Swords of the Fallen (Fantasy RP)(Started Open, PM CS to GM)

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"You'd be surprised how well-armed I am, Malyc," Henry grinned. "I may not like fighting, but I'm a walking arsenal."

Henry turned his gaze upwards to Rena, who looked intent on playing a trick or two on any unsuspecting bandits who crossed her path.

"Rena, don't blow our cover with one of your tricks!" Henry shouted against the wind. "And Malyc, Aaron, and myself are friends, not targets for any practical jokes! Got it? Good."

" The Vulcan is a great people. True, proud, honourable. And way to conservative for their own best. Little force is used to develop talents beyond the traditions. That is what made me leave them. There was no room for me."
Drogon takes a short brake from talking.
" That, and being thrown out of my academy. "

"Took up too much room in your dorm eh?"Athgar said jokingly."I also went to the mages college in the south at a young age..."Athgar sort looks into space while playing his lute.

"No, I kind of tried to *liberate* a few books from a sealed of part of the library."
Drogon changed tone, clearly trying to change subject.
"I have little knowledge about healing and just a little into resurrection. Never really got the taste for it. Mind sharing som information on the subject?"
He carefully put the small book back in his pocket.

"Well as you probably know resurrection is the art of raising various kinds of monsters from the depths of darkness and hell alike.It's actually very hard to master.I don't have too much knowlege about healing,cut wounds and things like that.Healing is surprisingly difficult to master as i've seen many mages struggle with it.It can be very handy if you're in a group.Anything else you need to know?"

"Must look into that sooner or later. I only really know frost magic. I guess I spend more time learning about magic than learning magic, if you see what I mean. I search out tomes and tablets, not spells. How do you fight with lightning magic? I know frost is all about battlefield control, and fire all about destruction. But I am unsure of the general fightingstyle amongs lightning mages."

"Well it has a "chain" effect,meaning it can strike multiple enemies at a time.But i do have to be careful where i shoot it because i wouldn't wanna zap any of my companions.I can also make a sort of lightning shield but that drains me up fast so i only do it in the most desperate of situations......"After a short period of silence Athgar mutters"I need a drink..."

"Well there happenes to be a inn by the road nearby. Want to *gather information* for our trip over there?"

"Eh,why not.I can show you my drinking capabilities!And we can scout out some female companions haha!"Said athgar getting his backpack.

Halgon turned his attention to Drogon, after he had swallowed what he had said. "Resurrection huh? I always thought that which is dead, should stay dead. I wouldn't want to be resurrected." Halgon pulled out a leather strip, sat in a rock nearby and started sharpening his sword with the strip. The sword was short and seemed to be made of black iron, the blade was curved and extremely sharp, one could see the edge. "So Athgar, tell us, what's your story? I mean, the whole story?"

Drogon gets up and talks Soreal.
"Me and Athgar is goning to gather information at that inn just north by the road. It's not long so we can be reached quickly."
Drogon straigthens his robe and checks his pocket to see if the book it there. It is.
"Come on Athgar, I will lead the way."

"So, what am I to do?" Asked Halgon.

"My story eh? Alright..."Athgar played an exciting tune on his lute when he started to speak:"One wintery night a baby boy was born.When he reached the age of five he learned his first spell,a small ball of fire,which burned his family house down.Att he age of seven he lost his parents in the great mage war.Lived with his uncle who was a crazy old bastard,always drank and drank,till he pased out.But that was normal for the child,who spend his days playing with a magical wolf,made of fire.When he was ten he got the right for his family mark to be painted on his back,a shadowy wolf.At the age of twelve,already very skilled in magic,was sent to the mages college where he was taught nothing new,but stayed anyway because why not?When he returned att he age of 21 he found his shack burned,and uncle dead.In the ruins he found his family pendant,unscratched by the blazes ahed.He vovewd to find the killers dead or alive.Soon he succumbed to the devil of drink,and here we are in this meadow with a monk,a vulcan,some other people,and a young boy now..Fully grown up."Athgar stopped the lute playing.

Aaron kept up with Henry and Malyc easily, despite being frail, he was lithe and agile. He found he was fast friends with Henry, and he quite liked Rena; but he didn't know much about Malyc. Aaron wanted to get to know him better and he would find time for conversation later, he decided.

Aaron turned to Henry "You know its rude to drag people off in the middle of conversations," He said. Henry looked at him apologetically and shrugged. Just then Aaron felt a twinge in his gut. A terrible feeling he got from time to time. "Get down!" he shouted stunning Henry into taking a step back, just as an arrow whizzed by. The arrow was heading for Aaron now. Thinking quick he swept his hand across the air, forming a veil of ice. The arrow stuck firmly in the ice, a mere inch from his chest. Rena was flying back, she had flown ahead to scout and hadn't seen the bandits hiding beneath the tree cover. It was an ambush!

Halgon listened to Athgar's story carefully. When he was done, he understood, why Athgar was who he was, or at least he thought so. "So, your uncle a drunk, and you follow his footsteps, well mate, look where that got im', to each his own I suppose."
Drogon and Athgar were now leaving for the inn. Halgon saw them in the distance, he ran to them and said "Wait, you might need a brawler in case you run into trouble" he said looking at Athgar.

Henry dropped to the ground and covered his head as a second arrow shot through the sky, which Rena blew away with a powerful gust of wind. Felix let out a frightened squeal and dove into Henry's pocket for shelter, while he motioned for the group to stay quiet.

"Well, this is just great. What do we do now?" Henry asked in a hushed whisper. Aaron's veil of ice was slowly dissipating, leaving them open for another deluge of arrows. "By the way Aaron, sharp thinking back there. If I were you I would have just..."

Aaron and Malyc leaned in to Henry, waiting to hear him finish his response.


Henry backed away slowly as his two companions on the ground hit him in the back for his lousy sense of humor in the tense situation.

"Haha now thats the spirit! Lets move before the rum gets warm!" Said Athgar while walking to the inn.

As he entered the inn, Drogon could knew he hated this place. He had been here before, not physically, but he knew it already.
The loud and half drunk voices from the tables, the careful movements of wrenches balancing glasses to and from the table.
Why did he eve come here? Athgar walked up next to him. Oh, that was right.
"Let's try to find some seats!" Drogon shouted.

Halgon, entered the inn behind Athgar, Drogon was displeased, and it showed, Athgar on the other hand looked happy, very happy. "Here, seat, I'll find the bartender to see if he knows of the bandits." Halgon approached the bartender, an aquean sitting in the bar eyed him, a pretty big guy, didn't seem happy. "Give me rum for 1. Water for 2." The bartender handed him 3 tars. "Also, we heard of a bandit group in the area, know anything? Where they hide? If they come here?" Suddenly the aquean stood up, he didn't seem to happy. Halgon put down the glasses, eyed him up and put his scaly hand on the hilt of his sword. "Looking for trouble?" he asked the aquean.

Athgar got up from his table saying to Drogon that he'll be right back.Athgar walked up to a maiden standing att he corner of the inn.He whispered something into her ear and slipped her a gold coin.He returned back to the table with a smile on his face as he said "We should get information soon."Athgar rose his empty jug and said "But until then, We Drink!"

"You invested some money I see, for yourself?" Drogon investigated the contents of the cup in front of him.
He pushed it towards Athgar.
"Take it." The loud in the room was unpleasant, to put it nicely.
He had nothing to do, and would not risk his book reading here.
"I need a drink" he muttered to himself.

Len would have liked to said she was staying quite just because she found the conversation inane but really it was just not wanting to speak up. She'd entered the bar and sat with the other's not wanting to speak out. Upon entering she did her best to avoid the funny looks she knew she'd get, yes they were real and yes they were hers now why does everyone have to keep looking?

She didn't want to drink (she might not be able to breath fire but basic biology said that there were at least three small fires going on at once in her gut and from what she knew of alcohol (which was hardly anything) it was extremely volatile.
"I'll give you 100 for that lance darling." The darling thing was too much of a question for her to be comfortable with."
She tried to keep calm.

"Ahh you must be Len,not sure we've been properly aquainted,the names Athgar."While athgar was greeting Len he got a note slipped into his pocket.

The aquean stared at Halgon, he didn't move. Halgon didn't either. "Make a mov..." He was cut off the aquean punched him in the face, Halgon reacted quickly to block the second punch and quickly grabbed a tar and threw the liquid at the aquean's face, he was temporarily stunned, giving Halgon time to punch him in the chest cavity and with a sidekick to the leg, the aquean fell, making a fine mess of things. Halgon unsheathed his sword now, and put his foot on the aquean's throat. "Now, now, I bet you know where the bandits are." Halgon said his a smirk. "Drogon, get your ass over here."

"Wait a minute Halgon" Drogon shouted in return. "Violent brute" be silently followed up in his head.
"Athgar, search you pocket and had me a note that is in there. Can you do that for me?" He hated dealing with drunkards.
Argh, he was getting a headache from this tormenting sounds.

"Well dwaddy i can dwo that for you"Said Athgar in an annoyed voice.Athgar searched his pocket and handed the note he found to Drogon while continuing to drink.

Len held out a hand to Athgar.
"Yes that's me and don't be offended I've not been any more revealing to anyone else."
She didn't stop to consider that the hand wasn't exactly the best for shaking.

"Ok, Athgar, follow very closely. You too Len, it reads:
The contact was very.....talkative.
He boasted of the great bandit clan he had contacts to, and how the chief was a might warrior.
Only second to our contact of course.
And he said he something big was coming, and how fortunate I am to be with him."
Drogon was puzzled by this message.
"We need to get this to Soreal soon, they are planning something big."
Finally, a reason to leave this pool of filth behind.

"I swear to every god in the heavens Drogon you treat me like an idiot one more ti-wait chief,mighty warrior? Hmmm...."Athagar thought the message over while realising he hadn't responded to Len."Ah don't worrie miss i'm sure you'll open up sooner or later" Athgar shaked her hand and seemed...Eager to leave the inn.His necklace started to glow.

Halgon looked at the Aquean who's eyes were filled with fear "So tell me, why did you attack me? You know something about the bandit clan" Halgon said while applying pressure to aquean's throat "Ugh! Ok, ugh, ok, I don't know nothin'! They just told me to silence anyone who would ask the wrong questions!"
Halgon kicked his chest hard and the aquean lost conciousness. He turned his head only to see Len, Drogon and Athgar leaving the bar. He sheathed his sword and caught up with them. "So what news?"

"Are we going then?"
She tried not to sound too pleased.
"I swear I'm not usually this in my shell. It's just well lots of new people and places, little over-whelming sometimes."
She started to follow the others as they left.

Drogon stared at Halgon, clearly unconfortable.
"We got a note about the bandit forces, and we need to het them back to Soreal."
"Besides" Drogon added silently to him "We need to get Athgar out before he burns the place.
He raised his voice for everyone to hear.
"We are heading back now. Is everyone capable of getting back, or must I let Halgon carry you?"

A sharp pain is felt in Drogons stomach as it was Athgar uppercutting him."Halgon i think you'll have to carry him."Responded Athgar with a pissed off look on his face.

Halgon lunges forward at Athgar and tackles him, and get's up and pushes drogon away, who falls to the ground in pain. "FUCK! What did you do to him?" Drogon is now screaming. "Athgar I will kill you!" He says to the human who lies on his back because of the tackle. "Fix it now!"

Athgar gets back up and dusts off."Hey he pushed me.But i guess a compains not a companion while wounded."Athgar kneels to Drogon and says "Mess with me again and it will be much worse" The wound is quickly healed.

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