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Because you fucking hurt me and I'm not going through that for you just for your sexual satisfaction. Maybe if you'd just accepted that I'm not sexuality attracted to you and just wanted to be friends you wouldn't end up crying so often.
Not that she'd say it.

"I'm sorry, I wanted to. To say thanks, but it was just too uncomfortable for me.
I think your right, this whole relationship thing, it'll be best for both of us if we just don't do it. I think we both want different things and it's unfair on either of us to keep going."

She stood up, she winced a little. She'd be regretting this for a while, then again better that than forget right.

"I think for now we should spend a little time apart."

She got dressed as quickly as she could, preferring to just be out for now.
"We see you in a few days. She found a piece of paper and scrawled something fairly quickly.
When you want to get in touch just make up this, it's a fairly powerful fire work, I'll see it and if I don't I'll hear about it.

She was away soon her head already feeling clearer and other parts of her were also becoming less tense. To be honest her mind was already less mad at him but that didn't mean she was going back she still thought a little separation time would be best.

She needed to talk to someone she'd not spent the past few weeks so intimate with, her first thought came to scarlet, there wasn't more meaning behind it than just feeling the need for the female perspective on things but she'd appreciate someone to talk to anyway.
Wonder where she'd find her.

The Vessel walked, no idea where but she had a feeling she'd end up somewhere interesting eventually.

Back in the Whole Hog
There was a knocking on Vergil's door, not sure how much later it was.

Not sure how long it'll take him to respond and if he never does you could hardly blame him.
The black hair woman didn't grow impatient she understood as well. She looked too young to really have an idea but her deep blue eyes said differently.

Eventually he opened.
Her voice was all the right notes of understanding, reassuring, trustworthy, and sympathetic and even touching on promising.

She offered a hug and a bottle, no doubt about it he needed both.
"She can sting sometimes, we probably know that just as well as each other."

She held out the bottle

"I know I'm probably the person you least want to see right now, and If you don't want me hear I won't be. But if you feel how I felt when this happened to me I know the two things that help the most are a sympathetic ear and alcohol."

Telnor- Tinsdal - Prison

The guards took the shackles off and threw him into a dark cell, slamming the heavy cell door behind him. Telnor feel onto the heavy, stone bed they had provided for him. Looking at up the ceiling he thought about how Vessel how looked at him. There was so much hate in her eyes. He didn't blame her of course. They way he had yelled at her it was no surprise that she would be so angry still but still. He thought that she would have at least stuck for him. Maybe he was wrong about her being his friend.

Telnor rolled over on the bed to face the wall. Maybe he was better cutting ties to the group. Vergil and Scarlet were his friends but he knew deep down that they would side with Vessel. If he ever got out he would leave them. It would be better that way.

From across the cell, two eyes starred at Telnor. And the clicking of long finger fails accompanied them. There across the cell, was Gelm, leaning against the wall.

imageVergil Crawford - The Whole Hog (Room) - Tinsdal

Vergil was acting surprisingly calm after the Vessel left. She was right though, the two of them needed some space between them; whilst there were things he wanted to say, he'd consider it a better show of character, if they remained apart for a day or two at least. Her auntie had allowed him the of a room at The Whole Hog, so he was inside, consulting the Assassin's Journal, when there was a knock at the door.

"It can't be her, and I none of the others knows I'm here. Still, better go see who it is though." He got out of his chair, placing the journal on a nearby desk. Vergil then cautiously opened the door. His visitor turned out to be none other than Julie. She opened with an offering of a hug and a bottle of alcohol.

"She can sting sometimes, we probably know that just as well as each other." Julie then held out the bottle.

"I know I'm probably the person you least want to see right now, and If you don't want me here I won't be. But if you feel how I felt when this happened to me I know the two things that help the most are a sympathetic ear and alcohol." Vergil surprisingly accepted the hug, taking the bottle afterwards, placing it on the desk.

"That's okay Julie, its um... good to see you." Vergil remarked, walking back to his chair, so he could open the bottle, pouring the amber liquid into two glass tumblers that were in the room with him.

"Yeah, your right about her sting. The Vessel certainly packs an emotional punch. Then again, I guess I was too stubborn to take a hint. Any way, lets enjoy this, as acquaintances." Vergil remarked, raising his glass in a toast.

"Oh, and before I forget; sorry for knocking you to the ground the other day."

"Oh I don't drink myself but thanks for the offer.
And I'm sorry I made you knock me to the ground as well."
Julie sat down in a chair. She was a bit too tall and spindly for such a low chair but oh well.
"Don't blame yourself completely; she's not the best at giving hints, mixed messages doesn't begin to describe it really. To be honest if you managed to get this far and she's still willing to talk with you I'm impressed."

She smiled a little, probably as glad as he was to have someone to share the experience with.
"So any stories to share? I've a couple if you want."

imageVergil Crawford - The Whole Hog (Room) - Tinsdal

"Oh, well, I'll save this later; might come in handy for something." Vergil remarked, chuckling afterwards, as he poured the drink back into the bottle, before taking a swig from his own glass. He then complimented Julie on her choice of drink.

"Hmm, you certainly have picked a good drink. Nice colour, clear and crisp. Impressive." Vergil then placed his glass back on the table, and began to stroke his beard in deep thought.

"I suppose I have done well. Give it a day or two, things will be calmer then. Call this a touchy subject if you must, but, I'm curious as to your relationship experiences were, with our friend the Vessel. Consider it, useful information."

"To be honest I really couldn't say most of the time.
She was Like a big sister to me for a while, when I was really young, but things developed. We were intimate a few times, she helped me out with a few personal problems and then I screw it up by running away. Now I think she hates me, but she was still willing to help me through the hardest 9 months of my life."
She created a fire ball in one hand and tossed it between herself a few times.
"So what caused the latest walk out? If you don't mind me asking."

imageScarlett Verneer - The Green Mountain Tavern - Tinsdal

She woke in the bed in the room assigned to her feeling more than a little depressed. Her dreaming was usually locked into the past and the life that had been taken from her too soon. With a lazy hand she reached out and brushed the empty side of the bed with her fingers, feeling the cold linen slip through, and remembering all the nights her husband would keep her awake with his heavy breathing. It annoyed the hell out of her then but now it seemed like a comfort she craved to have again. Scarlett smiled to herself taking a brief moment to push back all the rising emotion tied into the memories. There was no going back. No chance to live the life she wished, the life she craved every single day, and thinking about it only brought the weight of regret and loss crashing back down.

The air in the room was stale. And Scarlett needed to just get out of the deans estate and leave behind the troubles mounting on her for an hour or two. The cold air of the north could cure anything. Or so she had been told as a child. Even the blues. Scarlett grabbed her knife and walked out of the estate. She walked the streets with a slow pace and buried her hands in the warmth of her pockets until she caught sight of the strange green tavern sign hanging on the wall. There was a flicker of recognition. Scarlett had been here before in her youth. She brushed back her hair and walked inside to get a drink. It was busy but she found a perch at the bar and slumped down resting her head on her hands while watching the light of the dim candles above flicker in the dented metal tankard belonging to the drink she had just ordered.

imageVergil Crawford - The Whole Hog (Room) - Tinsdal

"...hardest 9 months. Oh yes, a friend of mine Scarlett it was, mentioned something about a child of yours." Vergil remarked, remembering why Scarlett had vanished earlier. He then took another swig of his drink, and then, reluctantly, answered Julie's question.

"That Julie is hard pill to swallow, and I regret asking for it. You see, the Vessel wanted to show me some gratitude as it were, for all my kindness, and just generally feeling better about herself. I asked-" Vergil sighed, sighing in the middle of a sentence. "-if she would have sex with me. But not in the traditional sense, if you understand." He then took another swig of his drink.

"You could say, I wanted to make her feel good. Oh boy did that backfire. But I still want to be there for her."

The Vessel come bar (2/5)
The Vessel knew all she had to do was wander around and she'd bump into someone interesting. That was gods for you.

She sat across the bar, not as comfortable as she'd have liked but that probably wasn't the fault of the seat.

"Hey Scarlet are you ok? You mind talking? You look like you need it and to be honest so do I."

"You take risks at least that's something.
But yes that's an acquired taste is ever there was one. I might have to take part of the blame of that I was a pretty good cautionary tale." There was sadness but also a fairly jolly self-deprecating sense of humour in it, she'd accepted it eventually.

"Don't worry about it; it'll take much more than that to make her stop caring I assure you. Just make sure not to rupture her feelings. She must like you, after all you name isn't being censored." There was the same dark self-damming humour and still she smiled.

"You know of all the people she'd dated your probably the one I like the most."

imageScarlett Verneer - The Green Mountain Tavern - Tinsdal

She looked up in surprise at the mention of her name. It had been the last thing she had expected to hear.

"Vessel? Hey. I'd like that. You want a drink?"

imageVergil Crawford - The Whole Hog (Room) - Tinsdal

"Why thank you for that compliment Julie. Although we weren't ever technically dating, I know the thought was in the right place. Besides, Vessel said she'd rather have a full relationship with a woman anyway. I just fancy that opportunity as well with her. You know, a full relationship. I mean, we'd make quite a cute couple; heck, I'd even say, a family. What do you think?" Vergil asked, taking a final sip from his glass, before placing on the desk to his right. He then sat forward in his chair, clasping his hands together, supposedly deep in thought.

"I'm surprised that things have gone well thus far; if it were any other day, I would have ignored her, and expected she had some scheme planned. But perhaps, I, should be more welcoming of people like her. Very few have what she possesses. Charisma. Curiosity. And Charm. Very few possess all three traits, especially in unison. "

"I suppose what I'm trying to say is, I want her to feel special. To feel that she belongs somewhere, and with someone she knows who'll love her in return. I mean, there must have been times, where she has thought to herself:

'I can't keep doing this forever, all I want, is to step away from it all, and enjoy my life.'

You could say that I have been touched by many people in my life. But I have never been touched by a woman like her before. She has that something you know, that one little thing, which makes her irresistible. Maybe if she just tried living life a different way for one day, then perhaps, she would have a much clearer outlook on life, therefore, become a more balanced person." Vergil then sat back into a more relaxed position in his chair, as his mind was greatly at work.

"But, how would one go about doing this?" He asked, sitting upright.

Some bar
The Vessel was going to point out she didn't drink.
"Um yes I'll have..."

She'd not thought this far ahead, it was all ethanol to her.
"I'll have what you're having."

Weird silence. It was always a little heart breaking to go from such flowing conversation with people she was actually able to talk to people she knew but wasn't intimate with really.
"You talked with the **** right? Me and her go back a fair bit. Dealing with her can be pretty tough emotionally I should know. You want to talk about it?"

"I know the feeling. Something about her get in your head, and I'm pretty sure she doesn't have a single idea. You give the impression of someone who doesn't go down without a fight an admirable quality no doubt but have you considered part of your affection for her might be just because she's unattainable?

I can agree with you about her being a girls only affair, I've never understood how people can limit themselves when they get enough of that from biology already.

But sadly not everyone is as open as us blessed few who know not the limits of genitals.
But take it from me, moving on is probably for the best, I mean I still haven't and look at me now.

If there anything I can do to help, I know an awful lot of people and you're good enough for even more of than awful lot of them."

imageVergil Crawford - The Whole Hog (Room) - Tinsdal

Vergil sighed slightly, sitting more upright in his chair whilst he did this. He then gave a courteous smile to Julie. He then placed his hands on his legs.

"Thank you Julie, this has certainly been an interesting discussion so far, you certainly have given me a lot to think about in terms of where to go from all this. Perhaps, I should think it over for now, and plan a few things."

"Speaking of you knowing a lot of people, I have a little proposition for you; one with which we could both benefit from. I presume you know that the Vessel's parents were both taken by the Mage Order, when they attacked the Dean's Mansion. How would you, like to help me get them back?"

imageScarlett Verneer - The Green Mountain Tavern - Tinsdal

She looked at the bottom of the tankard at the remaining drink. It seemed stronger than normal and her vision was already beginning to blur around the edges. Wait... was that bits?

"I don't think you do." Scarlett downed the rest. "I'll get us something else." She forgot the Vessel didn't drink.

The weird silence was drowned out by the noise of the tavern as Scarlett ordered two small glasses filled with a clear liquid. She scraped one across the bar to Vessel before knocking back half her glass. It burned like fire down her throat but she had drunk enough to hardly notice it.

"I did. But it wasn't your friend. It was the kid."

Scarlett looked down at the bar.

"There was a time long ago when I left the Red Stain. I tried to live a normal life but they had other plans..."

Scarlett finished her remaining drink and ordered two more.

"You mean you had a...?"
The Vessel had made the mistake of forgetting she didn't drink.
Trying to mimic Scarlett's downing of the glass caused her throat to try and escape via her mouth.
She started to cough pretty hard, the realisation Scarlet had a daughter was lost.

"Well I know a few of the people in the organisation. I've been able to establish contact with Leonardo and Marie; luckily the mages have no intention of hurting people that have done as much as they have to advance the profession that means we have time if nothing else.
The organisation is doing some serious psychological stuff and most of its members are separated from the wider culture, means it'll be difficult to get my influences in.
But yeah fucking over extremist is one of my fave things to do."

imageVergil Crawford - The Whole Hog (Room) - Tinsdal

"Oh good, I'm glad that we could reach a level of understanding Julie. You know, I think we're much alike at times. Knowing that they are safe for the time being, is certainly a weight off my mind; and with an ear on the inside, we can keep up with developments, in case of deteriorating conditions." Vergil remarked, sounding relieved for their current safety. He then began to crack his knuckles with an audible click, trying to think in the process.

"It would be a good idea, if we obtained as much information about where they are being held as possible. Schematics, floor plans, security details; anything to give us an advantage. This is just like a heist for me; plans, stealthily avoiding security, and then escaping with the loot before anyone has noticed that its missing. After all, the best way to screw someone over, is for your target to not realise that they have been." Vergil then gave off a gleeful laugh, greatly thrilled by the task at hand. There would be fun to have here. He then calmed down, and acted mature once more.

"If we could offer some form of distraction, keep them occupied long enough. Also, what do you mean by 'psychological stuff'? You mean like, mind control?" He asked, sounding nervous briefly.

image Lucian Grey - Hollow's Peak - Red Stain Den

The swirling smoke of Choke-weed wafted in thick clouds throughout the dimly lit foyer, its miasma filling the pipe-men's vision with exuberant hallucinations while making the more sober proprietors of the establishment tingle with the familiar light-headedness that comes with such tainted air. The stench of the foul herb was unlike anything one could truly equate; It was an earthy texture and a hint of spice with that mysterious tangy overture, however it had never been the plants aroma that had attracted its cult following.

"Wakey, Wakey !" Echoed a cry throughout the plaster walled room, the voice a familiar baritone with a gilding of smugness to it.

"I'm looking for dear frien-" The strangers words cut short by the sudden appearance of the insidious buildings hired staff. Standing before the foreign man was a tiny woman dressed from head to toe in a high-collared, navy blue dress with bright yellow eyes. Running up the front of her attire was a perfectly symmetrical depiction of two creatures known as "Dragons, in a vivid oriental style, embroidered in gold satin.

"Please keep it down or we will have to remove you..." She chimed monotonously, her hand briefly brushing past the hilt of a tiny curved blade held subtly in a sheathe of gentle ribbons behind her back, the thinness of her waist just ever so slightly revealing the pommel.

"Well, what do we have here?" Announced the grey maned intruder, not heeding the armed girls warning and maintaining a tone well above what was necessary. A smile peaked across his angular features, accentuated by the scar trailing from the corner of his face across his visage. His eye's a deep golden hue with a sharpness masked by jubilation that shone in contrast to the deep black coat that draped regally aloft his shoulders. He leaned in closer, bringing his lips to the young handmaiden's ear.

"I remember back when you were just a little girl, playing with your poisons and pretty knives. You really were such a troublesome child..." whispered anonymous figure less than seconds before swiftly recoiling from the young assassin's slash. afore he could let his words linger the lass had drawn the tiny sword at her back, her swipe missing him by the breadth of a grain of sand. Then came the second strike, a thrust with the weapon held expertly between both her hands aimed directly at the man's chest, to which a dodge, much like the first, was given in response. Next was an upwards slash, the edge having shifted sides with the flick of the young girls wrist. This time the man leaned low and to the right, narrowly evading another fatal attack. This dance of slash, swipe, stab and dodge continued for an eternity of seconds broken only by the 'two-step' of the black clad wanderer. The small killer lunged for the grinning madman's throat but as the tip was about to pierce the the flesh, he fell like a weight to the floorboards as his leg launched upwards vertically casting the weapon free from his attackers grip and into the ceiling above both of them.

A moment passed in the un-silence of addicts moaning and groaning, ambivalent to the duel of death that had unfolded mere moments before their glazed eyes. The woman stood in awe, eye's slowly dropping to the ground to catch a glimpse of the grey haired man grinning innocently in return, almost approvingly.

With her frozen, the unknown man lifted himself from the floor instantly in a swift contortion of his body, his stare never faltering for a second. When the two were upright and at attention, he looming over her, was the unspoken bond between them finally Broken.

"LIGHT!!!" she squealed before wrapping her arms around the man, nuzzling tenderly into his chest as he patted her head in an almost fatherly manner.

"Verena, you've gotten a lot better! I take it you're getting plenty of contracts?" The man now identified as 'Light' announced, the young woman nodding in return with a smile blooming like a beautiful flower. As the two parted a look of confusion swept across the girls features.

"Light, why are you in the North, the ol' Flame Crossers sending you on more recon work?"

"Not quite, something a bit more... lively this time. Do you think you could take me to Xan, I might need the help of The Stains to find what I'm looking for." And with that the blue garbed lady gave an exaggerated nod and lead the way down those misty, mage-light lit hallways.

imageScarlett Verneer - The Green Mountain Tavern - Tinsdal

Scarlett looked down at the clear liquid sloshing in the glass, or at least what was left of it.

"I... I did." The tone of voice wavered with emotion. She looked back at the Vessel and smiled at the sight of her coughing after taking a large mouthful of the drink.

"You alright?"

"Yeah I just don't drink much to be honest."

She shook her head to clear her mind and throat. Then the thoughts came back to her.

"So how old is your Dau... So.. Child? How is the ****'s daughter doing I haven't seen her since well not in a while."

"I can agree with your plan but for now I've not made much progress.
However there was something else, to take your mind of things so to speak. I've got some people working on it myself but they haven't gotten anywhere.

We recovered a chest from some of the dispended champion groups.
The lock is code based and even the best thieves in the city can't make anything of bypassing it.
You might already have heard of it, I've been circulating rumours. We've got the first five of ten digits but getting the next five is proving difficult.

If you can pass around the code I'll be grateful to anyone that can figure it out.
Not in a vessel way before you ask.

But yes here's the first five.

imageLorel Ion - Dean's Mansion - Tinsdal

Lorel slowly opened his eyes, it was hours later, but his body was still in pain, and out of energy. He would need much rest. The room was dark aside from one candle lit in the corner giving the room some light. He brought his chest up, but let his legs still rest. That's when he noticed Malina who was sleeping next to him. The Mage smiled, happy to see her next to him, he would have woken her but he himself was too tired and decided to go back to sleep letting the two rest.

Amelia Foel - Foel Estate - Upper District

Over the past few days she learned of the secret of the Ana'sha family, about them being Vampires. It was a shock, but it didn't change things. In'fal said that they were different the usual, that they could still live in the sunlight, so they were still going to be valuable. None the less they decided that they would be the next Nobles, to fill in for the loss of the Ions.

Which then was the second problem, Lorel's existence of still being alive was out and the whole Nobles and district knew. Many talked about her being too weak, that they should have killed him when they had the chance. Now she knew that it was going to be a problem she would need to deal with. Maybe she would need to hire Denback once more to finish the job.

But then the whole thing with In'fal, he knew, How the fuck did he find out? He went to the Risenforth Court behind all of their backs and ordered his death... Although that did fail, and now they only recently got back track of where the boy is... But now he is walking with a pact, more are with him like Itsuka Mean. That would be trouble, she met with the female before, thought she was on their side. Guess she wasn't.

Lorel would need to be killed, if they found out about Project Conquistare, and tried to stop it. Then the hope of Upper's plans would fall apart. "Marsugat," She spoke and once more the short lady appeared. "I will need to get this settled out. Call the Nobles."
"Lady, they're already meeting with each other." She spoke.

Amelia turned around in a furious rage. "What!? And you didn't tell me of this till now?"

"They just arrived this moment in secret, my spies only just discovered. As for the contents of the meeting, it's only obvious." She spoke.

Amelia slammed her fist on the table next to her. "Where are they meeting? The usual place?"
"No, the In'fal Estate..."

Without any further speaking, Amelia ran out the door and made her way to the In'fal estate.

imageNana Gavech - Upper District

Together with Maro they were running towards the back gates of the District, Upper District goons were on their tails but Maro was deflecting any attacks from them away. "Keep running!" He yelled at Nana. The gate was in their sights and it was opened. Maro turned himself and faced the goons, he reached his arms back and then forward creating a huge wall of ice.

But it wouldn't stop them for long. Both of them reached the gate, and just outside they saw a coach with some Steel Heart members outside it. "Maro! Finally-!" The driver noticed the goons following them, and singled one of the members to open the door to inside and they did. As they arrived they both jumped in and the carriage began to drive.

Maro then leaned out the window and brought up another Ice wall and slowed them down more. Some of the Steel Heart Members were on top of the coach with bows. "Finally things are moving forward," a woman spoke to the two of them. She had been silent and so neither Maro nor Nana noticed her. But when Maro faced her he knew who it was.

"Head Lady, Yugutsa, why are you here?" Maro asked.

"When you told me that you ready to leave Upper, I had to come and meet you. Sadly it seems your cover was blown in that recent attack?" Yugutsa responded.

The older mage nodded. "When I destroyed that underground training facility, it dealt a big blow to their plans which I also discovered. Ever heard of Project Conquistare?"


"Well, from the scraps of details I got, the project is to train many, and I mean many soldiers and mages and have many sleeper agents in the faction so in one large coordinated attack they can begin to completely take over Middle District and then move outwards."

Nana looked shocked but Yugutsa wasn't. "Did you get a list of these sleeper agents?"

"No, and that underground facility I destroyed was just one of many that are around the Section."

"Shit this is bad... We need to head back to He'val and talk with the Leaders."

Maro agreed to that but Nana was still all scared about this, she had signed up for this but she was still worried. "Maro, what about my sister? My parents?"

"They will be fine, only you knew of this, and they had no idea. Since they didn't even know that you left with me. They will file a missing person's report which will no doubt clear their name of any suspicion."

"I hope your right about that."

imageVergil Crawford - The Whole Hog (Room) - Tinsdal

Vergil took the piece of paper from Julie, which had numbers written in a dark coloured ink. He examined the numbers closely.

" 3/7/14/23/36..."

"Intriguing, this puzzle is certainly a curiosity. I shall pass this on, to anyone who I think may have a chance at solving this enigma; but I shall also try and attempt to solve it, I am curious as to what lurks inside. Any way, back to the matter at hand. Should you be able to find any useful information regarding the location of the Vessel's parents, try and find some way of delivering it to me without her knowing. As far as she knows, we're not on the best of terms."

Vergil then got up out of his chair, and walked out towards the window. He then turned his head towards Julie, an air of calmness surrounding him.

"I think I'll go take a walk, clear my head of a few things. Hope all goes well with you."

He then turned to gather his things, returning them to their adjacent slots. Vergil then proceeded to walk down the stairs, into the lobby of the Whole Hog. Before he left, Vergil placed a small handful of Kiel onto the counter, and silently thanked the Vessel's auntie. He then started to walk in a random direction along the district's streets, curious as to what he would find.

imageScarlett Verneer - The Green Mountain Tavern - Tinsdal

She signalled the barman for a refill. "She would be around nine now." Scarlett paused to take a sip. More like half the glass. "Emilie is fine. She seemed... happy. So what's eating you up?"

"Emilie should be about that age herself. Who knows maybe they know each other."
The Vessel was talking faster than usual much faster than usual.
"So where around here did you grow up? I've never noticed this bar before? Do you come here often?"
She was getting really fast now.
"Eating me up? Whatever do you....?"
She could tell it wasn't working.
"It's Vergil; I think I finally cut it off between us. I'm just feeling a lot of things at the moment."

Tear - The Streets - Tinsdal

She had needed time to think things though and clear the thoughts rattling around in her head. So much had happened in such a short space of time that it was overwhelming. Crushing almost. Tear brushed back her hair and took in a deep breath. Getting out of that mansion was the best thing she had done in a while. Even if she had to go back and face all the fears and doubts all over again. Scarlett. Kalyn. Vergil. Katelyn. All were waiting for her to return. Or so she thought.

Tear frowned. Was that Vergil? Her pace quickened and she peered through the crowds of heads in the busy street. It was!

"Vergil!" She called out.

imageVergil Crawford/Tear - "Along the Streets..." - Tinsdal

He had been walking around the streets for some time now, although it was still in the early hours of the afternoon. During this time, he had begun to think about that combination for the chest that Julie was talking about; but also, for the people in his life he cared about. Vessel. Scarlett. Tear. Telnor. Heck, even Lorel, Velen, and Itsuka. For him, they were like a family to him at times. He could imagine the adventures that the group would go on in the passing weeks and months. Despite all this, he still felt some regret, for treating Vessel in such a way.

"If only there was something to take my mind off things, if only for a time." Was the thought that floated around his head the most.

Fortunately for him, fate had a funny way of doings things; by the looks of it, he'd been dealt a good hand. From amidst the sudden crowds, a lone, but familiar voice called out to him, somehow managing, to pierce through all the hustle and bustle of the crowded scene before him.

"Vergil!" It called out, the person's face soon recognisable to him. Tear ran up, and leapt into his arms; which startled both him, and the nearby people. Vergil responded, by hugging her. A warm smile appeared on his face, and a happy laugh.

"Hey Tear, you know, it certainly is good to see you. Where did you run off too the other day?" Vergil asked, showing some level of concern for the young lady. He then began to tussle her violet/purple hair briefly.

imageScarlett Verneer - The Green Mountain Tavern - Tinsdal

Even in the dim and flickering light of the tavern you could see her face harden at the thought. And the wall of hatred and fury building in the back of her eyes. Scarlett gripped the tankard until her knuckles turned white. Then, with out warning, she softened again at the realisation of what the future might hold and the immense sorrow of such actions.

"It seems unlikely." She finished her drink and signalled for more dropping Kiel onto the wooden bar at the request of the barman. "They." The word sounded like pure poison. "Took her from me. I doubt she would be still in the north."

Scarlett took a sip of her new drink and watched the Vessel begin to talk at a rapid pace. Obviously nervous about the topic of conversation.

"Vergil?" She looked at the Vessel understanding what must have happened. "I'm sorry, did he take it hard?"

Tear - The Streets - Tinsdal

"I'm sorry for vanishing but I needed to think some things through. A lot has happened and I just needed sometime alone." Tear looked at Vergil with a smile that soon faded. "Vergil... I'm scared. Scarlett she..."

imageVergil Crawford/Tear - The Streets - Tinsdal

"Its okay Tear, I understand. Sometimes its best just to get away from it all, and think things over, that way it will make much more sense when the time comes." Vergil remarked with a smile as he walked Tear over to the side of the street they was on, sitting her down on a nearby bench. It was then that she looked at him with a smile, which quickly turned to a look of being scared.

"Vergil... I'm scared. Scarlett she..." Tear said, as she started to form tears in her eyes. He quickly passed her a handkerchief from his coat. Vergil then put a caring arm around Tear, hoping it would make her feel better.

"Hey there, don't you cry, its alright, I'm here. I think that even Scarlett had some regrets over what she did. She probably thought that she had managed to break away from Sera's influence, but didn't realise how much of her former master's life she emulated. You can relax now, you have a friend nearby. Me. Give Scarlett a couple of days though, I think everyone has suffered some fallout recently, and needs a little space to make sense of it all." It was then that Tear embraced Vergil around his waist.

"You know what, a friend of mine told me, that one of the best ways to deal with negative situations like these; is for someone to lend you a sympathetic ear, and some alcohol. How about we go somewhere, and you can tell me about all your problems. Does that sound good?"

"I honestly couldn't have seen it going any better.
Should I feel as guilty as I do? I mean part of me blames myself for well, leading him on.
If I'd had known then what I do now, well I don't think even half of what's happened would have.
Why did I have to be gay?"
The answer in her head was as important to her as Scarlett's and the gods weren't responding.

imageScarlett Verneer - The Green Mountain Tavern - Tinsdal

She was about to respond when something unexpected happened. She began to feel ill. Scarlett had been a borderline alcoholic since the night of her daughters disappearance and she could hold her liquor as well as anyone but to feel unwell after so little was most unusual. Scarlett's face began to turn pale. Was it a lack of food or something else, or had she really drunk more than she thought?

"I don't feel to good."

Scarlett reached into her pocket and dropped the remaining Kiel she owed the tavern onto the bar before heading outside into the cold air. Resting against the wall she closed her eyes and wondered how much alcohol she had really consumed.

Tear - The Streets - Tinsdal

Her smile returned. "That sounds a good idea, you know of anywhere good around here?"

Tear was glad that she had found Vergil.

imageVergil Crawford - The Streets/The Conjuress' Elixir (Tavern) - Tinsdal

"As a matter of fact I do. Whilst I was walking along the streets, I came across a tavern by the name of 'The Conjuress' Elixir'. It seemed to have a friendly atmosphere about it. Won't know till we actually get there. Fortunately, I still remember the way. Follow me." Vergil remarked, remembering one of the many taverns he came across along his walk. He took a brief moment to get his bearings, before setting off in the right direction; taking Tear by the hand to help navigate the somewhat crowded streets.

Some time later...

The pair had found themselves inside a well furnished tavern, that had a few patrons. Its overall atmosphere gave off a friendly appearance. Along the back wall, there were paintings that depicted paintings of various magical beings; some of which, whose's names were difficult to pronounce, and neither could be bothered to attempt at. Vergil walked Tear over to a booth in the corner of the room, next to a window, which provided both natural light, and a cool breeze; and sat her down. He then placed his hands on the table next to hers.

"Now then, what would you like to drink?"


Vincent - Hollow's Peak - Upper Level

Vincent crept along the alley's of Hollow's Peak upper level. His crossbow and sword hanging on his person uselessly, yet making absolutely no noise. After hearing the blacksmith's tale and listening to the details of his stories, Vincent had managed to narrow his search down to the uppermost levels of Hollow's Peak, to the largest of the many manors built throughout the district. It had only been an hour or so since Vincent and Lucian arrived in Hollow's Peak, and Vincent was sure he still had a few hours before Lucian was expecting him to report back. Vincent smiled underneath his hood, his fists clenching in anticipation of what was to come.

The Vessel ran after Scarlet as soon as she started moving.
Unfortunately the Vessel wasn't a good runner but caught up eventually.
"Are you ok, If not don't forget one of us is a doctor I might have no idea what drinking feels like but I should be able to help cure things.
Tell me how it feels."

Tear - The Streets - Tinsdal

She looked around at the well furnished tavern and took a liking almost immediately. It was nice and Sera had never taken her anywhere like this before. That was when she let her out anyway. Sitting down at the booth Tear felt the cool breeze tickle the hairs on the back of her neck and cast a curious glance towards the paintings.

"Now then, what would you like to drink?"

Tear looked at Vergil. "Just some wine thank you."

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