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"You saved my life? Thanks mate. I'll have to find a way to make it up to you.
Now, if you've excuse me I've got to save my daughter."

The climb was long and tiring especially on Julie who was still having difficulty walking, but maternal instincts were more than enough to keep her going.

Something about them all being together, something in the unity kept them going despite the fact it felt like the sun should already be up. The higher they got the more disintegrated the building became you had to wonder if they'd even be able to make it to the top.

But they made it there, top floor; with a flood of moon and starlight they as they came onto a more open level. The thick walls of the other floors replaced with just 8 columns revealing the panorama of the entire district in the distance you could even see the sea. Countless people in the houses and streets around them and not a clue between them about what was going on right at the top of the towers and how much it could impact their lives.

"Where the fuck is he?" Julie looked around but the floor was small and empty. "Where is he?" Her voice was desperate. She looked around and inside the central furnace like thing in the room; presumably this was where the vessel had to input her cure. "Emilie, its mummy where are you? Please you're scaring me."

"Don't worry, she's in good hands, I wouldn't let anyone lay a finger on my little girl?"
"Mummy? Can you get up here?"

Julie looked up. Only one place they could be.
"The ROOF? Honey get away from the edge right now. I'll get you down."
She had a look on her face.

"Someone get up there right now." She was trying her best to hold in the desperation, and sound calm so as not to freak out her daughter. "Honey I'm coming to get you but before I do, stay near daddy, make sure your safe." She didn't want to have to say it, but she really didn't have a choice in the end.

"Someone get up there whatever it takes."

image The Tower of Man - Tinsdal

"How the hell did they get up there then, no visible means of access. But never mind that now..." Vergil questioned to himself, unhooking the grappling hook from his belt. He then spoke to the others.

"Pity we can't get up there, I can see no method of reaching the rooftop. Although I do have this." He remarked with a devilish smile, as Vergil showed the grappling hook to the rest of the group. After clearing an area for which to throw, he sent the grappling hook flying, with three of its 'claws' gripping tightly to the roof. He began climbing up, speaking to the others as he did.

"Don't worry Julie, I'll get your daughter back. And relax Vessel, I ain't dying this time, you can be sure of that."

Vergil soon reached the top, clambering up to the roof itself, with a little bit of difficulty. He soon saw his opponent, and a little girl standing next to him.

"So, we meet again."

"Ah yes, you're the one from the champion's base. Bringing it down sure was fun.
Have you met Emilie?"

He motioned to the little girl sitting in the middle of the roof. There was a small indented curve, somewhere she could stay safe. She looked fine; at least she had no injuries. About 10 with scruffy jet black hair just like her mothers. She looked worried her eyes swapping rapidly between the two of them.

"So this is it? You and me, nowhere to run no way to escape."

He drew his pistol, with a skill and speed Vergil couldn't hope to match...

and threw it off the tower.

"Let's do this the old fashioned way. You me...

Below them the Vessel was already working.
She'd approached the central whatever it was and was away, she drew the vial. The contraption before her was so complex she couldn't even be sure what some of it did.
This might take a while.

image The Tower of Man (Rooftop) - Tinsdal

"Let me guess, you were the priest that gave the pistol? Still, I haven't a good fist fight in a while, certainly the more gentlemanly of options. Very well, I shall play your little game." Vergil remarked, taking off his weapons one by one, wrapping them in his coat, and putting the pile on the floor.

Vergil then showed a devilish smile, as he pulled out the second pistol he kept. He raised the gun at its his opponent.

"Oh, would you look at that, I lied." He stated rather calmly, before pulling the trigger.

The bullet got where it needed to.
It hit MM right in the chest causing an explosion of black dust quickly followed by another as it exited him, as the dust and smoke faded they revealed a black hole going right through him and out the other side.

The wound it left was pitch black, a tunnel of darkness where you'd expect his heart to be. The dust drifted away on the wind.
He was still standing.

"Daddy." The little girl was clearly frightened. Cracks started to appear below where she was sitting spreading out across the roof.

"It's ok Emilie. It's just like I taught you. You have my gift you just need to learn to use it. Now watch an old master of the art."

He turned fixing his gaze on Vergil.
He began advancing.

"Oh look, I Ivied."

image The Tower of Man (Rooftop) - Tinsdal

"Well, that was, unexpected. People tend to usually fall over and die when they've been something his pierced through their chest. But, considering all the weird stuff I've seen, I'm willing to make acceptions." Vergil remarked, dropping the pistol to the floor. Despite what he had just seen, which would frighten most people, he remained usually calm. He then briefly looked at Emile.

"Emile, you may want to move away from there." He said in a calm and polite voice. Vergil then turned his attention towards the man, and began to advance.

"Is this what you do then? Make the strong feel weak, the smart feel dumb, the brave feel helpless. You turn the best traits of a person against themselves, creating anarchy in the process. You, an entire pantheon of discord, all of it bundled up, into a single human being. Do you think I am scared? I'm not, for I have seen death itself, almost went into eternal slumber. A good man died, so I could come back to end you." Vergil then broke out in a run, and charged at the man, leaping towards him, and at the last moment, activated his wrist blade.

The flurry of stabs all hit their marks each imbedding deeply creating another plume of smoke. The same black wounds form hardening stiff, rather limiting his movements. Doesn't stop him giving a hell of a good kick to Vergil's chest though. The skid only barely stops at the edge of the tower.

Picking up Vergil from the edge and tossing him back to safety MM stands over where he lands.
There's a stomp and a snap. Pain shoots through one of Vergil's legs.
"Oh la de da, an entire pantheon am I? How did you figure that out exactly? Because I'd love to hear how someone as intelligent as you could stab in the dark so expertly. It must take a special something to pull such utter crap out of your ass like that. You really think so childish and simple an idea could come anyway near close to what I actually am?

Do you even realise how deep in your head I am? How much damage I've done to that tiny head of yours.

Of course the vessel was most fun; I mean it was hardly even a challenge with her. I meet her once and she's terrified of me. You want to know the real reason he dyed your friend the storm died?

He died because he was trying to bring order to the champions, he died because I made the vessel kill him, he died so I could get the pleasure of killing you again."

Another stomp, this one ending in a wet squelch, and even more pain.
"Good think the vessel has no interesting in having kids. Can't imagine those'll be missed."

image The Tower of Man (Rooftop) - Tinsdal

Vergil was biting back the pain from this furious onslaught this came the break in his legs, second was the kick to the crotch; this would normally force a man to beg for mercy, but he knew that this would be what the man wanted. Vergil panted heavily, then head butted the man, forcing back. He wiped the sweat from his brow, grabbed his swords, and charged head on.

"If multiple stab wounds, and a shot to the chest won't kill you, what would you say to missing a few limbs." Vergil shouted in a raging frenzy, as he started slashing at the arms.

The slashes run deep. An entire arm falls crumbling into dust.
He collapses his body too stiff with wounds to move.
The air is thick with smoke from all the deep cuts.
Emilie ducks down, trying not to see.
MM still has one free arm and with it slashes at Vergil's legs not doing much of any damage.
"Vergil I've got something to ask you?"

image The Tower of Man (Rooftop) - Tinsdal

After the flurry of attacks, Vergil watched as one of the arms of the man crumbled into a powdery dust, and that the man had collapsed, his body all stiff and broken from the various cuts and wounds that were made; each one emanating a think black smoke. Vergil quickly ducked a strike directed at his legs. It was then that the man asked him a question, and Vergil became more relaxed and calm, returning to his usual self.

"Vergil I've got something to ask you?" The man asks, despite the man's weakened state, Vergil remained cautious, but had lowered his blades.

"What is it?" Vergil asked politely.

"This gas, that I'm releasing over the whole city." His voice was gentler than usual. But still somehow managed to sound menacing.

"Have you ever actually seen any evidence it exists?" It was quite, barely audible.

Emilie was stressed the cracks forming around her expanded outwards. Getting closer to Vergil and MM.

image The Tower of Man (Rooftop) - Tinsdal

Vergil knelt down on one knee as he heard the man's question plight.

"Well, there were some schematics in a chest we recovered from the Champions base, and the stuff we found at the Sun Stone Care Home, pointed at a possible cure. Why, have you done something to it?" He asked with a cause for concern. Vergil had began to notice the cracks expanding.

"The plans prove nothing; I'm asking have you actually seen anyone with suck a gas? Have you ever seen me carrying a container with it in?

Oh and while we're at it, why have I spent most of this journey helping you gather what you need for a cure?
I've helped you potentially save millions of people from a plague I don't even appear to have.

When I said I was deep in your head I meant it, I've stopped you seeing the bigger picture putting 2 and 2 together all along, and now I'm so close to winning."

The vessel had been working flat out trying not to think of what was going on above her. She needed to get this cure made; the amount of help it would bring to people was unimaginable.
And she was almost there.

image The Tower of Man (Rooftop) - Tinsdal

"Your right, we haven't seen anyone with the gas, and its only recently become publicly known. Wait, that means it doesn't exist, the Vessel is creating the cure for nothing, well, almost nothing." Vergil remarked, contemplating the man's words for a moment, before deciding on a solution. He got up, and decided to end the man there and then, he had been a pain to them all, despite his intentions.

"Emile, come with me, lets take you to your mother." He said with a smile, holding out a hand to the young girl whilst he grabbed his weapons.

"I've done it."

The Vessel stood there holding an orange vile.
The amount of work she'd put into it, even apart from the plague the possibilities offered by this delivery method were too good to ignore the number of people she could reach were unimaginable. She could reduce death rates in most major diseases. It was possibly her crowning achievement.

The machine fired up almost instantly the orange cloud gathered around the tower before rushing off into all corners of the sky.

"It's worked." She was so happy she hugged the nearest person she could find.
She suddenly felt light headed, she felt freezing but was burning up her vision blurred.
No now, please. Just give me this one victory.

But no, the rules were the rules. How did she forget the basics of how her powers worked, how did she not realise.
She had no choice.
She jumped.

The feeling of night air rushing past her, gaining speed with every new second she fell so easily so smoothly. It was the easiest thing she'd ever done, just falling. Maybe she could negate the effects.
But no.

Balance had to be restored.
The red energy was stronger than she'd ever felt before, before she knew it she was at the centre of a glowing red ball of pure harming energy. She could not see out for the brightness of hear for the noise it made but it was there. She landed unhurt on the streets below, she shuddered as a pulse of energy was thrown off it carried for miles, no telling how many people she'd hurt and the field around her didn't even appear to shrink.
She had no idea where she was all she was aware of was the city around her, every creature of flesh in the world called out to her.

Where ever she'd landed there had been many people not long ago. But she saw it, unmade before her very eyes. She tried with all her strength to stop, but she was powerless, her feet just kept moving towards the next victim, and the next, and the next.

To be continued

image Lucian Grey - The District of Rosenvalle - Winding Paths of Rosenvalle

Lucian's golden stare cycled back and forth as the hunter passed a new and even more elaborate home every few metres, his curiosity kept at bay by the fragile sheet of tinted glass that locked the silver maned slayer and his compatriot inside that tiny wooden shell.

"I should get me a house up here, they're all so damn big!" Lucian chimed more to himself than to Vincent.

"Bet these folk ain't never had a day of hard living." Continued Lucian, his fellow hunter remaining mostly silent, with the exception of a odd grunt of agitation or pain as the carriage tumbled over some stray slab of cobblestone or jolted out of the way of rascal children.

"Vincent I'm bored... and curious... Who's the most interesting person you've killed?" Lucian announced, his sombre tone of drudgery shifting in an instant to the tune of intrigue and excitement

Vincent - District of Rosenvalle - Rosenvalle Streets

"Should we focus our minds on the task that lay ahead Lucian?" Vincent said in an almost monotone voice, his eyes a dull red. Vincent's eyes had been glued on the scenes flashing by their carriage since the moment they had boarded it. Vincent sighed when he saw Lucian beaming at him, and decided to tell him.

"Fine, if it will allow you to focus on finding our thief. He was a man by the name of Jack Wellsbourgh. Although, a monster is more what he was I would have to admit, little was left of the man he had once been when I was tasked with hunting him down. I remember it clearly, it was one of the first missions I had been tasked with, and I was assigned this mission with three other strikers, all of which had been trained in different arts. It was a hot summer's evening when we finally arrived in the Ruins of Ensa district, a run down shabby district with little to no people still living there." Vincent paused for a minute as he gazed out the window again to see a child playing with his friends in an alley.

Vincent shook his head and turned back to Lucian, "We were told that this man was dangerous, although the Council knew nothing of his abilities or the magic he was capable of. We were the first Hunters to witness it, and it was dreadful. We found Jack's home hidden away in the ruins of an old guild tower, littered with books and quills of all sorts. We managed to find one of his journals, depicting in great detail his many different rituals and spells. Jack was capable of a very dark magic, one that is and always has been forbidden by the Magi Order. Before we could get out of the guild to set up our trap, Jack came up from the bowels of the tower, bringing with him three rotting corpses that still had life in their bones. They walked and acted as if still alive, but they were for all intents and purposes, dead. Jack was furious, and before we could even act, struck down one of our own with a vile black spear conjured from thin air. We quickly retreated to safe firing distance, but none of our arrows even seemed to affect the ghouls that came after us on Jack's command. Swords parted flesh, and severed limbs, but they didn't stop. It was only after all the others were dead that I managed to fire a bolt that landed square between Jack's eyes. Once that bolt landed, his hellish minions dropped as well, their bones breaking into dust as they fell. I immediately sent for a few more Hunter's, wishing to bring our own home and burn this demonic place to the ground." Vincent seemed to shiver, although only for a moment before he stared out the window again, lost in thought.

"I elected for the tower to be burnt to the ground, but the Council had other plans. They ordered the knowledge held their seized and returned to Ferela at once, which the other hunter's and I followed without question. I've never known what happened to those books, but I pray the Council burned them." Vincent finished his tale, his gaze back out the window as he watched the buildings pass by in a blur.

"Not the most interesting man I've ever met, but close. What of you Lucian, as I know you are simply dying to tell me your tale?"

image The Tower of Man - Tinsdal

Vergil watched as the Vessel leapt off from the tower floating amidst a field of red energy.

"Oh god, of course, the cure has created harmful energy, and on the scale of its dispersal, thats a lot of energy she has to burn up. Why didn't I tell her? Must of still been under the effects of that guys power. Still got to get myself and Emile off of this roof first." Vergil told himself quietly as he tossed his weapons down to the ground, still wrapped up in his coat. They landed with a soft thud.

"Emile, climb on my back, and I'll get you down from here. You'll get to see your mother real soon." Vergil said in a calm and patient tone, offering a hand to the young girl.

Emilie grabbed on to Vergil, she was scared but knew she needed a way down.
They were soon down and Julie quickly grabbed her daughter holding her tight while moving both of them into the centre.

"Thank you, thanks you." Julie sad to Vergil before talking to Emilie.

"Thank the gods you're ok, did he hurt you at all?"

Was he my dad?"

Julie looked a little unsure what to say. She'd never been good with children.
Even her own it would seem.

image - Tinsdal.

They had arrived at the Home but they were gone and something bad looked too had happened. Lorel felt out of the loop, something was going on between everyone and they had been oblivious to it all and entangled in their own matters. And then something happened, from the tower nearby they began to hear screams from the street's below it. Rushing together to see what was going on they saw nothing but injured people, many bleeding out, and some others coughing like they were about to die from a deadly sickness.

People were being killed in the streets and they didn't know who was doing it until they saw it. A big red ball of magic, no doubt it was what was causing this. They saw others trying to get into this ball with fury but nothing was working. If this was the cause, Lorel would need to get inside. While he didn't know what was in the ball he felt a strange sense of familiarity.

He ran over to the red ball of magic, and yelled for the others to get away. Placing his hands on the ball awhile it moved forward and he had to keep moving. Lorel attempted to do what he did to break the barrier in the Plains of the Dead that lead into the Gods Realm. He brought back his arm and slammed it into the ball, but unlike the barrier in the Gods Realm it didn't shatter all the way it simply made a hole that was rapidly closing and so Lorel jumped inside just as it closed.

That's where he saw her, Vessel she was walking forward with the ball in the center in a trance. He didn't understand what sort of magic this was or a better question why it was happening but he knew he needed to stop her. Moving with the ball Lorel conjured ice magic and it surrounded her legs, but then it didn't stop, still in her trance she broke out of the ice despite the snapping of bones hearing but then it stopped and the bones seemed to regenerate back.

She didn't even flinch at it, she just kept going and he was starting to run out of ideas so he tried to talk to her. "Vessel! What is going on? Why are you doing this?"

The vessel turned to face the intruder. Her eyes glowing red and the music frantic and loud making hearing almost impossible.

When she spoke it's wasn't with her voice, it was with what sounded like many voices each harmonising with the others, and sounding like it was coming from all over the ball not just from her.

"You are not like the others? You are able to enter my domain what exactly are you?"

image The Tower of Man - Tinsdal

"Not a problem Julie. Despite me barely knowing her, you've got a good kid there." Vergil replied to Julie, taking heavy breaths to try and regain some of his strength lost from fighting the interloper of despair. He then cast a gaze over the district, and watched in horror as people slowly became injured, or suffering from sickness. A few even tried to enter the sphere of dark red energy, with none surviving.

image - Tinsdal.

"I am Lorel, you know me. Ion family mage?" Lorel said still confused about the situation at hand.

"Emilie, trust me whoever that man was he doesn't deserve to be your dad, and you deserve better, you deserve someone reliable, someone amazing. I know I haven't exactly always been there, in fact If I could go back I'd spend every moment with you, and I will. I need some time off from everything I do, I've got a more important job."

"So who is my dad?"

Julie hugged her, looking towards Vergil.

At first her face said what do I do? But It slowly changed to one asking for something she could never say out loud.

"Sweetie your dad is?"

Please. For her? Her eyes said it all.

Vessel or whatever she is now

"We asked what were you not who?
You aren't a god like us are you?"

image - Tinsdal.

Gods? Was there a group of gods inside of the Vessel? If there was they weren't the same ones that he saw in the Gods Realm... Splinter groups like Osaia? "Well... Technically I have the blood of a god and Dark God inside of me, so it sort of makes me half-God, Dark God thing."

image The Tower of Man - Tinsdal

Vergil looked at the overall awkwardness of the situation that was posed in front of him. He then looked back at the district below, and noticed that the dark red sphere that encompassed the Vessel, had stopped briefly; and she appeared to be talking to someone, for there were three shapes below.

"Now is my chance to act. Whoever you are, your mighty brave, or mighty stupid." He thought to himself, as he turned to face the women.

"Julie, Emile, Katelyn, stay within the tower for now, you'll be safe here for the moment. I have to go out and catch her before she harms anyone else." Vergil remarked with a hint of sadness, knowing what he may have to do.

"I think I'm the only one who can stop her." He added, before heading back down the tower steps, reapplying his weapons to their proper places, picking up the now empty pistol as he went on his way. Vergil soon disappeared from their view.

"The blood of a dark god courses through your veins. Then you are separate from us, kept apart by your flesh. It is the will of the vessel to unite us and to maintain balance. Therefor it is our duty to break down this barrier.
And so, we shall strip your flesh from you."

Deep cuts sprouted along Lorel's arms.
"Do not worry, it won't take long. Soon you will join your brethren. Now sit back and relax."
A stream of blood started to flow from his cuts like an eel worming its way through the air to the vessel. Once is made contact it cut her in the same place, allowing it to flow into her.

"See can you not feel it starting? We understand the loneliness you must be going through, the imbalance. So why fight us? It'll only draw the inevitable out longer."

Whatever creatures, gods or voices or beings beyond even that they felt Lorel join them.
"We are starting to see you for who you are, you've lived quite the life.

Oh we are going to enjoy discovering what other secrets are in your head. Everything you've seen or done will make us stronger and you will be part of it."

image The Tower of Man/ The District Streets - Tinsdal

Vergil went out of the tower door, onto the streets surrounding it, and just stood there in utter shock and dread, as he saw the Vessel, or whoever she became now started draining, creating bloody cuts along the Lorel's arm.

"Of course, when she meets a new god, she takes them into her. But with Lorel, she'd be gaining Gemsi. All that power, it could corrupt her indefinitely, and I'd lose the woman I loved. I'm not letting you do this, not to yourself, and not to a friend." Vergil quietly said to himself, as he charged ahead, adrenaline allowing him to not feel the pain. When he was within reach, he grabbed the Vessel's arms forcing them behind her back in an attempt to restrain her.

"Vessel please, I can sense your in there, amongst all this negative energy, your screaming, wanting release from this torment. Its me, Vergil, the man who loves you more than anything in the world, someone who sacrificed his own life to protect you. Can't you see who you are hurting, its Lorel Ion, our friend and ally. With every drop you take, your killing him. Please, don't make me hurt you." Vergil called out, trying his best to reach the Vessel's core.

"The pain of that flesh is irrelevant, as are the hormones that make you think you or her are capable of feelings. You only serve as temporary distraction to us. Now be gone. We have things to see."

It kept draining Lorel.

Inside the vessel's head she started to see into Lorel's at first it was fairly dull to be honest, just the usual stuff, growing up; she recognised the life of a mage. To be honest she'd never cared for magic. But then there was a face she recognised, her own.

Things soon became interesting, she started recognising events, and then it came to the party at the deans under the stars. She felt something inside her, like he had. The emergence of a dark power. To her the experience was as real as the first time she'd been there, she just happened to be seeing things from a different view point.

But then something strange, she was somewhere else somewhere new. Someone spoke to her, claiming to be a god. But that was impossible, these weren't the gods she'd known for years they were different, why weren't they the same. The same names sure but different faces, like entirely different people. What was going on?

Back in the real world things started happening again.
The blood bond breaks.

The vessel (or at least her body) cries out.
"What was that? Those beings? Who the hell where they? They can't be gods.
Why the hell are you lying to me?"

The red ball started to destabilise, it threw off pulse after pulse of energy.
The vessel collapsed. The red energy flaring up around her. The multitude of voices began talking again.

"Stop this now, you are flesh and I'm so much more than that!"
But it was cut off mid rage.

Leaving the vessel there, barely holding together.
"If they aren't then? What on earth am I?"

Her voice is weak, like the wind had been taken out from her sails.
The ball started to destabilise changing shape randomly and looking like it was barely holding together. She'd lost or was at least losing control.

image - Tinsdal.

The pain was overwhelming but he wasn't going to let them consume him, he was going to use his blood magic to get away but then she broke off herself and after what she said he knew she saw the Gods Realm. "Lying? You deluded yourself, you saw them through my memories. Those are the gods and goddess! They aren't balls of gas, or of light, they had bodies! Their own free wills and looks, not one hive mind!"

Katelyn Verneer - The Tower - Tinsdal

This was not her fight. She took the advice of Vergil to heart and remained in the tower with the other two, keeping an eye on them, discreetly. There was a part of her that felt a little put out at missing all the action but she had no stake in the matter, no information on what she might face, and that could be fatal if she charged into battle now. She might have not liked the Vessel much but she could feel some sympathy for Vergil, if only a little, at the choice he might face. She had been there. Made that choice. And now she lived with it the rest of her life. Sometimes, as Kate well knew, life would deal you a bad hand. The choice you made was not how to play those cards, but how to live with the result.

She sat down. Leaning on her bow. Waiting for an outcome.

image The District Streets - Tinsdal

As the dark red sphere began to collapse in on itself, Vergil was tossed about by the pulses of energy, but he did not flinch, nor did he waiver from what he set out to do. Despite his words not having impact the first time, he felt as though they aroused the Vessel's senses a little. She then collapsed, Vergil guiding her gently to the ground, his arms holding her in some form of embrace.

Her voice then spoke, sounding weak and rather frail. "If they aren't then? What on earth am I?" The Vessel asked.

"You Vessel, or should I say, Andria Velkan, are one of the most remarkable women that I have ever met in my life time. You possess a beauty and intelligence, that is unrivalled in many aspects. The things that you have accomplished, most people could only dream about, which makes you special. And know that you'll never be alone, there are people here, that will love and care for you; something I feel the gods could never provide you with, happiness."

"You right, those being I saw, they aren't real gods. No creature like that could be the master of someone as cool as I am." Her strength was returning. "Nothing so weak so human could ever hold me to my power like this. I am not just their vessel or their tool. I am more than that, and I don't need to keep taking their crap."

The red energy around her currently pouring out across the city stopped flowing, within a second it was no longer there.
She sighed; so much weight was so quickly lifted.

She slumped into him, holding herself barely awake.

"I love you too; I just don't want certain part of you in certain parts of me. Sometimes it feel like you're the only reason I'm even a person."
Her eyes closed. Sleep had been a long time coming; it felt like days maybe even weeks, the mystery man and then the gods themselves stalked her through the night but now in the arms of a wonderful person. She was content, and relaxed. Ready to dream untroubled by days past and excited about days to come.


Oddly enought the fact she'd just fallen asleep in the middle of a street filled with corpes and people trying to kill her for what she had just been didn't seem to matter so much.

After all

They'd have to get through Vergil

And in her experience

People didn't.

image The District Streets - Tinsdal

Vergil smiled as he watched the Vessel fall asleep, cradled in his arms. Behind him, he could see that a small group of people, mostly guys were coming up; probably wanting a bit of revenge against what the Vessel had done.

"There she is! Thats the one that caused this trouble in the first place. Alright, ge-" A man shouted, before being interupted by Vergil, who stood up laying the Vessel down in the process.

"I am afraid that the lady you seek, is currently indisposed. So if you are wanting someone to fight, then fight me." Vergil said, speaking in a calm, yet intimidating voice.

"Alright then mister, we'll take you on; five against one. Right lads, get him." The man acting as the leader for the mob ordered, him and his group soon charged at Vergil. Despite their numbers, they didn't last long; Vergil had out manoeuvred each person, delivering a swift punch and a kick to each man, knocking them out with little hesitation. When the dust had settled, he barely moved from his starting position, the unconscious group laid across the street. He then went back to pick up the Vessel, carrying her in his arms, her head resting on his shoulder as she peacefully slept.

"Lorel, Velen, Itsuka, you joining us back to the mansion? No doubt you have some questions to ask. Just have to pick up a few people, and we'll be heading back there." Vergil asked the group of three, before walking off with the Vessel back to the tower; stopping briefly to pick up the pistol that the man had tossed off earlier. With his spare hand, he pushed the tower door open, where Julie, Emile, and Katelyn were waiting.

"Would you three like to join us back the mansion? Don't worry about the Vessel, she is just taking a brief nap after her ordeal." He remarked with a slight chuckle, as the three women began walking back with the group to the mansion.

Dean Jastis - Dean's Mansion - Tinsdal
A bit later...

Together Vergil, Katelyn, Julie, Emilie, and the bits that Lorel knew explained to Jastis what had happened and unsurprisingly he was furious. "It was first the Mages, then the Dark God, and then this shit with the Champions of Tempest and this Vessel girl! I have kept the North at peace for very long and now it's going straight to hell. Innocent people have died, many want blood and how am I to deny them that? Innocent bystanders were killed by the girl! Damn even if she didn't mean to it happened and I won't be able to sway them to not want her head!"

"Sire, I must agree, and there probably isn't anything you can do to sway their minds." Velen stated.

"Then we what? Throw Vessel into the fray? Let them kill her, because you know that's what they will do without a second thought." Itsuka argued.

Velen shook his head. "I am not at all suggesting that. Maybe banished from Tinsdal? I know her parents are quite famous but they won't be able to stop the people. The only way she would be able to live peacefully is to leave Tinsdal and move somewhere else. As to exactly where, I can't say, her parents might have a clear thought."

Jastis planted his head on his hand. "For every action there is a consequence... I see no other way around it, the Vessel, will be banished from Tinsdal for the rest of her life, if for her own safety." He then waited for the responses.

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