Swords of the Fallen (Fantasy RP)(Started Open, PM CS to GM)

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The RP is beginning all out of character chat will go in OOC tags or skype from this point

"Sorael, King Antonius has chosen you to lead the squad to take out the bandits." General Corphaeus told Sorael. "Thank you sir, who will be in my squad?" Sorael asked surprised that he was chosen to lead a squad. "We will leave that decision up to you." General Corphaeus responded. "But sir I don't know any." Sorael started before being interrupted. "Sorael we trust you to find the best soldiers. Don't let us down Sorael." General Corphaeus said before walking out of the room. "Well, I guess I better get started." Sorael said to himself before heading out himself.

The world suddenly came back into view as Sorael found himself in a meadow. "Hmm it seems like I fell asleep." Sorael mumbled to himself as he stood up and stretched out a little. Sorael looked around and noticed that the meadow was completely empty. "Where is everyone? I told them to meet me here." Sorael thought to himself. Sorael then remembered the multiple people he met and recruited to the squad. He told them to meet them in the meadow by midday but they still haven't shown up yet. Sorael sat down and rested his back on a rock and started waiting for the others to show up. His vision started to black out as sleep started to take over his body and soon he fell asleep.

I walk around looking for Sorael hoping that he won't rip my head off for being late.When i notice him just sleeping there.I procede to pour rum onto his face to wake him up.

Halgon runs past the stables and grabs a horse, when he reaches the meadow, He sees Sorael talking to someone, his face is wet and he seems pissed off. Halgon dismounts. "My name is Halgon, I expected more to be here."

Slowly approacing the meadow Drogon LaArel studied the figures in front of me.
"Hm, so this is the squad I was recruted for".
The small group was dissapointing.
"It will have to do, for now".
He drew up a small book from a pocket in his long, tattered but still deep blue robe, and sat down besides Sorael.

Henry Golightly nonchalantly ambled to the meadow marked on his tattered map, a smirk crossing his face from ear to ear. Felix struggled to keep up, bounding behind him and trying to take long strides with his too-short legs.

He looked over the field and saw four men standing already, one of whom he had met just once before: Sorael. The same Sorael who nearly sliced and diced him into oblivion not long before the planned meeting.

With a quick, enthusiastic wave and a sheepish grin, Henry sprinted over and scooped up Felix with a quick flick of the wrist and plucked him onto his shoulder.

"So, what did I miss?" he laughed.

Athgar looks around at everyone and says to himself

*Well this should be interesting*While taking a swig of rum.

Sorael awoke to having rum poured on him. "What the!" Sorael shouted startled by what happened. Sorael looked up to see a human who had just poured the rum on him. "What the hell do you think you're doing!?" Sorael shouted standing up and showing his intimidating size. Sorael looked around and noticed that some of the squad had shown up. "Well took you guys long enough." Sorael said in a angry tone.

"I heard that, big guy!" Henry scoffed, looking at the bottle in Athgar's hand disapprovingly. After consulting with Felix, still perched on his shoulder, Henry crossed his arms and gave Athgar a stern look.

"I don't think much of your drinking, and neither does Felix," Henry said, half-jokingly, but with a dead-serious look on his face. "You must be Athgar."

After seeing Sorael get to his feet, Henry sprung into a quick salute and snapped to attention.

"Henry Golightly reporting for duty, sir!" he shouted.

Felix made a couple of eager little squeaks.

"And I guess Felix is too," Henry laughed.

Halgon laughed "Not much of a warrior if you fell asleep now are you? What if we were the enemy?" He said, not being very intimidated by the Aquean. "So tell me, aquean, what is your name, who are these, and what is our mission?"

Athgar jokingly responds:

*The one and only*while taking another swig of rum

*You must be Henry*

"That's my name, don't wear it out." Henry boasted, beaming and sticking out his chest.

As I am heading toward the meeting, I hear a loud ruckus. Thinking that there is a battle to be had, I quickly string my bow and cautiously advance toward the meadow that it is coming from.
I see Soreal having an animated conversation with a man who appears to have poured rum on him. Supressing a chuckle, I put my bow away and amble into the meadow.

"Hey guys, sorry I'm late."

I respond to Halgon without taking eyes from the book.
" I am Drogon LaArel, Cryomancer of sorts. And this is brutes getting paid to do a mission."
"But that is all I know."

Henry eyed the tall Aquean who just walked into the field, putting his bow back where it belonged. A look of comprehension dawned on his face, realizing that it wasn't another Aquean who had it out for him.

"You must be Malyc, right? You're fashionably late like it's going out of style!" Henry chuckled.

"Name is Halgon" He now looked at the drunk human, "I don't know any of you, but I take my line of work very seriously, if you, or that tar of rum ever get in the way of me, I will gut you like a pig, do you understand me?" He said boldly. And now, talking to the whole group "I am hoping we can all get along just fine."

*Well if we don't threaten eachother with pig-gutting then we will get along.* Athgar said while waiting for the team to move out.

Sorael looked at the group that had shown up and noticed that two members were missing. "Well seeing that most of you are here I am Sorael and I am the commanding officer of this squad." Sorael announced. "We will be heading over to Razorback mountain to hunt down the bandits that keep attacking the settlements. We will head out once our two other members arrive." Sorael explained.

"Sounds like a fun mission. I can scout out the area, if you would like."

"Bandits?" Halgon said surprised, "Well, this is going to be easier than I expected."

"All this for some mere bandits? Is there nothing else to it?"
Drogon sighed.
"Well the pay is good, so why not."

"Bandits eh? Doesn't sound to exciting but gold is gold."
Athgar said while noticing his rum bottle was empty.

"Yes, bandits." Sorael started studying the facial expressions of his squad mates. "The bandits have been raiding some of the settlements and have caused enough damage that they finally have to send us in to take them out." Sorael continued. "The bandits are located in a cave at Razorback mountain but we don't know where it is located. We'll have to find out where once we get there but we are to kill every bandit we see." Sorael said.

Halgon looked at Sorael doubtful, "Alright Sorael, I'll bite, I want it to be clear, I will skip the formalities, I'm not interested in rank and such things, I will be treated as your equal and their equal," he said pointing at the rest of the team "or I will leave this squad. Let's roll."

"Calm down Halgon,no need to be so strict about everything" Athgar said while throwing away his empty rum bottle."So are we waiting for the other two to show up?" Athgar asked.

"And there's no way I'm staying behind if you send Malyc to scout," Henry huffed, looking agitated. "I'm a Northerner. I know the terrain here much better than any Aquean will ever..." he trailed off after seeing the angry look on Sorael's face after his unintentional jab at the Aqueans.

Henry fidgeted, shifting his weight slightly as Felix gave a scolding squeak.

"Oops, sorry," he muttered, looking down and shuffling his feet in embarrassment.

Drogon closed his book and stared at Halgon.
"No, that is no good idea. We are a group of induviduals recruted to do a task for someone. That someone then also posesses the right to lead. We would be bettter off letting Sorael command."
Reopening the book, he added:
"And I think we should lay some strategies when the other members arrive. And find out what we should do in certain situations. For example, I seem to be the only mage yet. Therefore we should plan accordingly."

Aaron was engrossed in a leather bound spell tome when he heard the commotion. There was shouting which finally settled down to loud conversation. Unable to concentrate any longer, Aaron decided to see what was going on. He pulled the hood of his Vulcan robe up and went over to see what was going on.

As he turned the corner what he found was a ragtag group of adventurers sitting under a tree, intrigued Aaron decided he wanted to join the fun. He closed the distance between them quickly and asked "What's going on here?" eagerness clear in his voice.

Henry walked over and extended a hand, grinning goofily.

"Well, that's not something you see every day: a guy masquerading as a Vulcan. Nice to meet you, I'm Henry! And boy am I glad I'm not the only youngster on the team."

Felix poked out from Henry's sleeve and squealed a hello.

"I guess Felix says hi too, don'tcha pal?"

Aaron's eyes lit up at the sight of the creature in Henry's sleeve. "I've heard of these before but I've never actually seen one up close." He exclaimed "I thought they were all extinct!" Aaron excitedly produced his spellbook again and takes out a page, clearly ripped out from another book. It was a sketch that bore a striking similarity to Felix.

A shadow crossed over the group as the young Rena flew overhead. Giggling happily, she went into a dive and flew straight at them before breaking her descent by quickly flapping her wings towards the ground. As soon as her feet touched the ground, she said. "Hi there! Is this everyone in the group that's going on the Great Bandit Adventure?" She had officially named the mission herself, and since she thought it was catchy she stuck with it. Looking up to everyone, as she was the smallest here, she giggled and said. "Wow, everyone's so tall."

Felix scampered over to Aaron, looking curiously at the page, his ears flopping around excitedly.

"Really?" Henry asked, rushing over to glance at the page. "I thought Felix was a one-of-a-kind deal, since I've never seen anything like him. Do you know anything about Felix's kind? You'd think he'd tell me, since he never shuts up about anything, but most of the time he's just reminding me about finding my destiny."

Felix stared up, giving Henry a half-reproachful, half-playful scowl before resuming climbing onto Aaron's shoulder.

"You're a lucky guy, Aaron," Henry joked. "Felix doesn't usually take well to strangers."

Henry glanced toward the sky, hearing a faint melodic giggling resounding in the air. Shielding his eyes from the sun, he saw what looked to be a small girl with wings. Bewildered, he came up with a snappy one-liner to introduce himself to the stranger.

"And what fairy tale did you fall out of?" Henry asked.

Aaron took Felix off his shoulder and gave him a pat, smiling as he did so. Aaron always loved animals. He pulled his hood off from his face and Felix cuddled up in the cowl. Aaron heard Henry and the newcomer talking to each other when he heard her say "Is this the group for the Great Bandit Adventure?" Aaron's eyes shone with new found interest. It would be an excellent chance for him to test his spells in combat again.

"Wow everyone's so tall" The Fae said finally with a giggle.

Aaron decided to interject before they decided to leave "Excuse me," Aaron said, "Did I hear something about an adventure?"

Rena giggled happily as the others took notice of her. She had learned of the group on the way to the mountains and quickly decided that being in a group would be infinitely better than going it alone. Smiling to the one who asked her what fairy tale she came from, she replied. "No fairy tale! I'm from the forest! My name's Rena and I'm going on an adventure to the mountains to beat the bandits and get their treasures! I think I'm a little in over my head though, so when I heard about your group, I decided to fly over here!" She looked to the other person, Aaron, and said. "That's the Great Bandit Adventure in a nutshell!"

Henry sighed, walking with Aaron back to the rest of the group as Rena fluttered above energetically.

"You know, I used to think the forests were quiet. And then you came along. But it's good to have you around, you know?" Henry said. "It's a good thing you found us, Rena. A small one like you wouldn't last 5 minutes against a troupe of bandits."

The trio meandered back to Sorael, who shot an agitated look at them for straying off. Henry shrugged it off apologetically, grabbing an apple from his pack and taking a bite out of it with a satisfying crunch and handing a small sliver to Felix.

"You know, Henry, that depends on if they ever saw her or not" Malyc said with a grin. "Back in the war, we used to ambush much larger groups of enemies than our own." He gets a far off look in his eye, as if remembering days long past.
"Of course, doing that did end up killing my men off in the final days of the battles, so it may not have been the best idea." He says, sighing.

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