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imageVergil Crawford - Hotspring Cave - Northern Mountain Pass

"Well then, I guess whatever you have in mind... you better make it quick." Vergil remarked as playfully dangled his finger over The Vessel's open mouth. Before that though, Vergil removed his clothing, and casually tossed it behind him, it landing next to his satchel, which was propped against his katanas. He then sat back, and let her to her thing.

After his fun with The Vessel, Vergil carefully got out of the hotspring, and went behind a small wall of the cave that the hotspring was in. Thanks to the hotspring, the cave acted like a natural drier, and, within a few minutes, he was changed back into his regular clothes, but put the winter scarf and gloves on.

Shortly after he got changed, Vergil left the hotspring cave, and joined the others.

"Then I'll be quick."
**********************************************And then she *********************************Not to mention ***************Didn't even know that was possible ********************************Now how exactly did that get there****************************************** ok I really didn't need to know that ******* Now that didn't happen often I tell you.

"Ok good now we're even."

Telnor- Springs- Northern Mountian Pass

Telnor climbed out of the springs and got dressed before Vessel and Vergil had their fun.
"Come on Itsuka, Scarlet. Let us let them have their fun," Telnor walked away. "So Itsuka how did you come to join the Steel Hearts?"

Ok good, now that was over and done with she could get back to the important stuff.
She was out and soon changed. Even so she took a little longer than strictly necessary checking her reflection in the water.
She was soon back with the others.
"Glad we could get that out of the way. I take it, it was adequate thanks."
A genuine question, her voice wasn't exactly lacking in emotion so much but she didn't sound like someone who had just done that or the other thing."

imageVergil Crawford - Northern Mountain Pass

"Oh, it was more than adequate Vessel, in fact, it was.... beautiful. I'd never of guessed you'd be so... flexible, lets just end on saying that it was worth it." Vergil replied with in a dulcet tone of voice.

"But your right, it was good to get that out of the way." He further added.

Are you sure your throat is better?"
She didn't recognise the tone at all, she sounded pleased but that was more glad she'd made him feel good. In fact she hadn't even made a noise all through.
"Well you earned it."

imageVergil Crawford - Northern Mountain Pass

"Of course it is, must have accidently swallowed some water when you pulled me in, the heat of it must of softened my vocals cords somehow. I'm surprised you didn't make a sound through all that, it was somewhat intense after all." Vergil remarked as he coughed a few times, that made his voice go back to normal.


"Well it wasn't for me was it"
She spoke matter-of-factly.
She still didn't get it.
"Also I think you might have a cough. But I should be able to make up a medicine for that easy enough."

imageVergil Crawford - Northern Mountain Pass

"Oh really? You didn't get anything out of it huh? Well, I'm sorry for not meeting for your high standards. If you didn't want it, then why did you do it?"

Why does it matter if I got anything out of it? Like I said it wasn't for me.
I did it for you to say thanks.
You wanted it didn't you?"

imageVergil Crawford - Northern Mountain Pass

"Well of course I did. It's just that, you could of been more open with yourself. I mean, you're sure there wasn't a hidden motive behind it all? That deep down, you actually have feelings for me?" Vergil sneered at The Vessel, hoping to see some anger rise up from her.


"You're a great friend and valuable as a co-worker.
But there's nothing sexual there. Why would there be?
The gears were turning.
"Have I..."
She's going to need a few minutes.
A minute or so passes.
"I've offended you. Is that it?"

imageScarlett Verneer - Northern Mountain Pass


Scarlett nodded at Telnor in response. Turning around to follow him she shook her head at Vergil and the Vessel and smiled. Those days where long behind her, but still, even with what had happened afterwards she still remembered them fondly. The smile slowly fading into sorrow Scarlett looked at Itsuka and awaited a response to Telnor's question.

imageVergil Crawford - Northern Mountain Pass

"Oh, no no no Vessel, far from it, in fact, this little argument has been quite joyful, not to mention insightful. It seems I have a slightly better understanding of how your mind works, however, it will take many more times to fully reconstruct you in here." Vergil remarked as he tapped his head at that last fact.

"I expected more from you though, there is quite the dazzling intellect in that pretty little head of yours, its a shame you didn't put it to better use."


"Well good, I wouldn't want to have offended you. After all this, started as trying to make you feel good.
Were we arguing?"
The next part wasn't easy to say.
"Just to ask you mind telling me next time? It would really help me keep up. Might prevent offence in the future.
Wait what was that about reconstructing me?"
As for the other thing.
"And thanks for the compliment, but I'm not sure I see a better use than healing the sick and maintaining the balance. "

image Itsuka - Northern Mountain Pass - Springs

"Oh you're mistaken. I am not part of Steel Hearts," she corrected Telnor as they walked. "While we do have ties with them, we're not official connected with them. The Ion family did do some operations with them but out of mutual benefits."

Telnor- Springs- Northern Mountain Pass

"I see. So what drives you to take down the Upper District? Revenge? Hatred for the injustice? Boredom? A grab for personal power?" Telnor asked. "Sorry if I'm prying to much. I'm just interested in what would drive someone to want to remove something that has stabilized The City for such a long time."

imageVergil Crawford - Northern Mountain Pass

"What I meant by reconstructing you, was that I would recreate your personality in my mind, so that, should you ever become lost, or need of assistance, it would be easier to track/find you. A simple enough matter, if one has enough time to do it properly. This has been a valuable learning experience. But enough of me rambling on, we have a journey to complete."

image Itsuka - Northern Mountain Pass - Springs

"No it's fine that you're curious," she spoke and her tone began to lessen. "I don't have the same drive as Velen and Lorel who have been personally affected. Upper District is the reason why I am off the streets. In fact I don't even know who my parents are, as soon as I was discovered of being a mage, I was hauled off and away. Though whether or not I am grateful for that is something I can't say. I can only assume that they must have not been Mages or at least, the gene wasn't as strong in their lines. Some Mages can be born to Normal parents due to lineage Magical DNA."

She stopped herself. "Sorry for babbling. Well to finish. While Upper may have raised me. I have seen the horrors of Upper District and realized the ones who I thought were great were in fact the root of all evil. Well at least in recent times."

imageScarlett Verneer - Northern Mountain Pass

Could she be one of them?

The thought lingered in Scarlett's mind as she watched Itsuka and listened to her reply, a long time ago Sera had tried to destroy the entire city in the hope of giving birth to a brand new future. A future free from class and oppression. A grand utopia learning from the mistakes of the past. In the end Scarlett had stood up for the living, failing to see Sera's shining vision of things to come, it might have cost her her family but Scarlett had remained firm that she had chosen the right path. Even if it hurt every single day she continued to breathe.

"And what about the rest of the city? Have you thought about what the fallout from the collapse of the Upper District will do to them?" Scarlett awaited Itsuka's response.


"Oh right of course sorry I was a little distracted.
So now let's get going."
Then she latched onto what Itsuka had said.
"Wait you can't destroy all of the upper classes?"
Well technically she'd be ok as long as her parents weren't on the list.
"That's a dangerous thing to say when you don't fully know your company."
Strange her accent hadn't given it away after all, the Vessel wasn't the best at vocal disguise (Certianly not **** level).

image Itsuka - Northern Mountain Pass - Springs

Itsuka knew the answer to that. "We aren't going to destroy the government per-se. More like remove those in power and put in those who are much more trust worthy."

"And you're planning on removing how many people? Because I happen to have a fondness for some people in power around there, and I'd hate for there to be a conflict of interest."

Telnor- Springs- Northern Mountain Pass

"But wouldn't that not really change in the long run? The people would change but eventually we would be back in the same position The City is in now? Eventually the officials would become corrupt and rebels would come back and everything would be the same. We would be stuck in a cycle of experiences were nothing ever changed. Wouldn't it better to complelty alter the way the Upper District works. Perhaps with representatives from every District having a vote,or at least those who have agreed to join.

imageScarlett Verneer - Northern Mountain Pass

Scarlett laughed. "Really. You think the Upper Class are just going to be complacent in all this? It will lead to war. And then what happens when the new lot of people become as bad as the last like Telnor suggests? In my experience, despite good intentions, a leadership change rarely works out for the better. Same shit. New face."

Scarlett didn't put much faith in the idea, and it showed in her tone of voice.

Halien Ye'ala - Rathen Border - Five days ago

As he spoke with the Southern girl, he was about to leave when she was being quiet to him when from up behind her, accompanied by panicked shouts from the crowd around the gate and up to where they were, one of the men who had been following her had broken through the guard, drawn his sword and stabbed her through the upper half of her back. As she gasped for air she could not receive through the pierced lung, the sword was pulled out as guards ran towards the man. Their numbers were too many for him as he was taken down in seconds.

As the girl collapsed to the ground, Halien grabbed hold of her, carrying to her to a nearby wall. She was bleeding heavily. Halien put his hands over the wound, using his healing powers to try and repair her wounds but it was too much. Her lungs proved difficult to repair alone but the blood loss was too much. At best, he could keep her alive for a few minutes at the most.

"Hi. I'm Halien. What's your name?" he asked.

"Naril. Naril Anioc" she replied, coughing after she spoke.

"So you are a Southerner then" Halien smiled "No doubt about that"

"Could you do me a favor?" she asked.

"Of course. What do you want?" he said.

"Can you take this pendant to friend in Uegan?"

"In the North?"

"Yes, that's not too much to ask is it?"

"No. That's not a problem" he replied.

Northern Pass - Present Day

After obtaining an address from Naril, he waited with her until a coroner arrived to take her body away. His coach arrived shortly after though he gave coach driver new instructions. Within a couple of days, he arrived in Mo where he took the mountain path to Uegan. The air was cold, even for the Northern Mountains. On the way, he had encountered a group of beaten bandits who "offered" him free Kiel.

On the second day of his climb, he saw some people in the distance who seemed to be packing up tents. As he approached their direction, he saw a fairly large group with two people in particular he knew. One he would prefer to only meet alone behind closed doors if it was possible. The other however...


image Itsuka - Northern Mountain Pass - Springs

"Yes, war will happen. That's why we're going to the North to help get an army to rise. And we wouldn't just install new faces. We would indeed make Districts have more say and vote, but at the same time. The Nobles shall stay just new ones. See Nobles are supposed to be sort of like a council where they vote. But since the start of their time, we have seen that, they didn't do that instead just abused their power. That is why we would make laws and groups to advise this. Plus we wouldn't just pick people out of a hat to rule but ones who can show they can. The Dean of the North is an over three hundred year role that and during those many hundreds of years new families have taken over. Yet there has never been a corrupt Dean. To think that power automatically means corruption is very pessimistic."


"So what about the people who have attained powers through their wits the academic classes as opposed to the aristocracy?"
She could never keep track of who did and didn't know that she was the daughter of two of the most important mages in the city so she didn't want to be too obvious.

She was hoping they'd be safe given neither of them had inherited power so to speak and that replacing a politician was always going to be easier than replacing someone with a working knowledge of exactly how depliderns (one of the fundamental magic particles) interacted with the haladium radiation.

Then she saw him.
"Oh hey. It's you." Exactly who would take a little time for her to get.
"It's been a while." Well it probably had right?

Telnor- Northern Mountain Pass

"I have to disagree. Total power corrupts totally. I'm sure there has been a corrupt Dean, they were just good at covering it up. At any rate as long as they don't try and force me to submit to them then I have no problem as long everything settles down. Governments rarely affect the ever day to day life," Telnor said at they reached the camp. "At any rate I'll help you because I owe you a debt and I always repay my debts. Come on lets get moving before the group leaves us behind."

image Itsuka - Northern Mountain Pass

Itsuka didn't bother to respond to Telnor, not that she didn't want to. But it was his opinion and she had to respect that. She noticed Vessel who had caught up. "Who gained power any way it doesn't matter. You don't join the Nobles by going to any academy. Your family needs a large lineage to be even considered. On the case for regular Upper Class people, we won't harm them as long as they don't try to stop us from removing the current Nobles from power."

Then suddenly they noticed a man who Vessel seemed to recognize.

imageScarlett Verneer - Northern Mountain Pass

Scarlett shrugged. It wasn't her problem. Keeping an eye on the new arrival she waited for the Vessel to introduce him.

imageVergil Crawford - Northern Mountain Pass

Vergil decided to ignore the argument between Itsuka and Telnor, for his views on figures of authority and the Nobles were a little one sided, since being a thief, he would be considered an enemy, unless he was under the employ of one. Regardless, he still disliked them, but not with the burning passion. He looked over his shoulder and saw that someone had called to The Vessel. Vergil then gave a brief analysis of the new arrival.

" The new arrival was male, aged late teens, possibly early twenties. He had very dark grey, practically black coloured hair. The hair at the front reached just above the shoulder line, whilst at the back, it had been gathered into two medium length ponytails. The guy was dressed in black and yellow robes, with a dark olive green cloak over them. His eyes were dark red like Vergil's. Judging by the attire, the guy was possibly a Mage. His attitude seemed friendly enough though. "

Despite this, Vergil decided not to get himself involved with a friend of The Vessel. He then turned his head back, and carried on walking.


The vessel still couldn't put the name to the face. But she was sure it would come eventually.
But she recognised him as a former colleague they'd worked together a while back. She was sure a name would come in time.
She was already sherlock scanning.

Let's see
He had a few more scars than when he was working for here, then again his twitch was better and his eyes didn't flicker around as much. There was bruising on the fists minor but it showed signs of persistence, no doubt without her he'd needed to be more reliant on brute force now. The book he held was a new one, wonder what hap, oh right it had been burnt in that fire that we don't talk about anymore. The robes were also new, they looked fancy as well, and someone had made a name for themselves.

Maybe he was moving up in the world.
Maybe he'd even become a decent healer.
There was a lot going through her head, probably too much to say and still make sense.

you're still alive?"

Halien Ye'ala - Northern Pass

"Well I do hope so" he laughed "Otherwise there's something very weird about this meeting"

He looked around group that the Vessel was travelling with. Not the sort of people he expected her to socialize with but that was just her. Even when working with her, he never could get a grasp on her personality wise anyway. Though he was calm around her, he still did not know much about her other than her trade and unique gifts.

He noticed he'd caught the eye of another in the group. Tall, about 6'3" with a light tan, a goatee and shoulder length, dark grey hair.

"Halien Ye'ala, nice to meet you" he said, shaking his hand. "Aaaaahhhh, warm..." he thought as his cold hand touched the much warmer strangers. "I'm a Water Mage from Yeal. I once worked with Vessel there".

"So what're you all doing then?- I mean, why are you going to the North?"

imageVergil Crawford - Northern Mountain Pass

"Well Hailen, its nice to meet a friend of The Vessel. A Water Mage you say? Well, best not get into a heated argument with the fire Mage we're travelling with, wouldn't want things to get all steamed up now would we? My name is Vergil Crawford, my profession is not the most lawful, but, there have been certainly enough people, many in high places wanting my services."

"The reason why we're travelling up to the North is twofold. The first is that some of us are tending to um, private and confidential business of a political nature if I understand correctly, but I tend to keep my nose out of such matters, unless a contract is involved around it. Whilst the second is that the rest of us are travelling to The Vessel's home in Tinsdal. I believe there are other reasons, but those are more secretive."

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