Evangelion: The World Set Free

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Addison was quite surprised at Rev's burst into the conversation although deep inside she withheld every ounce of muscle that was meant to deliver a haymaker to his obnoxious face. She smiled though, flattered even that Rev could draw the conclusions so quickly.

"Okay, I'm fine with that." Addison said calmly.


All. of. my. hate.

"Oh look, it's Rev. Hey buddy, hows it going?"

And where would you like to be buried?

"Thanks for jumping to my rescue but I'm fine."

Well, at least he'd gotten him out of this slump. Alexander found it quite nice to actually be living a normal teenage life. One that didn't have angels, or evas, or A.T fields, or any of that other crap. What was next, he found himself thinking. Clones? Meanwhile, Addi just shook off Rev's little intrusion. Welp, might as well get on with it.

"Fine, any advice ever wise Rev?

Mikhael kept a straight face as he smiled and nodded, accepting the compliments and greetings he new fully well only vaguely disguised an intense desire to kill. He would have to remember to apologize to Addison later that day. He decided he would wait a day on Pollux; that seemed funnier to him.

"Nonsense! You both come out to my neck of the woods, it's only right I'm here to greet you, right?"

He held a little pile of crumbs from the cone in his hand, and spied a small bird resting on the pavement in front of him. He tossed the morsels down, and watched with an almost childlike adoration as his new little friend snatched them up with its beak. He heard Pollux sarcastically asking for advice, but he ignored it. For the moment, at least.

"So what brings you both out here? This isn't exactly a hustle-an'-bustle kind of place."

Alexander stared at the eccentric lanky guy for a moment. Rev seemed like a nice buy but he could be a bit tiresome. Alexander fought back the urge to utterly destroy Rev there. That would be childish. He'd trip him in his eva. The mature thing to do. Addison didn't seem to mind Rev's actions, or if she did she didn't show it. Might as well bite his own lip too.

"You know, just wanted some fresh air, see how we saved the world again, relax for a few days away from work. We're free from training and hopefully there won't be another angel anytime soon. Or evil clones, or something"

Though it was a minor, unfunny joke, it made Alexander think. He began to wonder if they had more to fear than just angels. Alexander simply ignored his own intrigue and got on with the conversation.

Addison brought her elbow to the table and she leaned her head on her hand.

"I crashed here so I went to see how it looked like." Addison said plainly. "I was walking and I saw Pollux."

There was nothing too it. Addison was genuinely interested in the extent of damage she caused to this neighborhood. She even wanted to see if her railgun was still on the ground but it looked like NERV was here first. The speed of the reconstruction amazed even her.

"And you, Rev?" Addison didn't find Pollux's joke funny at all and simply let it fly.

"I've been coming here a few times a week for about a month," he told the pair, producing a drink from absolutely nowhere to take a sip. He could pilot a massive bio-mechanic beast with more power than an entire army with almost no training, but sleight of hand was the skill he was most proud of. He stared down at the bird, now within reach. He detested birds. Or at least, that was what he told everyone. He watched the feathered fluff-ball for a moment as it hopped around, and decided that yes, he was definitely not a fan. He threw a few more crumbs off a few feet further away, to get the winged rat away from him.

"I only live a short walk from here. It's a nice hang-out spot. Food, sun... an excellent view," he added, looking in Addison's direction and only making a token effort to appear as if he meant something behind her.

As unfunny as he was to those around him, Mikhael really did crack himself up.

"Huh, so you're a magician now too?"

Alexander wonders if Rev can make himself disappear. He ignored Rev's attempt at "flirting" Addi and had to admit that Rev kinda had a point.

"Yeah, this place is pretty great. Good thing the angel had the decency to not destroy it. Plus, I can't believe the guys who own this place actually stayed here working. I would've called it a day honestly. Addi's plan caused a lot of damage below the surface and could've effected the area, yet people still walk around like it was another day, simply because a few guys fixed it fast. It amazes me how regular people can just get on with their lives even with the angels attacking."

He took a bite of his ice cream cone.

"Then again, they weren't the ones fighting back."

"I live deeper in the city. Closer to NERV headquarters." Addison said. She looked at him while with her other hand she reached into her pants to retrieve her phone. She looked down briefly at the screen, quickly scanning over the pixels. She had forgot to phone in with the scientists and she was partly annoyed at the fact that she had to check in once in a while to make sure that she was still there and functional.

"This looks like a nice place." Addison added then she heard what Pollux said about her plan. She felt kind of hurt that he would say that to Rev right in front of her.

"Buildings can be built back. People can't." Addison said concisely even though she was a living testament to that. Her feelings were getting the better of her. Her annoyance and Pollux's statement started to mount.

Mikhael continued to sip his drink as he watched Addison grow more frustrated. As much as he'd like to defuse the situation, his curiosity got the better of him. He simply felt a need to know what would happen if the situation were allowed to continue. He had his own opinions on the matter, but said nothing for the moment, curious to see how Pollux would react.

"Buildings can be built back. People can't."

Alexander shook his head, thinking of all he lost in only the first few years of his life. What a lot of people lost in the first few years after the impact.

"Ain't that the truth."

He finished off his cone.

"In case you guys I wondering, I live in a small apartment complex. They're actually dorms for people in college and whatnot and though I'm not an official student, they still let me live there. Occasionally I just walk into classes and take notes. Hell, I got to teach a class once."

Alexander noticed that Addison looked a bit frustrated. Was she getting bored? Was it the sun? Was it something he said? Eh, it probably wasn't anything.

"You don't say," Mikhael mused, sounding deadpan, though not bored. He looked pulled a phone out of his pants pocket and looked at the time, giving a low whistle to himself.

"Didn't realize it was already this late. I think I'm going to head home; see you two lovebirds later!"

He stood up and took off at a brisk pace back to his apartment.

"I have to go." Addison got up and didn't bother to push in her chair either. She exited the ice cream shop, hearing the bell jingle as she walked out of the door. Was that how they were going to treat her? Like two parents talking about the child's errors while the child was still there? She didn't need that, she didn't deserve that.

"I should just shut the fuck up..." Addison whispered to herself as she walked faster down the sidewalk. Addison turned into a alley and looked up. She didn't want them to follow her and even if they didn't she needed something else to preoccupy her thoughts. She ran up the building to her left and once she was at the height of her vertical climb Addison pushed herself off the wall and onto a dangling fire escape. She lifted herself up and went to the roof where she saw the city.

The good thing about this district was that the buildings were close to each other and were often short so it was not hard for Addison to jump from rooftop to rooftop until she reached the more tall buildings, deeper in the city. Those types of landscapes posed more opportunity for her to flourish and she did so on her way to her apartment. She vaulted and jumped until she reached the block of her apartment building. It was clearly one of the more upscale ones as it was a pearly ivory with balconies lining around the building.

Even once she reached her apartment she did not notice her behavior. She didn't care for it but she did lament that she let it take over her without a fight. After she took a shower, she went to the medical cabinet where her prescription drugs lined the shelves. Each dosage was different but to the naked eye, all the pills looked the same. Addison swallowed the pills, designated for today and fell over on her bed contemplating what her "friends" were thinking of her.

Addison had been gone for a few minutes and Alexander was on his moped, riding home. He felt like he'd done something wrong, but didn't know what. Things were going fine, sure it was a bit awkward, but soon they got up to speed. Even with Rev there, it was still pretty enjoyable. But then Addi got really mad at something. What was it? She was used to Rev's crap, so it must've been him. What had he done wrong?

What is wrong with me, Alexander said to himself.

"Thats what I want to know, Pollux."

"Castor! What the-"

Samuel was flying alongside Alexander.

We've been down this road, let me just skip to the point. I've spent most of my time narrating for the good people your thoughts and actions. Now, I'm gonna help you out. Why? Because, in all honestly, you kinda suck...at life. Really, you were supposed to be the open whimsical one and I was the cold and calculating guy. Now you're the goof and I'm Casper.

"What the hell is a casper?"

"An old cartoon character long before the impact. You see, he was portrayed as-THATS NOT THE POINT! Listen, you need guidance. Your eva is only truly as smart as you are, and right now I don't think you'll live long with that. Sure, your real smarts are great but that was my main thing. They're your side thing. Your main thing is being creative, wonderful, not a bunch of crappy jokes. Until further notice, I shall reside in your head."

Alexander couldn't believe this. He figured this type of experience would be an extremely rare thing, only in live of die scenarios. But he figured it was nice to see Samuel again, even if he was acting a bit dick-ish.

"So what did I do wrong?"

"You talked about her plan earlier."


"You made it sound like she endangered people."

"Oh-oooooooh, why the hell did I do that?"

"Too late to worry about it now, brother Castor will help you out for awhile. Right now shes at home, lying in bed, partially blaming herself for your stupidity."

"Oh c'mon, it can't be that bad?"

You have no idea, do you? You have no idea the true dangers of you actions and how they could affect this Addi. Listen, you did something really horrible today and if you're not careful, you're gonna pay for it.

Alexander, able to keep his cool under pressure from angels, not when dealing with females. Something stuck out in his head. Had he said "this" Addi? Castor soon faded away, but Pollux could still feel him in the back of his head.

"Yeah, I'm here. Take an MRI, it'll last longer"

Maybe he should.

You are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.
- John 4:4


Days went by. Nikolai Ark was settling down.

None of them were normal. The things the pilots talked about were not normal. Piggy's apartment was located in a building across the street, five stories up on the top floor. They'd chosen this particular apartment because it was the one closest to the stairwell, with access to the roof and a sturdy fire escape that ran down the outside of the building. He tested them when he had arrived, played possible scenarios of capture and evasion in his mind. We can't plan for everything, so we must be aware and perceptive.

They entered the room with Addison-15. There was a hiss of releasing gas inside, and water condensed on the transparent surface. On it's own, the life support system had enough power to last thirty-six hours.

Terrorist agents in lab coats set the pod with the naked girl inside on a roller and covered it. They pushed it to the hallway. The operation had been successful. Then the alert from the laser grids and cameras would send Nerv HQ into lockdown.

It was swiftly discovered. When the subject was unaccounted for, the floor was in anarchy. The bays were locked, while guards swept the whole building and took position at every doorway. The floodlights outside trained on the surrounding zones. The fences closed up. They sent out helicopters. The airport was shut down. All personnel were briefed, and the teams stood ready for their superior's commands. The tank sat in a specially made van, driving on the highway on route to the harbors, a year of planning from a whole network coming together.

Then the Angel sirens rang.


What the hell was happening?
Piggy was jerked awake from his bed at the defense warning that had just sounded. The beams from dozens of searchlights criss-crossed, searching the skies. He ran outside to his balcony in the cool night air. In the distance, he heard the low throb of aircraft.

He almost ran off the edge. At the last moment he remembered that this was not his real height, he was not an Eva. He was an eleven-year old fat kid. He bolted to the living room, switching the lights and throwing a shirt on. When he opened the door, there were lines of people flowing out.

Relax... he told himself. This is a detection siren. It's not here yet. Probably not for many hours.

But he had to get to Nerv. Had to suit up. Pocketing his phone, he rushed out with the crowd, as fast as his legs could carry him through the building until he reached the lobby. Running outside into the darkness and sirens, people everywhere around him in the street, was chilling. A battle of the gods was coming, and we knew it.

Drive. Piggy thought. If Addison really lived deeper in, she might already be on her way and he couldn't tell her to turn back for him. She could probably just parkour her way across buildings and scale obstacles like a monkey. But when it was dark out? He wasn't sure and pushed it from his mind. He dialed for Mikhael and Alexander. "Answer." he said it rung, half expecting a car with them in it to roll up to the sidewalk. "Answer you faggots!"


"Er, what?"

Mikhael had answered his phone almost immediately. After the ice cream shop he had returned to his home, a small apartment on the outskirts of the city. A small building, with only a few tenants at the time, none of which he knew. His home was meticulously arranged. A small TV, which he only kept to watch the news, sitting on a desk alongside multiple flower pots in front of a dingy, green couch. He had dragged it in by himself off the street two months ago; he considered it an experience far more difficult than fighting an Angel. His lack of muscle mass limited him in day-to-day life; a far cry from his Eva, strong and fit.

His bed was in the next room, a double-wide mattress on a simple frame with a couple of thin sheets thrown over it; he was not one for the lap of luxury. Mostly because he could not afford better.

He didn't go there, though. He walked past the compact kitchen area and out a screen door. His balcony was no more than 5x5 feet, but it was comfortable enough. He sat down at a chair and watched the traffic below go by. For how long, he wasn't sure, but the night had fully enveloped the city by the time he had realized he had become entranced.

His phone rang. He picked it up, giving a dreary hello.


"Er, what?"

Piggy began shouting incoherently about something, but Mikhael heard the single word he needed: Angel.

In symmetry with his warning, alarms blared through the city. Screams and honking horns could be heard as people began to scramble for safety. He did not say goodbye to his fellow pilot; the phone was shut off quickly as he dashed out of his apartment and to the sidewalk below. He grabbed his bike off the rack and began pedaling into the city. He had gotten a day to be a normal boy; now it was time to be a hero again.

Alexander was enjoying a strange dream. Rev was choreographing all their Evas, each of which were dancing in a sequence of multiple strange dances. Jumping around, spinning, moonwalking, the works. Grim was dancing alongside Rev, laughing his ass off. Meanwhile, Piggy was gorging himself on a mountain ice cream. Like everyone eleven year old should at some point.

"Living the dream man, living the dream."

And there was Addison by Alexander's side. Both his sides actually, there were two of her. One was the regular Addison he knew, but then there was another. This one looked a bit more...seductive. Both leaned in for a kiss, but at the last minute the different Addison pushed away the other and stabbed Alexander in the chest. He looked down at the knife, confused, not feeling the pain at all, and when he looked up, her face had been replaced with-

Pollux, I don't know what the hell is going on in your head but wake up! You have company!

Alexander's eyes popped open, nearly flying out of his head. He jumped out of bed, landing on his floor with a thick thud! He looked at the floating form of his brother looking down at him, pretty apathetically.

"Dammit Castor what the hell do you wa-"

Then he realized the detection sirens were going off. An angel? Now? But they'd just finished-Alexander's thoughts were cutoff by the chirping of his phone.

"Piggy? Yeah, I know, I know, I'm on my way! And how the hell did you get-you know what, forget it. I'll be there."

"Well, let's get going!"

"No, I don't need you in my head causing me to lose concentration. Stay here, or whatever. I don't know, do ghost stuff!"

Alexander quickly got dressed and ran the stairs of the dorm. Other people were already awake and they all knew what was happening. He avoided the elevator so he wouldn't have to deal with people blocking it. He finally got to the garage, just as his brother casually floated down through the roof.

"So, how do you think you're gonna handle it?"

"I'll just do what we usually do. Fight, fight, win."

"No, I mean about the whole Addison thing."

Alexander just stared at his brother.

"...does now look like the time to talk about this?! That's it! You stay here, I do my thing. It's nice seeing you again and all but you're trying my patience."

"We're brothers, this is what brothers do. Go out and fight the good fight."

Alexander sighed. He revved his moped and took off. It was a nice break, just sitting around with friends enjoying another day, but vacation time was over. As Samuel receded to the back of Alexander's mind, Castor uttered a few words to himself.

"I wasn't talking about that Addison thing"

Addison arrived at NERV headquarters to see a flurry of activity and confusion about the place. She went to the labs first but it was on lockdown and armed guards were running around looking for something or maybe someone.

Either way she went to the Command Center and looked for the Operations Director, Damien. Surely he would know what was going on. Deeply, Addison hoped that it wasn't just another false alarm. It was deeply ingrained in her head that she was to look forward to combating the angles, to secure mankind's survival for just a few more decades.

She could feel the panic of the Angel Sirens but she could see an even deeper shock in the personnel around her. After a few excruciating minutes if trying to find Damien, Addison found it in her best interest to wait until the others would get here. Perhaps they knew what was going on and even if they didn't at least they could formulate some sort of plan among the anarchy.

Rev walked in the door, weaving his way through the crowd of individuals at NERV HQ. He couldn't help but feel a bit nervous with all these people around. He always got lost at times like these. He kept an eye out for anyone who might be able to lead him in the right direction; on cue, Addison walked into his field of vision. A way out of the nightmare within reach, he followed after her.

After a long ride, Alexander finally made it to NERV headquaters. Scientists and armed gaurds were all over the place, running back and forth, doing their usual thing. No one would really tell him what was going on, they were all scurrying around completing whatever jobs they had.

He decided to go straight to the director. Might as well have the big guy himself explain this all. That was when he saw Rev, who was also walking towards Addison, cut off by the crowd.

"Welp, time to put on your cowboy boots, you and your ragtag band of heroes have work to do. Try not to die."

Yeah, thanks for the encouragement, Alexander thought sarcastically. He tried to run over to the two of them, but was cut off. He yelled to them.

"Hey guys, I'm here! Do any of you know what the hell is actually going on?"

They couldn't hear him over the sound of the stomping guards and stressed out scientist. Alexander decided they'd meet up at some point, and simply waded through the crowd of people, following the two a few feet behind.

Damien passed by personal and others rushing past and moving to get everything set during a lock down.
Why of all things did this have to happen now!
The thought ran through his head as he struggled to get to Command Operations, along the way he was dishing orders, one hand resting on his side arm, the other attaching a head set to hear the flurry of reports and confirmations.

Stepping up to his seat of command, he looked around to see what was going on of all things, and where in the world where the pilots?

Alexander tried his best to keep up Rev and Addi, but there were too many people between them. Frustrated, he attempted to call out to them once again and like before, they simply didn't hear him calling out. Why weren't any of the guards or scientist pulling them to the side and rushing them to a briefing room so they could know what the hell they were up against?

"Dammit, c'mon guys!"

"Yeah, they aren't gonna hear you. Hell, no one is gonna listen to you. Why not turn here, onto this hallway, it looks less crowded anyway."

Alexander decided to listen to his brother, he simply needed to collect his thoughts. He walked down the hallway for a bit and figured he could go around the madness and get straight to the director. The only problem was that he didn't really seem to understand the layout of NERV HQ. After a couple of turns, Alexander was all alone on an empty hallway. He stopped and finally realized he was lost.

"Well, isn't this fantastic. Supposedly an angel is on its way to ruin our day, everyone is running around like idiots, and I'm lost! Man, what is with everyone today anyway? It wasn't THIS chaotic the last time an angel appeared."

"Maybe they have extra stuff to deal with today? No one really expected an angel today, right?"

Alexander admitted that Castor may have point, but still noted that something was off about all this. After more corridors, he found himself in what believed to be a sorta garage. He noticed a bunch of trucks, the same kind NERV used to move rubble, their eva's weapons, and occasionally their evas. As he walked through he noticed a lot of things, escort vehicles, hazard suits, research equipment. But then he realized this wasn't a garage, it was a lab. What was it doing all the way back here. Alexander eventual came to a door which needed a clearance card. He could've just left, but was a bit interested in what was going on back here.

He reached into his pocket and found a screwdriver. Over the years, Alexander had gained a hankering for tinkering with machines and technology in general. He'd take plenty of classes on computer systems, automotive (He'd built his moped as a class project), engineering, and a plethora of other subjects. Getting past the card scanner wouldn't be hard. This was Alexander's little trick.

Once getting past the card scanner, he walked to a small console and a large with a large window leading into a dark room.

"Now what the heck is this?"

Alexander found a button for the lights in the room. As the lights came it, he realized it was a pretty big room. The lights came on one by one, extending through the room, and it became evident that the room was a form of hangar. A hangar for what. When the whole room was finally lit, Alexander saw what was in the hangar.

And nearly shit his pants.

"Then I saw another mighty angel coming down from heaven. He was robed in a cloud, with a rainbow above his head; his face was like the sun, and his legs were like fiery pillars."
- Revelation 10:1

Piggy was naked, stretching the plugsuit while announcements played. That and the sirens formed a sort of continual bass beat of the whole night. In the operations centers people were scrambling to their posts, grabbing their equipment and jumping into whatever transport they could find. He gathered that the geological centers had detected movement towards HQ. They were certain it was an Angel, speculating that it had somehow buried itself earlier and systematically traveled through molten currents of subterranean magma. With it sealed, he ran to the platform.

In the Entry Plug, LCL was rising to his neck. He felt the connections oscillating between his fingers as the Evangelion came online.

Synch Ratio: 40%

Again was the feeling of becoming titanic, gargantuan. They sensations exploded through his body and Nikolai convulsed.

Synch Ratio: 75%

And he could not help but open his eyes when the unearthly sounds of the Eva's ears combined with the rush of air when it arced up into the shaft.

Alexander couldn't believe what he was seeing. How could this exist? Why was it here? How could-his thoughts were abruptly cut off by the sound of the headquarters's intercoms.


Aw crap, thats right! There was an angel out there and it needed to be sent back to heaven in pieces. He had to get back to the eva hangars and get out there as soon as possible. Piggy was already out there, and Alexander assumed that Rev and Addi were on their way or still as stuck as he was. Alexander left the room, trying to forget he ever saw anything. These were the good guys, why should he be worried? He had to get to Unit-31 and get to work.

"So, you're just gonna forget about this...thing?"

"...yep, I've got other things to worry about anyway."

Alexander ran out the room, through the lab and back down a dozen corridors before he finally ran into someone. An Owen Laurence, amazed to see one of the pilots NOWHERE NEAR HIS EVA, Mr. Laurence emphasized. The whole maintenance crew was freaking out about him and a few of the other pilots not being at their stations, ready to get to work. He eventually got Alexander to the Eva bay and let everyone else deal with him.

Alexander rushed into his plugsuit, his brother nagging him.

"So...you're not gonna ask anything about what you saw? Not to the director, or even your team. Not even Addi? Really, you Mr.IMUSTKNOWEVERYTHING? I know you want to, so why not?"

"Castor, it's nothing. Yeah, I want to understand it, but it's probably not that big of a deal as I think. Besides if they're keeping it secret, they must have good reason."

This is how Alexander handled Addison's "off-ness."

"They found something that could be dangerous and they've hidden it away."

"Not good enough if all it took were a few wrong turns."

"Yeah well, that's not my issue. It looked like a pretty old section of headquarters anyway, maybe they thought no one would need to go back there, ever."

"Fine, whatever you say. You're the boss."

His brother slowly faded away, as Alexander finished zipping up his plugsuit. He looked a Unit-31, as if expecting some advice or response.

"Yeah, that's what I thought too." Alexander jokingly responded.

"Alright, back to the grind."

Rev was led down a hallway. Scientists, or maybe just men in coats; they held clipboards in their hands, interrogating him. They walked through the halls, they chattered while he gave terse responses. He tugged at the plugsuit that seemed to embed into his skin; it did not budge. He hated the thing, most of all the knowledge that he was likely being watched every time he changed into it. They led him to the hangar, where his beast stood waiting. It had not moved since Rev had last seen it. He felt a shiver in his spine as he thought of it. Was it alive, or not? If it was, what kind of torture was it not to move unless he was there to pilot it?

They forced him into the Plug, and shunted him into his Eva. LCL poured through the walls, his mind dulling as the synchronization process took its first, careful steps. No hallucinations came this time; he was exhausted, the hallucinations had been coming for almost an hour before he stepped into the plugsuit.


A jolt of life shot into him. His mind cleared. He was tired, but his Eva was wide awake. He was ready.



In a single upward thrust, he was free.

Rev had launched a few minutes before him. Good to see things were finally getting back on track. The absence of the pilots had caused a lot of mayhem in the hangars, adding to the rest of NERV's madness today. What the hell was so urgent; what the hell had happened. Were they really this freaked because an Angel arrived only a week after another? For whatever reason, today NERV was putting the NERV in nervous.


In an instant, Alexander and Unit-31 were one, binded to each other. Unit-31 could sense something was afoot with Alexander and after a bit of probing in his mind, found out why. His eva sent a tingle of interest but didn't prod any farther. Looked like Unit-31 shared the same opinions on secrets, as Alexander did.

"75% Unit-31 is clear."

Eager to forget about the mindfuckerry of this morning, Pollux and Dioscuri were out of the hangar in an instant, ready to fight the good fight.

Addison rushed to her Eva as her plugsuit stuck close to her body as if it was a second skin. She saw the other pilots rush to their EVAs as well. Addison boarded the Entry Plug and soon she was encased in the LCL around her. She didn't have time to focus in the hurried steps or hurried demeanor that staff had because to Addison, it was just another day on the job. In the corner of her eyes, she could see some of the scientists eye her nervously. She tried not to think why they looked like that.


Deep down Addison couldn't afford to keep these trivial mood swings take advantage of her. They were all a team and they had to act like one. The team comes first, friends came at a dead second.


The soul of Unit-09 greeted her with his synchronization between their bodies. He noticed quickly, her secondary thoughts but he dismissed it focusing on preparations for the battle ahead. Addison knew this as well.


Addison's hands gripped the controls harder as the lift raised her into the milky light of the moon's beams. The night looked wonderful but dreamy landscapes could wait. There was an angel to exterminate and a world to save.

Pollux was moving at top speed. Though he'd enjoyed the break, he had to admit it was nice to be with Unit-31 again. Piggy was already far ahead of them and they were waiting for his initial report. Pollux felt slightly ashamed. Piggy was far ahead of them because he was actually on time, that he'd been the one to call them, and that at only eleven, Piggy was probably showing a lot more maturity than the rest of the team. He knew nothing about Piggy and never ever really talked to him. It was kinda messed up.

"So, Piggy, what do you see on your end?"

The thing Alexander had seen was still there, the thing the Nerv ground team had found in the rubble.

During the fight, Addison-13 was the first one to attack the main angel and attempt to destroy it's core. She was the first one to actually touch it.

Without it's "sprites", it couldn't absorb anything. The angel needed them to break down the materials. Since it couldn't do that, it simply copied the Eva's data and saved it onto it's core and body. When they took out the core, a lot of the essence landed on the carcass of the angel. It caused a sort of reaction. Though the core is gone, the left over information it had was forming something out of the carcass. An Angelspawn, copied from an Evangelion, in Unit-09's image.

But this was only a piece. The rest was nowhere to be found.

Addison-15 took her first breath in a van next to a man on a computer. She opened her eyes to see trails of headlights from cars on the highway. The moon was overhead, with searchlights scanning the clouds. For a long, frozen moment of disbelief, she did not know what was happening. She didn't understand what her brain was receiving.

And then: her first thoughts, a part of the brain opening up that she had not been. A place untouched that she could access. She started to understand what she was looking at. She studied the environment. She pictured things in her mind, turning them over, taking them apart and trying to see how they fit together.

The van pulled off to the side on the highway, changing vehicles. Four men got out of a second van. They were in civilian clothes, wearing shorts and jackets. They were all heavily muscled, lean, and fit. The largest of them was 6'6". Scars covered one side of his face.

Addison-15 knew three ways to react to people. If they were friends, she helped them. If they were her masters, she obeyed them. If they were a threat, she neutralized them. So when the men surrounding her moved, she hesitated. Not because she was afraid, but because these men could have fallen into any of those categories.

The two men flanking her guided her to the truck. She resisted and they made noises to each other. Fifteen hunched her shoulders and tucked her chin to her chest so she couldn't be choked. She whipped her right elbow over the hand guiding her, pinned it to her side, and then punched the man in his jaw. The other three reacted, moving closer- but the girl ducked and slipped under someone trying to restrain her. She spun free, breaking the man's arm. In the next second Addison-15 sprang off her back foot and launched her entire weight in a kick at the scarred giant. Her heel smashed the man's wide chest. Ribs cracked. He yelled and brought his hands up, too slowly. Addison followed and drove her fingers into his eyes. Three more seconds and another was on the floor, blood running from his check, leg tilted at an unnatural angle.

They finally brought her under control. But for those brief seconds she just... smacked people around like they were sacks of meat rather than mercenaries.

Pollux learned from Piggy that spotting the angel might not be as easy as they'd hoped. The Mobali Geological Center had detected something big moving in the upper mantle. They were certain it was an Angel, speculating that it had somehow buried itself earlier and systematically traveled through molten currents of subterranean magma. The Geological Center could track the angel, to a degree, but they weren't gonna be fighting it anytime soon. It was too deep, and even if it was closer to the surface, they still wouldn't be able to fight it easily. The scientist at the center worried that the angel could cause seismic activity, perhaps even small eruptions. Surfing through the molten currents of subterranean magma, the angel had a pretty great advantage over them.

"What the hell is it with angels and the underground?"

Piggy didn't know. He said him and the group could regroup up ahead and actually form a plan on how to handle this. With that, Pollux's comm went dead with Rev and Addi alongside him.

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