus had felt this high. The feeling took his back to younger days, days when every day had offered to challenges, new opportunities, new opponents to best. Even if Marcus had wanted to hide it he wouldn't have been able to, because despite being surrounded by chaos and bloodshed, he was enjoying himself.

What the hell did it matter anyway? He was stuck here now. If a life of constant danger and slaughter was the life he would have to lead from now on, he might as well get good at it right?

Having now put the crime scene far behind them Marcus eased back in his seat, savoring the height of the rush as it started to descend.

"We've lost them." he said to Therese. "Turn left here, it's time to show you your new home."

Therese's heart pounded within her chest with the force of a jackhammer. Her mind racing almost forgot to tell her to slow down to the appropriate speed limit, which she wasn't that far over to begin with. Therese's breath came in ragged, sharp bursts, and she felt as though she was going to throw up at any second.

"We've lost them," Marcus said to Therese. "Turn left here, it's time to show you your new home."

Therese looked over at Marcus for a split second, arching an eyebrow before making the left turn at the next intersection. New home?

Therese was about to question Marcus when she felt a supreme pain in her chest. For half a second, she thought she would lose control of the car, sending the three of them careening into a nearby building. Therese clutched at her chest with one hand while she focused on driving, forcing her heart to stop its now frantic beat. Eventually, the pain subsided, but Therese was left aching and sore.


Ben looked at the cabin in the clearing. It was a poorly maintained cabin, it almost looked abandoned from the state of disrepair that it was in.

"Alrighty then, here it is. What do want me to do now?"

Ben looked at the cabin again, at Frank, then down at his hands.

"I'm not too sure. What do you want us to do Frank? It's your call."

Ben was ready, he started to dredge up a memory. If Frank wanted them to knock, he could make it a knock that kept them on the upper hand.

Marcus saw Therese wince with what appeared to be pain. Was she still hurt? Had her re-awakening been done properly, or was their still some residual damage?

"You alright?" he asked her.

Frank looked back the three. "You ought to wait here. I'm going to have a grown-up talk with this one and I can't let you listen in", Frank said and walked away from the group, towards the cabin. A wooden stairway lead to the porch and the front door, where Frank knocked on the door. The door opened and Frank said something, but the others couldn't hear him, and he entered the house soon after.

Clenching her teeth, Therese was able to keep hold of the steering wheel. The pain had passed, but she was exhausted, and wanted to lay down and fall asleep.

She heard Marcus, probably asking if she was okay.

"Yeah," Therese said, putting both hands on the wheel and exhaling a pent up breath. "I'll be fine..."

She looked at the name of the next street sign to see if she recognized it. She did, but only barely. She normally didn't take this route.

"Where to from here?"

Marcus gave her the directions, eventually leading them to an apartment complex. Fairly plain looking. Not the kind of place you'd expect people who had just been risen from the dead to hole up.

Therese parked the car a little ways away from the apartment, on the opposite side, and killed the engine, getting out of the car.

"So, what's this place like?"

"It's not much, but, well, it's home." Marcus replied. "We've got pretty much everything we need by this point, but we're a little short on luxuries."

They ascended the stairs and went into the apartment. Still deserted, the others were obviously not yet back from their mission.

"Pick anywhere you like to sleep." he told her. "We don't really have a system for anything. Mi casa es su casa."

Marcus looked Therese up and down, she was covered in blood.

"You're probably wanting a shower. It's right through there."

While this was indeed true, Marcus had an ulterior motive for saying this. Now the days work was done, he was waiting on a promise, and wanted a few blissful moments alone with Mira before the others got back.

"Homely..." Mira said, sarcasm dripping from her statement. Mira stepped out of the car and lead Theresea up the stairs and into the complex. The walk reminded Mira of her fist time that she had first laid eyes on the apartment and first meeting everybody else. Now it seemed like ages.

"It's the only home we have and the only place they allow us to stay. They got to keep an eye on us after all." Mira said. She shared eye contact with Marcus, acknowledging the promise that she had to keep from last night. Mira had to honor her agreement partly because she sought for it as well.

"Yeah, I'd take a shower if I was you." Mira said, supporting Marcus' statement. At least with her in the shower it would free up some time for Marcus and her.

Therese listened to the description given by the two of the apartment. It was a fairly large apartment, with a decent amount of utilities, and, at the very least, the paint wasn't peeling off the walls. Therese took the suggestion the two of them gave to grab a shower. As she entered the bathroom, she took off her blazer, shoes, and slacks, and examined herself in the mirror.

She looked almost exactly the same as she had that morning. Bar the blood and bruises, of course. And an ugly looking indention on her chest. Was that what had caused her pain earlier?

The man with the iron covered fists had stepped forward, screaming something unintelligible. She saw blood covering his form, and imagined it all belonged to Victoria. Therese roared in defiance and strode forward, not caring about herself at that moment. She swung her fist forward, striking him across the jaw with an enclosed fist. The man flinched slightly, and then rammed his fist into Therese, striking her just above her left breast, crushing a few ribs and puncturing her heart. She died before she hit the ground.

Therese snapped back, running her fingers over the barely visible indentation. She shuddered. Was this going to be a constant problem? Would she prove to be a detriment to Marcus and Mira and Klaus?

Therese turned on the water for the shower, making it hot, but not scorching, before removing the rest of her clothes. As she stepped into the shower, the blast of hot water revitalized her, soothing her sore muscles and easing her tension.

But not her pain. She still remembered vividly the sight of Victoria crumpled on the floor, blood covering her. She remembered the feeling of never seeing her again, never smiling with her, eating at their favorite restaurant together, or kissing her. The emotional pain was too much for Therese, and she crawled up onto the floor of the shower, legs drawn up to her chest with her arms wrapped around them, and wept.

Therese attempted to keep her crying quiet, and was sure to never get louder than the sound of running water, but she let her tears flow. She needed this. To get rid of all of the pain, to let out all of her emotions, to drop her shell for just a moment so she could be a child again and cry.

Mira led Marcus by hand back outside and into the corridor of the apartment complex. Their lips were engaged almost a split second after she had closed the door to the apartment, she unlocked them of course in case they needed to get back in. Mira kissed Marcus and he kissed back but she sensed that both of them wanted a bit more.

She eyed an abandoned vestibule to a broken elevator. It would be enough for now. Mira led Marcus with an eager step and in a high. She had to fulfill her promise and maintain what was left of her sanity. She started by loosening her belt.

Marcus eyed their surroundings in the broken elevator.

"Well isn't this romantic." he teased. But in reality he didn't care and made no effort to conceal his grin. The sense of reckless abandon he had felt when they sped away from the law firm was now back with gusto. In his heart a beast, grown quiet from neglect and starvation, awoke, alive with hunger.

He grabbed Mira by the waist and pulled the two of them together. It had to be now. Marcus had to indulge, to lose himself, to make the air disappear from this confined space.

Randall was curious, he had to know what was going on, he sneaked away from the other two who had come with him as they talked amongst each other. As he stealthily crept up to the window of the cabin, he saw two men talking, one was his supposed savior, the other his killer. He could not see Marissa. The cabin itself was bloodstained, if it was his own or... put his ear to the window and could make out, even if it is only barely, what the two figures were saying.

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