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image Lorel Ion - Grim

As soon as the sleeper bomb hit, Lorel, Velen, and Itsuka ran like made into the gates of Mo. He had been right, there were more guards and such coming. The gate to Mo was large, but Lorel noticed it was starting to shut. Then the guards who were standing near it began to run at them, flailing their weapons at them. Velen with his two blades cut down the guards, much easier then the guards at the Eternal Mist...

Irons bars that made the gates were falling down, but not quickly enough for the guards. Velen was the first, he slid under gate and then rolled outwards and then stood on the other side. Lorel did the same but not with much elegance that Velen did. Itsuka simply crouched and passed through.

"Come on!" Velen yelled past the gate to everyone who were close.


"Thanks." She said under her breath then she said it to Vergil.
She Felt the pull, it helped it really did. She was able to step with confidence.
The smoke soon cleared.
Almost instantly they were accosted but before she was even touched Vergil felled them.
The gate was still there of course but well.
Glad to be alive hug.

imageScarlett Verneer - Battle Aftermath at Mo Entrance - Grim

Scarlett was moving fast. Adjusting her grip on Telnor she made it out of the smoke rolling down the street and heard the grinding of gears, slowly coming to life in the distance. She cursed. The guards who had now arrived before the closing entrance to Mo stood ready for the groups arrival. Determined not to let them past. Some of the group where already engaged in small battles but with the weight of Telnor to carry she wouldn't be able to fight.

Scarlett saw Vergil clear his way through a few guards and decided to follow close behind. Using him to punch a hole through the defences.

"Vergil, Vessel, move to the gate now!" Scarlett screamed

imageVergil Crawford - Entrance of Mo - Grim

Vergil responded in kind by giving The Vessel a hug as well. Afterwards he saw the gate falling at a fair rate.

"Come on, we have to hurry! Vessel, Telnor, Scarlett, follow me!" Vergil called, he let go of The Vessel's hand and asked her to stay close. He then started to clear through a few more guards.

Another pair came at him, he quickly cut down one, and used his wrist blade to kill the other, the guard stunned by how the blade seemingly came out of nowhere. He used the body of the guard on his wrist blade, and hurled it at another one coming behind them, toppling the man.

By the time he had done this, the gate was almost shut, but there was enough room for them to crawl under. Vergil sheathed his blades and went under first, then held the gate open long enough for the other three to get through. He then let go as the gate slammed down.

image Lorel Ion - Mo

Once everyone the gate, it completely shut as it clammed down to the ground puddles of what that were under it splashed. Lorel was breathing heavily from the run. First walking up the tower, then a fight at the Eternal Mist, then a fight with those people, Mage Hunters, then running for their lives past the gate to Mo.

Oh joy...

Velen addressed the group. "We shouldn't stay too long here in Mo. We must get things quickly and just go to the Guardians Center near the gate to the Mountain Pass."


"As long as we're alive right."
She looked towards Vergil sheepishly.
She manages to get out a laugh but it more nervous than humours.
The embarrassment didn't help either.
She reached for her back and found the harp again.
She brought it out to inspect.
"Not a scratch."
She's really smiling now.

imageScarlett Verneer - The Gate - Mo

Scarlett felt exhausted. She looked up at Velen as he addressed the group, trying to catch her breath.

"Velen, why don't you carry Telnor for a bit?"

Scarlett made it sound more like a statement than a request.

image Lorel Ion - Grim

"Sure, I can do that." Velen spoke as he moved to Scarlett and began to help Telnor. "Lorel, Itsuka, I will go to the Guardian Center and bring Telnor with me. You guys go with Vessel, Vergil, and Scarlett and go buy some more goods for the trip north."

"Okay. What should we buy?" inquired Itsuka.

"Food, maybe some heavy garments, medicines, and so on. Everyone clear on that?"

imageVergil Crawford - City Streets - Mo

After getting up off the floor from collapsing, Vergil decided to ask The Vessel something, seemingly out of random.

"Vessel, you know that letter you sent your parents awhile ago. How long would you expect it would take for them to send a reply?"


"Yes those should probably be the best thing to buy."
Ok boring question out of the way.
"I'm not sure; they're usually really fast with the replies. They might be trying to prepare something for me. They normally won't send news until everything done they're end. They've very good at surprises.
But to be honest I'd be surprised if there isn't a result before tomorrow morning. They're kinda night people. It might even already be there, the last one was there before me at the safe house, I'm not a mage so I really couldn't say how they do it.
You still think telling them I was alive was a good idea?"
She sounded at least a little shaken, the thought of someone being able to know you so well they could send a letter to your future.
"I still don't understand how my plan failed."

imageVergil Crawford - City Streets - Mo

"Well yeah, if their willing to help you in some small way, it shows that they were concerned about your well being. Vergil responded to The Vessel's first question in a positive manner, assuming that it was he that she asked.

"Wait a minute, what plan?" Vergil asked confusingly.


"Yeah I guess you're right."
Her expression cleared visibly.
She even gave another quick, actually no she didn't she didn't. If she did it too often it would become overdone.
She explained the plan like it was something she'd gone over so many times, which in her head she had.

imageVergil Crawford - City Streets - Mo

"Okay then, let me see if I have this correct. You basically used your powers of healing to make your father fertile again, so that they could have another child." Vergil responded to The Vessel's explanation of a plan involving her parents, still sounding somewhat confused.

"Why may I ask, or is that a personal subject?"


"Then they wouldn't need me anymore."
Maybe he wasn't so smart. Surely that part was obvious?

imageVergil Crawford - City Streets - Mo

"Okay then, since you put it so blatantly, it makes more sense I suppose. Its just, when I hardly know someone personally, it takes a while to piece things together. I maybe smart in certain fields, but I'm not a seer, I can't read people's mind and understand their motivations in an instant. I hope you understand, in case I asked any stupid sounding questions."

Telnor- Entrance to Mo/Mo

Telnor smelt smoke and felt someone puling him off the bench. He quickly realized it was Scarlet who was pulling him and thought that it must of been a plan to get away from the two newcomers. Telnor ran as fast as he could with Scarlet pulling him, trying to keep up with out falling over something. All of a sudden he heard a lot of yelling, a gate falling and Scarlet yelling to hurry up.

Telnor felt himself falling and hearing a large bang behind him. The group must of made it the gate he thought to himself. He heard Scarlet telling Velen to help him up. He felt an arm helping to pull him to his feet and heard the female mage making suggestions as to what they should buy.

"Maybe we should also buy some horses," Telnor suggested. "I have an amulet that was meant for identification of a large bounty. Enough to buy a couple of decent horses."


"It's ok. It wasn't that stupid a question."
At least she was trying to be nice.
"You hardly know me?" She honestly hadn't thought of it like that but I guess he had a point. Still she didn't quite get it.

imageVergil Crawford - City Streets - Mo

"What I mean to say is, we don't know much about your backstory. We don't know what your parents do, who they are, or where you come from. I'm just posing perfectly logical questions. But, judging from the emblem on that envelope you sent, you must come from a family who is, shall we rather high up on the social ladder." Vergil queried, trying to not sound offensive.

"But of course, if there are secrets you want to keep, that is fine with me at least. I shall respect your privacy."


"Oh of course, sorry. Sometimes I loses track of what other people do and don't know.
But there're mages, both are leaders in the field of theoretical magic."
She briefly wondered if they'd have heard of the family name or not. She wouldn't admit it but it would be nice if they had at least a little.

imageVergil Crawford - City Streets - Mo

"It is entirely understandable Vessel. With the lives that people lead these days, its more than likely that we forget things now and then."

"Theoretical Magic. It's an interesting field of study; it is to research what can be achieved through the use of magic. The subject in of itself is not well known to many outside those who practice magic, that makes it both difficult to find their names, but easier to remember."

"Now then, the Rainecrofts studied 'Magical Warfare', the Orsem did research in both the 'History of Magic' and 'Defensive Spellcasting', finally..." Vergil stated as he began listing famous researchers in various field of magic, but came stuck when he was trying to remember who researched 'Theoretical Magic'.

"... I've got it. It was the Velkan that studied 'Theoretical Magic'."


"It wasn't only them. They had scores of people working under them. Intelligence over strength after all. But yes that's them. Most people don't even know they have a daughter."
A little nostalgia is caught in her mouth, it eventually faded almost entirely.
"I never really understood it myself. What they did I mean then again I didn't really try to either."

imageVergil Crawford - City Streets - Mo

"How come people don't know that your parents have a daughter?" Vergil asked, he then remembered the emblem on the envelope.

"I think I have figured what your family crest means. Its 'Intelligence Over Strength' isn't it. The bird, often used as a symbol of knowledge, translates as Intelligence. Whilst the bull, for its large size and power, symbolises Strength. Put the two together as they are, it shows the bird sitting on top of the bull, thus meaning that it is in control.


"They're good at keeping private and work life separate mostly I've heard people surprised they're even a couple."
The next part surprised her a fair bit.
"And yes that's what the symbols means. I wasn't aware anyone was trying to figure it out to be honest."

imageVergil Crawford - City Streets - Mo

"To be honest Vessel, or should I say Miss Velkan, I was only trying to figure it out just now. I saved the image of your emblem just in case I happened to figure out what it meant. Then just now, you subtlety dropped the phrase 'Intelligence Over Strength'; it all came together afterwards, I used what knowledge I knew of symbology, and pieced the puzzle together after that."


"It shouldn't be trust me.
And good for you for figuring it out. I was never sure about the symbol myself to be honest; I mean I get the intent but it never really settled with me.
Do you think it hold up as an image, because I don't know. It just doesn't work."
Lost for words are you?
Wow, best cherish the moment.

imageVergil Crawford - City Streets - Mo

"Very well then Vessel, if 'Vessel' is what you wished to be called, then I shall honour your wishes, to the best of my ability." Vergil remarked, putting his hand on his heart as a sign of respect, and bowed slightly. He then tackled the second query.

"As long as people look at it with the right mindset, that emblem will still retain its message. It seems that we work on similar principles, albeit for me they are altered to suit my career path as a thief, although there are probably other terms that could be used to describe me, given my abilities and knowledge ."

"Many people today think that power rules all. In truth, it takes many things, knowledge, compassion, diligence, humility, patience; the list goes on. Many times however, power can corrupt the most noblest of people. Sure, put a big enough force of mindless brutes behind something, and nothing can oppose you. However, a small, but well trained and intelligent force, can break through a group of larger numbers, as long as they strike the right pressure points to inflict the most damage."

After delivering his speech as it were Vergil decided to speak on the matter at hand, preparations for The North.

"All of you are right, we will need to be prepared for the long road ahead. Once everyone has their items, we should probably head for The Guardian's Rest here in Mo for the night. We don't want to be venturing out into the cold in our current condition, especially with Telnor still being blind, no offence by the way Telnor. Fortunately, the man who runs The Rest here in Mo, Gregory Deegan is an acquaintance, so we may be able to discuss some form of deal." Vergil remarked as he apologised to Telnor.

Velen Majl - Mo

"No horses... The path up North is too treacherous for horses to be used. Doubt the guardians would allow them to be used anyway. Now let us go to the Guardian's Center."

Velen and Telnor moved away from the group and began to get closer to the edge of the mountains where the ground began to elevate higher. They soon saw the Guardian's center. It wasn't very large and it was made out of simple wood. Various Guardians who bore paint on their faces of varying colors walked around with weapons. No doubt readying up for a trip up North.

They entered the building and Velen sat Telnor down on one of the chairs and then went up to the counter. The man at the counter seemed to busy but he dropped it as Velen got up to the counter. "May I help you?"

"Yes, my name is Velen. We seek to take a journey up North. There are seven of us."

"Well you're in luck; a team is just getting ready to leave. If you had arrived in just an hour later, you would have missed out. With seven of you, that will be 1302 Kiel."

Velen placed the amount of Kiel on the counter and the man took it. "Alright. Make sure to be at the gate in twenty minutes. Make sure you're there so then they can identify you by name."


Then the man went over the various details quickly and Velen acknowledged. He went and picked up Telnor. "Let's go get the rest."

imageScarlett Verneer - Battle Aftermath at Mo Entrance - Grim

Scarlett watched Velen and Telnor leave. Although she was eager to find a place to rest for the night she still had to run a few errands before that. Excusing herself Scarlett vanished into the crowd of people around her and out of sight of the group. She would meet up with them later at the Guardians Centre.

Vincent - Entrance to Mo - Grim

Vincent hear the sound of running from behind him, and turned around to see a large cloud of smoke covering what had once been the campfire. Vincent walked quickly over to see Lucian still sitting, holding onto his tea cup while gazing uselessly into the smoke. Vincent saw nobody around when the smoke finally cleared, so he smiled and cracked his knuckles.

"You know how much I love a good hunt Lucian. I'm going after them now, and I'm going to enjoy listening to the mage's scream." Vincent said with a sadistic grin, standing up and motioning for Lucian to follow him.

Local tavern, the serpent under it (2 stars at best).
It was hardly that cold on the path, then again when you were born (and conceived) in a blizzard you don't find much cold, child of the north and all.

She looks around the hall, she doesn't recognise much of it, to be honest growing up the guardians were something her parents had people to deal with so she'd not wanted to stay too long in the halls. Not that she felt disoriented or anything, no she was sitting in a completely different building by herself for a completely different reason. Honest.
She sits down at a bench without anyone else at it.

Well initially, a bar maid comes up to her.
"Hey love. Anything I can do for you?"
The vessel doesn't really pay attention she only semi replies.

(v)Something something "vegetarian?"something?
(m)"There's meat stew how's that sound?"
(v) "Good." Mmmm.
(m) "Thought so."
The barmaid starts drumming on the table casually as she writes a few things in a note book she's carrying.
The bar maid leave before stopping halfway and coming back.
(m) "Oh and before I forget this cam for you."
She hands over an envelope. Smells a little Smokey, fairly ornate seal, then again looking at it a second time the seal must have been reused, would make sense in this part of town, hardly northern luxury was it.
Da,da, da, daaa, dadada, da da dada.
Why the hell didn't the vessel see the broach? Stupid bitch.

imageVergil Crawford - City Streets - Mo

After looking around the area, Vergil had noticed that both The Vessel and Scarlett had disappeared.

"Where in hell did those two disappear off too? Might as well keep myself busy, whilst we're waiting for Velen and Telnor to get back." He thought to himself. "

"Hey guys, I'm going to go look for Vessel and Scarlett. Shouldn't be too long." Vergil told everyone, he then made his way up the slowly elevating path.

Deciding that he would get a drink before getting some more appropriate attire, amongst other things, he entered a tavern halfway up a steep hill that lead to the Guardian Centre. Inside, there a young woman with platinum hair was polishing glasses.

"Evening." Vergil remarked, the bar maid soon responded.
"Ah, welcome sir, what can I do for you this evening?" The woman replied with a happy personality.
"Just a small brandy, nothing too strong." Vergil asked the woman, rubbing the back of his neck as he talked.
"Certainly Sir." The woman replied with "Here, you got something wrong with your neck Mr. ..."
"The name is Crawford... Vergil Crawford, and there is nothing wrong with my neck, just the cold weather is all. Whilst I can tolerate it to a certain degree, I'm not immune from it."
"Crawford..." The bar maid remarked, sounding intrigued by his name. "You wouldn't be that infamous master thief would you?"
"Indeed I am, why do you ask?"
"No reason, you have quite a remarkable reputation about sir. I've heard people say that you have a great technique when it comes to thievery, you're also pretty smart from what I hear. Here is your brandy by the way." She then pushed forward a glass with a clear amber liquid.
"Thank you. Say, how come there aren't many people in today.?"
"Its the wrong time of year for large numbers of people to be travelling through the mountains. Usually come Summer time, we have have people coming through, wanting to get away from the warm weather here. That will be 50 Kiel please."
"Certainly, here you go, keep the change." Vergil pulled out 100 in Kiel.
"Thank you sir, enjoy your evening." The bar woman remarked, giggling slightly at the end.
"I will." Vergil replied with, he then noticed the broach that the bar maid around her neck. "Say how did you get that broach, its rather unique for someone in the Middle."
The bar maid hesitated a little "A friend gave it to me years ago."
"Very well."

"Hmm,strange, she seemed to hesitate before answering, as if she was hiding something. I'll keep my on her." He thought for a moment.

Vergil then picked up his glass, and turned round, spotting The Vessel sitting at a bench.

"Hello Vessel, mind if I join you?" Vergil asked in a polite manner.

"Here's the stew." The bar maid had comeback with the meal

" ****!"
The Vessel shouted out as she banged her fist on the table.

To her credit the barmaid hardly even reacted to that
"You're still calling me that?
You know no one else does right?"

Both genuine questions.

She gives the vessel a look of at first you'd think contempt, but that's only part (a large part no doubt but by no means all), it also contained genuine sympathy for one.

"It took you longer than I expected to get me this time. Anyway your parents are glad you're alive, they'll be sending transport in the morning, coconut might even be coming.
Oh and before I forget."

A small muffin with a candle.

"Banana's still your fave right?"

"It's probably poisonous."

"I'm pretty sure it's Banana, I didn't think you'd like poison flavour. Anyway good job with exploding Lord Harris. Little messy and screaming but then who am I to question your style. That money did a lot of good, I'm sure the gods appreciate his sacrifice."

The Vessel stood up and made a grab for the barmaid specifically her broach. The lunge wasn't in the least successful. The maid wasn't even there when she grabbed. Within seconds a man with a sword had stepped forward to defend the bar maid.

"Another thug!"

A friend.
George put the sword down."

He did as instructed without question, but by the looks of it without fear either.

imageVergil Crawford - Some Tavern - Mo - Confrontation With **** (Vergil's Perspective)

Vergil decided to step back a bit, and on to a barstool to allow the barmaid to deliver The Vessel her meal, meat stew. It was at that precise moment that The Vessel slammed her fists at the table, in a rage. He decided it best to stay out of the conversation for the most part, but was interested in listening.

The topic of conversation seemed to dance very quickly between several subjects. Its first stop was about her parent's receiving her message, and that transport was scheduled for the morning, and that someone by the name of 'Coconut', which Vergil assumed was the name of The Vessel's horse might be there. Stop number two was about an exploding Lord Harris, and the the gods, who Vergil never really believed in, would be happy about his sacrifice.

Finally, the barmaid brought out a muffin, which had a candle which produced a light blue flame, seemingly out of nowhere, and offered it to The Vessel, banana apparently being her favourite flavour. After this, The Vessel made a grab for the maid, especially her broach, but she was stopped by some random swordsman.

After the person, who was called George was ordered to put his blade down, Vergil decided it best he intervene.

"Ahem." Vergil then took a sip of his brandy, got out of his seat, and drew a katana with his freed hand, raising it to the barmaid's neck.

"Could someone please tell me what in hell is going on? Just who are you really? Its obvious by the way you provoked my friend here, that the two of you know each other from somewhere, and your obviously not a common bar maid. For example, how do you know that The Vessel's parents would be sending transport, unless of course, you already read the letter in her possession, and judging by the nature of the broken wax seal, you already have. From what my 'eye' tells me, this isn't who you truly are in the first place, con man." Vergil asked in a calm and polite manner, hoping to receive a substantial response. He then took another sip of his brandy, and placed the glass back on the counter, his sight still firmly fixed on this so called barmaid. He then turned to The Vessel.

"As for you, calm yourself down. Aside from subtly taunting you with that it took you longer to spot this entity, she hasn't threatened you in anyway. Restrain yourself Vessel, your better than this." Vergil spoke to her in a raised tone of voice, but didn't show anger.


"Oh now I like him. You'll have to introduce us at some point. Then again I wouldn't put much stock in a master thief who just admits it without the slightest pressure, or for that matter one that is so widely known."
The barmaid was looking towards the Vergil; her eyes moved rapidly taking in every detail.
"Fast eyes, your trying to size me up, I can almost hear you little clockwork head ticking over. You must be special, able to see through the broach of the bells. Must be another one of us with powers. Obviously the Vessel hasn't told you about me, maybe she was hoping you'd figure it out for yourself, she always was charitable like that.
But since you're obviously dying to know, and I'm not dying to keep you in the dark.
I taught her about the gods, about how to maintain the balance and about the work I do in their service."

"Pretty conclusive, apart from the part about you seducing, me taking away my womanhood and stealing that broach from my family."
The Vessel's flame burnt bright against the cool words of the Barmaid. And she wasn't even the one with a sword in her face.

"Sorry I didn't realise I was supposed to catch him up on things that didn't happen as well as one's that did.
But if you want him to know the least I can do is mount a defence.
Yes we were in a relationship, as for the second thing I'm going to respect you enough not to go into it with strangers, and yes I took a this broach, had the gods not willed me to have it I would never have been able to get I would I? Anyway you believe the same as I do, It can't really be theft if I end up doing more with it than your family ever did.

As for the mail, you can still read it; I haven't tampered with it at all, if I'd have wanted you not to know I'd read I could have been more blatant about it after all."

imageVergil Crawford - Some Tavern - Mo - Confrontation With ****

"Since I am unsure of whether that was a compliment or an insult, I shall keep my blade on you. Well, sorry for not meeting your impeccable standards, you could say she's been very scant on the details surrounding her past."

"Whilst I may be able to see through illusions, yours is very unique indeed. There are many facsimiles surrounding you, each one keeping your true persona veiled. I take it that broach allows you to change your form at will."

"Ah yes, the gods, you could say I had never much faith in them. For all the good they supposedly do, they sure make a load of mistakes. What do you do in their service, that would warrant the use of such a trinket?"

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