Swords of the Fallen (Fantasy RP)(Started Open, PM CS to GM)

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"Mess with anyone like that again and it will be much worse for you Athgar." Halgon said defiantly.

Drogon got on his feet and replaced the screaming with weird sounds. Like someone is opening a door with rusty hinges.
Water nearly formed into tears can be seen in his eyes. He is not taking this as a man.
"Drunken rabble!" he shouted at Athgar.
Trying to make a good pose, Drogon starts walking to the door in a long arc to avoid Athgar.
He looks like a old, broken man.
As he stands in the doorway, he spits on the floor and slams the door shut.
The life in the inn goes on like normal.

Len tries to get between the two and keep them off each other.
"Hold it! We're supposed to be doing a job here aren't we?"
Even she was surprised at her outburst, maybe it was passive drinking.

Athgar returned to the meadow and sat on a rock.He took the rum stained lute off his back and proceded to play a melody that calmed everyone in the meadow.Smoke could be seen coming out of the lute strings.

Halgon helped Drogon up. "Here, it'll calm the pain." Halgon returned to the meadow, back to his rock to sharpen his blade in the silence. It was now twilight, but Sorael was no there. "I say we wait for Sorael." He then approached Drogon in the meadow "So tell me, what really happened at the inn?"

Finally she was back where she started. Exactly why they'd even gone was confusing to say the least.
"Yeah I'm also confused you mind filling me in?"

Drogon sat down on the meadow, not far from Soreal.
"You see, Halgon. I was just making sure the drunk understood me."
He pulled out the small black book from his pocket, and opened it at a random page.
"Then the big troll desided the best way to repay my consideration was a fist in the gut."

Malyc quickly drops down beside Aaron. "Nice trick" he said with a pissed off look, as he whipped his bow off his back. "Think you can keep it up?"

As he nocked his first arrow, Malyc searched for a target. Movement in the bushes. "They're flanking us" he shouted, firing several arrows as quick as a thought. "We're gonna need to fall back soon guys, and we definately can't let them get behind us. I'll keep the group on the left busy" he said, glancing to the right.
"Rena, can you keep them busy over there? Gotta give these 2 time to plan"

Sorael walked into the inn after finding his way there from the meadow. "Okay guys enough of the horsing around we need to head out now." Sorael ordered as he walked into the inn. Once sorael rounded up the rest of his squad they headed out towards the mountain.

On their way there sorael noticed the scouting party looked like they were in a battle at the edge of the meadow. "Shit!" Sorael swore to himself. "Everyone we need to get closer to them since they're sitting ducks!" Sorael ordered rushing to the aid of his squad. Sorael took his spear off of his back as he met up with the others. "What the hell is going on?" Sorael asked as he looked around trying to figure out what was going on.

Malyc whipped his head toward Sorael's voice. "I think they might have gotten wind of this little posse of ours" he shouts back. "I count 10 bandits, but there may be more further back in the trees"

Malyc took careful aim at one of the bandits that tried to rush him. "Make that nine" he shouted in satisfaction as the bandit dropped, an arrow in his chest. "Anytime you guys want to get involved, feel free!"

As Malyc dropped the bandit, Halgon unsheathed his swords, an ran for cover "Malyc cover!" Halgon shouted hoping that Malyc would hear. He ran from cover to cover, as silent as possible. He then saw 3 bandits clustered, he sprinted toward the first and struck him down with a decisive strike in the chest cavity, he then turned his attention to the second bandit who had not seen him. Halgon was about to strike but then he saw 3 more bandits in the treeline, who would surely see him, but he was to late, the bandit acknowledged and pulled out his sword. "Fuck" Halgon said to himself.

The rush of blood, heart beating faster while the mind was cold.
Drogon felt alive.
Drawing water out of the air around to help the speed of his casting, he raised a thin wall of ice on front of him. Cover from the arrows.
"Run for it!" He shouted at the group. "I will try to limit their movement and fire with ice walls!"
He slips into deep consentration.
Time to shine.

Malyc saw that Halgon was in trouble. "Ah hell" he mumbled to himself as he lined up a shot on the group of three. "Here goes nothing" He took the shot, then shot another at the second bandit. "Shit, missed"

Athgar rushed out of the burrows with a charged up lighting bolt.He fired it at 2 bandits who huddled together near the same peace of cover.This causing a chain effect which either killed or paralyzed them.

Sorael looked around in blood lust at the battle that had unfolded in front of him, he was trained for this and he knew exactly what to do. Sorael located the closest bandit who was located about 200 feet away from him. Sorael took his spear and charged slowly at the bandit. The bandit shot an arrow at him which missed and sorael finally got in range of the bandit. Sorael took his spear and slashed the bandit with the bladed end of his spear following through by hitting the bandit in the head with the wooden end of his spear causing the bandit to fall on the ground. Sorael showed no mercy as he took the spear and stabbed it through the bandits neck while he still lied on the ground.

The bandit threw himself at Halgon with a mighty blow, Halgon checked his footing and realized he was a righty so he moved to his left and slashed his leg, the bandit tried to move out of reach but Halgon hit him with his other sword in the stomach, a more blunt hit than slash, but the bandit fell down in pain, Halgon turned over and cut his head off. He then Sprinted at the other bandits who were distracted and tumbled forward to cut one's leg off and then stab his liver, he was out cold in 3 seconds, the other one saw Halgon and drew his sword. There was fear in his eyes.

Athgar casted Fear on the two remaining bandits causing one to believe there are spiders in his chest causing him to stab himself.The other choked himself because he thought he was drowning.

Sorael looked at the dead bandits around him but he felt nothing from this scene of violence. Sorael took his spear out of the neck of the bandit he just killed and walked over to the rest of the group. "Well that was a fine...." Sorael started until he was interupted by an arrow almost hitting him in the head. Sorael looked back and noticed that there were more bandits coming out of the trees behind him.

Rena was caught by surprise when she looked back to see that everyone was locked in battle. She didn't know how she had missed them, since she had been able to track even rabbits in the forest from her current height of roughly 300 feet above ground, making her a small target that only those who have hawk vision would be able to see her facial expressions. Mentally scolding herself, she dove down and prepared for battle. Taking her bow in hand, she notched an arrow and took a small breath before pulling back and firing down. Reaching back, she notched another and fired again. Like this, she launched a volley of ten arrows to rain down on the group trying to flank the group, killing four.

Henry backed away nervously, watching the battle surround him, Felix squeaking his encouragement to do something.

Henry, your friends are in trouble, and if you don't do something, you're going to take an arrow to the back. You don't have to take this one-on-one, but be clever. It's what you're good at. Or at least, what you think you're good at, Felix offered.

"Oh fine, but just because I have to." Henry sighed.

Squinting and screwing his eyes in deep concentration, Henry disguised himself with the magical illusion of a bandit: masked and in black, but still keeping his messy bleached hair. He reached for his ankles and pulled two small throwing knives from sheaths he wore strapped near his shins.

"I really hate this, Felix. I just don't feel right doing this."

He walked over to the nearest bandit archer, who was pulling back another arrow, ready to fire.

With his best impersonation of a gruff voice, Henry barked, "Cease your fire. Orders came down from the boss that we're calling this off. Now."

As the bandit stared back, confused, Henry winced and thrust one of the knives into the bandit's back, sending him reeling to the ground. The bandit tried to stand again, but closing his eyes, Henry stepped into the knife until he was positive the bandit was done for.

He walked away, shutting his eyes until the bandit guise disappeared and he was back to being undersized and agile, dressed again in his Northerner attire.

Felix squeaked his approval as Henry re sheathed the second knife. He slowly drew his sword, and held it at his hip.

"Next time, I'm talking with the bandit's leader over a drink to settle things. Without having to get my perfectly good hunting knife all bloody," Henry said to himself before rushing to see who needed his help.

The sound of the arrows indicated the second, and hopefully last, of the bandit waves.
Trying to keep in motion while also finding out where the enemy hid was proving to be a challenge.
There! In the forest he saw a lone bandit. Drinking deeply from his magic reserves, Drogon threw a cascade of ice chunks at the poor bandit.
One of the larger chuks hit him in the chest, and the bandit screamed. Another hit him in the face, and the bandit screamed no more.

Aaron had been caught of guard with the sudden onslaught of allies tearing through the bandits ranks. Since they were providing excellent cover, he decided to charge up one of his better spells. He held his hand skyward and after a moment a bolt of lightning struck his hand; he redirected the raging energy and held it out towards the bandits. "This is it!" Aaron crowed excitedly "Chain Lightning!" The 5 bandits were running away, as they noticed they were severely outmatched; they were stumbling over each other and pushing each other out of the way. Aaron released the bolt right into the center of the group and electricity arced from bandit to bandit. 4 of the bandits crumbled to the ground, but the last one was only stunned as he had almost gotten out of range. If one of the bandits reported back it would be horrendous! Aaron swirled his hand in the air until the water condensed into a spear length icicle, and he launched it at the final bandit. It caught him in the back, causing him to stumble for a few steps and then fall to the ground. The bandits were defeated except for one, but Len seemed like she needed no assistance.

Aaron breathed a sigh of relief and leaned against a tree, he closed his eyes for a moment and regathered his energy, in case his spells would be needed again.

Len had hoped she wouldn't have had to fight quite so soon.
She noticed one of the bandits was holding a cross bow, could be dangerous.
Using her allies as cover she ran forward voting over them and using it to lead into a swoop and flying kick to the chest brings him down fairly quickly.
Seeing him reach for the bow again she stabs the ground with her lance shattering. He's scared clearly and looks like he's praying.
"Run." She steps off him.
Hopefully he followed her advice and was too scared, no wait he wanted to fight back. She ran him through without difficulty.

Athgar watched the battle around him.He took a swig of rum from a bottle he stole from the inn earlier in the day.He ran behind a tree when he noticed there was a dead bandit just inches away from him.Athgar quickly took the bandits satchel which he decided he would search at battles end.

Aaron went over and checked each of the bandits he killed in turn, rolling their charred corpses over and snatching their purses. He noticed Athgar grabbing a bandit's satchel and hiding it. Aaron looked on in disgust. He could at least be open about his looting. He counted through the shining silver and gold coins and smiled. The electric charge from his chain lightning danced across the coins surface. Aaron drew the energy back into himself, feeling recharged.

The dust had setteled faster than Drogon thought. Odd as they were, the group still fought efficiently.
Then he saw him, the human in vulcan robes. The one that got dragged away without responding.
"Hey, you! Who are you and who did you kill to gain that robe. It is not made for the likes of you."
Drogon approached Aaron with quick steps. What did this human think? That he would get away with using a vulcans robe?
Only vulcans used those, and the effort put into making them should not go lost.

Halgon looked around and found the group, 12 bandits lay dead. "Another party? Made a quick work of them eh?" He approached Drogon and Aaron who seemed to be having an argument "Everything ok?" Halgon asked doubtful.

Aaron turned around to see Drogon approaching. He had been excited at the prospect of a Vulcan being along for this bandit hunting trip. Drogon was saying something to him but Aaron couldn't hear because of the distance. As soon as Drogon got close enough, Aaron grabbed his outstretched hand and gave him a firm handshake, Drogon looked like he was caught off guard. "Its good to see a friend on this trip!" Aaron said brightly, "I didn't think Vulcans traveled often but I do owe my life to a pair of travelers such as yourself. They gave me this robe and taught me their ways! I lived with them a long while."

"Funny thing, though I didn't think Vulcan's had any ice magic."
Halgon approached asking if everything was alright, "Excellent," Aaron replied brightly

The overly friendly Aaron caught Drogon off guard.
"What are you do...... Oh nevermind. Did you say you were raised by my people? I never heard of such a thing."
Drogon studied the human, not quite sure how to respond to the handshake.
"And no, there is little to none frost magic in Mt.Vulkan. The only real Cryomancer is me, and I left my people years ago."

Aaron realized he was an oddity among Mt. Vulkan but was never confronted like this about his robes. "I was raised by Vulcans yes, When I was but a child my hometown was overrun by bandits such as these. I don't know what happened to my parents, family, or friends as I had no choice but to flee. My hometown was close by to Mt. Vulkan and a group of Vulcan travelers defeated the bandits and saved my life. They made me this robe and took me in. I learned the Vulcan ways and when they learned I was proficient in magic they honed my skills. Around 17 I left and began my own studies, I found that I really enjoy the rush of lightning based magic, but I'm well studied in fire and I picked up some ice as you have!" Aaron exclaimed. "I did enjoy my time with the Vulcan's, but I enjoyed using my magic in battle, which is why I left to study more."

"I also created a few tricks of my own. Perhaps one day I will share." Aaron said trailing off, Sorael was approaching.

Halgon turned his attention to Sorael "What next boss?" He said in a sarcastic tone.

"I don't know why you need all of us Sorael these guys seem like milk drinkers too me"Said athgar while searching the dead bandits satchel.

Sorael looked around at the dead bandits and he felt nothing for them. Sorael started to wipe the blood off of his spear when he heard halgon ask him a question. "Well judging that we caught up with the scouting party we are going to have to go to the mountain blindly and hope we find out where they are hiding." Sorael responded putting the spear back on his back.

"So, are we leaving? We should get as much distance covered as we could before night comes."
Waving his hand in the air, Drogon tried to get the attention of the group.
"Come, Soreal probably has orders!"
He viewed Athgar.
"And shut the hell up Athgar, survive as a group or die alone!"

"Oh watch out for that slightly sharp pebble,you might hurt yourself" Said Athgar while laughin and throwing the bandits satchel away.

A strange smoke emitted from the lute on Athgars back and Drogon immmediately noticed this.

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