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Rena had been flying overhead to keep a watch for more bandits but upon seeing that the coast was relatively clear for now, she giggled and flew over to the interrogation site before pouting and saying. "Heey! I wanted to integrate him!" She obviously meant 'interrogate', but she stumbled over the word. Looking to Henry, who seemed to have taken charge, she asked. "Can I help? Please please?"

"Sure thing, Rena," Henry conceded. "Two is always better than one, right?"

Henry pondered for a split second before adding, "But no tricks! This is serious."

Rena pouted a little bit from his lack of faith. "I'm not all about tricks you know! I can be a serious integrater too!"

"In-terr-o-gat-or," Henry laughed. "And if you're so sure of yourself, I'll give you the first crack at him!"

Henry stepped out of the way to watch Rena work her magic on the incapacitated bandit.

Rena blinked when he corrected her pronunciation of the word interrogator. Realizing she had been saying it wrong, she giggled and said. "Ah, that was the word I was looking for!" She nodded her head before going over to the bandit and saying. "Hiya! My name's Rena and I'm gonna be your int..integ..interrogator! That's the word!" After giggling a little bit, she continued. "So, wanna tell us all you know? I know something fun if you don't wanna tell me."

"You're too merciful" Said Halgon from behind Henry, who had been silently watching the whole time. "I would've stabbed his thigh, that way, he knows we mean business. You see my friends" he said now addressing the group "Torture isn't about pain, it's about letting the person know that he will die unless he speaks." As he said this, he turned and in one sudden motion, climbed the nearest tree and sat. He looked at rena "Get on with it then."

Henry raised his eyebrows at Halgon's suggestion.

"You'd be surprised at what I can accomplish without violence, if you put your sword away every once in a while, Halgon," he shot back.

The bandit noticed the fae and the northener walk up to him and ask him what he knew. He didn't like the sound of what the fae had planned for him. "Well the only thing that would be useful to you is that our leader had a quest recently. I couldn't tell you who he was or what he looked like, his face was covered by a hood. He just showed up two days ago unannounced wanting to see our leader. We were about to kick him out when our leader came out and they talked a little and then our leader took the guy into his private quarters. We haven't seen him since and it's been two days......" The bandit said before he lost feeling in his throat.

The bandit felt as if something was crushing him from the inside and the pain was overwhelming. The pain was too extreme but then he felt a very sharp crack and then nothing. He watched as he the world around him started to go black. He felt nothing, thought nothing and then was nothing as he slowly died by some mysterious force.

Rena squeaked a little bit as the man was killed by an unseen force. Almost out of habit, she said quickly. "It wasn't me!" She did wonder what had happened to the man, and his leader, but all she knew was that their treasure was going to be Rena's! And the groups..maybe.

Henry gave a violent shudder. It wasn't just the dead remains of the bandits spooking him now.

His eyes wide with anxiety, he turned to Sorael and said, "There's something strange afoot here, and I don't like it at all. If you don't want us to meet the same fate as this guy, I suggest we hightail it out of here. Now."

The cave seemed to grow a little darker and the ominous shadows danced across the walls.

Relax, it's just your imagination, Henry. No need to get all worked up, Felix said.

"I sure hope so," Henry whispered. "This is giving me the creeps."

Malyc wandered back over after he retrieved his swords. "He died? Hmm, didn't think we were that rough on him" he said, chagrined.
"Anyway, we going into the cave then? Or do you have another plan, boss?" Malyc asked Soreal, curious as to their next move.

Athgar seemed unphased by what just happened and muttered. "I suggest that i shoot a glowing ball of light into the cave revealing the bandits and then we jump in and uh.....Kill them!" Said Athgar while putting the lute on his back.

A faint noise could be heard from the lute:"/Cmon Athgar,we can handle those little bandits,We can crush them like the bugs that they are."

"No they might overwhealm us,also stop talking before somebody hears you!" Athgar seemed to be talking to himself.

Drogon looked at the dead bandit.
"What? What was that?" He looked deeply puzzled by what had just happened.
"What force could do that? Something does not seem right here."
He shuddered at the thought of these powers in enemy hands.
Then again. Learning such powers would be. Useful.
"And no, we do not need to fight them head on. We could camp out here and try to starve them off. We could put this battle on our terms, for they will have to fight us sooner or later. Attacking head on is suicide."

Halgon's heart was pounding his chest. "Any of you magic user know what the fuck just happened?" Halgon said. "There is something more to these bandits. These are not just killers and rapists, these are something more..." Halgon didn't feel fear though, only a heightened sense of things. "I suggest we are cautious Sorael, I volunteer to scout ahead."

"I..... I am not sure how to describe it. It was like something just.... Grabbed his wery essence, and ripped it too pices. But that would take a temendous amount of skill. What if it was prepared before the encounter?"
Drogon sighted and turned towards Halgon.
"What I am saying is this: I am not really sure what just happened. It came to quickly for me to examine. I could not get a real feel of it."
Turning to Sorael, Drogon expressed his concern.
"But whatever did that, it might be in there." he pointed at the cave.

Still shacky from the encounter, and what the hell had just happened Drogon finally tried to calm down.
Is the book there? Yes, good.
Am I hurt in any way? No, good.
Do I understand what is going on? No, and that is bad...

"Halgon i doubt that's a good idea.Don't you remembered the last time we split up?"

"/Honestly i don't know why you are deciding to stick together with these mortals."

"Quiet you"

Halgon noticed something strange with Athgar, "Are you ok?" He said putting his hand on the hilt of the sword, he looked at Drogon and said "I know it's not the best idea to scout ahead but we need to know what the hell happened now, and what killed the bandit. And whatever did, could also kill us standing here, so why not scout ahead?" Halgon pulled an unlit torch out of his backpack and a firestone, after a few tries he lit the torch. "So, I will go, not asking, who's with me?"

Sorael looked on shocked by what happened to the bandit. "Fucking magic." Sorael thought to himself. "Okay everyone whoever did that to him is most likely in that cave. Because of that we are to stay together. Splitting up makes us easier targets and who knows what type of traps can be in there." Sorael explained. "Okay then lets head in." Sorael said walking into the cave.

Walking into the cave sorael noticed that it was a small cave and could make someone claustrophobic very easily. Sorael continued down the path cautiously until he started to see light. Walking towards the light the cave started to open up and they came to an area that looked liked people lived there. Sorael looked around but saw no one. "This could be a trap be careful everyone." Sorael said.

Sorael looked around and saw that the area was pretty open and he noticed a pathway on the other side of the room. Sorael then saw a figure walk out into the area from the other part of the cave. "Well well well, so they finally sent someone after us." The figure said walking into the light. The figure was a large human who sorael assumed was the leader of the badnits, he looked like he went through his fair share of battles.

"Yes, King Antonius sent us to wipe you out." Sorael responded. "A pity he sends someone so weak." The bandit leader responded trying to make sorael mad. "Well I'm the one that's going to kill you." Sorael said while drawing his weapon. "Hahaha, You don't scare me Aquean. I'll have you know my remaining bandits are my best soldiers." The bandit leader boasted while drawing his sword. A group of large, fierce looking bandits then appeared behind the bandit leader. "Kill them." The bandit leader said coldly.

Dashing to the side, and drawing one of the elite guars with him, Drogon indended to have a simple one on one battle. He was a cryomancer for gods sake, a petty bandid would be easy.
Trying to keep a confortable distance, he threw several chunks of ice at his opponent, to slow him down.
One chunk! Miss.
Another chunk! Miss, damn he is fast.
Another chunk! Miss, this is not good.
The bandit was way faster and more agile than Drogon, and was quickly closing the gap between them.
Ok, movement is life. To stop woud be to die.
Throwing ice randomly at the bandit, Drogon began to loose control of the battle.The bandit lunged at him, nearly hitting him. This was bad, really bad.
Drogon stopped attacking, and amassed his last mental force at his disposial to avoid the bandit.
The bandit lunged anew, and had Drogon not just changed direction, he would have been laying dead upon the floor.
But the blade of fear tasted his blood, and he paniced half running, and half sending scraps of ice everywhere.
There! One finally caught the bandit in the guts, and he lost momentum.
Guided by nothing but instinct, Drogon drew his ornnate dagger and quickly dispatches of the hurt bandit, thous ending one fight.
Now he only had to fight to regain the calm state that was needed for advnaced magic.

Halgon saw the bandit leader and sprinted toward him. With his sword in hand "Fuck it!" He said. As he was about to hit the leader he felt something pull him back and throw him. Midair, he saw an elite bandit, that had thrown him. As he fell he felt a rib snap "OW! Motherfucker!" He stood up but the bandit was already in front of him, the bandit was about to hit him with his blade but Halgon, pissed off dodged and kicked him in the chest with all his might. The bandit was thrown into the air by the kick, he fell and gasped in pain, stood up and grabbed his sword again. Halgon, ready for battle said "Now you're in trouble!"

Henry spun around, spying a bandit menacingly brandishing a broadsword that glinted in the shadows of the cave. He staggered closer, the smell of alcohol rich on his breath and a toothy grin crawling on his face.

"Why is it always me?" Henry moaned, backing away slowly. His mind raced with illusions he could use or disguises he could take on to fool the bandit to his death. It wasn't that he drew a blank and couldn't create even the simplest of tricks. His brain racked and reeled, working too fast, coming up with myriads of ideas. Half of which Henry shook off with the despairing thought that his magic wasn't strong enough to withstand for too long.

Instead, he drew his own swords and swung with the satisfying clink of steel on steel. He wove, parried, and unleashed a hailstorm of blows against his would-be attacker, but each landing harmlessly against the bandit's own sword.

He just couldn't bring himself to do it again. Henry had killed twice and could not reconcile himself creating a third victim.

Henry saw Aaron rush nearby and called for help, a plan hatching quickly in the heat of battle.

"Aaron!" Henry called, screwing up his eyes, and in a moment's notice, taking on the guise of Aaron's double. "Shall we show this gentleman how to tango?"

The two smiled broadly as they lashed out with their weapons, catching the bandit off-guard with their deception.

Henry decided he would take part in the masquerade, but would let the creative mage he fought alongside with send the bandit to his death with a finishing blow of his own.

"My hands will be clean, at least for now," he thought to himself as he placed a kick into the handle of the bandit's sword, disarming him.

Still grinning broadly Aaron saw the opening Henry afforded him, he focused his powers on the blade spinning away from the bandit, he hit the blade with a bolt of lightning and directed it back at its former wielder. The blade planted itself with a hearty THUNK, right between the bandits shoulder blade and neck, electricity discharging on impact. The bandit stumbled backwards towards a cliff, his eyes were glazed over and it was clear he was dead already.

"All yours Henry!" Aaron called out with a salute

"Have a nice trip!" Henry said planting his boot on the bandits chest "See you next fall!"

Henry followed through with a heavy kick, sending the corpse over the cliff.

Oblivious to anything but him and the bandit, Malyc sized up his opponent. From the way he moved, Malyc could tell that this was no simple bandit. This was an experienced opponent, a veteran of almost as many conflicts as himself. Malyc unsheathed his blades, and waited for the bandit to make his move.

From the moment their blades first crossed, Malyc knew that the bandit's skill nearly matched his own. "This will prove interesting" he spat, nearly face-to-face with the bandit over their crossed swords. The swift movements of the skilled bladesmen kept them just out of reach of each other, sometimes at arms length, sometimes separated by a hairsbreadth.

The fight continued on for some time. Both Malyc and the bandit sustained several minor injuries from clever feints, missed blocks, and bad luck. Suddenly, the bandit feinted to Malyc's knee, who brought his blades down to deflect. He never saw the blade that suddenly slashed near his eye.

Stunned, blood blinding his right eye, Malyc stumbled back, trying to regain his bearings. By chance, his hand brushed against a rock as he went to a knee. Without thinking, Malyc threw the rock with every last shred of strength he had left. The gamble succeeded: the rock hit the bandit in the knee, making him stumble and veer off course. Malyc saw the bandit's knee start to buckle. Seizing the opportunity chance had given him, he charged up and drove his foot into the bandit's now weakened knee, snapping it.

The bandit dropped to his knees, eyes watered with pain. "You have proven a worthy opponent. It is an honor to have fought one as skilled as yourself." Malyc drew both blades back to strike. "Rest in piece". He rammed his blades into the bandit's chest, ending both the his suffering and the duel.

Rena gasped when she saw one of the more elite bandits heading her way. She knew that she could just fly up into the air and rain arrows down on the guy but she only had so many arrows and knew that this wasn't likely to be the final battle. Instead, she lifted off the ground only a little, staying at a ten foot hover before silently chanting an incantation as her hands shimmered with magic. As soon as the bandit approached, she took off to the right with avian agility and waved her right hand in a crescent motion, blasting a burst of compressed air towards the bandit.

Though all he could see was a shimmer in the air, the bandit seemed to see the blade and reacted accordingly by jumping to the side while turning as well, making the blade pass harmlessly by. Rena had prepared for that though, and in a flurry of slashing movements with both arms, she sent a flurry of wind blades after him. The bandit knew he couldn't dodge these ones, so he raised his kite shield in front of him and bent on his knee, making his form as small as possible behind the shield. The blades pounded the wooden shield and one could hear as chunks of wood were ripped out of the shield with each blade.

After a flurry of roughly eight blades, his shield was rendered useless and all he had to rely on was his longsword. Rena thought she had this one in the bag, and in the momentary pause it took the bandit to realize no more blades were coming, she had switched to her bow and notched and arrow. When he tossed his shield aside, she let the arrow loose. It didn't reach its target however, as the bandit saw the arrow and swatted it down with his sword. Growling, Rena notched another one even as the bandit charged. Letting it loose, it met the same fate as the first, and now the bandit was on her, sword raised in the air. Letting out a small squeak, she held her bow with both hands and used it to block the slash, but her own weapon was rendered useless.

Flying back to give herself some distance, she let loose another volley of blades and this time the bandit used his sword to cut through most of them, but two made it past and slashed into his arms, cutting deep. Letting out a roar of pain, he charged once more, intent on crushing the small Fae one way or another. What he didn't see was that while he was focused on cutting the wind blades, Rena had set down a Rune in front of her and when the bandit stepped on it, it let loose hurricane force winds and launched him into the air. Now in Rena's home territory, she flew up after him like a fighter jet, launching volley after volley of blades after him. Still spinning from being launched into the air, the bandit didn't stand a chance against the blades, and was ripped to pieces, sending a rain of blood over the battle, but especially over Malyc, just cause.

Aaron caught a glimpse of a bandit who set his sights on him, Aaron and the bandit circled each other for a while. The bandit drew his sword and shield, an odd choice for a bandit in retrospect Aaron thought, and charged forward. Aaron knew this was his chance, holding his palms up he cried "FLASH!" A flash of brilliant blinding light illuminated the cave and seared the bandits eyes, the bandit stopped mid-stride and Aaron teleported behind him. "Too easy," said Aaron, grabbing the bandits head between his hands and sending a powerful sustained jolt through his head. Aaron backed away flicking his hands behind him to release the remaining electricity. The bandit immediately turned and delivered a hook to Aaron's stomach, and a high kick directly to the face.

Aaron was sent reeling, the physical blows unexpected, no one has ever survived that much electricity Aaron thought. The bandit grabbed him by the leg and knocked him off balance, he drew his blade and made a stab at Aaron's chest but Aaron managed to roll aside just in time. "Earth Meld!" Aaron cried desperately, sinking through the stone as if it were but water. Aaron grabbed his assailants leg and dragged it underground, and released the limb so it once again became solid. Aaron clawed his way back above gasping for air, the only drawback to the spell, and prepared to finish what he started.

Just then a throwing knife just barely glanced Aaron's temple, a thin line of blood tracing its way down his face. The bandit still hadn't given up yet and he continued to throw five more knives in quick succession. Aaron used electric pulses to stop all of these knives mid throw, and then turned them to bear on their owner. 3 met their mark, one in the leg and two in the chest. Blood splattered to the ground and the bandit fell to his knee.

Still the bandit persisted, "Ice Whip!" he called, a barbed whip materializing out of thin air, and hurdling towards Aaron.

"That's ENOUGH!" Aaron shouted, "FLAME NOVA!" holding his hands across his chest he let his magic energy build and collect around his whole body. Aaron uncrossed his arms and thrust them into the air, a wave of superheated wind and flames burst from his body in all directions, disintegrating the ice whip and scorching the bandits clothes.

Aaron forged a blade of ice and ran up to the bandit impaling him to the floor. He gathered a huge pulse of electricity and released it point blank. The power of the blow left the sound of a thunder crack reverberating throughout the room. The bandit fell limp, the smells of scorched flesh emanating from him.

Aaron sat down, panting. That bandit was no ordinary man. Something wasn't right here...

Henry's words echoed in Halgon's head "You'd be surprised at what I can accomplish without violence, if you put your sword away every once in a while, Halgon" Lets try that Henry, at least with not much, violence. He's too big to take head on. Fight with your head now Halgon. So Halgon sheathed his swords and got on his knees and closed his eyes. When the bandit saw this, his eyes seemed to turn red as he sprinted toward Halgon. In one sudden movement the Elite Bandit lifted his Bastard Sword to strike Halgon with it. Halgon oppened his eyes and kicked him in the knee, shattering the bone, the bandit shrieked in pain and fell to the ground, Halgon jumped up and sidestepped as the bandit fell. When the bandit hit the floor, Halgon drew his sword and chopped his armwith one precise strike, the bandit shouted and cried in pain. Halgon, calm, approached the Bandit and cut his head off.

Athgar was not at all phased by a bandit running towards him.Athgar sidestepped and the bandit ran into a wall.When the bandit turned around Athgar was several feet back.Athgar threw a bottle of rum into the bandits hands,the bandit was confused.Athgar shot a fireball at him which turned into a more powerfull explosion because of the rum.The bandit died in a blaze of fire,truly it was an astonishing sight.Athgar bowed,looked at Soreal and said "Are we done now?"

Gnūrlon couldn't get a clear shot of the bandit leader and was thus looking for a bandit that wasn't busy fighting one of his fellows. He suddenly discovered a bandit in a robe on the other side of the room. The bandit noticed that Albin was staring at him and he started to smile. Sparks of electricity started to spray out of his hands but got more and more concentrated until it started to look like the bandit hold two blue dinner plates in his hands. Gnūrlon realized that the bandit probably was a magic user considering the sparks coming out of his hands.
The mage rushed at Gnūrlon and Albin threw one of the metal spears that Aaron had given him at the bandit but the bandit deflected the spear with his left dinner plate and kept running at Gnūrlon.

Gnūrlon barely managed to pull out his spear befor the bandit tried to slap him with the right dinner plate. Gnūrlon managed to parry but felt his muscles cramping and saw how the left diner plate was heading towards him. In the last second parried Gnūrlon after snapping out of the cramps but where now suffering from the same cramps as before. Gnūrlon jumped backwards to avoid getting slapped by the bandit and was now trying to get a good distance between him and the bandit. With a distance of 2 metres between him and the bandit was enough for Gnūrlon to lunge forward for the offensive. While parrying he realized that it was just a matter of time before he didn't manage to block the mages attacks.

Suddenly a explosion of fire suprised the bandit and he stared at a flaming Aaron. This was what Gnūrlon needed. With all his might shoved Gnūrlon his spear into the bandits stomach and the bandit groaned. With his last powers smashed the bandit his dinner plates together at Gnūrlons spear. The spear absorbed the blue dinner plates and Gnūrlon felt his whole body shaking and then!


Sorael walked towards the bandit leader completely ignoring the battles around him. "I hope you said your prayers because you're about to die." Sorael said coldly as he drew closer to his enemy. "Well you little fishie, I'm going fishing and I'm looking to catch a big one!" The bandit leader said pointing his sword at sorael. "Your overconfidence will be your downfall." Sorael snapped back drawing his spear. "No, My overconfidence will be your downfall!" The bandit leader responded.

The bandit leader without another word charged at sorael and closed the gap between the two faster than sorael thought he would. Sorael had little time to react but was able to bring his spear to his left side to block the bandit's slash at him with the pole of his spear. Sorael used his strength to push the bandit away and followed with a thrust of his spear. The bandit regained his balance quickly and used his sword to knock soraels attack away. In one motion the bandit then used his left arm to grab sorael's spear. He then pushed the spear to the side causing sorael to lose control of his weapon for a second.

The bandit leader used that second to go in for another attack and sorael could not get his weapon back to block in time. Blood started to drip out of the wound on his arm, Sorael had brought his left arm up to stop the sword from getting to his head. The bandit leader looked on in a malicious excitement as he watched the blood drop from sorael's arm. Sorael dropped his spear and laid a heavy punch on the bandit leader's stomach knocking him back a little.

Sorael ignored the intense pain in his left arm and charged the bandit leader without a weapon. Sorael first grabbed the bandit's right arm and twisted it until the bandit leader dropped his sword. Sorael then punched the bandit leader in the face causing the bandit leader to stagger a little. Sorael used this opportunity to finish the battle. Sorael started out with a right uppercut to the bandit leaders head and then used his left armblade to slice the bandit leaders neck. The bandit leader started to stagger around covering his neck trying to stop the bleeding.

Sorael went over and picked up his spear and walked back over to the bandit leader. Sorael kicked the bandit leader onto the ground and then used the blade of his spear to finish off the bandit leader. Sorael watched as the life drained out of the bandit leader and did not take the spear out until he was sure that the bandit leader was dead.

Athgar stretched and walked up to the electrocuted dwarf."Oi wake up!" Athgar kicked the dwarf and realised he was stunned."Well shit,alright time to whip out the ol'healing magic."Athgar crouched at the dwarfs side and waved his hands around his body.Athgars hands started to glow and The dwarf starts to slowly move.When Athgar was done he helped the dwarf up and muttered"you owe me one"Then Athgars vision started to blur and he got pale,but nobody really noticed that.

Sorael was exhausted from the battle he was just in, he looked over to the others and noticed that there were a few injuries but no one was dead. "good, no one died." Sorael thought to himself. "Well it looks like we have defeated the bandits. Let's go back now and we can.." Sorael started to say before being interrupted by the crashing of boulders which blocked both ways out trapping them in the cave.

The cave was completely pitch black and sorael could not get a good read to where he was. As sorael was trying to move back towards the squad blue crystals on the wall started to glow. The light from the crystals soon gave the cave an eerie blue tint to it and soon smoke started to fill the cave from the center of the room. "Everyone don't breathe in the smoke! Who knows what it could do to you!" Sorael shouted putting his hand over his mouth.

"You do not have to be so cautious aquean, the smoke is not poisonous." A mysterious voice said from inside the thickest part of the smoke. "Who are you?" Sorael asked still wary of the smoke. "My name is kaladin." The voice responded. Suddenly the smoke started to swirl and then it disappeared revealing an old looking wizard who's face was hidden by his hood. "So kaladin, I assume it was you who trapped us in here?" Sorael asked not knowing what to make of the wizard.

"Yes that was me, If I didn't stop you from leaving you wouldn't have stayed to talk." kaladin responded. "Why do you want to talk to us?" Sorael questioned still not able to pick up what kaladin was thinking. "Oh yes, I've been watching all of you very closely throughout the years. You have picked a good group sorael." kaladin answered adding on a compliment at the end. "Wait, you were watching us?" Sorael asked bewildered by what he was just told. "Yes I've been watching everyone here since the war. I feel like this group will be worthy of the knowledge I am about to tell you." Kaladin responded.

"Now all of you remember what happened in the war correct?" Kaladin asked. The group all answered yes. "Good, then you remember the invincible soldiers. What if I told you that they couldn't be killed because they were already dead." Kaladin said phrasing his last sentence as half a statement and half a question. "That would be impossible, necromancy died out thousands of years ago." Sorael responded. "Well aquean what would you know of magic anyway. The invincible soldiers were actually the undead controlled by a powerful mage." Kaladin explained as the group listened to what he was saying.

"This mage is actually the last necromancer who learned the secrets from an old forgotten text. He spent his entire life learning how to use necromancy magic and how to control the undead. He wanted to test out his new found power and found the perfect opportunity when the war started. He went to the king of malum and offered him his services, and the king of malum accepted and that's how malum got their invincible soldiers." kaladin explained. "But how did sophisma defeat the undead soldiers?" Sorael asked.

"I was the one who helped sophisma defeat the undead soldiers." Kaladin responded proudly. "But that story isn't what I wanted to talk to you about. I was able to seal the mage's magic away but I have become too weak to continue to keep his magic sealed. Once I release the seal he will attempt to destroy everything and I won't be able to stop him." Kaladin explained. "So what do you need us for?" Sorael asked. "I need you to defeat the undead soldiers." Kaladin answered in a serious tone. Sorael was about to ask how until a strange crystal floated in front of him.

"I am going to give each of you a crystal, those crystals hold a special type of magic that will allow you to destroy the undead." kaladin explained. "Do not lose that crystal or you will not be able to fight the undead." kaladin added. "Why should we trust you, you trapped us in this cage and you tell us this crazy stuff and you expect me to blindly believe it?" Sorael said questioning what he was told. "I wouldn't want you to believe me just like that but I would like you to do one thing before making your judgement. Go to the south about a days walk from here, there you will find a city that is under attack by the undead. Whether you believe me or not will be up to you at that point." Kaladin said.

"Now I shall leave you, remember to heed my warning and go to the south." Kaladin said while backing up. Smoke started to cover him again and his figure suddenly vanished in the smoke. As the smoke started to clear sorael saw that the rocks that were blocking the ways out were gone. Sorael had no idea what to believe as he just stared in shock at the crystal he held in his hand.

Malyc listened intently to the wizard as he explained why he had stopped them from leaving. When the wizard got to the point about the undead soldiers, Malyc stiffened in shock. He had been in command of a group of them and hadn't even known it. "That explains everything" he muttered quietly. "That must be why I had had no losses until we reached the gates of Regnatores." he thought.

He resolved to explain that little bit of his past to Soreal as soon as he had an opportunity.

Henry sighed, spooked a little.

"Are we really listening to a guy we met in a cave, Sorael? I don't know what's worse: the fact that there might be an army of the dead waiting for us in the south, or the idea that we're trusting this guy."

Squinting his eyes he absentmindedly took on the guise of the hooded Kaladin before reassuming his own form again after a puff of smoke.

He shuddered at the thought of the strange man, and felt his crystal weigh heavily in his pocket next to Felix.

"As much as this whole evil dead thing is giving me the creeps, I guess we have to go. Right?"

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