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"It was never my intention to start a fight. I was merely defending myself from undue offence.
I can understand that you might not completely understand Telnor but I'd appreciate if you respected the fact I've been doing this for almost half my life and trust I know what I'm doing."
The Vessel offered a hand hoping they could reach an agreement and just admit she was right.

"What you've been doing is calling voices god, and calling your so called god power, magic. It would be nice if you recognized them for what they are."

"Then how do you explain how I got my powers? I was in the temple of the pantheon when I called out to the gods for aid and was granted powers.
Surely magic would have shown its self-earlier in my life especially considering my background."

"Latent talent. Maybe you did use your magic before in life but just forgot about it. Maybe you were a slow developer. But call a spade a spade and magic, magic. You know what I'm done here. Next time you face down a Dark God, don't look at me to help," Telnor pivoted and walked away, so the group wouldn't see the tears forming he had for his friends.

imageVergil Crawford - The Dean's Mansion (Gardens) - Tinsdal

Vergil stepped back from the whole situation, a little bit stunned, but was understanding of Telnor's reactions. The guy simply didn't want to see his friends get hurt. Before Telnor walked off the mansion, Vergil called out to him.

"Hey Telnor, how about you and me go for a drink sometime? You know, as friends." He didn't expecting answer back though, considering the current situation. After Telnor disappeared from view, he turned to see the Vessel; who on the outside, looked a little nervous, but deep down, looked like she was in distress. Vergil went over to her, and gave her a hug, placing one of his hand on the back her head, and began stroking it gently. A little tear came to his eye.

"There there Vessel, you don't need to worry, I just think Telnor needs a little time to himself. Sometimes the best wounds need time to mend, not medicine nor magic. How about we leave this place for a hour or two. Lets go get some dinner, my treat. Does that sound good?"

Well food always sounded good to the Vessel but that was beside the point.
"I know this great place near here, when I was young I was one of their best customers actually. It's a great place."
She took his hand and walked him there. It was nice to be back in her old streets, she still remembered the way.

The Whole Hog
The tavern wasn't very busy but had a fairly nice atmosphere. It was made from an old underground fort so there wasn't much natural light but the air felt like a gentle hug and the dim light from the candles gave the place a welcoming air.
The central had as the name suggested a pig over it, slowly turning with such an enticing smell.
Several pelts where hung artfully around the place, I doubt most people could have named half the animals on the walls.
The counter like the rest of the place was simple stone, two almost half rings circling the central fire.
The woman behind the counter was fairly old but a life on her feet had kept her fairly fit.
Her eyes lit up seeing Vergil and the Vessel come down the stairs.
"Vessel darling. It been too long."
"Hail Aunty. How's business?"
"Almost as dead as the meat we serve here. But steady enough to keep us going."
"So will it be the usual price? A meal for a song."
"And I'll throw in an extra one free for your friend who hasn't said anything yet and look like he still doesn't quite believe this place."
"So the usual."
"Yes please"
"One meat of the day with extra meat." She called out to a man behind her. "So what'll your friend have."

imageVergil Crawford - The Whole Hog - Tinsdal

Whilst the Vessel and her Auntie conversed, Vergil took in the atmosphere of the place. Overall, it seemed to have a warm and friendly feel about it. Sufficed to say, he was rather calm, and quite enjoying the place. The strong meaty aroma, was inviting, as well as tasty; its aroma went straight to his nose. It was then that Auntie asked him a question.

"So what'll your friend have."

"I'll have what the Vessel is having. After all, if it comes so highly recommended, then it must be good." Vergil remarked, complimenting the Vessel choice.

"It'll be with you shortly. You're usual seat should still be free."
Well considering only two other people were there at all.
The Vessel took Vergil to her usual seat.
It was a booth on the outer edge and near a stage.
"I probably don't need to say what side she'd my aunt on." After all, the woman was pretty much an exact clone of her mother.
The Vessel looked him in the eyes.
"It's brilliant to be back here, if there anywhere you'd like to check out in this district? Since we've a little time on our hands."

imageVergil Crawford - The Whole Hog - Tinsdal

"There's nowhere in particular I'd want to go visit, for the moment at least. Perhaps after dinner I might have an idea." Vergil replied with, still taking in the air of the place. He then asked his own question.

"I overheard you making a mention of some 'Temple of the Pantheon' earlier. I don't mean to pry or anything, but would you be okay with telling me more about it? It seems like it played an important part in your life, and I'd like to know." Vergil asked, sitting back in the booth afterwards, and removing the wrist blade.

"Yes that was a pretty big time for me.
It's a pretty long story. A little too long for one day I think.
But I promise to tell you once we've gone over a thing or two."

imageVergil Crawford - The Whole Hog - Tinsdal

"Its okay, sometimes I find the best stories, to be the ones you have to wait for. Generally means they are the most interesting." Vergil remarked, giving off a slight chuckle afterwards. After pushing back some of his hair, he noticed that the Vessel still looked a little nervous.

"You know-" He started to say, showing sympathy in his voice. "-,if you want to have a cry about what happened earlier; then its okay if you do. After all, shoulder to cry on is right here." Vergil then patted his right shoulder a couple of times.

"I think I'm ok not crying thanks.
Not that I don't appreciate the offer thanks."
The food soon arrived. Smelled great.
The Vessel thanked her aunt who soon left.
"So how are you feeling?" Might as well return the favour right.

imageVergil Crawford - The Whole Hog - Tinsdal

"Any time Vessel, any time." Vergil remarked. It was then that the food arrived. Its aroma was delectable, and certainly looked inviting.

"Thank you." He acknowledged the Vessel's aunt, who soon left.

"As for how I am feeling; I'm pretty good, thanks." Vergil gave off a warm smile. He then began to eat his food. It was simply, mouthwatering.

"Hmmh, so good. Never known someone to cook meat so well. I shall have to make a note of this place for future reference."

"I guess that's fire magic for you.
It cooks really consistently across the meat.
Now you see this use of magic I've no problems with."
Munch, Munch.
The Vessel called out.
"It's as good as always Aunty."
"And how's my little sis?"
She working one some stuff, undercover in these mages.
She just....
Monitoring them."
The Vessel had gone quiet and looked back at Vergil.
"Maybe actually yes please."
She moved round to his side and put her head on his shoulder.
*Sniff sniff*

imageVergil Crawford - The Whole Hog - Tinsdal

After finishing a bit more of his meal, Vergil could feel the Vessel's head on his shoulder, and began to sob slightly. It seems the thought of her parents, made her a little sad. Vergil first put down his knife and fork, he then took off his coat; draping it across the pair of them like a blanket. He placed an arm around the Vessel's shoulders; and then started spoke in a soft, reassuring voice.

"Its okay Vessel, we'll get them back. For now, just know that they're safe; and that I'm here for you." He finished off with a brief kiss on the forehead. Vergil then turned his head to Vessel's auntie.

*cough* "Excuse me, if its all possible, could we get some water please? I think my friend needs some." Vergil pulled Vessel a little closer towards himself, and began gently stroking her shoulder.

Velen - Dean's Mansion - Tinsdal

They laid Lorel on a bed and let him sleep, he was out of it. "Good to see you back, almost had me worried. Surprised the Vessel's plan seemed to have worked somewhat. But I feel like there is more to this than meets the eye."

Itsuka nodded. "You got that feeling to? When Lorel wakes up, he will need to tell us what happened."

Mizuki sat at the edge of the bed. "Shouldn't you just be happy that he is alive?"

"I am! Just... curious is all." Velen spoke.

Itsuka put her hand on Mizuki's shoulder. "We almost lost you too. Once Lorel wakes up, I think you and him need to have a good long discussion."

"Yes, you're right."

All three of them left the room, but Velen split off from Mizuki who went running over to the Dean's son who was nearly crying. Velen walked until he saw the Dean who had a smile over his face. "Velen! I can't express how happy I am. Everything worked out in the end."

"Your right there sir."

"That I am," The Dean spoke as he noticed Lord Noyis and his daughter Malina coming up to them. "Good to see you both."

"The feeling is mutual." Noyis spoke. "Is Lorel alright?"

Malina looked desperate for an answer. "Yes, he is. When he wakes, Malina I will come and get you. Or you could... Wait in his room till he wakes."

She blushed, but Velen simply smiled, Malina nodded and Velen told her the room and she wondered off to it.

"Any news in the Middle?"

"Nothing yet. Things have been so hectic that we haven't gotten our baring's yet."

Noyis nodded in agreement with the Dean.

"Water coming up soon."
The Vessel's aunt was right she soon brought plentiful water to the table before leaving them to it.
The Vessel looked up at Vergil.
"Thanks again."
She was calming again.
"Is there anything I can do, to show my gratitude? I feel like I haven't done much for you and I'd like to change that."

imageVergil Crawford - The Whole Hog - Tinsdal

"Anything she can do to show gratitude towards me. Hmm, so many choices. Perhaps I should go with something simple first, then follow up with something a little more; 'risqué'. Hmm, but what to ask for first... I know." Vergil thought to himself, going over all the possible ideas. He then cleared his throat, and gave his answer.

"Vessel, now I know in the past, the thought hasn't been received well so far. But, would you be... my girlfriend?" He asked, going quiet at the end, nervous at the response the Vessel would give. He then carried on.

"But I thought that, later tonight, we could-" *whispers something discreetly into her ear* "-relax though, there are ways, in which we could do it, that wouldn't involve you getting..." Vergil trailed off, still sounding nervous. He then plucked a bit of courage that was within him.

"Look, I'm sorry if you don't want to do those things. Perhaps we could, passionately kiss instead?"

"I guess we can be boyfriend and girlfriend. To be honest I've never been so big on lables."
She wasn't really sure what that meant but it sounded harmless enough.
What didn't sound in the least harmless was his next suggestion.
"Isn't that extremely painful? It's just that it sounds like it could be done with effort but I don't see how I could possibly be considered pleasant. Are you sure you'd want to do it? I mean sure there's no risk of pregnancy but still it just sounds weird."
This kissing thing hardly even registered considering what else he'd suggested.

imageVergil Crawford - The Whole Hog - Tinsdal

Vergil was stunned, unsure if she was acting confused, or if she was ballistic at the thought of them doing such a thing. He suddenly turned away, his back towards her; he then put his feet up on the seat.

"Look, I can see that it was a bad idea. Besides, that isn't what I meant anyway. In any case, you don't have to worry about it; I've tried it before, you would be in very safe hands. Don't you trust me?"

"Oh I'm not mad or anything I was just a little unsure about it.
But I suppose if you've done it before and there aren't the normal risks then maybe. Just maybe!
So when you tried it before...
What exactly happened?"

imageVergil Crawford - The Whole Hog - Tinsdal

"Hmm, how best to explain it?... I know!" Vergil remarked, as he turned to face the Vessel once more. He then began to think for a few more moments, then delivered his answer.

"Look Vessel, this thing is mainly a trust exercise. As long as you have faith in your partner, and that your assured that it will be a fun time for all, then you won't come to any major physical harm. I mean, the last time I did it, I was feeling a little sore for an hour or so afterwards, but after a nice warm bath, and a little rest, the pain was bearable."

image Lucian Grey - Hollow's Peak - Urban District

A putrid stench wafted through those course winds that rode aloft the slopes of the great mountains of the north, their decent a cold march through the dishevelled cobblestone roads and alleys. Lucian twitched his nose twice and, despite his better judgement, beaconed two full drags of the horrid aroma, in the hopes of identifying what the damnable stench comprised off. The foul stench of sewage mixed with the smell of wet rags and fur, the miasma true in its repugnance graced Lucian as he briefly gagged in protest; this was indeed the hole of Hollow's Pack that he remembered.

As each undaunted step fell over the cracked and winding pathways of the district, Lucian's mind began to piece together memories of if last few operations in this ditch of the City. He recalled the great incline Hollow's Pack held as you went higher and higher in the district, slowly climbing the mountainside along carved out steps or sturdy bridges. Near the pinnacle of the city hung a great shield of stone that loomed out over the buildings chipped masterfully, and magically, into the peak of the mountain by those wealthy enough to afford mages and artisans. The status quo of the district was simple to follow, the rich lived at the top, the curved barrier of the mountain protecting their properties from the harsh cold winds while funnelling it into the lower and poorer sections where the lay folk resided.

"Now, what should I do to keep myself busy?" Lucian queried to himself amidst the small crowd of pedants scurrying around him like insects, their natural instincts instructing them to keep their distance. After a brief moment of pause and a quick scratch of the head, Grey's train of thought finally managed to find some focus.

I should say hello to some old friends...

Telnor- Tinsdal- Wandering

Telnor staggered around the streets, stinking drunk. It had been two hours since his fight with Vessel and in that time he had drunk more than most people do in a week. In fact he had been kicked out of two bars already. Each time he had ordered the strongest drink they had and it was not sitting well with Telnor. He was having trouble seeing straight and he couldn't stand up anymore so he fell against a wall.

"Well, well. What do we have here. Are you drunk again? Didn't you learn anything after the Ragged Swords. Old habits die hard huh? Just like me," Telnor looked up and saw a scared man standing above him. Black messy, greasy hair and long dirty finger nails were the distinguishing features of the man besides the scars. He wore torn pants and shoes that were coming apart at the seems. A clean shining sword sat at his waist.

"Shut up Gelm. You aren't real. You only exist in my head."

"Maybe I may not exist physically but I can assure you, I am real. And I can hurt you. And you know it don't you. I may not have a physical body but I exist in your head and that is real enough."

"I locked you away once and I can do it again," Telnor reached to grab Gelm, but Gelm just stepped back and Telnor fell flat on his face.

"I know you did. And you know what? That hurt. I was so mad at you for that but I knew it was only a matter of time before you let yourself go once again. So I waited to get my revenge. And slowly the bars rusted on my cage until today they fell to dust. So one year of waiting all by myself. Waiting for you to get weak. Actually. I am kinda mad," Gelm grabbed Telnor by the front of his shirt and slammed him against the wall. Passerby's looked away from the drunk man.

"So here's what is going to happen Telnor. You are going to give me control over your body and I'm going to lock you away. It didn't have to be this way you know. We could have shared. We could have ruled. Imagine where you could be now if you let us work together. You could be ruling a district or the biggest crime group in The City. Maybe you could have women throwing themselves at your feet or be the greatest hero this place has ever seen. We could have been great but you threw it all away. Now its my turn. And you know what the first thing I'm going to? I'm going to murder those parasites you call your friends and then take over the office of the Dean. Then I'm going to rape Jill. Over and over and over. I'm going to ravish her until there is nothing left. Till she is just a shell that is there for my enjoyment. And there is nothing you can do about it."

"I'll never let you Gelm. I would rather die than give you control," Telnor swung at Gelm, breaking his nose, but the people only saw a drunk raging around.

Gelm turn and ran and Telnor chased after him, pushing through the crowds as well as he could well drunk, and starting to sober up. Gelm slipped through a door and Telnor crashed into it, forcing it open. It was a large meat freezer, with dead animals hanging off hooks in rows. Telnor drew his sword and started to advance down the rows, carefully looking for Gelm. Hearing a quick intake, Telnor whipped around just in time to block Gelm's strike.

Telnor pushed Gelm back and swung at Gelm's wrist. Gelm dodged to the side and stabbed at Telnor, who knocked Gelm's sword to the side and swung back at Gelm's neck. Gelm leaned back, dodging the blade, then stepped forward swinging at Telnor with his empty hand. Telnor stumbled into one of the animals hanging from the hooks. Thinking quickly he grabbed the animal and swung at Gelm, and at the same back stepping so that the dead animal stood between Gelm and himself.

Gelm walked right through the swinging animal and stood face to face with Telnor.

"Come now. You should have known that would never work," Gelm raised his sword and swung at Telnor and blocked his attack with a resounding clash that only he could hear. The two fought up and down the aisles. Giving as good as they got, never touching the other but giving it all they had. Eventually Gelm turn and ran threw another door.

Telnor chased after him, crashing through the door and breaking it off its frame. Seeing Gelm on the other side of a counter, Telnor ran, placed one hand on the counter and vaulted over. Gelm danced through the tables, leading Telnor on a merry chase. Telnor finally got tired of the chase and jumped up on a table, going for a straight line after Gelm by jumping from table to table, each time throwing the items on the table off. Finally, he jumped from one table to the an occupied table, where Vergil and Vessel were sitting, sending their meals into their faces, jumping one last time Telnor knocked Gelm to the ground and stabbed him through the heart.

"Well that was fun. We'll have to do this again another time. Don't forget Telnor. I'm always watching, waiting for you to slip up," Gelm told Telnor as he faded from view, leaving Telnor standing there with his sword stabbed throw the floorboards.

Telnor slumped to the ground as guards burst in through the back, shouting, "Stop! Crimnal Scum! You're under arrest for drunken and disorderly conduct."

As the guards threw the shackles on Telnor, their commander up Telnor's sword and said, "This will make a fine addation to my collection. Much better than my current piece of junk."

Telnor struggled against the bonds to get back at his sword as the guards led him away.

imageVergil Crawford - The Whole Hog - Tinsdal

Just before the Vessel could respond, there was a loud crash from a door, as Telnor began to run and jump randomly throughout the room, as if he was chasing someone, who wasn't actually there. A disproving look appeared on his face, as Vergil gave off a brief sigh, and held his head in his hand.

"Dear God, Telnor has only gone and got himself drunk. Very, very drunk it seems." He thought to himself, as the overpowering odour of alcohol; spread itself throughout the room. Before he had a chance to stop his overly drunk friend, Telnor leapt onto their table, sending the food straight into their faces. Just after he picked off the food, and put it back onto the plates; that a small group of guards came in, and put shackles on Telnor.

"Stop! Crimnal Scum! You're under arrest for drunken and disorderly conduct." The lead guardsmen shouted as he began to lead Telnor out of the room. Vergil, despite the situation, remained moderately calm, and decided to go to Telnor's defence. He remained at the table, the Vessel still in his arm as he spoke.

"Excuse me gentlemen, but I'm sure there is some way, that we can resolve this situation, amicably. Perhaps, I could bail him out, along with that sword."

The Vessel looked at Telnor.
He'd said a lot earlier, stuff that still stung.
"Vergil maybe you should stay out of this, if he really has broken the law then it might be best to let the guards."
"But he's..."
"He not anyone we really know, just some guy so like I said we should stay back."
"Right." He stepped back.
"Sorry to bother you officer, keep up the honest work."

Guard Captain - The Whole Hog - Tinsdal

"Right then, now that we have that settled, you lot, get this criminal moving; I want to be back on patrol within half an hour, so move it!" The Guard Captain ordered in a loud, barking tone, just before he left, he quickly turned to Vessel and Vergil.

"Have a pleasant day Sir and Lady-" He quickly doffed his cap, and left.

imageVergil Crawford - The Whole Hog - Tinsdal

Vergil watched from behind the Vessel, as the Guard Captain took Telnor away. He then spoke to the Vessel.

"A little bit harsh don't you think Vessel? Then again, considering what he said to you, I would of done the exact same thing." Vergil gave off a dark laugh, sounding rather satisfied about what had happened. He then lovingly wrapped his arms around the Vessel, and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek.

"How about we finish our meal, before it gets spoiled anymore."

"Sounds like a plan."
Now that was an opening she was comfortable being involved in the evening.
"To be honest I'm still not so sure about this plan of yours the whole thing just feels weird really.
Wait, this isn't some sort of joke is it?
You weren't serious about having it done to you were you?"

imageVergil Crawford - The Whole Hog - Tinsdal

Vergil was both shocked and stunned by what she had just said. She thought that this was a joke. He tore himself away from her.

"You just don't get it do you-" He shouted, leaping onto the stage. "-you think this is all one big joke? I am being serious here. Don't you even trust me any more? Think of all the items I have stood beside you, all the times I have made you happy; can't you grant me, the one person who would gladly die for you, this one piece of happiness." He then collapsed on the floor, still a little seething with rage, but in a more sombre kind of fashion.

"If I wanted to hurt you, do you think I would of done it at any over time? The answer is no, and I never will Vessel." He then began to weep, whilst sitting down, his legs bent, and his head hanging low.

"Besides, aren't you curious to see how it works between a man and a woman? I mean, whats better then actually experiencing it first hand." He then asked jokingly, wiping away the tears, regaining his composure. A slight chuckle came from his lips.

"This doesn't have anything to do with a lack of trust.
I just don't understand why one earth you'd want to, I mean normal sex I could understand its key to ensuring people live on and there's a whole host of systems in place to make it appealing. I can understand that." Well at least in theory. "But this, I just can't see where the idea would have come from.
Then again, I guess it could be a nerve thing, close proximity to more naturally sexual areas, would the nerves be shared.
Have I got it right? Is that it?" She had genuine curiosity in her voice now, he'd given her a mystery and she was going to solve it, how could she resist. Especially one as bazar as this. "Could you just tell me what it is about it that's, I'm not sure what the word is, appealing, about this? Just tell me that and maybe, I'm not making any promises but...

imageVergil Crawford - The Whole Hog - Tinsdal

"You are right about the whole nerve ending thing Vessel." Vergil remarked with a bit more life in him, as he leapt down from the stage, and to her feet. He then rose up, and began to explain.

"You see, since the nerve clusters, are in close proximity to each other, the pleasure from one end, would essentially pass through; allowing both sides to feel the same effect. Basically, you would be feeling double the pleasure, but from only a single spot. It would be an intense, yet joyful experience for the both of us."

"Ok, if you're serious about this, then I trust you." The Vessel gets up from the table.
"There are rooms down below. I know the way in, and don't worry I can assure we'll have privacy."
She wasn't much surer about this than she had been at the start but she trusted him at least and was resolved to give him a fair chance. Even if the whole this was still a mix of confusing and disturbing.
She led him down the stairs, going even deeper into the ground; the room was essentially just a fire with animal skins as a bed/ carpet.
The vessel closed the door and started to undress.
"So how exactly do we do this? This isn't really a position I've been in before."

imageVergil Crawford - The Whole Hog (Underground) - Tinsdal

Vergil was lead down stairs by the Vessel, going deep underground. The corridor they walked along, was partially lit, as he was just able to make out a solid oak door; which was perfect for what they where about to do. He followed her into the room, which was simple in design; there was a fire going, and there seemed to be animal skin rugs, which doubled up as carpets.

Vergil warmed his hands by the fire, as he saw the Vessel get undressed. In a few brief moments, there she stood in all her glory.

"So how exactly do we do this? This isn't really a position I've been in before." She then asked. Vergil proceeded to turn round, taking off his clothes as he walked. He then lovingly embraced the Vessel, as naked as she was. He quickly pivoted, and fell back onto one of the fur rugs. Vergil then spoke in a calm, yet seductive tone.

"Well Vessel, it goes a little like this..." They then engaged in things, that are best left unsaid.






She wanted to like it; she'd wanted to make him feel good he deserved it after all he'd done. But she just couldn't do it; events had crawled to a halt after all that. She felt sort of sick no offence to him she couldn't imagine anyone else having the any more luck, it just felt unnatural trying to force entry into what was only ever supposed to be an exit.

She'd moved away, separating the two of them before turning to face him.
The look on his face wasn't easy to meet eye to eye.

Part of her wondered if it was just because he was male, I mean she'd always known it was mainly for his benefit to say thanks to him for being as great as he was. She wasn't in it for herself at all, she just hoped for a slightly novel experience so she wasn't bored while he got his prize.

"I'm sorry I just couldn't."

She was trying to say as little as possible she didn't want to offend that was probably the thing she wanted least right now, ok maybe second least after another phallic enema.
She lay back trying to move too much, she wasn't joking about size again at least not after a fair bit of healing.

"Is there anything else I can do? I don't want to leave you hanging like that, if you want you can watch me do sometimes or if you'd rather look than touch."

She was desperate now she felt like she'd let him down by not being able to deal with it and wanted to do something to make it up to him.

"Is there anything?"



imageVergil Crawford - The Whole Hog (Underground) - Tinsdal

Vergil simply laid there on the floor. Still. Emotionless. Quiet. All the other rejections from her he could take, but this, the one time where he could find happiness within her, had been taken away; like a puppet with its strings cut. He felt heartbroken. The most painful wound of all, was that he thought she cared for him. There was silence for a few moments, then Vergil sat up.

"Why do this to me,-" Vergil shouted, his eyes seething with rage. "-after all the things I have done for you, this is one thing I wanted in return. You asked how you could show me gratitude for my kindness, and this is what I asked for." He attempted to raise his fist in anger to punch her, but his heart wasn't in it. Afterwards relaxing his grip, Vergil simply slumped to the floor, crying.

He cried for a few minutes, then wiped away the tears from his eyes. Vergil seemed happier now.

"How about we do something calm, and relaxing. Like talking a walk in each others company? I'd like to know more about this district anyway, and I could think of no one better to do that with then you." Vergil asked, then extending an arm towards her.

"For now, how about we simply enjoy the warm glow of this fire, as friends. Also, instead of you doing stuff for me out of gratitude, cause we know how that will turn out most times; how about instead, every now and again, when there is a bit of free time, we just spend some quality time together, just us. Deal?" He then asked, sounding rather sincere about it.

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