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She tried not to look surprised. To be honest she didn't agree with him and thought he was a little naïve to think so, but the sentiment was still sweet.
"That's rather trusting of you. There's people that would take advantage of that."

"That would be mean of them. Besides it not like I'm undefended," he patted the hilt of his sword. "But then the coin goes both ways. How do you know I'm not some assassin hired to gain your trust and then kill you? Don't worry I'm not but I am just saying. Besides I bet you aren't completely defenseless yourself."

"Well it's not like I'm armed. What do you expect me to do actually? You have that sword and I have a harp, it's hardly a fair fight."
She played another cord. Enjoying the shiver, he probably felt it as well.
"Do you even know what I do?"

imageLorel Ion - Middle District

Once they had finished their meal they left the tavern and began to make their way down the streets once more. Despite the common crimes, Middle District was a very active place, people doing trade, kids playing, and even some small school-like buildings. So it wasn't too bad. Not a place where he would want to live. Maybe, just maybe if Upper District actually helped this place or rather all of the Lower and Middle Class Districts could be Upper Class.

Though he doubted they would do such a thing, Upper is corrupt and greedy and wouldn't share their wealth unless they were getting something of benefit out of it. Velen seemed to fit in more compared to Lorel but he was starting to, his clothes had been ripped from the battle before and would need to be stitched. He wondered what everyone's reaction at the academy would be when the news of the Ion families' betrayal was let out to the public.

Amelia Foel - Upper District

Standing alone she sat on a balcony and watched as the crowd gathered. The other six nobles would be present, and so would every other person in Upper District who cared. Everyone but the Nobles wondered what the call for everyone to come was made for. The killing of the Ion family of course, but she would keep Lorel's banishment out of it.

Once they were all gathered and sat down, she looked over and could see her parents and the other Nobles sitting in their respected balcony's all overlooking the crowd below. She stood up and walked to the edge of the balcony as the final people came. Using her magic, she made her voice echo.

"People of Upper District, it is I, Amelia Foel, head of the Nobles. I have terrible news, the Ion family, the Noble Eight, have betrayed us and was found to have been affiliated with rebel factions such as Steel Hearts to bring down Upper! For this the whole family has been punished! None of them live and no longer will Steel Hearts get any support! In the coming weeks we shall be announcing the next Noble!"

"Remember today! We have protected you, one more day we can prepare to fight back, and once more we have pushed back our enemies! The Age of the Nobles shall continue!"

The crowd cheered. "You may go back to your business!"

She moved back and into the building. A man was sitting down in all black. "Didn't tell them about Lorel?"

"No, Sir Denback, if I was to tell them that I let him live just out of pity, it would make us seem weak."

Amelia sat down in a large chair. "But what if they find out?" inquired Denback.

"They won't. He will be dead before they know it." She took a drink next to her and poured herself some.

Denback laughed. "You think so? You know the Majl family has also left the District, and now are planning some operation? We searched their house and found out. Though details of the operation and their locations are as of this time, unknown."

took a sip of her drink. "What does the Majl family have to do with Lorel?"

"Velen Majl is with him. We spotted them but didn't attack. He is a powerful swordsman."

"Why didn't you kill him?"

"Why didn't you kill Lorel?" Denback refuted back.

"Point taken."

Denback stood up. "I want to see how this plays out. What is in store for us in the coming months."

Amelia frowned. "I order you to kill him."

Once more Denback couldn't help but laugh. "You think you can order me? I am but a hire arm, I do as I pleased. I can be paid, but I don't want to kill him."

Now Amelia was also standing. "I can pay you hundreds of thousands. Make you as rich as a King. Ruler of a District? And you would turn down all of that?"

"Amelia Foel, you're green at being Head Noble. You will learn." Denback went over to the door and left the room leaving Amelia. In a flurry of rage she picked up her glass and threw it at the door shattering it and the liquid flowing down the door.

"Given your musical talent and your clothes I would have to say a traveling musician. Or a traveler who likes to play music. Or you are a runaway from a rich family or high status family given the invitation and carriage, but its not really my place to say.And from the casual observer it would hardly seem like a fair fight but even the smallest animal has some sort of defense." Telnor looked out the window. "Never underestimate anyone or anything." He closed his eyes. "You never know what will happen when you do."

"That's right even if it isn't all there is to know. Then again I guess it is best not to overwhelm you.
Do you really lack the confidence in your skills to the point you don't think you can take me? What exactly do you expect me to do?"
It was fun slightly toying with him. All the more so because she had no way of predicting the consequences of her letting something slip.

Vergil Crawford/Dante Moreau - Harold Nehelem's Estate - Grim

After he passed the guards he made is way towards a man wearing a red and gold waistcoat, who was taking down the name's of people invited, and then proceeded to announce them to those within the main hall. He reached the man and gave a slight cough, drawing his attention.

"Your name sir?" The man asked.
"Dante Moreau." Vergil replied with.
"Very good, and will you be staying with us for the night?"
"Unfortunately no, I have to be off at around midnight, have some business to attend to in the morning."
"I shall announce your name now sir." The man then proceeded to announce Vergil's cover name, which was surprisingly met with a decent applause.

Vergil then proceeded to enter the main room of the event. He thought to himself as he weaved in between the guests; 'All that these people care about is making themselves look good in front of their host for the evening, so that he can lend them support, this is all a glorified ego boost. Give them any other time, and they be trying to have him killed, so that they may acquire his influence.'

He then arrived at a relatively quite spot, and started to scan the room, both for Scarlett and Harold. He briefly shut his eyes, when he opened them, the room appeared to be slightly different than before. All of the guests appeared to glow white somewhat, indicating that they were neutral in his eyes, there were however a few spots of blue, indicating that Sera and Tear were in the room. His focus however was drawn towards a single spot of gold, that must have meant it was Harold. He started to concentrate on Harold, long enough for a spectral replica to appear, being followed by what looked like a golden trail.

Vergil thought to himself, 'If I follow that trail of Harold's that leads into the stairwell, I bet I can find the master bedroom, but it is too soon and too few people to carry on with this course, so I shall save the path for later'. He then closed his eyes, and the world returned to normal. He decided to mingle with a few of the guests, with most of being slightly drunk, he thought, 'I'm sure they wouldn't mind if I relieved them of some Kiel'. As the thought passed through his head he gave a slight chuckle, and began to move through the crowds.

"Oh I believe I could take you, its just that I don't think you are as helpless as you want me to think. You want to try and stay inconspicuous so people don't pay all that much attention to you. Since you are trying to hide something I'm also willing to bet you have a back up way of protecting yourself. For all I know it could be some sort of explosive magic or it could be a simple knife. But then I'm just going by gut feeling."

"Ah we're here looks like you'll have to find out later then."
The Vessel gets down for the cart ensuring she still has her harp with her before turning and seeing the venue. It had her parents written all over it she was sure. Oh well, sometimes the only way to solve a problem was to make it into a bigger one so best go in.
Turning back to her companion.
"Well what are you waiting for?"

Telnor hopped out. "Nothing really. Lets give some high noble snobs the shock of their life." Holding out his arm. "I bet they'll never see us coming."

imageLorel Ion - Middle District

Hours passed and soon the clouds above were gathered and dark. Slowly the rain appeared like a blanket over the District and surrounding Districts. Velen had bought Lorel a cloak to wear when it rains. On their way to Grim they would stop at the district Tabulath which was famous for its clothes making, there they would fix up Lorel's clothes. Before that they would go through Rathen, Nafria, New Uvea and then into Grim. It would take them the better of the week to get there. Unless they could find a carriage service which they could find near the edge of Middle District.

They were popular so the odds of just happening upon one were a rarity. Hours later when the sun was already beginning to set again they were close to the edge of the Northern part of Middle District. There to their luck they saw a Carriage with a man leaning against it, he too was a cloak. He noticed them coming up to him so he stood away from the wall and approached them.

"Looking to get a ride?" He asked in a clam voice.

Velen was already taking out his pouch of money. "To Tabulath if possible."

"500 Kiel."

Lorel's eyes opened wide. "Velen, 500 Kiel? That is practically robbery."

The man was angered by this. "Hey times are tough here with Upper District taking all of our money. I got to make a living."

Velen took out 500 Kiel and gave it to the man. "Hop on."

Together Lorel and Velen got on the back of the carriage and the man at the front. He ushered the two horses to go. Soon they were going through the streets of Middle District and they could soon see the walls separating it and the rest of the Districts. The gate to Rathen was large.

"Feels almost nostalgic to be back here." Velen commented as they passed through the gates.

"How so?" Inquired Lorel.

"I was here around 11 years ago, a Faction called New Wave had taken control and were readying up to take on Middle District. A bunch of wankers if you ask me. But I came here to try to stop them, that was when I met Mar, the man I mentioned who had taught me the Sosia Spade Style. Changed everything."

"Did you stop New Wave?"

Velen chuckled. "Yeah, we did. Now it appears they're much better off."

As they went through he noted all of the places that had been torn down and repaired and where specific events happened. Though he left out some specific details that he deemed Lorel not needing to know. For the first time in a bit, Lorel felt happy. He enjoyed listening to Velen speak of the various Nu've members and their mystery cargo.

Rathen was small and after about two hours they were through it and the sun had set. They had stopped for a moment and the driver took a, iron stick and placed it into a little socket. At the edge of it he placed a torch in the hole and promptly lit it. The driver didn't talk through the ride. As they entered Tabulath it was a polar opposite to Middle District. While they were both Middle Class, there were many lights in Tabulath and many people still out and about at the late hour.

They wouldn't stay long. Having been here in Tabulath before, Velen brought Lorel to a place where he had several of his clothes made for various unspecified missions he had done for the Ion family over the years. The building they stopped out of was large and had many windows with lights all over. Using Magi Crystals no doubt. As they entered through the cloths that made for the door. Apparently crime in Tabulath was extremely low so they were lax on various things, very open with each other. As long as you weren't near the border area with Smo.

"Welcome!" They were greeted by some of the patrons. He noticed that while the outside didn't

look it, the inside was very oriental. Velen and Lorel pulled down their hoods. One of the clerks gasped. "Velen, is that you? On another mission?"

"Sort of is Madam Yias here?"

"Yes she is, follow me."

They followed the clerk to the back of the building where Clothes started to impair his vision as they were at every angle and they had to push some out of the way at various times. Where they stopped was at a large cloth and the silhouette of a woman working. Immediately he could tell she was using magic, as various fabrics were floating to her and away.

The clerk cleared their throat. "Madam Yias, Velen Majl is here to see you. I believe he has a request. I assumed it would be best in both interests if I brought him to you."

"That was smart of you; you may take your leave." Lorel had expected an older voice but it was someone young.

They bowed and left them alone. Yias then moved away the cloth and she was revealed. She was short, quite short and to her appearance was roughly his age, with her long dark blue hair, pale skin, and narrow eyes that were dark red. He had never seen a person with dark red eyes before. Must be something in her family line, and she wore an oversized robe, with many designs on it from dragons, moons, suns, and flowers all elegantly put together. Yias appeared to also be in a very happy or pleasant mood.

"I am surprised." Lorel bluntly stated.

Both Velen and Yias looked at him. "How so? Didn't expect her to be so young?"

"No offense, but yes."

Yias smiled. "I will take it as a compliment. It is an inherit trait in my family to look younger then there."

"Yias, I want to get down to business as we need to get to Grim. Could you fix up his clothes? See all of the rips and such in it? I want you to fix it but don't make it look new.
Make it look raggedy so then not to draw any unnecessary attention." Velen spoke in a very
serious manner.

Yias was already circling around Lorel. "I shall indeed. I shall do it the same manner as your clothes you made me make for missions. And what is this young man's name if I may inquire?"


Suddenly Yias wasn't as happy looking as before. "That Lorel? The Ion's son? Then it has
happened I assume?"

"Yes. They had been killed. You know we took preparations if these events happened."

"Yes, I do know. Lorel I am sorry for your loss, but there is no time. Take some clothes
lying around and I will get work on your clothes. There is work to be done."

Lorel took some clothes and behind another cloth changed into them and then gave Yias his. "Thank you Madam Yias."

She began work immediately and Lorel and Velen sat down at one of the various tables around. Away from any of the other customers, clerks, or Yias herself. "Velen, I am confused. Plans? What does this have to do with Yias?"

"Before your parents were killed. Months before. We made various plans in case of anything. If your parents live or not. If you live or not. Madam Yias is part of the Esamsa family. They are connected to many factions. Including Steel Hearts, because Yias is also an excellent black's smith and being a Mage, she can make gear of the top grade. But she also has ties to Ion family to even before the creation of the City. Yias has many connections within the City, ways of getting things done without attention being drawn. Together with your family that's how they could cover things up. Their reach extends quite far; it's bi-section to say the least. Esamsa is great supports of the Ion family and similar to my own Majl family, loyal to the line."

Lorel felt like he was almost not even part of the Ion family anymore. So many secrets kept hidden from him. But he understood, and it was probably the same reason Amelia spared him. He was ignorant and had no idea. In a half an hour, Yias called to them saying she was done. She handed him his clothes and noticed a couple of additions including patches on his legs which were red and blue respectively. He had to ask.

Is by chance the blue and red in reference to my magic?"

"They're indeed. I have heard in the past of your magic and it sort of came to mind."

smiled, it was nice of her to do that. Once they finished up, Lorel was told to go outside and wait for a bit while Velen and Yias talked. Once outside in the cold of the night he stood there with his hood up to block from the rain.

Alto hated the Nelehem residence. Ithad a lot of grandeur, but all built off the blood and flesh of others. All the other guests, apart from a few of the nobles, were all the same. They were all wearing the finest clothes and jewels. "There were people starving outside because of ignorant shitheads like this!" thought Alto, whilst clenching his fist before containing his anger. Then, he spotted Vergil. This man was quite out of place. There was something about him that didn't quite speak "I am a fucking Rich Bitch" quite the way every other person did. It was his demeanour. But why was he here? Alto glided up to him in a way that made his prescence unnoticed until his was right in front of him. "Hello. I don't believe we've met." The man clearly didn't want to be talked to. Alto was just an annoyance. When the man didn't give an immediate response Alto took the time to detatch a minute portion of his shadow to this man's. Voila! An all purpose tracking, listening and even teleporting device in one, and it was now complete. Alto sauntered off, he would have to keep an eye on this one.

A Mage? This close to the fringes of Smo, that's practically suicide.

A smirk crept across the borders of Lucian's visage, the very thought of someone being so blatantly daring amused him. While it was a commonly held fact that the Mage Hunters of Ferela held a great deal of disdain for the plethora of magic wielders that created the City, Lucian never could pledge himself completely to the xenophobic dogma of the guild. To Grey, the Mage Hunters were but a means to reach an end, a tool of sorts; and as such he could never completely attach himself to the group.

"Was she a pretty one? Didn't ask her to buy us a drink when we get there, did you? I could always use another tankard of milk from a lovely lass!" Lucian chirped as he pulled his steed ever closer to his companion, the silver and black a sharp contrast in the light of the dying sun. Lucian savoured the passing glance he captured with his passing golden eye's, the sour grimace that twisted across Vincent's face from the mere thought of socialising with a mage was a strangle amusing endeavour to invoke, like the musings of an older sibling.

"Either way, It's best not to worry about her at the moment, you did the right thing; two murders in one night and we might have been pushing our luck." Lucian couldn't help but chuckle at the tiny spark of confusion that he failed to mask for that split second.

"Hey, If it makes you feel any better, I've found the perfect vantage point to plan our assault; Greycobble Fountain. It's practically on the edge of Met'il where he'd have to be heading, It's become more of less abandoned because of it's proximity from the shops and because there is only one way in and one way out we can both cut him off."

Lucian released his grip from the manes of his stallion and reached back into the recess of a dufflebag secured firmly to the beasts hide and retrieved a slip of parchment, it was smaller than City wide map they had been using in the inn, it was some form of local guide. Grey's body reeled forward, almost unnaturally and, with his legs still tightly coiled around the sides of Gilbert, wrapped it around a small pebble he retrieved from his pocket.

"Catch!" Lucian announced to the disgruntled 'V' before launching the stone in wrapping toward his partner at breakneck speed. Unsurprisingly Vincent reacted instantly, his body honed for combat, and clipped the projectile with a free hand before pocketing it.

"I'll meet you at that location to cut off the mage from behind, you make sure he doesn't get past you and leave the district and I'll cut him off from behind." Their mounts had begun to pick up speed as they drew closer to a fork in the road.


"In the meantime, I'm going to be doing a bit of shopping, I feel like I need something for this mess" Lucian pointed towards his long frays of silver hair before taking the fork on the left and leaving Vincent on his path to the right

The beautiful orange twilight of dusk had dwindled with the passing of time and so with it the mere semblance of the sun's radiant warmth that had warmed him to the bone, a closing and a prelude to the dreary hail of droplets that bled from the cloud draped night sky. It wouldn't be until morning until the mage would make his way through the district and Lucian had a sneaking suspicion that Vincent wasn't the kind of man to thoroughly enjoy the finer points to attire patronage. It would be an hour of steady riding before Lucian stumbled upon what resembled an open clothes store.

Grey drew ever closer, the glow of Magi crystals peeping through the clear glass windows reeling him in like a moth to a flame, his stomach a flutter with a dying hope on the verge of extinction. The last four stores he had visited on his little excursion had each ruined his hopes of finding a nice piece of head wear by either being closed or catering to the speciality of females.

With each of Gilbert's steady vaults a sense of intrigue would begin to arise, as beneath the fold of cloth called Lucian's collar a feint white glow would grow in strength. It's radiance reaching it's maximum as he came to a halt right in-front of the store, next to a hooded boy with red and blue patches stitched into his leggings.

"Greetings, young one. Do you sell hats?"

Vergil Crawford - Harold Nehelem's Estate - Grim

When he had finished, he looked to see how much he taken taken from the unsuspecting guests. He gave a quick glance into the bag, '600 Kiel, slim pickings considering the crowd, but still a decent haul' he thought to himself as he closed bag, then hiding it beneath his coat. He engaged his Hidden Sight again to see if he could get a more accurate path to the bedroom. Whilst the course did change slightly, it still led up the stairs, but seemed to stop around the third floor. 'Well, that is certainly an improvement, it should be easier to figure out which room it is now.

He was about to disengage Hidden Sight when he discovered something different about his shadow, it seemed to be a slightly paler in colour. He'd recognised the familiarity of such a change from when he was hired to steal an ornate harp from a group Mages who specialised in sensory magic, someone had placed a tracer on him. "Clever!" he remarked, "Someone must be keeping an eye on me, this is not good at all".

Vergil then glanced around the room to see if there was some sign as to who placed it on him. With Hidden Sight still engaged he noticed a faint red trail behind him, and it seemed to conjure a image of a man with platinum coloured hair, and what looked like to be silver eyes, possibly grey, he couldn't quite tell. 'If someone's listening in...' Vergil thought, 'I'd better act more the part.' So he decided to engage in pleasantries and conversation with some of the other guests. 'I'll enquire with Sera if she can remove it'. Vergil thought to himself as he made his way to a group of ten or so people, some of the men being in military garb.

Sera - Harold Nehelem's Estate - Grim

Sera and Tear, disguised as personal security for a noble family, stood at the far end of the ballroom drinking wine. They had been on the estate since late afternoon when they arrived as part of the security detail in the convoy of the Countess Fadell and her family and where now taking a short break to relax before their respective duties began at the main event. Sera raised the wine glass to her lips and took a short sip as the announcer proclaimed loudly to the room that Dante Moreau had arrived. Sera smiled to herself. The boy scrubs up nicely when he needs too.

Sera had dyed her hair a deep brown and cut it short. Dressed in a smart military suit she looked like a former career solider who had turned to private security to make some money. The gleaming silver cutlass by her side only helped to re-enforce the image. Looking down to her left side she noticed Tear staring up with a questioning look written across her face.

"Yes Tear, that's him."

Tear was dressed more casually, her elegant black dress was the current trend in fashion but subtle alterations had taken place to allow two, thin short swords to be hidden down her back. A further hidden seam around her thighs allowed Tear to rip off completely the bottom part of the dress if the situation demanded faster movement. Unlike Sera, Tear had refused to change her hair and the bright purple hair she loved so much hung down across her face and swept behind her neck so that it rested neatly down her right shoulder. Tear nodded in response to Sera and looked away resuming her cold gaze across the room.

The two stood in silence for a while until Tear noticed Vergil moving towards them.

Vergil Crawford - Harold Nehelem's Estate - Grim

By the time he had finished playing nice to the crowd, he saw the large clock that hanged upon the back wall as it read 9:00 PM. He made his way towards Sera and Tear, both of whom were standing in silence upon his arrival.

"Evening ladies." Vergil said as he moved closer.
"You two are looking radiant as ever." he remarked, noticing their attire. He moved his gaze towards Tear.
"This must be Tear, I must say, that black dress matches your flowing purple hair, beautifully, and I do mean that."

Sera - Harold Nehelem's Estate - Grim

Tear blushed. She opened her mouth to reply but no words came out. The frustration of not been able to make a noise was reflected in her face.

"She can't speak. At least not since I bound her voice with magic." Remarked Sera casually. "So, what can we do for you?"

Vergil - Crawford - Harold Nehelem's Estate - Grim

"Why would you do such a thing to a pretty face like that?". He playfully remarked, now speaking in a more serious tone he said; "Anyway that is not the reason why I have come to talk to you about, we may have a slight problem with the plan. It is within my reasoning that someone has placed a magic tracer on me, in fact he's probably listening in as we speak."

Sera - Harold Nehelem's Estate - Grim

Sera closed her eyes and reached out with her mind. The image of an extra shadow attached to Vergil wavered like a ghost in the background, a sea of darkness and barely visible floating spirits.

"I see." Sera paused looking at Vergil. "Take Tear outside, doesn't matter where as long as it's surrounded by darkness and away from the guests. And to our little friend with the eyes and ears everywhere I suggest you do the same. I'm assuming of course your smart enough to watching us, so follow them outside. If not I will advance my plans somewhat and that would be very bad for you."

Sera turned to Vergil. "Go!"

Vergil Crawford - Harold Nehelem's Estate

"Certainly Miss." Vergil gave a polite bow and then took Tear by the hand. "Come along Tear, I think I noticed a nice quite spot out in the gardens on my way in, away from all the bright lights and prying eyes." He then escorted Tear out of the building.

He briefly turned to Sera. "I'd be careful, he may also have access to some powerful shadow magic."

All of a Sudden, and to the mild surprise of Sera, Alto erupted out of Vergil's shadow, holding two blades, one pointing at Sera, and the other sheathed. "Nobody else can see this, I've placed a suitably strong cloaking barrier. So, what would these plans of yours be? I hope they don't involve merciless slaughter, otherwise I'm afraid that would mean I'd have to kill you, not that I like any of the inferior swine in this hall anyway".

imageLorel Ion - Tabulath

Lorel looked at the man who had approached him. He was taken out of his daze. "Um, sorry, I don't work here. You can go inside and check."

He looked back inside to see if Velen was coming.

The Vessel-A party (pretty disappointing)

"You're just the sort of person I'd have liked to take home earlier."
Maybe they'd have gotten the hint.
"Anyway shall we?"
Her parents weren't hard to find, both wore the bull and bird as you would expect, the mother had long flowing robes red with a gold hem. The father was dressed less flashily the same colours but slightly more muted. They looked older than they look, the eyes didn't match and the lines were too deep.
They sounded more into it than her, her voice barely even changed.
"Andria we have to talk. You know there are more opportunities in magic than ever and someone with your talents." Her mother was always insistent.
"What would I know about magic?" The Vessels apathy slipped and there was genuine anger there.
"You know there's nothing inherently wrong with magic it made this city great."
"And the gods made the land on which it's built, forgetting that will be the end of us."
"You can call it what you want the community will be accepting, especially of someone as skilled as you. Plus alchemy..." Her mother didn't get the chance to finish that.
"Fine chemistry regardless, you could take this town, for us for yourself. You know it."
"No you believe it. Anyway, I'm not her for another lecture."
She placed a hand on her father's chest, he jumped, slightly worried and how suddenly she moved. She sung under her breath. There was a quick arpeggio followed by a flash of red light just as it scrapped the top of the scale.
She spoke again, just as she had before (you'd hardly notice the slight increase in tempo).
"Now you've no more need for me, may I go?"
Her father spoke, pretty shocked about the whole thing.
"What was that?"
"I kicked someone pretty hard. Now there's balance again. And you can leave me alone."

Telnor- Grim
Telnor followed Vessel through the crowd of noble people and people of high standing. He grabbed a glass of wine from a passing waiter and as Vessel talked to her parents he turned around and picked a noble man at random.
"Why hello there. Who are you. I'm Monsieur Bubbles and I think I'm important. I'm sure you are simply because you are here. Some important, pompous ass who thinks hes so great and important. But then who am I to judge," Telnor wrapped his arm the nobleman's shoulder's. "But you know what? I'm sure we will get along swimmingly as we go out hunting for pompous self important woman."
"Hektor von Bulsip. You told me you spend the entire night with me, yet here I find with one of your drinking buddies," a woman in a white evening gown stormed towards the nobleman. Telnor smiled as he saw a golden opportunity.
"Oh I'm sorry miss. I saw old Hektor here from the good old days and I simple had to say hello," he disengaged his arm from around Hektor's arm and moved towards the woman as in to shake her hand. On his way he pretended to stumble and threw his wine into her face.
"Oh my. I'm so sorry. That was a total accident. Please let me wipe that up. But first I have to know. Are those real? Or are they magically enhanced?" Telnor asked as the woman sputtered with rage as she wiped the wine of her face. Telnor turned around to Hektor and asked, "Do you have a handkerchief I could borrow? Whoops." Telor stepped to the side as Hektor punched at him.

Stticking out his foot, he tripped Hektor, who fell into the woman, who then knocked down another nobleman. As Hektor got back up, the nobleman who was knocked down punched Hekor, causing him to hit another nobleman and start off a chain reaction. Telnor slipped away from all the commontion and made his way back to Vessel, but not before having to jump over a pair of woman who were pulling and tearing each others clothes.

Stopping by Vessel he put out his hand and greeted her parents. "Hi. I'm Telnor. You must be Ves' parents. "Hi. I'm Telnor and you must be Vesie's parents."

Vergil Crawford - Harold Nehelem's Estate - Grim

Vergil felt something pull away from his shadow, he quickly turned to Tear.
"Tear, go find some place, I wouldn't want you to get hurt." He then turns to Sera's assailant.
"Just who in the devil are you?" Vergil asked in anger, drawing his sabre in defence.

Vessel Same party (still disappointing)
Her father held out a hand.
"Yes we are. So what sector are you in? Any magical connection or ability."

Alto lept back to put distance between himself and the blade. "I, am Alto, Firstborn son and sucessor to the name of House D'Escartes, and who might you be? Even the way you walk lacks the "noble touch" and leads some shrewd types of people to believe your intentions to be less than innocent. It is your misfortune to run into one such person. What is it you intend to do here? I plan not to interfere, that's bad business, however, I can't allow potential harm to any innocent bystanders."

Vergil Crawford - Harold Nehelem's Estate - Grim

Distilling his voice into a much more calmer tone.

"Ironic isn't it, the firstborn son of a noble house, who in his character despises the noble class for their inaction towards aiding the lower class has decided to make an appearance where the main clientèle is the very same people you despise. You have all these people to exact revenge on, and yet, you focus on three people who are clearly not of noble birth. Why is that?."

"Anyway, that is not the question you asked. My name is Dante Moreau." He gives a slight bow. "A mercenary hired by Misses Sera and Tear to act as their bodyguard for the evening. By raising your blade at Miss Sera, you raise it at me, and the plan we was discussing was for a more permanent contract, does that satisfy your curiosity, or would you prefer a duel to settle matters."

Sera - Harold Nehelem's Estate - Grim

Sera gritted her teeth, she could kill this man a thousand ways but each and every opportunity would reveal her true nature to the room. Sera couldn't imagine the fever of panic that would spread through the upper class if she unleashed her true potential, not to mention she would expend all her energy before confornting Scarlett. Tear too seemed conflicted and played her role down by standing a way behind Vergil watching the situation like a hawk. Sera had to end this before Scarlett realised what was happening.

"Why don't we discuss this outside?" Sera interrupted extending an arm towards the rear door.

Vergil Crawford - Harold Nehelem's Estate - Grim

"A wise suggestion, wouldn't want to harm any non-participants in the exchange." Vergil remarked.

Vincet - Greycobble Fountain

Vincent sat looking out the window of an abandoned building. Just one of many surrounding Greycobble Fountain, the plaza which had once been full of life now bleak and barren. Cracks marred the beauty of the plaza, while a large chunk of the fountain was missing. Water no longer flowed freely, and dirt and weeds had sprung up in its place. Vincent sat in the window of one of the buildings near his post at the exit of the plaza. This was supposed to be the place their target was to leave through when he passed by this way. Vincent held the map in his left hand, and a whetstone in his right, having pulled out the map one more time to finalize a plan of action once their target was in sight.

After marking a few more things for use later, he folded up his map and put it away in his bag. Vincent had tethered his horse downstairs and had given him a bag of feed to keep him settled until their hunt was over. Vincent grabbed the blade he had set aside and continued sharpening it, wanting it to cut through the Mage like he was butter. Vincent gazed out into the darkening sky, the last rays of sunlight hitting rooftops and creating jagged shadows in the plaza. When night fell, Vincent would have more fun than he had been able to have in a long time.

Shook the Father's hand vigorously. "I'm currently living in Tabulath but I am on the move a lot. I don't have any magical abilities but I am one of the best swordsman that you will ever see in a place like this," Telnor rattled off. "I am the head of a faction though. It is quickly growing and will soon rival the size of the Red Stains," Telnor lied. "Of course we are going to be a lot more nicer than they are. Not so much blood and gore and more sunshine and bunnies."

Quickly grabbing four wine glasses from a passing waiter, he handed one to everyone in the group. "I propose a toast. To growing factions and budding relationships let everything prosper."

Lucian released the knotted reins that he held loosely in his pale hands, letting them fall into the silver mane of his gargantuan steed. Gilbert, the beast; responded in kind with a subtle shake of the head, enjoying the freedom from his master's command.
Comfortable that his horse was calm and at a halt, Lucian gripped a small handle at the front of his saddle and lifted himself off of his mount, landing gracefully atop the stone pathways that governed the streets of Tabulath. and brushing the grey coat of his faithful companion.

"Thank you." Lucian mused as he passed the hooded boy positioned idly at the forefront of the last open store in the district. With a quick brush of the tangles that masked his gaze Grey sauntered through the wooden opening to the store before him, ringing the tiny bell fastened just above the doorway.

"Anyone here?"

Clerk - Tabulath

The clerk of the store saw the man walk in. "Yes we're here. Is there something you need?" There was something off about the man but the clerk didn't let it show that they thought that.

Lucian scanned the store clerk over with his golden snake-like stare, He was wearing a tailor's garb covered in various pockets filled with an assortment of instruments ranging from spools of coloured threads to sharp glistening scissors and blades, all tools of his trade. It was three steps past that mahogany doorway before Lucian noticed that his amulet the Mage Hunters had given him all those years ago was still alight with an ominous glow feeding off the residual magical energy rich in the air.

"Aye, I'm looking for a nice piece of head wear, would you be so kind as to point me in the right direction?" Lucian's grin was in full bloom. He had already concluded by the amount of glow the crystal was giving off that there was more than one mage within the immediate area, He would have to tread lightly to avoid any unwanted conflict.

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