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Telnor- Entrance to Mo- Grim
Telnor struggled underneath his opponent's foot, reaching for his belt pouches, and at the same loosened the straps on his left dagger.

"It is only fair that you know the face that will kill," the masked man removed his mask. A scar carried across his forehead, twisting and turning from one side to another. His face was sharp and angular, and the stand out future was his two dark blue eyes that seemed to pierce right through Telnor.
"I am member six of Mosione squad, Relnor Tuils, The Strong Sword. Know this and despair," Relnor proclaimed, raising his sword to finish of Telnor.

"I.....would..........rather.......NOT!" Telnor coughed as he grabbed a flash bomb from his pouch, threw it up and shut his eyes. The bomb went off with a blinding light and Relnor stumbled back, blinking furiously to recover his eye sight. Telnor rolled onto his back and jumped to his feet. As he did this his left dagger slid free from its hold and Telnor grabbed it on his way up.

"I, Telnor Ghests, The Contractor, will be your opponent," Telnor stated as he took a fighting pose. He held his dagger in his left low and held his sword in his right hand up. "I was reckless before. That will not happen again." Relnor growled, slid his right leg back and bent his left leg. He clutched his sword before him with both hands.

Both man stared at each other, unblinking, unmoving, each waiting for the other to make the first move. Finally they moved at the same time. Telnor stabbed at Relnor with his dagger and slashed downwards at him with his sword. Relnor responded by using holding his sword in his left hand and hit Telnor's left wrist with his right and, forcing Telnor to drop the dagger. Relnor blocked Telnor's slash with the flat of his sword and pushed it to the side. Telnor jumped back as Relnor slashed back. Telnor retaliated by swinging his sword at Relnor's head with both hands holding the sword. Relnor ducked and stabbed upwards. Telnor jumped back but was just a fraction too slow and was punished with a small cut on his check.

"First blood is mine," Relnor gloated. Relnor charged his sword flashing right, left, up and down. Telnor backed away quickly, furiously blocking as fast he could but Relnor's attack still got through. Cuts appeared on Telnor's arms, legs, chest, and face. Finally Telnor managed to get away fast enough, breathing hard, with many cuts all over his body. I need to get through his attacks; I need to find a way to press the attack. I'm going to die if I don't.

Telnor gritted his teeth and attacked. Striking furiously he traded blows with Relnor, when all of a sudden he could see Relnor's movements. He could sense where Relnor's attacks were going to come from, where his body was going, where he was stepping, in short he could see every movement Relnor was going to make.

image Itsuka Maen - Grim.

Using her wind attack she swiped the ground and knocked over the girl, but who used her electricity special to zip back up and behind Itsuka. She brought up arm with a blast of fire and then down at Itsuka who narrowly made it out of the way.

Probably shouldn't have tried to use electric... It's neither of my elements, Main or second...

Itsuka brought out a blinding light, and then exploded it in front of the girl blinding her. "Light Magic?" She spoke. "Interesting. Don't see too many with it."

While she was blinded Itsuka ran up and began to punch her repeatedly with wind attacks but the girl wasn't going down that easy. She pushes Itsuka away with her own magic, but not any elemental spell, but a non-elemental spell.

"You see, I am not the average Mage, I don't use Elementals as my main. I instead use Non-Elemental Magic to disarm, and stun my opponents so then I kill them."


"Sounds like a plan."
She doesn't take her eyes off the ice mage and speaks to him.
"Looks like its check mate, 2 to one. Everything you tell us increases the chance you live. So I'd talk if I were you."
Providing she could keep up the bluff this could really turn round.

image Vergil Crawford - Battle At Mo Entrance - Grim

"Lets not be too rational. How should we best persuade him to co-operate with us, should he decide to not talk, hmm?" Vergil asked The Vessel in a cruel tone of voice.

imageScarlett Verneer - Battle At Mo Entrance - Grim

Caius Valentine moved quickly, his anger and aggression swelling inside, it made a powerful and volatile mixture that he channeled into every punch he threw. It showed on his face too and the blind rage building inside of him looked about ready to explode. Scarlett ducked and dodged a flurry of attacks raising her arms for defence before she lashed out. Her left hook was a decoy and she quickly twisted her body to perform a sharp right kick to Caius right knee. It struck with a deadly accuracy and Caius yelped out loud losing his balance for a split second, this served only to fuel his anger more and with a sheer determination he jumped upwards, kicking Scarlett in the stomach.

Dropping backwards into a roll Scarlett absorbed the attack and winced at the pain of bruised flesh, she countered with a low sweep allowing the time she had just bought to regain her breath before she launched into a fast combo of short kicks. Caius followed, absorbing the blows with the side of his body before he countered, grabbing her left leg he swung with all his strength and threw Scarlett to the ground. Diving forward he aimed to pin her down but missed as Scarlett rolled sideways avoiding the lunging attack. Delivering a swift kick to the ribs Scarlett was up and already assuming a defensive stance.

Caius screamed as he spun, sweeping his right arm around to gain more momentum in his attack but missed and overreached. Scarlett ducked underneath and kicked as hard as she could into the back of his right knee. Caius fell down onto one leg and tried to grab Scarlett franticly from behind but she was too quick and squeezing shut her fists delivered a stunning blow to the ears with a clapping motion. Pulling back his head she attacked with a devastating chop to the neck before she threw him to the ground. It was over. Caius lay, dazed, unable to breathe on the floor watching Scarlett with anger burning bright in his eyes.

Scarlett bent down and looked back into those piercing eyes. "The next time I will kill you. Remember that Caius. I was always your better and it looks like even now, I still am."

Standing up Scarlett landed a powerful stomp to Caius' face and knocked him unconscious. It seemed that today the ghosts of the past where easier to tame. Or so she thought. Once again Scarlett had been careless and made a mistake. Caius, barely conscious, produced a hidden object, a small triangle palm blade and leapt at Scarlett's back. Too pre-occupied with the surrounding battle Scarlett had shut down her gift but felt the sharp sting of the knife dig into her back. A palm blade was too small to deal any real damage but Caius swept his hand up cutting a long scar up Scarlett's back. She screamed. And loud. Swinging around to deliver a striking blow to the jaw Scarlett heard the snap of bone as it fractured and dislocated. Staggering backwards she could feel the warm tingle of running blood from her back. Watching Caius collapse to the ground she bit back another scream and turned to see what everyone else was up to, confident Caius would not be getting up to surprise her again. Panting to catch her breath Scarlett realised that the proceeding battle had taken a lot out of her.

image Vergil Crawford/Yuriko Takahashi - Battle At Mo Entrance - Grim

It was before The Vessel could respond that Vergil heard Scarlett scream.

"Scarlett!" Vergil shouted. "I'm coming!" He added, after which he quickly turned to face Vessel's opponent, and proceeded to use three of his throwing knives at the target. Vergil then spoke to Vessel briefly.

"Vessel, somehow increase the rate of bleeding from those wounds I've just made with my knives, I going to help Scarlett." He told her, getting a brief nod that she understood. Vergil then rushed over to assist Scarlett.

Vergil found Scarlett in pain, a long scar had been made across her back, similar to the one that Aaron had. He used Hidden Sight to find the perpetrator, after seeing the ghostly after-image, it led him to a man who lay unconscious on the floor, a triangular shaped palm blade in his.

"Your not worth the time right now!" Vergil thought as he returned his attention to Scarlett. He decided that the best way to help her was to get her out of the fight, or at least some place safe.

He gently picked Scarlett up, and started to move her across the field of battle in one arm, the other holding his katana to defend himself with. It was then that Yuriko returned.

"Right, time to finish you..." Yuriko called as she found Vergil again, joy in her voice. That joy, suddenly replaced with shock at what she found, "...off." she then finished saying. Vergil heard her and proceeded to block her attack, he then spoke.

"Please, help me get her some place safe." Vergil asked her, but not in a pleading way.

"Of, of, of course." Yuriko replied with, stuttering her sentence as she helped Vergil carry Scarlett to a nearby bench, along the way Scarlett then spoke up, asking why his opponents was assisting him.

"You could say that we share a lost past, me and Yuriko, she has relented killing me but, it doesn't she isn't allowed to harm me. It seems that you as well have met another ghost of your past. Another former member of the Red Stain I presume?"

Scarlett would be out of harm's way, for the most part. It was then that Vergil saw two men ride in on horseback.

"It seems like some support has come, but for whom." Vergil remarked.

"Strange, Member One didn't request any additional units, most unusual." Yuriko replied with, sounding the curious at the prospect of more people in the battle. Putting aside them for a moment, the pair drew their respective short weapons, and began trading swipes at each other with an air of grace about them.

imageScarlett Verneer - Around Grim - Grim

Scarlett was at first a little hostile to been helped, furious with herself for making such a stupid mistake she initially pushed Vergil back a little but soon realised the foolish mistake she had just made and accepted the help moving across the battlefield to the near by bench.

"I'm sorry... thank you, both but shouldn't you two be, well, you know, killing each other or am I better off not asking?"

Scarlett could really feel the sting of the fresh wound, and it hurt like hell, but she held back any cries of pain to avoid looking weak in front of the others. After all she had a tough girl attitude to reclaim.


Weird that he'd had the exact same idea she had.
Oh well no point dwelling.
The anticoagulant in the bandages should have been all she needed.
There was a red geyser bound up in a power cord. Maybe she was a little too strong with it; the increase in blood pressure would have been disastrous.
She stopped again looking at the mage she'd almost given a heart attack.
"You don't want to force me to do that again do you? Because the more you say the less chance I repeat myself."

Telnor- Entrance to Mo- Grim
Telnor dodged left and right as he saw the movements Relnor was going to make. However, despite his heighten senses he was only just dodging. Each of Relnor's strike came close to hitting their target. Telnor jumped back trying to get some distance from Relnor. Both men were breathing heavy and the battle was getting to them. Relnor had lost the advantage and every time he missed, he got more and more tired, and Telnor was hurting from all the earlier cuts Relnor had inflicted on him.

Telnor took a deep breath and charged Relnor. He sliced downwards and then upwards as Relnor backed away, cutting Relnor on the chin. Pressing the attack, Telnor slashed at Relnor's stomach. Relnor, unable to back away fast enough or block suffered a light cut through his armor and a little bit of blood started to flow. Relnor touched his hand to his stomach, confirming that the cut was shallow and not life threating.

Telnor didn't give Relnor a chance to recover as he charged forward, swinging with all his might. Relnor retaliated and swing at Telnor's sword with everything he had. The two men stumbled back, knocked back from each other's blows but not letting up swung again and again. Each time they stumbled back they swung at each with everything they had, their swords ringing out like a large bell and the vibrations shaking both men's bodies, and slowly cracks began to form on both swords. This continued for what felt like an eternity until stumbled back, breathing heavily, sweat running down faces, mixing with their blood as it fell to the ground.

Telnor squinted as things began to get blurry and objects start to lose their focus. What's going on? What is happening to me? WHY CAN'T I SEE CLEARLY He raged in his mind, I have to finish this now Telnor grabbed his sword with both hands and Relnor did the same. Both men raised their swords above their heads and charged at each other. Both swords rang out as they clashed and then shattered. Telnor and Relnor stumbled past each other, each clutching a broken hilt as pieces of their swords fell to the ground, splintered into a thousand metal shards. Telnor fell to his knees, one hand clutching his eyes as everything started to go dark. I failed. I'm going to die here. Die here as a failure to everyone. Die as lowly piece of scum. Die as a weakling.

Telnor's sword feel from his hand as his will fell away. He expected to feel a blade forced against the back of his neck, to take away his life. When that didn't happen he turned around slowly and with the last of his eyesight saw a body lying unconscious on the ground, a large piece of steel embedded in the shoulder. With a sigh of relief, Telnor feel to the ground, unconscious.

Mosione Squad - Grim

Varksin looked down the road and noticed two men on horseback getting closer. If they come to help...

"Squad! Members retreat! We shall be outnumbered!"

In an instant they all responded, getting out of any situation and then throwing down flash bombs to daze everyone, it was too quick for anyone to dodge. When the light faded, the Mosione Squad was gone and they had picked up their unconcious teammates.

image Lorel Ion - Grim

"Damn, Risenforth scum! We must leave now! But what did he mean by; we will be out
numbered..?" Just then Lorel turned and saw two men getting closer on horseback. Despite being tried from two fights he ready to fight. Velen was breathing heavily from his fight but he stood his ground with his two swords out. Itsuka wasn't as tired, but still felt pain from the fight, but took some magic out.

"More to fight, feels like it is endless..." Velen spoke under his breath.

image Vergil Crawford/Yuriko Takahashi - Battle At Mo Entrance - Grim

It seems that even though both of them still had strength left to fight with, both Vergil and Yuriko had collapsed on the ground. It was then that Yuriko noticed that Member One, known as Varkskin, had signalled the call to retreat, indicating the two new arrivals to the field. She then got up and started to leave, before that she turned round and talked to Vergil.

"Well then, I guess that we will have to finish this dance, another time." Yuriko playfully remarked.

"Till the next time I guess, at least let me have a memento from this duel." He asked, wiping the swear from his brow with his free hand.

"Why certainly Vergil, here." Yuriko replied with, tossing him one of her signature throwing knives. It had a dark red blade, and a symbol of a rose engraved on the hilt. Yuriko then blew a kiss at Vergil as she retreated with the other members of Mosione Squadron whilst throwing a Flash Bomb behind her.

Whilst he couldn't get out of the blast, Vergil did manage to block his eyes, so that he wouldn't be blinded by the effects as badly. Vergil then proceeded to get up, and slip the knife in his knife belt, he then noticed the two men ride in on horseback.

"I'd still your weapons you lot, I don't think the new arrivals are looking for a fight...yet!" Vergil shouted to the others, panting between the sentence to catch his breath.

Lucian Grey - Entrance of Mo - Grim

"And that my dear, V, is why milk is the most worthy of the beverages!" Lucian mused while atop his silver steed, the jovial words falling solely upon the deaf ears of his scowling companion. The ride to Mo had been a strange affair, since the early stages our their chase, Vincent had avoided all opportunities to engage in conversation. It started with quick simple responses to elaborate queries before devolving to grunts and ultimately raw silence. It didn't bother Lucian though, he seemed to derive an immature sense of joy from rambling on about nothing, and he needn't the confirmation of others to do it.

Do you believe we may have passed them when we sprinted past that old woma-" The query that tipped the edge of Lucian's voice came abruptly to a halt as a flash of light erupted on the road ahead of them, A normal horse would have recoiled to the sudden flash, but these two we're lucky enough to be graced with equines trained for such disasters. Without a word, Vincent flicked the reigns of his midnight beast with his single good hand and raced towards the explosion, an eagerness alight in his eyes.

"Wait!" Lucian shouted before catching up to his seething partner. They were side by side, quickly drawing closer to a cluster of figures huddled in what appeared to be a battlefield. At first glance Lucian suspected bandits hoping to hijack or steal from those that wandered this downtrodden path. However, as Lucian drew nearer that assumption flew from his mind, he recognised two of the strangers on the road, the white haired mage and the swordsmen from the clothing store...

imageScarlett Verneer - Battle At Mo Entrance - Grim

Scarlett had raised her hands a little too late, blinded by the intensity of the light from multiple flash bombs she was starting to see thick blotches of white spots obscure her vision. Gently closing her eyes she let them fade into the reddish darkness before rubbing away any that still remained with her fingers. Remembering Caius Valentine she looked down at the ground only to find that he had vanished, she concluded that the Mosione Squad had picked up their fallen comrades in the retreat. It didn't matter too much to Scarlett as she fully expected to see them again at some point in the not too distant future.

At Vergil's request she showed no hostile movement and simply waited to find out what was in store.


The vessel witnessed the flash, much more intense than it needed to be if you asked her.
She'd no real idea how long she was down but felt long enough. Eventually she was on her feet again. She was rather stable; then again lots of people had tried harder to keep her down.
She tried looking around but her eyes were darkened with black spots, they made finding anything less easy than it needed to be. They'd pass. Probably. Hopefully.
She had to search with her hands. She needed to know something.
There as a small scale (A major in case you wondered).
She sighed with relief.
She still felt a little nauseous and her vision wasn't helping.
"Anyone there? Did we win?"

image Vergil Crawford - Battle At Mo Entrance (Aftermath) - Grim

"No we didn't, it became a draw in the end, probably due to the two arriving on horseback, but I have a feeling we will see them again." Vergil replied to The Vessel's question in a relaxed tone.

He then sheathed his blades, lest he create unnecessary tension between the others and the two horsemen. After all, with most of the group either injured, unconscious, or blinded from the Flash Bombs, they couldn't put up much of a fight. He decided to head over to Telnor, who lay unconscious, picked him up, and carried him over to, and then laid him down on the bench that Scarlett sat on.

Vergil then proceeded to try and wake Telnor from his unconscious state, with a bottle of smelling salts he kept on his belt for occasions like this. Whilst he wafted the vial in front of Telnor's nose, he gently slapped his cheeks, hoping the combined effects of both would stir him.

"Come on, Come on Telnor, wake up." He said to Telnor, seeing the occasional opening of the eyes, but nothing permanent. The eyes seemed somewhat misty, as if they were blind.

The vessel gave a short sharp shake of her head.
The flash blurred and cleared.
"Don't worry the blindness passes.
If it's any comfort I should be able to make something similar up for us. Feels like it would be pretty effective."
She flopped herself down onto the bench where the others were.
"And yeah I can imagine frosty is gonna want to get revenge for the burns.
Don't think they were with the **** though so that's something."
She said it so nonchalantly too late she realised what she had said.
She drew her harp, played a little something to help everyone relaxed, and drained her remaining healing energy that she'd gathered through the fight. There was quite a bit there and should really help the others come along. Still blissfully unaware of her words.

Telnor- Entrance to Mo- Grim

Telnor groaned as he smelt the smelling salts and felt someone slapping him. Slowly he opened his eyes but everything was dark. Telnor floundered around, scared, when all of a sudden he felt himself falling and hitting the ground. He patted the area around him trying to get his bearings, when his hand hit a raised platform. Must be a bench someone put me on. But why can't I see anything. Why is everything so dark. Telnor backed up against the bench as he heard others talking.

image Vergil Crawford - Battle At Mo Entrance (Aftermath) - Grim

He turned his head and heard The Vessel talk about making something similar to what Mosione squad used.

"Same here, they were pretty powerful, almost as good as mine. I can craft bombs of all kinds, such as lethal, tactical, and diversionary. I may not be a master arsonist, but my skills when it comes to bomb making are great. I most often use them in my thief work." Vergil remarked, noting his bomb making abilities.

"If needs be, I could make some goggles that can negate the blinding effects, should we be caught in the blast." He then added.

He then turned his head back to Telnor, who was slowly coming around.

"Ah, Telnor, welcome back to the land of the living, almost lost you there for a second. What's happened to your eyes? They look all misty and grey. In case you can't make me out, it's Vergil that's talking to you, sorry for slapping you just now, just trying to wake you up is all." Vergil spoke to Telnor, showing some level of concern.

image Lorel Ion - Grim

Lorel, Itsuka, and Velen suddenly started to feel relieved. They could hear the music of the harp Vessel was playing and their wounds seemed to have calmed down and began to heal much faster. "That girl... Interesting magic she has there..." Lorel commented.

She missed a few strings; it was unpleasant to listen to.
"It's not magic!"
It took her a while to wind the song back to something good.

imageScarlett Verneer - Battle At Mo Entrance - Grim

Sera, what would you say to all this? Caius Valentine alive and working for the Court. I should tell him I suppose. Do I owe him at least that?

Scarlett walked slowly towards the bench holding Telnor with a conflicted expression written across her face. Her eyes fixed firmly on the floor. She sighed and ran a hand through her hair realising the problem would take much more consideration. The soothing notes of the Vessel's music felt like a cold ocean wave washing across her body and Scarlett closed her eyes smiling at the vanishing aches and pain brought on by the battle. She rubbed the back of her neck and looked down at Telnor.

"Vergil. Is he going to be ok?"

At least we are finally heading North now. I haven't been home for years... maybe I should see her? The one bright spark in my otherwise dark life.

image Vergil Crawford - Battle At Mo Entrance (Aftermath) - Grim

After examining Telnor, Vergil sat down on the bench next to Scarlett.

"Telnor should be okay, Scarlett. Whatever has caused him to go blind will take sometime to heal. In any case, how is that scar you got, do you want me to do anything about it? I could stitch it up if needs be, and if you want me to." Vergil replied to Scarlett's question, he then asked another.

"Tell me, who was that you were fighting? Was it someone you knew? Because it seemed like it." He asked as he washed some sweat away with some water from a fountain.

imageScarlett Verneer - Battle Aftermath at Mo Entrance - Grim

Scarlett looked a little tired and smiled weakly in response to Vergil question. "It feels a little better now, thanks to the Vessel, but if you could stitch it up that would be much appreciated. Although I fear it has opened up old wounds on my back and no amount of healing or magic can ever remove that scar. I shall carry it for life."

image Vergil Crawford - Battle At Mo Entrance (Aftermath) - Grim

"Sometimes scars can remind us of fond memories, both good and bad in their own little way. That one does look deep mind you, judging by the style of the scar, I say that magic was involved, I presume? Anyway, give me a few minutes, and I should have this fresh scar sorted." He replied to Scarlett's query.

Vergil then pulled out some needle and thread he used for making fuses for bombs. He carefully threaded the needle, making sure to tie a knot at both ends so that during the procedure, the thread didn't fall out. He seemed to work with the skill and precision of a master tailor, and within about three minutes, Vergil had finished sewing up the scar that Scarlett received earlier.

"There you go, one fresh battle scar sewn up. Luckily, I managed to not hit any pre-existing scars you may have had, especially that one you mentioned earlier." He finished with as Vergil cut the loose end of thread with his wrist blade, and then returned the needle and thread to an inner pocket of his coat. He then returned to his seat.


The vessel produced a small vial. You don't want to ask where she keeps all of them.
"Don't forget this; I'll ward off the bacteria. But will also sting."
She probably should have mentioned just how much it stung before applying it.
"I'll probably need to restock soon. The rate you guys are getting through my medicine."

Telnor- Entrance to Mo- Grim

Telnor felt the healing magic wash over and his numerous cuts start to heal up, if not close all the way but he still couldn't see.

"I think I'm blind Vergil. During the fight something seemed to happen to my eyesight. I could see the movements of my opponent and could almost predict what he was going to do. Maybe it was just too much for my eyes and they just shut down. I hope its temporary because I don't know how I'm going to manage if it isn't. I have never had anything like this happen to me before. A couple times before I had something similar where I could almost see their movements but I thought that was just from training and experience. Never could I see their every movement."

image Vergil Crawford - Battle At Mo Entrance (Aftermath) - Grim

"You know I was more than capable of applying some antiseptic to the scar. But I suppose if you want some input, be my guest, here consider this one as a replacement." He remarked towards The Vessel, sounding put off at the prospect. He then tossed her a bottle of clear coloured antiseptic to her as he stepped away from the scene.

Before he was out of earshot, he could hear Telnor calling him about how his blindness came about.

"Hmm, it seems you may have tapped into some hidden power." He added.

"Even if your sight isn't naturally restored all I'll been is to find someone else to blind and I can get you back your sight.
It's the same principle as any other injury."
She was back to strumming having stored the free antiseptic (score by the way) where she kept all the other ones.
"Can't say travelling with you is dull as at least. Anyone still need me to play this or mind if I change to something a little more challenging?"

image Vergil Crawford - Battle At Mo Entrance (Aftermath) - Grim

"Play something interesting. Vergil replied to The Vessel's query.

"Another thing, how come you didn't thank me for the free antiseptic? Is there something about me you don't like? Something that doesn't warrant a simple response." He further added, whilst his words sounded angry, he spoke in a calm manner.

"Oh did I?"
She had to go back and check. It took her a second or two to remember.
"Your right I didn't. Well thanks."
There wasn't even a hint of anything in-genuine.
"What gives you the idea I don't like you?"
Again a genuine question, she doesn't have the slightest idea.

image Vergil Crawford - Mo Entrance - Grim

"I don't know, there is just something about you that reads, 'I do not like this guy, there is just something about him that I disagree with, yet I don't want to bring it up, just in case I hurt his feelings'." Vergil replied with, sounding somewhat frustrated, but not angry.

"For example, when I hugged you earlier, you pushed me away. I know you said that was unexpected, but I was just trying to be nice. I was only trying to let you open up more, I thought I saw you in an unhappy mood, and I was just trying to help you regain some happiness." He further added, sounding calmer now.


"Well it's unfounded; I don't feel any dislike for you. If I did you'd have been hurt or poisoned already.
As for the hugging it's just I don't like people touching me, it feels constricted. I'm not unhappy or anything, and what makes you think I need to open up more?"
She doesn't really sound mad even now. Just curious as to what the problem was. Talk about missing the point.

image Vergil Crawford - Mo Entrance - Grim

"You just seem rather reserved thats all. I shall speak no more of it." Vergil replied with in a rather dulcet tone of voice.

"In any case, since it is likely that the lot of us are going to be together for a while at least, we should get to know each other." He then added.


Sarcasm? Maybe, she'd have to ask later.
"I suppose if getting to know each other will help then I'll be free to answer any questions you've got. What exactly would it be good to know?"

image Vergil Crawford - Mo Entrance - Grim

"Anything really. Your past perhaps? Your relationship with your parents? How you came to be who your are today? Sorry if these seem like sensitive topics, its just that, by asking these questions, I could paint a better portrait of you, figuratively speaking of course, I am no artist in the traditional sense, only in the skills that I was taught in."

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