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She stopped the kiss, it felt wrong maybe if he have gone for the cheeks but no, not the lips.
She had no idea what to say.
I don't (No too mean also not really true)
I'm sorry but (No that was just patronising)
In what (No she already knew the answer)
"Come on your right we can't be late."
She couldn't hide her feelings he'd know how she felt.

imageVergil Crawford - The Dean's Mansion - Tinsdal

After what had happened, the pair of them walked in silence, not a word from either of them in response to the event that took place, only a moment ago. As they reached the main hallway, the silence broke.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't of said it. God, what was I thinking, I feel like such a fool now. We should pretend it didn't happen in front of the others, but that will be difficult I feel. If you don't want to respond, then I understand why. Let's just keep going, I can see Telnor and Scarlett." Vergil said, finding it difficult to speak, and almost broke into tears.

imageScarlett Verneer - the capital of the north, Tinsdal

"You may."

Scarlett took Telnor's arm and walked with him to the waterfront garden spotting Vergil and Vessel on the way.

"Vergil I was stupid, I should have realised how you felt.
I won't lead you on again, that was wrong of me.
And don't feel bad; what you said needed to be said. If it wasn't now it would have only hurt more later."
She hugged him. She didn't want him to cry, he might set her off.
"It's not that I don't feel for you, your one of the best people I've ever known. But I just don't think of you that way. I'm sorry. Maybe it would be best if we spend some time away from each other, it might just be that we've been in contact with each other for about 24 hours now. Maybe a little time apart would do us a little good."

She pulled away.

"There some people I should probably get to seeing."
Maybe the crowd would let her forget who she was for a while.

imageVergil Crawford - The Dean's Mansion - Tinsdal

"Yeah, your right, time apart." Vergil said as he saw her disappear into the crowd. He decided to walk amongst the crowd, as he did, he slowly felt better about what happened. After a while, Vergil found himself staring out onto the waterfront, overlooking the famous Bridges of Trust.

"I could just end it here, cast myself into the abyssal waters. No, that's just stupid, and the cowards way out." He thought to himself, contemplating suicide, but realised it would be pointless. Vergil soon stepped away from the edge, and bumped into a woman.

"Oh excuse Miss, did not see you."
"That is okay sir, with all these people about, it makes it difficult to navigate." The woman replied, she then realised who it was.
"Oh, Vergil, I did not recognise you. My my, you certainly clean up well, and very handsome if I might add." Fiora remarked, giggling afterwards.
"Oh Fiora, your looking... radiant." Vergil responded with as Fiora briefly took off her mask. His faced was stunned at what lay beneath the golden mask with a dark blue pattern.
"What is the matter? Anyway, your parents would like to speak with you."
"She certainly will... Mother." Vergil said in a rather sharp manner.

"Mother... how did you know?" Fiora asked, both shocked and stunned by Vergil's comment.
"Anyway, we should disgust this in private. I have a private area setup for this 'reunion'. Follow me." She added, and lead Vergil to some place out of the way from all the prying eyes. The pair of them sat at a table at the far end of the garden's, it was covered, so it should be safe.

"Well then, where should I begin?..." Fiora asked her son.

imageLorel Ion - Dean's Mansion - Tinsdal

Everyone was arriving and making their way into the Gardens, but Lorel couldn't find Velen and Itsuka, then again he didn't know what mask they were wearing. The mask he was wearing was white with two slit eyes and red lines going down the ends of each and upwards from the middle of each. When everyone was allowed into the Gardens everyone situated themselves and it begun.

It was simple, they announced the members of the Vo'ana family, and Jastis came down the stairs that connected the garden with the second floor with his wife, who wore masks that seemed to make one whole one based on their designs. Next came his daughter who was much younger, maybe early teen's, she wore a simple mask with some unique designs.

Lastly, Mizuki with the dean's son, while they were together he wore a golden looking mask that looked like a face, but Mizuki was wearing something different. It was a simple black mask with a single white line going down the middle. After they got to the bottom the announcing stopped and the party proceeded as it does.

When Mizuki was alone Lorel went up to her. "Hey Mizuki, good it looks you got ready in time. What's with the mask. It's basic, but different then everyone else's."

"It's... It's from eleven years ago. Yes, eleven years ago, where a great many things happened."

"Eleven years ago? Huh, that seems very common amongst my friends. Velen and Itsuka, lots of time they tell me that happened eleven years ago or someone they met eleven years ago."

"Itsuka and Velen are here?" She asked, she had been so busy the past two days that she hadn't heard or seen them. "I must see them before the party ends, actually I will go and look for them now." She stood up and ran off. Oddly there was something about her that made her seem... Familiar.

Lorel ignored the thought and got up and decided to find Malina who looked like she was dying next to her father and wanted to talk to someone else. He tapped her shoulder and she noticed him and decided to follow him to where they were talking early, where it overlooked the waterfront. They were significantly higher but the voices from the party below were being drowned out by the sound of waves.

Malina looked beautiful, she wore a silver dress that complimented her size and bust, and similar to his outfit, had fur around the neck and bottom. She had no sleeves but similar to Itsuka had the long thin gloves but Malina's was black. The dress ended a bit above the knee's, and it she wore dark stockings. Her mask only covered her eyes, but had an elaborate design.

"So Malina, how's your time in the North been?" Lorel said to strike up a conversation.

She smiled. "Good so far, you?"

"Could be better."

"Thinking of your parents?" She inquired.

"Without a doubt. It's hard to get them out of my mind, it happened all so fast. I was powerless."

imageVergil Crawford/Lady Fiora De La Croix - The Dean's Mansion - Waterfront Garden Masquerade - Tinsdal

"Well then, where should I begin?" His mother, Fiora asked, that was an interesting question she posed. But, he managed to think of answer.

"Firslty, why did you and father leave me? But first, we should remove these masks, since we're discussing the truth." Vergil responded with as he removed his mask, and placed it on the table.

"I suppose that is the correct first question." Fiora noted, as she removed her own mask, and placed it next to her son's.

"It was, for your own protection. You see, years ago, your father and I, we obtained some sensitive information, information that if placed in the wrong hands, could destabilize the entire North Section. People were after us, and, we didn't want to them to hurt you, so we decided to take you some place safe, somewhere that they could not find you."

"Who could not find me?"

"The Champions of The Tempest."

Vergil had to laugh at that name.

"Those fools, seriously." Vergil then regained his composure. "Funny you should mention them, me and a friend of mine, we had some dealings with them a couple of days ago. Let's just say, they won't be a problem for a long time." He remarked.

"Really?" Fiora asked with great curiosity. "Tell me, what happened."

"Well, it all started with a tournament they were holding. It was to find some potential new recruits for their order; they were offering to bypass a majority of their ranks. My friend, the Vessel, beautiful woman by the way, had entered this tournament, so she could get close enough to the Oncoming Storm, and kill him."

"After I realised the feelings I had for her, I decided to enter as well. We each had our first round matches, which we won. The Vessel was part way through her second, when there was a large explosion. The Vessel was dazed, and slightly unconscious if I recall. I managed to get her out of the arena, and found us some place safe. She didn't rest for long though, as she sensed something from a nearby hospital. I tagged along, hoping to keep her safe. It turns out, it was an old acquittance of hers that was in dire need of help."

"Vessel had asked me to hold back the oncoming soldiers, which there were fifty of them by the way, so she could rescue her friend, and I did what I was asked to do."

"Wow, that sounded exciting, is the Oncoming Storm dead?" Fiora asked nervously.
"He is, that fiend was in a worse state than the fifty soldiers I killed."
"Tell your friend thank you, the pair of you have lifted a weight from my shoulders."
"I will notify her of that when I next see her." Vergil remarked. "So, if your my mother, where is the father?" He asked slyly, changing the subject.

"That is the thing, I can't, you see your father, Angello, is dead." Fiora responded with, a tear came to her eye.

Andria Velkan, party on the water front
Looking out over the river she needed a while to take it all in. The moon and stars were magnificent tonight, maybe if her head was more together she'd have tried getting a melody going.
She was sitting feet dangling over the edge.
"Excuse me are you going to?" Random stranger.
"Of course not! I was just admiring the scenery." She was offended at the very suggestion. "Anyway I'm a great swimmer. I'd be fine."
"Sorry miss." The stranger backed away slightly offended not that she noticed.
She wondered if she could have handled the situation with Vergil better. He had to spring that on her didn't he? No that wasn't fair, she had forced herself to relive what she'd done to him and it wasn't easy.
She wasn't really attending the party; no attention was paid to the beautiful dresses or the inanity of the small talk.
That was when she slipped. Only for a second but that was enough. The water was colder than even she'd expected.
She'd been able to hold on mind just by one hand.
She considers pulling herself back up. Then again that would have just been boring.
If she didn't choose soon gravity would for her.

imageVergil Crawford/Lady Fiora De La Croix - The Dean's Mansion - Waterfront Garden Masquerade Party - Tinsdal

"That is the thing, I can't, you see your father, Angello, is dead." Fiora responded with, Vergil could see a tear falling down her cheek.

"Its okay mother, I mean, Fiora. You don't have to cry any more, your son is here." Vergil remarked as he comforted her. He then returned to his seat.

"So, your name is Fiora Crawford."

"Actually, that isn't true, Crawford is not my real surname. Nor is Vergil Crawford your real name." Fiora replied in haste.
A surprised look appeared on Vergil's face. "So, if it isn't my real name, what is?" He asked, still confused by this revelation.

"It's Aeon, Aeon De La Croix." Fiora replied with, unsure of how he would take it.
"Very well then, but permit me that you'll know me now as Vergil, as its the name I've known throughout my life, and I don't want to..." Vergil remarked, but was interrupted by a splash.

"What was that, come on, we'll have to investigate." Vergil asked Fiora, the pair of them putting on their masks back on to investigate the noise outside.

As they left the private area, Vergil engaged Shade's Vision to see what had caused it. By the looks of it, no one else had noticed. He then spotted the source.

"Vessel, hold on. Come on Fiora, we have to help her." Vergil called out as he dashed through the crowds, Fiora following behind her. They soon arrived to a struggling Vessel. The pair of them knelt down to grab one of her arms.

"We aren't doing a very good job of avoiding each other are we. Anyway nice to see you."
She swung one hand to take her harp from her back and hand it to him.
"Look after this for me. I'd hate for it to get wet. Anyway back soon."
She let go the fall was really enjoyable actually the air rushed past her and through her hair. The water was really refreshing. So cool, she'd heard the dean had his own springs but until now she'd doubted it.

The splash was great she even got some of the people on the water front.
She wasn't under for even a second and had already begun treading water there wasn't much of a flow in the so she was able to keep place.
Looking around she saw a little pier probably used for launching the Deans private boat(s).
She pointed to it.

"Meet me over there, I won't tell you which way to go but I trust you not to boring."
She began swimming over without difficulty, she didn't notice it but Vergil would probably get a serious shock if he jumped in. That could be a little funny.
"But if you are jumping in make sure my harp is ok before you do."
She was soon by the pier and hoisting herself onto it. The water stitched into her clothes felt good. She liked the way it made her clothes cling to her as well; sort of like a damp icy hug, she really wasn't doing a good job of keeping Vergil uninterested.

imageVergil Crawford/Fiora De La Croix - The Dean's Mansion - Waterfront Garden Masquerade Party - Tinsdal

"Okay then, enjoy your swim." Vergil remarked with a devious smile underneath his mask as he saw the Vessel fall into the waters below, her harp clutched in his right hand.

" By the Gods! Is she going to be okay? " Fiora asked, sounding shocked, and looking stunned by what she had just seen.
"Oh, she will be okay mother, it's part of thing of being a person of balance; for everything she does in a behaved manner, there has to be something that is sporadic, off the wall you could say."
"Yes, your quite right in that regard Aeon, any way, we should meet up with her; I would like to congratulate her for killing the Oncoming Storm personally."
"You might as well." Vergil remarked as he followed on behind Fiora, stopping briefly to pick up Vessel's mask.

"Any way, you were saying." Fiora noted, bringing the topic of conversation from where they left it earlier.
"Ah, yes, mother, I'd prefer it if you called me Vergil from now on, it's the only name I've had, and no offence, I don't want to simply drop that part of my identity for the truth.
" Very well then Aeo... I mean Vergil. I shall honour your decision, but please, keep your original name; you may never know when it may come in useful. Don't call me mother, we haven't known each other long enough to use those terms. "

"Fair enough, Fiora."

"You not going to jump in after her?" Fiora asked, giggling slightly.
"Ah what the heck, here, hold these, and don't drop and/or lose them." Vergil responded without a care, as he passed her his coat and mask, along with the Vessel's mask and harp. He then jumped into the icy waters, and swam towards the Vessel.

"Huhh, just like Angello." Fiora though, as she remembered his sense of adventure. She passed the items to a nearby servant, who accompanied her to the pier dock.

He managed to climb up onto the pier dock without assistance from the Vessel.

"Well, I can see why you yourself enjoyed that." Vergil remarked, then showed a joyful grin on his face.

"I'm surprised you're still conscious. Then again you haven't got out completely unaffected."
She was sitting on the pier
"So what's your name?" Indicating Vergil's mother. "I'm..."
Not sure which to use actually.
"Andria VelKan."
Might as well I guess. She stood up offering a hand.

imageVergil Crawford/Fiora De La Croix - The Dean's Mansion - Waterfront Garden Masquerade Party - Tinsdal

After his mother arrived, Vergil simply laid out on the pier, partially exhausted from the swim.

"I'm okay." Vergil said casually as he raised a hand.

"Ah, you must be the Vessel." Fiora responded, shaking her hand in response.

"I must say, thank you for removing that fiend, the Oncoming Storm. He has been a weight on my mind now for quite a number of years, ever since Vergil's father died."

"Anyway, my name is Fiora De La Croix." She announced bowing in respect afterwards.

"I have here your harp and mask." Fiora then remarked, summoning the maid who followed her, to give the items to the Vessel.

"Oh, and Vergil, here is your coat and mask." She then added, as the maid placed the aforementioned items down on the ground next to Vergil.

"Is the reason why you don't share the same feelings as I do for you, stem from the fact, that I'm a man." Vergil remarked seemingly out of nowhere.

imageLorel Ion - Dean's Mansion - Tinsdal

"It's not your fault. You didn't know."

"I didn't know? More like I was ignorant of the fact. Looking back at it now, all the subtle hints, now they paint quite a big picture."

She didn't know what to say, her parents were both alive, and one was to become part of the group that ordered his families death. Now she was conflicted, she couldn't just go back to her mother and leave Lorel without being morally hurt. It was quite a black and white situation, the Ion family saw the corruption and began to try to undermine it and paid the ultimate price. On the other hand how could she go up against her own family?

Mizuki Ion - Dean's Mansion - Tinsdal

Mizuki moved through the crowds and found Velen and Itsuka talking to some Elite Classes with some Elite Classes with their masks of for a moment but they just finished. "Velen! Itsuka!" She cried out as she ran up to them hugging the both of them and then stepping back. "It's been too long!"

"It has, it's good to see you. But I must ask, does he know?" Velen asked.

She knew who he was referring to. "No, he just thinks I am some Elite Class girl, he doesn't know anything. But I think he is catching on."

"Good," Itsuka said. "The mask you're wearing... Quite... Nostalgic..."

"That's an understatement," Velen responded. "Back eleven years ago... Lots of very big things happened back then didn't they?"

"Yes, yes it did."

imageScarlett Verneer - the capital of the north, Tinsdal

Before Scarlett and Telnor arrived a smart looking man in a suit approached them with a cautious smile. He wore immaculate white gloves that seemed to shine in the low light.

"Apologies sir, madam, but Mr. Vaalender has asked that you be checked for weapons."

Scarlett faked a polite smile and eyed the woman, equally as smart, approaching her from the side. With rough hands the two house staff frisked Scarlett and Telnor but were unable to find any offending items.

"Have a pleasant evening." The man nodded before leaving with his companion to check the next guests arriving.

Scarlett shook her head and linked her arm with Telnor again before walking inside. After the pair accepted a tall glass of champaign Scarlett heard a familiar voice.

"So, here you two are." Kalyn Vaalender removed his mask and inspected the pair. "I must say what fine outfits you have for tonight, it seems my money didn't go to waste after all."

"Oh not at all." Scarlett remarked. "I couldn't decide what to wear so I bought two dresses. It was so hard to decide as they where both equally nice... and expensive."

Kalyn swallowed a remark. The last thing he wanted was to have anyone present find out Scarlett was his illegitimate daughter.

"Yes, I'm sorry but that's the main issue for me."
She wasn't going to lie to him she owed him better than that.
"So, this is your mother right? Sorry I mean so your Vergil's mother right." It wasn't polite to talk like she wasn't there.
She accepted the mask and harp and thanks her.

Telnor - Waterfront Gardern - Same District they we have all been in for the past five pages

"Why yes sir. Thank you very much so. I so could not have afforded this hat without your generous donation," Telnor used his fancy cane to push his top hat back. "You a very charitable man."

Telnor watched Kalyn squirm. "Any who. This quite the fancy wingding. A lot of really important people here with very high reputations. More so than some of the people in the Middle District," Telnor smiled as he thought of the chaos he caused at the party in Grim, before the killings started. "It would be quite a shame for anything to happen to anyone's reputation," Telnor raised his glass. "How about a toast. To great unstained reputations."

imageVergil Crawford/Fiora De La Croix - The Dean's Mansion - Waterfront Garden Masquerade Party - Tinsdal

"Yes, indeed I am." Fiora responded.

"Oh well." Vergil remarked as he got up, and put his coat and mas back on.

"I may as well stop trying then if that is the case. I thought for a moment there was a faint glimmer of hope, but I see now that it ain't going to happen." He then added, accepting the fact plain and simple.

Tear - the capital of the north, Tinsdal

Tear was serving drinks to the guests when she looked up and saw Scarlett. Her blood boiled with anger and the dagger hidden beneath her uniform felt heavy. Hungry for blood.

Katelyn Verneer - the capital of the north, Tinsdal

Masks? Masks! Katelyn snorted with amusement. Her night was going to be harder than she imagined. Dressed in a dark grey ninja garb she remained crouched in the darkness a fair distance away and lowered her mechanical metal bow to the ground. The estate security had already swept this part of the garden a few minutes ago so she had some time spare to relax and identify her target before they returned.

"I'm sorry but I don't see it happening. I mean would you still feel for me is I was a boy?"

Telnor- Waterfront Garden- Tinsdall

As everyone raised their glasses for a toast, a man came up to Telnor.
"This is for you sir. Just came in," the man handed the note to Telnor who accepted and put it into his coat pocket. As the man left Telnor thought, That man looked familiar. Ah well.

imageVergil Crawford/Fiora De La Croix - The Dean's Mansion - Waterfront Garden Masquerade Party - Tinsdal

"You make a good point. At least, consider, if things go wrong between whoever you decide to settle down with, think of me, as a backup option. That would make me feel better. Anyway, we should all get back to the party, people will think where we have gone."

"You go on ahead Miss Velkan, there is something that I wish to talk about with my son in private." Fiora remarked, and the pair of them watched as she walked off, and back to the party.

"What was it that you wanted to discuss?" Vergil asked, curious as to why she wanted to talk.

"It is about your ability Vergil. You know, Shade's Vision as you call it. Well, when I was in your mind when you first entered the North, I noticed that it wasn't to its full potential. I can help you achieve that full potential."

"What would you have to do." He asked, sounding a little nervous.

"Simple. This." She said with a laugh as Fiora placed her hand on Vergil's head, her eyes began to glow, as a surge of energy flowed between them. As quick as it had happened, Fiora's eyes had stopped glowing.

"What did you do to me?" Vergil asked, sounding a little dazed.

"Simple really, I used the genetic connection between us, and I expanded upon the scope of your powers. Essentially, you can now see the spirit field of a person."

"Spirit Field? Whats that."

"Think of it as magical DNA, you can use this to read what abilities or magical talent a person has. It can also function as a means to see similarities between people."

"Thank you. We should get back to the party, I feel something important is going to happen."

"There was something else, but I'll have that delivered to yours and Vessels room."

"Actually, can I request a separate room please, after what has happened, I wish to spend some alone time."

Fiora then silently ordered a maid to deliver the item to a separate room.

"I'll have them also move your other items into the room as well." Fiora commented as the pair of them made their way back to the party.

imageLorel Ion - Dean's Mansion - Tinsdal

Lorel waved as Malina left to go back to her father who was now talking with the Dean. He began to look for Velen and Itsuka, which he eventually saw them he noticed their
outfits. "Hey guys." Lorel said as he arrived and noticed Mizuki was also with them.

He couldn't tell because of their masks, but all of their faces had tensed up. "Good mask you got there Lorel." Itsuka said.

"Yours is good too, Velen and Itsuka."

image Kalyn Alexander Vaalender - Dean's Mansion - Tinsdal

Kalyn gritted his teeth and listened to Telnor. He had to admit he was starting to like the cheek of this guy but one wrong word and this night could end very badly for all involved. He raised his glass to Scarlett and Telnor.

"Yes, well, we wouldn't want to spoil the night for all involved would we? And they say a man is measured by his charity, amongst other things."

Kalyn smiled at the pair. He caught sight of Tear in the background and his smile widened on the inside.

imageVergil Crawford - The Dean's Mansion - Waterfront Garden Masquerade Party - Tinsdal

As Fiora left to attend some other matters, Vergil wandered around the party, interested in testing out his evolved ability. He scanned the area, and two fields seem to catch his visions interesting.

"Well well, what do we have here. A Miss Mizuki, and Lorel? What could these two have in common, by all accounts, there spirit fields are completely different. But wait, Miss Mizuki's field seems 'different' somehow, almost as if it shouldn't be there at all, like it been changed somehow."

"Hmm, further analysis reveals some rather interesting information. Deep down, beneath the altered spirit field of Miss Mizuki, lies a trace amount of a pre-existing field, that bears strange similarities to Lorel's. Maybe that is what Shade's Vision picked up. But what could it mean?"

Vergil then proceeded to find the pair amongst the crowd.

"Ah, Miss Mizuki, it is certainly a pleasure to meet you, I have heard much about you from the chatter amongst the crowd. Lorel, I also require your assistance in a delicate matter that involves the two of you. If you two would be so kind as to accompany me to some place, private." Vergil said with a devilish grin on his face.

After he talked to them, he signalled to two of the maids.

"Right this way please." Vergil remarked, as he followed the path that the maids took.

imageLorel Ion - Dean's Mansion - Tinsdal

Vergil came over and asked specifically for himself and Mizuki and he didn't know why. They both looked at each other and then back at Vergil. They decided to trust the thief and they followed him.

Telnor- The General Area as everyone else.

"So Kayln, right? I hear you're the right hand man of Dean himself. That is quite a remarkable feat. Though the paper work must be killer. I'm a self-employed contractor and that has piles upon piles of paper work," Telnor suddenly had a realization. "Oh. I need to tell my assistant I'm gone for a while. He ain't gonna be happy. Oh well. Well back to you Kayln. How did you manage to get such an important position? Hard work? Luck? Friends with the Dean for a long time?" Telnor looked around and whispered, "Blackmail?"

imageVergil Crawford - The Dean's Mansion - Waterfront Garden Masquerade Party - Tinsdal

He watched as Lorel and Mizuki took a seat at the table, Vergil soon sat down.

"Now then, your probably wandering who I am Miss Mizuki. In that regard, I am Vergil Crawford, a acquaintance/friend of Lorel here I should also probably tell you of my ability, so you can better understand what I am talking about."

"I have the ability to see what person or objects relation is to me, in the sense of if they are a friend, enemy, or neutral. This has been useful in my career as a mercenary/thief. Recently however, I have been able to expand upon my ability. The evolved form of my ability allows me to see the Spirit Field of a person, and obtain information of a tactical nature. It gives me the capabilities of a person, their abilities, any magical talents they have. Also, it allows me to look at the genetic construct of people, and see if there are any similarities."

"In case either of you don't know what a Spirit Field is, think of it as magical DNA."

"Anyway, as I was trying out my evolved ability, it seemed to focus on you two specifically. With further analysis, it seems that beneath your 'different' field Miss Mizuki, there seemed to be trace amounts of a pre-existing field, one which matched Lorel's. From what I could gather, the genetic variance was different by about... eleven years."

Vergil looked at his guests, and noticed a change of expression in Mizuki, Lorel seemed slightly shocked, but not enough to raise additional questions too.

"It seems that number of years has triggered a response from you Miss Mizuki, I remember over hearing Itsuka mention of something she did eleven years ago, could those two be connected in some way? Who knows."

imageLorel Ion - Dean's Mansion - Tinsdal

Lorel was shocked and didn't know how to respond, and so he looked at Mizuki who was looking down for a moment. "Well I guess there is no hiding it anymore."

She gave him a good and long look, her expression had changed from being surprised to a serious look. "Lorel... I know it may be hard to understand, but... I am your sister."

He stood up and back away for a moment. "What?"

Then he saw Velen and Itsuka walk up to the table, as it seemed they had followed silently and overheard the conversation. "It's true," Itsuka spoke. "Mizuki is your sister."

Lorel looked at Mizuki and then at them. "You two knew? And you never mentioned it! I went this whole time believing I was the last of the Ion lineage and now I discover I have a sister! One who I assume is also older then I am!?"

"Lorel," Velen spoke making sure he didn't say anything to further anger Lorel. "We wanted to tell you, but we didn't know when would be a good time. It was the reason I wanted to go to the South first, I wanted to prevent this from happening so soon."

He was dumbfounded, his throat went dry and he didn't know what to say. Mizuki stood up. "Lorel, I am sorry. It was the wish of Mom and Dad to not tell you. It was their decision to keep my hidden. Because of what happened eleven years ago..."

Lorel snapped and yelled. "What happened eleven years ago!" He was sick of hearing so many mention it.

imageVergil Crawford - The Dean's Mansion - Waterfront Garden Masquerade Party - Tinsdal

"Yes, even though I am not directly connected to all this, I am still very interested in what actually happened, and what the reasons for keeping Miss Mizuki a secret from Lorel were. So please, do tell." Vergil remarked, a sly smile appearing under his mask as he sat back in the chair.

"Hey guys."
She'd managed to find Lorel but hadn't come in time for the revelation.
She then realised she hadn't said a word to Lorel for several days.
"Have I missed much?"
She was still dripping wet but so what if she was.

imageVergil Crawford - The Dean's Mansion - Waterfront Garden Masquerade Party - Tinsdal

"Ah, another guest has arrived to hear the story. You haven't missed much, actually we were just about to start." Vergil remarked, humour in his voice as he saw Vessel arriving.

"Should of mentioned earlier, but do you want to borrow my coat Vessel, its just, your cold and wet that's all, thought you could do with warming up." He said standing up briefly to take of his coat.

imageScarlett Verneer - the capital of the north, Tinsdal

"A little bit of everything. My family have been in service to the Dean and the North for generations, I inherited my position from my father, just like he did from his father, and so on. That's not to say I am incapable of blackmail, or worse to those who betray me..." A smile crossed the Deans lips. "And yes the paper work is a killer but it must get done must it not?"

Scarlett looked bored. She had no intention of standing and listening to her father drone on all night.

"Yes I suppose," Telnor turned to Scarlet. "Well. Shall we dance?" turning back to Kayln, "If you don't mind I think we will take our leave." Telnor pulled Scarlet away. When they were far enough away from Kayln. "Man that boring. I was hoping he actually had something interesting to say. I mean really. You're interesting. I guess its not a trait."

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