The ESPL: A Supernatural/Sci-Fi RP (Started - Extra Applicants must apply by PM)

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Suddenly, a black suited man entered the room. He spoke in a heavily accented German accent. "Good Day. I am Karl Schwartz, and I will now guide you to Professor Van Buren's office. However, he is rather old and senile, so please bear with me, ya?" He gestured to a previously hidden door.

The conversation was starting to get uncomfortable so Alice decided to slip out when she was finished. After she got back to the front area a black suited man arrived.

"Finally..." Alice muttered as she headed towards the door.

Pierre walked toward Karl. "There are still some people in the dining room. Do you want me to go get them?"

Zan was glad he'd eaten while Brad tried to work his way out of an apparent faux pas.

"Looks like they're ready for us."

Zan cleaned up his dishes and walked out into the front area, noticing that Pierre and Alice were already there. It looked like Pierre was about to go get the others. "They'll be done in a minute, I'm sure."

Felan stood up and followed Zan and the others out towards the man in the suit.

"Alright, let's go. Coming Natalie? Brad?"

Without waiting for an answer, he went through the hidden door, towards Van Buren's office.

"Ok then, guess I don't have to go," he mumbled to himself as he stood waiting for the others.

"Sure I'll come."
Nat got up glad of the chance to distance her from the guy who was clearly ignorant of her culture.
She began maker her way to the office.

"It's what we're here for, isn't it?" Brad replied as he got up. Not wanting to be left too far behind, he took a second to turn his plate and scraps of food into a decent-sized folding knife, then he returned his fork to selenium as he entered the office.

Pierre followed everyone else as they went into the office, took a seat, and waited.

Okonkwo pulled up a seat next to Pierre.

so, this is the meeting with he big boss-man, three bucks says he has a mechanical claw for an arm.

Zan followed everyone inside Professor Van Buren's office. It seemed that they would be getting started finally (even if it didn't look like everyone had shown up yet).

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