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"No I agree you're people are extremely capable.

Some of the most capable I've met. I mean look at your archives, how could someone with access to all that information, complete history for your organisation, detailed profiles on every member, how could someone who knows all that not be one of the most powerful people in the city. I was amazed at how much information you'd collected.

Now an organisation that capable shouldn't be messed with, should never be challenged. I mean imagine what would happen if someone, anyone was to try challenging this organisation.
An organisation this capable wouldn't stand for it.

I mean the hypothetical idiot would have been dead before they even managed to approach the leader of the organisation, if they were to tempt fate even more by turning up completely unarmed. Then that would only be worse they're chances of walking out alive would be essencially negative.

Don't you agree?"

imageFiora De La Croix/Vergil Crawford - The Dean's Mansion (Gardens) - Tinsdal

"For once in the twenty odd years that you have walked this earth, Julie, I have to agree with you. The S.I.N organization has been proud enough to keep such well detailed archives, about the people that live in the North, and its members, for centuries. Then again, you have to look for the right archives. No doubt, if you did pose as a member of S.I.N, you would of heard about the 'The Lost Archives', where all the choicest bits exist." She then turned to ask Vergil a question.

"Tell me Vergil, do you think that Master Aeon would be interested in the Julie file?" Vergil realised the significance of the question, in relation to his earlier scan.

"Yes, he would be most interested. Tell me, when should I deliver this information to him?"

"Sooner rather than later would be best. Don't want to keep him waiting."

"Of course, I shall deliver it in the morning."

"So, I'm Julie. Thanks. You've saved me a lot of torment. You have no idea how long I've been wondering that.
Now to business, these Lost Archives you speak of, I accept your challenge.
And is threatening to send info on one of my persona's supposed to be a threat? I haven't been Julie in years.
Then again now I know her significance I might have to get back to her.
By the way, I didn't posse as one of your agents. I just talked one off a roof a few weeks back."

imageFiora De La Croix/Vergil Crawford - The Dean's Mansion (Gardens) - Tinsdal

"No, it isn't some kind of threat. Just a reminder that we keep all sorts of secrets, even those that are supposed to be lost in the mists of time, or within the boundaries of the mind. As for 'The Lost Archives', you'll have trouble finding them, they are hidden in the one place that is most difficult to navigate."

Vergil was tired of the **** radiating smugness, and decided to take action. He ran up to the ****, and first delivered a powerful right hook, which knocked her back. Then followed up with a swift head butt, which caused the **** to collapse onto the floor almost immediately.

"For God's sake, shut up!" The others in the group were stunned by what just happened.

"What was that all about Vergil?" Fiora asked, confused as to the whole sequence of events

"Sorry Fiora, this person, has been increasingly annoying me with each individual encounter. I decided that this was the best away for some payback." Vergil remarked, happy with the outcome.

"I apologise in advance Vessel, if I have caused any discomfort through the course of this action." He then added, sounding like quite the gentleman.

Why had Vergil even bothered, it's not like it accomplished anything. She'd thought he was better than that.
The **** took a while to get back up but eventually made it.
Dusting herself off she spoke to Fiora.
"You know I've just realised. It's not really fair while I still have the broach, I can just disappear right before your eyes and they'll be nothing you can do about it. That and it's been a while since I've had a chalange."
The **** tossed Fiora the broach of bells.
It landed with a small chime at her feet.
"Let's see how long you can keep a hold of it.
Now I think you wanted me to Meet you friends right Vessel care to introduce us."

imageLucian Grey - The threshold of the North - Hollow's Peak

Shards of light radiated from behind the swirling clouds of faded grey and stark white, their beams cutting deep into golden eye's freshly raised from the cavernous shadows beneath the Northern mountains. The familiar gales of an early winter pelted softly against the thick, midnight folds of his coat, His angular features already beginning to numb from the torrent of cold.

"The land of lies, decadence and magic!" The older man announced, spreading his arms wide in a boisterous introduction, the feeble attempt at encompassing the very land itself between his grasp. The smile of a madman crept along the corners of the grey maned man's visage as the younger of the two pushed past him, a gauntleted palm resting aloft the great black blade at his side.

"Where are we, Lucian?" The hooded youngling queried, his voice gruff and to the point.

"The district carved into the mountains and the stain of the North." Lucian attributed, excitement masked poorly behind the tones of a mature man. The older hunter jumped from his position, down the rocky slope of the mountain, his balance perfect, until finally he was at the heel of his compatriot once more.

"This dear Vincent, this is Hollow's Pack. One of few places where cutthroats can call home."

imageLorel Ion - Jas'shan'ian (Plains of the Dead.)

They arrived at the gate and it was quite intimidating due to its massive size, a thing bluish barrier surrounded the gate, and the gate alone. Ofila and Monica mentioned how they can't use magic in Jas'shan'ian, but the barrier was to prevent in any case. Lorel touched the barrier and he felt a shock go through his hand and pulled his hand away.

"What now?" Ofila asked with her hands behind her head.

Monica shook her head. "I can't say, I thought Lorel would be able to maybe pass through since he isn't entirely dead."

Lorel closed his eyes, and began to try and charge magic he knew it was being locked but another force came out. The red blood markings appeared rapidly over his body and he brought back his arm and then slammed his fist into the barrier shattering it like glass. A smile went over Lorel's face.

Both Ofila and Monica were shocked but happy with the results. "Must be from your Dark God side!"

He then rushed forward at the gate and instead of trying to pry open the gigantic gate he punched the gate a couple times and a part of it broke into crumble. They had a way in. Without a second thought they all ran in through the small way.

Suddenly they found themselves in a giant white corridor, they saw nothing in sight but then suddenly everything went red. A voice came out of the walls. "DARK GOD DETECTED! REPEAT DARK GOD DETECTED! LOCATION: SOUTHERN ENTRANCE GATE. ANGEL STRIKE FORCES GO!"

"That can't be good! Let's run!" Lorel said as he looked at both Ofila and Monica. They nodded and began to run down the red corridor. It wasn't a very long corridor as they began to see the light at the end. When they reached it, the light covered them completely.

Lorel opened his eyes and the trio found themselves on the other side, they had no idea what to expect. Then they saw massive buildings, and down below what appeared to be roads and metal vehicles driving in the air and on the ground. They had no time to take it in, they began to run down the stone steps and they could see it already, floating machines coming at them at intense speeds.

"I normally wouldn't suggest it but if we're going to meet the big man, we're going have to fight their forces." Lorel stated as they reached the bottom. Now they were on the ground levels with the metal vehicles zipping by. But then it got silent and no more of them were coming and the area was still. Just a head of them one of the floating machines landed and a hatch opened up and walked out the angles.

They bore small wings on their backs, but they wore what appeared to be advanced armor and strange weapons that were not bows or bladed weapons. One of them with heavy armor pointed at them and yelled out. "That's them! Take them out or capture!"

Not knowing what they would do, Lorel and the trio got behind cover. Suddenly at blazing speeds small metal balls ripped out at them and hit the ground. "Damn! If those hit us then we're dead!"

The Angels began to spread out and some even used their wings to fly up to higher grounds. Monica then noticed she could use her magic again and ripped out a large fire ball at one of the angels, putting them on fire. "Lorel! We can use magic!"

Lorel leaped out and conjured many ice darts and threw them at two Angels coming close to his cover. He remembered that Ofila said that she wasn't a mage, so Lorel grabbed one of the weapons the Angels dropped and went back into cover. He then threw the weapon to Ofila who caught it.
"With these there is no chance for fist fighting!" Lorel yelled over to Ofila.

She nodded and studied the weapon for a moment, it was heavy but she could still carry it easily enough, she noted how one of the Angels used it and noticed there was a trigger, almost like a cross-bow. Ofila leaned out of cover and then used the weapon and shot at one of the angels, she missed horribly as the weapon recoiled upwards when she shot. Ofila hadn't expected that, knowing that, she increased her grip on it and held her ground.

This time she shot and all of its bullets ripped into an Angel who was on a balcony above. More transports began to land. "We have to move!" Ofila said.

Lorel and Monica nodded and began to move out before more got out of their transports. It was clear the Gods were more advanced, but the Angels seemed mortal, he feared what would happen if they had to confront a God.

As they ran through alley's Monica noticed that the Angels they burnt, iced, and shot were getting back up with full strength. "They can't die! Why don't we explain to them what is going on?"

"Don't you know? Angels don't have free wills! They're designated to do something and that's all they will. What if they capture us? We have no idea what they will do to us! We just need to make it to the big man's house making sure to avoid any more confrontations." Ofila said as they ran.

"I know it's not the best time to mention it... But this realm isn't all what I expected it to be. I understood the plains of the dead being how it is, but this seems too... Human. I thought it would have been clouds, or even just light, but instead it's a full blown society!" Lorel stated.

Ofila looked back at the two as they ran. "I am confused about that as well Lorel! We need to find someone we can talk to and find out where the Big man is."

They noticed the sun was going down, it appeared that Jas'shan'ian and the God's Realm both shared a sun. The trio stopped and hid in what appeared to be giant trash containers sitting in the alleyways. For five hours they sat in it, silent waiting for their pursuit to stop. Lorel was the first to get out of the trash and step back into the alley, and then the two followed soon after.

Lorel hugged the wall and looked out into the streets to see the metal vehicles zipping by again, he saw no evidence of any Angels but then noticed people walking up and down the streets, they looked human but there was something off about them, they all seemed to be in perfect physical shape, and none were ugly and above standard looking of anyone on the City, they also looked like they glowed, and their eyes were all white but weren't glowing.

Suddenly he saw across the road on a building a moving picture of a woman began to speak. "Everyone! Gods and Goddess! A Dark God and two of his goons have gotten into the Realm!" Suddenly to her left and it enlarged, a picture of them came out, it was when they were going down the steps when they first arrived. "These are them! If you see them tell the nearest Angel, anyone who withheld information will be faded away! This is a critical situation!"

Everyone in the streets was watching the woman talk. "Wait... Does that mean every person we see is Gods and Goddess?" Lorel said.

"That must be it, meaning anyone one of them could easily kill us!" Monica said as she moved more into the alley. That idea was freighting to them. "Maybe we should just head back... This isn't like the 2nd City War... Death here means fading way into non-existence!"

"We're already here... No turning back, now it is most important that we meet the big man at any costs!" Lorel said as he moved past them and began to make their way through the alleyways.

imageFiora De La Croix/Vergil Crawford - The Dean's Mansion (Gardens) - Tinsdal

"How about I make a counter offer. You can keep this trinket, in return, you'll have to work for the S.I.N organisation; we could use someone of your talents. And, how is this for an additional incentive, you do a good enough job, and I might, let you have a peek at the Julie folder. As you can see, you get the better end of the deal." Fiora commented, picking up the broach, and holding it with one hand, examining it with interest.

"I can see why you treasure this item, it certainly has some personal value, along with its substantial wealth." She then remarked, admiring its beauty.

"Well then, do we have a deal?" Fiora asked, interested in the response.

Vergil then quickly interrupted the flow of conversation again.

"Vessel, could I have a word with you for a moment? There is something private I wish to discuss, which could have sensitive ramifications in the future. Right this way."

The **** was surprised by the offer.
"If I'd intended to keep the broach of bells I wouldn't have offered it.
And I don't work for people I work with them, just how no one works for me.
Of course if you'd rather spare yourself the pain of loss go ahead."
The Vessel had taken her opportunity and left with Vergil.
"Thanks I have the feeling if we'd stayed there the **** would have just started manipulating us. You think I should have told your mother?"

imageVergil Crawford - The Dean's Mansion (Gardens) - Tinsdal

"Quite possibly, perhaps later though. Right now, I want to talk about us, and the future." Vergil remarked, as he led her to some place quiet, and out of the way from the crowds. He then enclosed one of her hands in his in a heartfelt way.

"Look, I know you said earlier that we could never be together; due to the fact that we're of opposite genders. But consider that I love you Vessel, your one of the few people that I could see spending the rest of my life with. Not many people have been able to do that."

Vincent - Threshold of the North - Hollow's Peak

"So what exactly are we doing here Lucian. I thought we were after the thief and his companions." Vincent said coldly, motioning to the district with a sweep of his left arm. Vincent had thrown aside his torch earlier, not seeing a use for it now that it had already been used.

After exiting the cave system, Vincent had immediately started down the path that led to the district, while Lucian had stood above and admired the sights. Sometimes it was hard to take anything Lucian did, or said seriously. Lucian was much more carefree a partner than Vincent would have hoped for when he was assigned with Lucian, but it did have it's perks. Lucian was very sharp, and an incredibly intuitive thinker. Lucian was able to see things that no other Hunter Vincent had ever met could see, and he was also an excellent swordsman. Although as Vincent watched him he couldn't help but frown at the man's noticeable pleasure at being so close to a district of cut-throats.

I do feel something for you. I'm sorry if I ever gave you the impression I didn't, your one of the best friends I've ever had.
I can't tell you I have feeling I don't
That would be cruel.
And I don't feel for you romantically or sexually.
But that doesn't mean I think any less of you, your genitals have nothing to do with your intelligence or personality or any of the countless other reason I like you so much.
As for spending our lives together I'd love to spend more time with you, get to know you, more. It feels like years since I relaxed, since I had a normal life so to speak. I hope were close for a long time.
But I can't honestly say you'll be the only person I'll ever want to spend it with."

imageVergil Crawford - The Dean's Mansion (Gardens) - Tinsdal

"You know, we'd make such a perfect couple, you and I." Vergil remarked with a small chuckle.

"You know, I've just thought of something. Perhaps, when we get some free time, and when we're away from all the others; you and I could, go on a date? If so, what would you prefer?"

"For now though, could we make things, a little more official."

"You really think so?" Putting it like that was a little creepy but she liked him enough to look past it.
She knew really she shouldn't it might lead him to thinking she was interested. She didn't want to hurt him again.
"I really could go for some RnR, what did you have in mind?"

imageVergil Crawford - The Dean's Mansion (Gardens) - Tinsdal

"I was thinking of dinner and dancing maybe. After all, we didn't get the chance to show off this evening, and it would be a shame; if our skills went to waste." Vergil remarked in a satisfied voice. He then stepped back a bit.

"Lady Vessel, would you care to dance?"

So he accepted? She had been sick with nerves before telling him. That she even managed to do it was an achievement.
He was taking it well.
She finally smiled again.
Looks like things were sorting themselves.
"There isn't anything I'd rather be doing right now." Yes even that.
She took his out stretched hand. She felt herself relax, she wasn't the Vessel right now, wasn't miss Velkan not even a performer.
"Andria is fine for now."

imageVergil Crawford - The Dean's Mansion (Gardens) - Tinsdal

"Very well then Andria, if you are fine and happy, then I am happy. After all, its elegant nights like these, that make you want to dance. Plus, it helps to have a beautiful dancing partner." Vergil remarked with a charming grin upon his face, as the pair began to dance.

Vergil began to hum a playful little tune, and was moving along in time to the beat; the Andria's body flowing elegantly with each individual step. The two of them slowly moved closer together, their feet, almost magically matching the distance, as their bodies touched. He then started to perform a few twirls, which Andria replicated with perfect synchronicity.

"I must say Andria, never knew you were such an accomplished dancer."

"Oh it's easy after all I'd heard this song before."
Ok so he was a little flat, and she'd only heard a bit of the song once but you didn't need to be a genius to see where it was going, it did take her a little while to adjust what he was humming to correct its pitch but once she'd done that it was simple.
She'd played enough music and been to enough dances to know exactly how it would play out (it being a fairly simple and generic song helped to be fair). From then on it was just a case of matching her dance moves to the music, she did slip up once and actually made a move several seconds before he'd gotten to that part but she hoped he'd not noticed.
"So where did you learn to move like this?"

imageVergil Crawford - The Dean's Mansion (Gardens) - Tinsdal

The couple continued to move with grace and elegance, as Vergil overheard conversation happening outside. He paid no attention for now, for his focus, was dancing. He could feel that Andria had made a step a few steps before he did, but decided not to bring it up, for it would only ruin the moment.

"So where did you learn to move like this?" Andria asked.

"I was taught by a woman known as Angela Scarletti, nicknamed the "Desert Queen". She was tall woman, platinum blonde hair that went past the shoulders; and gold coloured eyes. Tanned skin, although, much more tanned than mine; Probably born in the South Section, never did bother to ask. Then again, our knowledge of each other was mostly work related on my part."

Telnor- The Dean's Mansion (Gardens)- Tinsdal

Telnor was looking around for Vergil and Vessel, finding them dancing he decided to have a little fun with it.

"Oh la la. Look at the two love birds tango. Is there a room for a sheet between this blanket and bed? A third leg on this stool? A second stick poking the tree? So how is the horse and who is the carriage in your little bumping? At any rate I think Mister Big Ol' Dean is about to make an address or something. Something important. At any rate Dancing Darlings lets go. I don't know it may be important.

imageLucian Grey - The threshold of the North - Hollow's Peak

Lucian's strides began to rise with merriment as the ground beneath the black clad hunter's boots shifted from the coarse, jagged fissures of stone and snow to the welcoming paths of cooked mud and clay.

"Why are we here?" Lucian mused mockingly as he overpassed his brooding companion, the kick in his heels turning a merry waltz into the jubilant skips of a child, even the tail of velvet stemming from the tip of that atrocious piece of head wear wagged happily in his trails. Lucian was always fond of the North, the cold winds that sent shivers up and down his spine, the air of formality and intellect that shrouded the pain and woes of it's people and the Fashion!

"The North is a place of nobility, subtlety and silly little games." Lucian listed nonchalantly before coming to a sudden stop and spinning like a dancer on the tips of his toes; his graceful display concluded with the locked gaze of gold and red, his body frozen in some ridiculous pose; a half bow with both arms extended at his side... A curtsey?!?

"Games that have rules... rules that are followed and bent, but never Broken. As to the 'Why', it's really quite simple; we need information, specifically 'where is our thief?' and no one in this world is more willing to part with secrets than that of scoundrels and scum."

imageVergil Crawford - The Dean's Mansion (Gardens) - Tinsdal

Telnor's interference, caused Vergil to break the flow of his concentration; like needle coming off a record. Just as Telnor started to talk, the couple accidently stumbled onto the ground. A rather unhappy look appeared on Vergil's face as the Vessel lay on top of him.

"If we were in any other situation, I would actually be enjoying the way that the Vessel is lead on top of me." Vergil thought to himself, as this moment of discomfort, turned into a brief moment of pleasure and joy, a smile forming on his lips as this thought sank deep into his subconscious. He then assisted himself and Vessel up off the floor, dusting both of them down afterwards.

"Sorry for that Vessel, it seems we were interrupted." He remarked in a displeasing manner, as he gestured towards Telnor. Vergil raised his voice a little bit, and a little flare began to show in his crimson coloured eyes.

"Telnor. You had to go and ruin such a tender moment for us didn't you, with your light hearted antics. Pity. I was rather enjoying that. Everything seemed to flow nicely. Still, I suppose there is more time later. The Dean's announcement must be important, if we have to attend." Vergil sarcastically remarked in a nonchalant manner, openly showing his displeasure at having to stop.

"I have to have it to you you're a good dancer.
And Telnor I'm still gay then again even if I wasn't I've probably slept with more women than you anyway."
The fall was surprising but not unmanageable. Luckily she landed on top and the thing she'd felt between wasn't emotional. Hopefully the poking feeling was just a natural reaction. She probably didn't have to worry about it. (It wasn't even that noticeable but she got the feeling saying so would offend him.)

imageScarlett Verneer - The Dean's Mansion - Tinsdal

Artis gave a resigned sigh and looked at the woman. It seemed there would be no convincing her to leave. Placing the scalpel carefully down on the table he took a towel to remove the excess blood from his hands and extended his arm to show the way to the cold room.

"I have only just started my work. Are you sure you wouldn't like to come back... Miss?"

"Verneer. And. No. I want to see him now."

"Very well."

Scarlett looked at the old man and gave him a slight smile. It had been much easier to gain entrance to the mortuary than she thought. Scarlett walked the short distance to the cold room behind the old man and stepped inside once he opened the door for her. She shivered. The small tiled room was kept as cold as the mountain air to help preserve the body that lay on the wooden block, covered by a single white linen sheet. Scarlett looked at Artis and he nodded before closing the door behind him. She took a deep breath and stepped forward removing the sheet from table. A single tear rolled down her cheek as Scarlett looked at pale body of Kalyn Alexander Vaalender. Her father.

It had been a crazy couple of days. So much had happened. So much had been lost. The feelings swept Scarlett of her feet and she collapsed into the corner of the room. Tears flooding down her cheek. The little girl with the heart of stone was now breaking. Cracking. And falling apart like dust in the wind...

imageVergil Crawford - The Dean's Mansion (Gardens) - Tinsdal

"Why thank you for the compliment Vessel. We will certainly have fun on our little date in that regard. Come, we might as well join the others, and listen to the Dean's announcement, for what its worth." Vergil remarked, their arms locked, as he and the Vessel left their private area, paying no attention to whatever Telnor had to say.

The **** had left Fiora far too boring and official.
But then there was the other girl not anyone she's spied the Vessel with.
She looked pretty shaken up, and there may have been blood. There was something about her the **** just didn't get. She couldn't read the girl. How appealing.
"Something troubling you miss?"

Tear - The Dean's Mansion - Tinsdal

Tear felt lighter than before, as if a great weight had been lifted from her shoulders. She was sat on a bench in the garden hiding from the world when the **** approached her. Tear was still confused. She couldn't work out how she felt about Scarlett removing, no stealing, the sigil from her. She didn't understand much about it's existence or meaning but Sera had treated it with respect. And for Sera that was unusual.


Vergil had been right about her. She was a cruel and selfish woman. But in these last few years like a mother to her. She suspected Scarlett felt the same.

"You could say that." Tear looked up at ****. "I had something... stolen. Something personal."

Velen - Gardens - Dean's Mansion - Tinsdal

"I am sorry... I just never believed this was going to happen. I saw the signs and I thought it would have stopped on its own as it seemed to have done so on the mountain pass... But then it came back..." Velen spoke to Itsuka who didn't seem pleased with this answer.

Itsuka glared at him. "What are we supposed to do now? We have no idea where Gemsi or Mizuki is! For all we know, he could have killed her!"

"I don't think so... If he was going to kill her he would have just done it on the spot."
"How do you know? You don't know him." Itsuka said crossing her arms.

Velen leaned back. "You're right, I don't know him. But I got the feeling that this isn't over so soon. I think he has a plan..."

Dean Jastis Vo'ana - Gardens - Dean's Mansion - Tinsdal

Everything had turned to hell, he had no idea how the Mage Order got in and now he was going to have to somehow deal with a Dark God... Things couldn't get worse. Kalyn was dead and Mizuki captured, and some other guests were killed as well... He stood up from the ground and had to address everyone to get things under control.

The Dean got the guards to get everyone together. "Everyone, I know that the events that just happened were horrific and I am still baffled at what happened. I still wish this was a nightmare. But it's reality and we have to press on. No doubt the Mages Order will be angry at the news, but we can't deal with them now. Right now we have to find a way to deal with the Dark God and quickly before he can cause mass death in the City..."

Suddenly a pool of blood appeared and then spewed upwards and then outstepped Gemsi once more. Everyone got tense and the guards and everyone that got weapons were ready to strike. The Dark God grinned. "I have come with news. Your dear Mizuki is still alive... If you want her alive, then you must get me these things... Thirty Virgin Women of the Elite Class, Ten Tank full of blood, and all the money in the North, no exceptions and all by tomorrow. If you fail, it won't be just Mizuki who dies."

With that the blood pool went down and Gemsi once more vanished. The Dean was flustered. "Damn! How the hell are we going to comply to those demands!?"

Velen stepped forward. "We need not. We need to prepare and wait for his arrival tomorrow and strike."

"But if we do that he will just kill us. Remember the fight against the Master eleven years? Most of our attacks did nothing and no matter how much we hit him he couldn't die. We still don't even know how we won." Itsuka spoke.

"Then what are we supposed to do?" Velen spoke.

"So we've got a god on the loose.
If only we had some sort of portable god storage device.
Oh wait.
I'm here."
The determination ran deep; her voice had a sense of purpose drive. Andria was withdrawn.
"I can feel the others, they feel cheated. Gemis shouldn't have been able to manifest like that. They're furious about it.
Two options
Either way we level the playing field
Let the other gods out
Far too risky
Or we force Gemis back in
Of course you can't just force someone back to the divine realm,
But like I said we have me
I've been taking in gods for years, every temple I visit ever prayer I hear. I've lost count of them by now. But within me there is balance because every god gets a say.
Now we just have to work out how to force him in."

Vincent - Threshold of the North - Hollow's Peak

Vincent sighed, walking past Lucian and his crazy theatrics to head further down the path to the district. Sometimes Vincent felt that Lucian got a little carried away with his theatrics, and would thus lose sight of their objective, but it seemed this time Lucian was the one who knew exactly what they would need to do.

"Lucian it seems that we will need to keep our eyes on our possessions the whole time we are in this district." Vincent said, looking over to the worn down walls of the district to see a few ragged-looking men standing next to a small fire and looking over in there general direction. Vincent smiled, his hand closing tighter around the pommel of his blade.

This is going to be a fun district.

Dean Jastis Vo'ana - Gardens - Dean's Mansion - Tinsdal

Jastis simply looked at the Vessel. "Can anyone confirm this? I have never heard of such a person like this. Then again I didn't expect a Dark God to manifest himself."

imageLorel Ion - Gods Realm

Hours passed and the sun came up and stretched over the city and the trio began to make their way to the center of the city believing it would be the location of the Head God. The technology the Gods possessed was strange to them it was highly advanced but didn't seem godly, and then again what they believed to be godly was only what they believed from priest tales.

When they reached further in they began to notice the level of technology changing it was looking for medieval and it was reflected on people's looks as they began wearing clothes more akin to the City. "Must mean that the City is reflected on time periods?" Suggested Ofila.

"Must be so." Monica responded.

They reached a point where they couldn't move through alleyways anymore, there was a huge plaza a head of them that they were going to have to cross. But how could they with their faces being widely known? Lorel and the two sat there trying to think of idea's but none where coming up. They were in a pinch.

He looked out at the plaza and then noticed something, a small girl wearing rags, something no one else was, and she seemed more human then everyone. She was looking all around, looking scared, and he noticed her eyes were not white like the Gods and Goddess. Suddenly two Angels in heavy armor rushed over to her and then grabbed her by the arm forcibly.

She yelled out in pain but no one was looking at the situation. He didn't understand what was going on but he couldn't let it proceed. Lorel ran out of cover and unleashed spells at the two Angels sending them flying. The girl was crouched in ball, scared and crying. "Your fine now... Those two Angels won't be hurting you anymore..."

She looked up and saw that her eyes were sky blue, and her hair was dark purple. "Thank you mister..." She spoke in her young high pitched voice.

Suddenly he could hear screams and the Gods and Goddess noticed him. "It's the Dark God!" One of them exclaimed.

Ofila and Monica ran out of cover and over to Lorel. "Lorel... You have just made the situation worse!" Ofila said.

"I couldn't just have them hurt her!"

Ofila laughed. "Can't blame you."

The Two Angels got back up and called in support immediate and the area was vacated. "Dark God and Minions have been spotted, back up request. They have Subject 512."

"Subject 512!?" A voice over the COM channel spoke. "Damn... Trinity Knight Din will be coming."

In seconds more Angels arrived and surrounded the group. "What's the plan now?" Monica asked.

They couldn't run or they would be shot and killed without even be able to do anything, and standing there and trying to fight would most likely yield the same results. Then he saw him, a large and tall man behind the Angels whom moved out of the way for him. No doubt he was a god with his white eyes. He wore large white armor with golden outlines and he had a large spear on his back.

"I am Trinity Knight Din, release Subject 512, and we may just let you live Dark God." The man spoke in a very demanding voice.

Lorel frowned. "Subject 512? This girl? What do you want with her?"

"She is a broken Angel! She bares none of their strengths and doesn't follow commands." Din said.

He couldn't believe what he just heard, she was in trouble for being more human than the Angels? Lorel stepped forward. "Damn that! If you think we will honestly give her back to you so you could make her some mindless machine or kill her, then you're wrong."

Din was surprised by the answer and began to wonder if this was really a Dark God, the energy he was giving off suggested as much, but the two others were just normal humans, and there was something familiar about them. "What's your name?"

Lorel was surprised by the question but answered none-the-less. "Lorel Ion."

Suddenly the man waved his arm and the Angels all ran off in seconds, and a Flying machine landed next to them. "Follow me." The man said as he entered the Flying Machine. Lorel was hesitant but they had no choice and there was something going on...

imageScarlett Verneer - The Dean's Mansion - Tinsdal

Scarlett looked at the crowd assembled before the Dean and his guard. Anger. Fear. Hope. She saw a wide range of emotion displayed on their faces. Most of all she could see the loyalty of these people to the one man they looked to for salvation from this nightmare. Scarlett took a deep breath and joined the crowd remaining slightly out of sight from the group she had been travelling with. She didn't want to start an argument. Not now. Everybody had been through enough.

She listened to the speech and drew her blade in surprise when Gemsi arrived to deliver terms on Mizuki's life. They were outrageous. Like most demands. And Scarlett knew that to succeed the Dean and his friends would need one hell of a plan if they stood any chance of succeeding against this dark god. Scarlett closed her eyes in sorrow at the Vessel's idea. That was not the thing to take lightly. Even if she had been 'taking in' gods and dark gods for years. Could they ask such a thing from the Vessel? Was the risk worth the price?

Scarlett looked at the group. Then at the dean.

"I can." She said breaking the silence and drawing the attention of the crowd. "But Vessel... are you sure about this?"

imageVergil Crawford - The Dean's Mansion - Tinsdal

Vergil shouted in protest to the Vessel's plan.

"Don't do this Vessel. I mean, are you sure that this will work? What if this whole plan backfires, and you end up killing yourself."

"If I was sure I'd already be doing it.

What I do know is that people are going to die, regardless of whether or not I act. But the fact that less could die if I get this right is more than justification enough for me.

I honestly can't say I'm sure it will work. It's all theory right now. But the logic follows; I've got gods inside me of all alignments, he should just be diluted. It's what happened every other time.

The others what me to destroy him. They're screaming at me for his complete obliteration but I can't let that happen.

This the only responsible way of handling things really.
Maybe once we figure out how to get him in we can work on a way of sending them back. Restore normality so to speak.

Anyway it's in his best interest not to kill me; he only escaped when his host died. Imagine what will happen if I die, he'll be lucky not to be obliterated.
Now I need to see it, I need to feel the destruction. I need to charge myself for the upcoming battle.

And thanks Vergil, for your concern."

Back with the ****
"What was taken? Do you want me to get it back?"

Tear - The Dean's Mansion - Tinsdal

Tear looked at the floor. "Is it odd that I don't know?"

Something in the back of her mind was causing doubt as to wether or not Tear wanted the sigil to be returned to her. Scarlett must have been desperate to get the symbol if she had gone to such extreme measures to remove it from her body. The attack might have left Tear a little shaken but it was the thought of what the sigil was for that was now driving the thoughts in her mind. She tried hard to remember all the times Sera had spoken about it, granted it was only on a rare occasion that Tear managed to prise even the slightest of details from her lips but still Tear was determined to remember something.

Tear looked back up at the ****. Something about her seemed a little odd. She dismissed it. The attack from Scarlett had come as quite the unexpected surprise. Given Tear regarded herself as a fierce fighter the fact she was still shaking unnerved her. Would she seek revenge upon Scarlett? Fight back and reclaim the sigil for herself? What was it even for? How did Sera come to have it in the first place? Should she talk to Scarlett about it and face her fear?

Tear felt frustrated. She was full of questions but held very few answers.

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