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Katelyn Verneer - The Tower - Tinsdal

Banishment. She had no objection to that. It was better than death. Katelyn kept her mouth shut and hoped the others would do the same. Arguing now would only make things worse, or so she assumed. She especially didn't want to remind anyone of what she had originally arrived in Tinsdal for in the first place. Now that would be bad. In the silence that followed the Dean's speech she watched the group think over the words and she turned back to study the Dean. His anger seemed to be fading.

"Well. Let's not out stay our welcome." Kate remarked aloud turning around. She felt better with her back to the Dean. Something seemed amiss. "I need to speak to my sister, where is she?" She followed in hushed words to the group.

Julie stepped forward.
"Do they even realise what she accomplished? Has someone explain to you what happened with the mystery man. Not to mention the cure she's sent out, even if there wasn't a plague she's still help boots immunities across the city.
Surely if I was about to tell enough people about those victories then I could convince people that it wasn't her fault.
Perhaps if she lie's low for a while, or a change of identity maybe."

Dean Jastis - Dean's Mansion - Tinsdal

Jastis shook his head. "A change identity would be up to her, I don't think many would like the idea of changing their identity, especially if it meant legally not being able to be close to her parents. And even if this was a good deed with the immunity it won't sway people minds. Just because someone who killed innocents did one good thing, it doesn't mean they're someone ratified. I must uphold the law."

Katelyn Verneer - The Tower - Tinsdal

Kate turned her head, she caught the desperation in the woman's voice. She was right of course. The Vessel was a hero. The Dean was also right. Another of life's bad a hands? Maybe.

"He's right. You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain. These people don't need a hero, they have enough of them, they need a far more important individual. A villain. They need someone to hate. Someone to blame. Someone to remind them of how precious life is. The Vessel is that villain. It is her role and no more."

She paused

"We should leave."

image The Dean's Mansion - Tinsdal

"Everyone makes an excellent point here." Vergil stated as he entered the conversation.

"Sire, all you are trying to do is to uphold the peace in your district. But you have to understand, one of our company is missing. Scarlett, she was taken in this district, and we do not have any clues as to her location. Can we at least stay in the North until we find her?"

"Julie, whilst you are right in saying that the Vessel has done good things for this place, many ignorant people will only see the destruction that she caused. That brings me to another point Sire, can't she just be banished for a few years, to at least let the majority of the heat regarding this incident blow over; I mean, she has a lot of memories about this district, it would be a shame if she could never see them again."

"Right now, I have to check on the Vessel. All that harmful energy she had built up in her, made her very run down, very tired. Need to make sure that she isn't hurt any more badly than she already is." Vergil remarked with a sad look on his face as he began to leave the group, heading off down a corridor.

"I suppose I should thank you for at least letting her sleep here for the night." He remarked with a slight hint of anger. It was when he disappeared from view, that a grey haired woman in a long hooded coat appeared from a door at the opposite side of the room.

"You know Jastis, S.I.N would be willing to help protect the mansion, and by extension Miss Velkan, whilst Vergil and his friends went out looking for their friend Scarlett. We could also provide them with a means of transportation out of the North. It would mean a small weight is off your shoulders, as you know, S.I.N can be rather persuasive; might even be able to get some people to ease up on her." The woman stated referring to the Vessel at the end. She then removed her hood, and revealing herself to be Fiora De La Croix.

"Speaking of, how is my dear Aeon, sorry, I mean, how is my dear Vergil doing? It has been a few days since I last saw him."

Dean Jastis - Dean's Mansion - Tinsdal

"That sounds good... I can at least do that. As for Vergil's request, she can stay still the issue around Scarlett has been resolved. But as for how long the banishment will be... I will have to think about it. For now I shall dismiss this meeting and everyone may leave and go back to their business."

image Lucian Grey - The Carriage Ride - Rosenvalle Roads

Lucian's thin lips curled upwards, their contortions revealing the shining white smile that had now erupted across the Hunter's face. With an exaggerated flourish the grey crowned warrior shifted into a more dramatic pose, his hand stroking at the tiny wisps of silver sprouting at the edge of his chin.

"Well if you insist... Twas many a year ago, 2 to be exact! I was tasked with what, started off as ,nothing more than the simple task of exploring a small district in the east of the Middle, the main purpose of this little recon run being nothing more than deciding if the presented itself as a reasonable grounds of operations."

Lucian's arms threw themselves at his hunter companion, his face adopting an expression of mock fear and despair.

"But little did I know of the mighty... CABBAGE MERCHANT!!! A once fabled warrior who roamed the lands, dealing out death and produce to all who stood in his path, A man so powerful in his own right that It was said he could kill you with but a single hurl of his death ball of vegetation!" Lucian regaled, his gestures changing rapidly and thematically with each new image.

"It was this day, our paths would cross, for you see... This was the district where the mighty cabbage merchant owned a condo that he liked to visit this time of year."

"Now, as you may not know, I myself am not fond of my greens, however; I would soon learn this to be my downfall. For you see, when I passed through market district, I had come across a meek and slender husk of a man who was rather insistent on selling me one of his 'Prized Cabbages'".

"Naturally, I passed off the man and proceeded with my mission... But then! Suddenly from just out of my view, Came hurtling a great, terrifying, monstrous!!"

The carriage came to a startling halt and Lucian was thrown backwards back into his seat, the force sending the extravagant hunter ass end up into the corner of that tiny wooden shell.

"End of the line, Welcome to the Gates of Tinsdal"


Katelyn Verneer - The Dean's Estate - Tinsdal

She took a brief moment to sit and think in the small courtyard, a lot had happened, what troubled her most was the fact that after an hour of searching the estate she still could not find her sister. And that was bad news. Somewhere above thunder followed the flash of lightning announcing the downpour of rain. She looked up, letting the drops of water run down her face. The hour was getting late and she had no time to waste, war was coming.

Picking herself up from the stone bench she walked back inside and decided to find the group Scarlett had become acquainted with.

image The Dean's Mansion (Bedroom) - Tinsdal

As Vergil walked along the corridor back to the room that the Vessel was sleeping in, he could hear that the conversation was continuing, but he himself had nothing further to discuss; right now he had some other matters to deal with. He entered the room, and saw that the Vessel still lay asleep, the duvet pulled up to half way up her body, and the pillows supporting her head had not moved. Vergil took off his coat, and laid it across her, so it might make her a bit more comfortable.

"Just the way I left you, then again with what happened, I'd be surprised if you could do anything right now." He remarked as he walked to the window, where he saw that there was a sudden crackle of thunder, and flash of lightning; which was soon accompanied by a downpour of rain. All in all, the outside world seemed rather dark and foreboding, and not at all a pleasant place to be. After watching the rain for a while, Vergil decided to start a fire, hoping it would provide a little extra warmth in such miserably cold weather.

With the fire providing a orange glow of warmth, Vergil disarmed himself, placing all of his weapons bar one sword on a long table near the fire. He then sat in the chair where his coat lay, and began to drift off; when he was interrupted by a knock at the door.

"Enter." Vergil replied with, as one of the maids entered.
"Excuse me sir, but would you care for a pot of tea?" The maid asked, poking her head round the door.
"Of course, that would be lovely. After all that has happened, a warm drink would do wonders."
"Certainly sir, I shall prepare one now." The maid soon disappeared from the room, it becoming quite once more, save for the occasional crackle of wood from the fire, and the sound of rain outside.

Vergil briefly got up and went over to where he had placed the Vessel's fur coat, examining the stain that Kain had made earlier; whilst it went in deep, and should of been cleared sooner, but he reassured himself that he could clean it himself. After a short time with some thorough cleaning, the stain was gone, and the coat hung over a nearby chair near the fire. Vergil soon returned to his chair, now feeling more awake.

Vincent - Main Gate - Tinsdal

"Very nice Lucian, however I'm afraid we've arrived and now I'm going off to find a lead on our wonderful friend Vergil. You'll have to tell me of your mission some other time friend." Vincent said, stepping out of the carriage and into the heavy rain that was now hammering the district of Tinsdal. Lightning streaked the sky and thunder shook the very buildings, so Vincent did the only sensible thing and got underneath a low overhang.

"So Lucian, any idea where our friend would be holed up during this miserable night?"

Kristina - District Streets Near The Main Gate - Tinsdal

Kristina walked along the rain slicked streets at night like a spectre, quickly and quietly en route to a group of fellow S.I.N soldiers, who were tasked with bringing in a pair of Mage Hunters that had arrived into the North a few days ago, and were already causing trouble. Reports of civil unrest, and one of a Hunter trying to kill a Mage in Hollow's Peak, who was apart of a powerful crime family in the district, wasted little time in reaching their office. She soon arrived with the detachment assinged to her for this case. One appeared from the shadows of a building, and began talking to her superior.

"Mistress Kerrigan, there they are over there. One of them appears to be injured, an arm in the sling, amongst various other sustained injuried; must be as a result of engaging with that crime family back in the Hollows. The other appears to still be in the carriage. You know we could wasily overpower them, end it right here and now." The woman quietly, as the other began preperations.

"Paitence, there must be a reason for them to be here in Tinsdal. They can't be here trying to take out all the Mages here, too few of them to be making any sort of noticible dent. No, they must be after someone else. Better to play the role of a peacemaker, then a common thug, after all we are better then petty criminals; we are a part of a proud organization, charged with assistance in protecting the North from threats." Kristina remarked, reminding her subordinate of who they were.

"I'll make contact with them, see if I can find out why they are here. You and the others wait here till I signal." She remarked, then made her way towards the carriage.

"Welcome to Tinsdal, sorry about the weather here at the moment, usually its snow. So, what are two Mage Hunters doing here this far in the North?" Kristina asked the new arrivals, as her retinue lay in wait amongst the shadows, unseen by many.

Ok where was she exactly? The bed was comfy and she swore she could feel a fire nearby.
She was rested bringing in a strange form of clarity.

She looked up, recognising the dean's mansion she'd spent a lot of time here.
Shifting up in bed she looked around noticing Vergil.

Is it even morning?
So what's the news?

Has my body count evened out or even ended up positive?"
She had had a lot of time to think. The shells she'd thrown out could have been so far reaching, even if they weren't fatal at that range she could have had some effect, even if it was only a slightly increased chance at mutation or she'd modified the odd virus.

Millions if not billions could have been effected in minor ways, and the effects could last for centuries if not millennia. But then there's the positive side, the cure she'd made boosted by the tower of man could be just as powerful and long lasting, with any luck the rates of a few of the more dangerous diseases would be down or perhaps new people would be born more adapted/ immune to new problems. One thing for sure the question wasn't being answered until long after she was forgotten to history.

It was a strange feeling no doubt, she figured maybe she should distract herself.
"So, what's exactly are the two of us?"

image The Dean's Mansion (Bedroom) - Tinsdal

Vergil smiled as he heard the Vessel's voice, so much so he got up off his chair, and sat on the bed next to her.

"Welcome back to the land of the living Vessel. As for what time it is, its either very late in the evening, or very early in the morning. You were pretty much asleep in my arms on the journey back to the mansion. As for current news, it ain't pretty. Due to the lives that were injured, or worse, the Dean has proposed to banish you from Tinsdal; for how long he hasn't decided yet. Although he has permitted you to stay until Scarlett has been found. In regards to the overall body count, we haven't got a precise number, in fact we don't even have a number to give. If you want to know how the others are doing, as far as I can tell, they are alright for the most part; Julie and Emile sounded happy to be reunited." Vergil commented on, bringing the Vessel back up to speed with what had happened since the tower. He then put an arm around her shoulders.

"As for what the two of us are, I mean don't we both love each other? Perhaps it took something like what happened earlier, to help us truly understand how important and special we are to one another." Vergil finished off by embracing the Vessel in a war and loving hug.

image - Dean's Mansion - Tinsdal.

Lorel wanted to get more details as to what actually happened and maybe explain some things himself. After a bit he decided to visit where Vessel was and so he walked over to her door and knocked on it.

Vincent - Main Gate - Tinsdal
Wonderful, just what we needed. Publicity before we can even begin. Vincent though to himself as a women walked over and welcomed him and Lucian to Tinsdal.

"It's quite alright, as for why we're here... well let's say we've a little unfinished business to take care of. Don't worry your pretty little head though my'lady, we won't be chasing Mage's here this night." Vincent said with a courteous bow, his hood falling back from his face when he righted himself again. Vincent winced as his arm flexed in it's sling, causing a fresh surge of blood pumping through his arm and out onto the bandage hidden beneath his sleeve.

"My apologies, I took quite the tumble before coming up here."

Kristina Kerrigan - District Streets Near The Main Gate - Tinsdal

Kristina examined the gentleman with a cautionary glance, her hand discreetly held a sword that was hidden amongst the folds of her cloak; in case the two presented themselves to be a threat, which considering they were Mage Hunters, and that they were in a high Mage area, seemed all the more likely. As the conversation went on, her retinue had discreetly dispersed themselves around the carriage, waiting to detain the pair, at the moment their superior gave the word; all the while remaining unseen.

"I see, you know there have been rumours going around the past couple of days, that someone attempted to assassinate a Mage connected to a crime family down in Hollow's Peak. You wouldn't happen to know anything about that would you?" Kristina asked the man, hoping to press him for information on why they were here.

Vincent - Main Gate - Tinsdal

"Not at all, in fact I wasn't even aware such a thing had happened. If you don't mind me asking, what did happen in... Hollow's Peak was it? If what you say is true, then me and my companion will be obligated to go investigate this Rogue Hunter on our way back to Ferela." Vincent said with a frown, noticing the women still held one hand concealed under the folds of her cloak.

"As you can tell, I've sustained quite a few injuries... although these were given to me by an unruly fire mage back in Tabulath." Vincent said, indicating his bound up arm and his bandaged leg, "although I assure you my'lady that we mean to cause this district no trouble. You have my word on that, and Hunter's always remain true to their word."

Kristina Kerrigan - District Streets Near The Main Gate - Tinsdal

"Oh very well, I just figured you two may have known something since your carriage came from that direction." Kristina said with an unimpressed sigh, saddened that she didn't get him to spill information regarding the Hollow's Peak incident; whilst S.I.N had received some reports that detailed seeing these two being involved with a crime family, even going as far as suspecting that it was them that did it, they needed to be sure.

"The word of a Hunter you say? Well, that can mean many things to different people; some aren't as trusting of you as others are, so pardon me if I don't fully trust you yet." She remarked a little bit sarcastically, but yet somewhat truthful, since S.I.N has Mages in its employ.

"Say, whilst it isn't my official duty for the people I work for to do this, but how about I offer you and your companion a tour of this district, as some interesting things have happened over the past couple of days. Perhaps whilst we walk, we could even discuss what business you have to complete here." Kristina asked with a smile on her face, whilst discreetly signalling the others to follow them, but remain at a decent distance.

"Yeah, I think me bringing you back from the dead and then you fight someone that scared away the gods sort of proves how we feel about each other.

To be honest I'm hardly experienced in this area so I'm not exactly sure where this'll go.
So are you ok being with someone who doesn't want to be with you physically?"

Knock Knock Knock

"Hello? Who is it?"

image The Dean's Mansion (Bedroom) - Tinsdal

"I'm okay with it for the most part darling. Perhaps sometime in the future, we'll get to be more physical with one another. Think of it as an idea you may want to consider. I'll go see who is at the door, maybe its that pot of tea that I ordered has finally arrived." Vergil remarked with a smile, as he kissed the Vessel on the cheek, before scrambling off the bed, and making his way to the door. After adjusting his appearance ever so slightly, he opened the door.

"Ah, welcome Lorel. Come on in, we were just talking about stuff, no doubt you have a few questions of your own." He said with a calm and friendly demeanour, as he let Lorel enter the room, closing the door behind himself afterwards.

"Do take a seat by the fire friend, and tell us why you decided to drop on by." Vergil remarked as he returned to his chair from earlier.

image Lucian Grey - Gates of Tinsdal - Tinsdal

A faint rumbling echoed from within the depths of that mobile wooden cage, it's very foundation shaking haphazardly atop those weathered, steel spoked wheels.

"Where did I put that...?" resounded a muffled query from within, the following sentences slowly but surely devolving into hushed curses and unintelligible grunts of frustration. Lucian, the eldest of the Hunter duo, shifted and stifled through the mountains of cushions and blankets that lined the inner abode of their humble transport, their once lavish appeal transforming into a cluttered canopy of silk and fluff.

"Aha! There you are..." Announced the grey maned hunter, his now chipper tone radiating well beyond the thin walls of lacquered mahogany.

"Hay Vincent guess what I've go-" Chimed the cheery man in the horrendous headpiece as he collapsed from the side of his vehicle, his face, once again, discovering the cold, cobblestone embrace of the sidewalk adjacent to where he had unloaded. Finding himself in a position slightly more declined than he was used to, the jolly Hunter surveyed his surroundings, finding himself confronted by his good 'friend', Vincent, and an unknown woman with light green hair.

"Cabbage head!" Lucian blurted rather loudly. However, through either some sixth sense in etiquette-mancy or perhaps the 'slightly' perturbed look on the young maidens face, Lucian quickly lifted himself off of the pavement, composed himself in a more regal persona and rephrased his introduction.

"I mean, greetings... Miss Cabbage Head"

Kristina Kerrigan - District Streets Near The Main Gate - Tinsdal

Kristina sighed in response to the comment that the second Hunter made. "Insolent fool, is he trying to get himself into trouble on purpose." She thought to herself, her face showing a thinly disguised expression of anger in regards to what had been said. After calming down for a few moments, she responded.

"Look, all I was asking your associate, whether or not you two wanted a guided tour of the district. That wasn't a cue for you to fire an insult at me, just because I have light green hair. So, I'll ask again, do you to want a tour of the district or not?" Kristina asked, her anger flaring up once more before settling again. She discreetly signalled her retinue to have weapons ready.

image Lucian Grey - Gates of Tinsdal - Tinsdal

Lucian broke from his mockingly regimented stance and adorned a more natural one, his hand stroking his chin as if he were entranced in some deep and overtly convoluted train of thought. While he hadn't directly engaged the woman standing before him in conversation, he had been listening from the sanctuary of that cluttered box on wheels as she made idle chit chat with his companion.

"My dear, I meant no offence. I just couldn't help but notice the striking resemblance between your hair and some of the local produce." Lucian quipped, his tone friendly and light hearted but obviously not appealing to the dubious woman before him.

"However, I feel I may need to decline your generous offer, on the grounds; that you appear to take me for an idiot." Lucian began to bow, his body lowering just enough to mask her vision for the briefest of seconds with that ridiculous hat of his, while clicking the fingers of his right in beaconing of his viscous partner, Vincent. In that tiny slot of opportunity, the elder of the hunters feinted behind the woman, his movements fluid as a dancer, and caught grip of both her hands behind her back while commanding the density in his forearms and fingers to concentrate until they were like vices. In tandem with Lucian's performance, Vincent rapidly unsheathed his blade and held the point to her throat, his face becoming stern and ferocious.

"You addressed us as Hunters as soon as we arrived, a faction all but banned in the North. You remained completely calm in the face of two people trained to slaughter those who wield nigh unlimited power and... you've been making those 'oh so subtle' passes underneath that little cloak of yours. All this tells me, you were expecting us, you're most certainly not here alone and you've got a degree of importance among these little drones you've got stalking the shadows." Lucian pulled the green haired woman closer, bringing his lips to her ears.

"You also don't want us dead or you'd have tried to have killed us as soon as we'd exited our transport, more so when I dropped myself to the ground." Lucian's smile almost went from ear to ear as he watched just over half a dozen men emerge from the surrounding shadows, armed with blades and bludgeon.

"So while you do wish to guide us somewhere, It's most certainly not somewhere I'd like to approach blind."

Lucian winked at his partner, a signal to lower his blade, and uncoiled the hardened bone shackles from her wrists.

"Speak in truths. Be interesting, and we might comply peacefully." Lucian added as he adopted a fighting stance with his hands on his weapons not yet unsheathed

Kristina Kerrigan - District Streets Near The Main Gate - Tinsdal

Kristina felt the knife from under her chin move away, and the vice like grip on her arms release, allowing her to move with a bit more freedom; showing no fear towards them, she calmly backed away, biting back the pain she could still feel in her arms.

"I say, I've never been handled in that way in all my life. If that is the levels of depravity you will stoop to just to get something out of me, then you are sorely mistaken." She remarked, noticing one of her retinue preparing to strike down the main who had forcefully. Kristina then spoke in a clear, and authoritative voice.

"Don't even bother, it'll only encourage him to act with violence; something I am wishing to avoid." The swordsmen then lowered his blade, and backed away. She then pulled up the hood of her cloak, helping to keep the rain off her. Kristina then felt her strength and confidence return again, and spoke in a stern voice.

"And as for you Hunter. No."

image - Dean's Mansion - Tinsdal.

Lorel stepped in and thanked Vergil and then sat down. "Well I came here to see how Vessel is doing and to explain some things if I need to."

"Well from what I was able to dispel the negative energy that was still inside me and Vergil isn't showing any signs of side effects from being almost brought back to life.
So what exactly do you need to explain to me? I'd have thought it was more things for me to explain to you."

image - Dean's Mansion - Tinsdal.

"Oh," Lorel stated. "Does that mean you don't remember what you saw?" He had somewhat expected that she would have brought it up since she was so... religious.


"Probably just a delusion brought on by the energy overload, it was enough to reset the energy in me. Lucky I was taken in by it I guess, if I'd been more mentally able I'd have seen through it as simple fever dream and it probably wouldn't have broken the energy, it was probably caused by a temporary moment of weakness, no faith no powers. Like I said good thing I could see through it as idealistic over personified rubbish.

I did get a few things from you but most are out of any context, did you ever keep a dog? Just get this weird feeling like I've got some connection to them, but I've never been close to them before. Also I recognised some mage stuff. Think my mother was involved. You've not met her have you?"

image - Dean's Mansion - Tinsdal.

Lorel shook his head.

She probably didn't see it or at least doesn't remember it.

"My family did own a dog. As for your mother... I don't think so...? If I did by chance meet her it must have been quite a long time ago."

"Ok, she did use to go to a lot of different magical schools so she could have turned up, but your right she hasn't done it for a long time so it could be ages since she met you.
As for the dogs guess that explains it then. We'll that's one fear dealt with.
Did anyone tell you about MM?"

image - Dean's Mansion - Tinsdal.

He did attend the magic academy in Upper District for a while so he may have seen her then. "MM? What is that?" Lorel asked.

Katelyn Verneer - Dean's Estate - Tinsdal

She had walked the endless halls of the estate for an hour now peering through doors to see if she could find someone familiar. The estate was sprawling, lavish, and rather too clean for the amount of rooms Kate had found so far. She wondered how many staff the Dean employed to maintain this place? It was a fleeting thought. She had no real interest. Kate found it all rather repulsive, she hated people like the Dean, luxury and wealth never made a person better. At least not in her experience anyway.

She stopped walking and listened to the rain tapping at the window. Across the inky depths of the night sky a vicious storm was gathering. Churning cloud had swallowed the moon and exploded with a heavier downpour of rain. She liked the sound of rain, somehow it seemed almost therapeutic. Thunder roared in the wake of lightning and Kate watched peering into night at the wild streaks illuminating the sky. She wanted to go home. To slide between the covers of her bed and forget all about the troubles of the world.

She looked down at the peeling paint on the window ledge, following the cracks with her eyes, she had too much of a conscience for that. She wound fight to end. No matter the cost.

Walking away she heard the sound of voices coming from a room not too far away. Where was she anyway? She walked to the door and listened, it sounded like that girl and man from before. But there where other voices. Strange voices she did not recognize. Katelyn reached out and touched the brass door handle, freezing for a moment as she decided whether or not to enter. She had made her mind up to leave and return to the Overwatch base of operations here in the district. From there she could begin her search for her missing sister properly, with the full resources of her mothers organization. She knew Joanna, or Scarlett as they knew her, had travelled extensively with this group and she wanted to offer an invitation to them to join the search.

As lightning flashed once more behind she turned and in the corner of her eye, in the reflection of the window, saw the grinning face of someone she never expected to see. When Katelyn had turned around to face this demon she found nothing, the image of Sera had vanished into the dark. She was tired and distracted and marked it down to that. She opened the door.

Captain Felicia Jones - The Warfleet.

She stood on the deck of the ship alone in the late hours of the night, watching the gathering storm on the horizon and listening to the sound of the wind racing across the ocean. She tried to spot each constellation in the stars above but the storm clouds had made things difficult. As she stood in the light of a failing lamp that hung on the wall behind her Felicia's shadow was cast across the deck like a giant. The fragile light bathing her exposed skin in a pale, cold glow. She was nervous about her mission and the familiar sound of the sea always helped to calm her down.


A voice, sweet and innocent, cut the reflective silence that had fallen across the deck. Felicia turned her head, her hair blowing in the wind. She recognized the voice.

'What is it Marcus?'

'I hear that your people have captured the sixth?'

How did he find out about that?

'They have captured the Sigil.'

The smile on the face of Marcus sickened her. Twisted with inhuman thoughts. She snorted with amusement. Where the markings of Angel wings on his back ironic?

'I assume the girl is to become the replacement for Sera?'

'She was, along time ago, but not now. She chose another path.' Felicia turned away. 'Now we have another. Sera's new apprentice. But the transfer will take time, we cannot rush it, or we risk losing the Sigil altogether and we need all six, as you very well know, to open the door.'

Marcus reached out and rubbed his chin turning his attention to the storm building momentum on the horizon.

'You think Sera would have least told us to what to expect. What we might find beyond the great seal.'

Felicia looked at Marcus again. 'Why should she have?'

'Common courtesy I suppose. Although how much you could expect from a woman wearing the markings of Death is beyond me.'

'Your the opposite. You wear the markings of life. You tell me?'

He laughed. 'It does not work like that.'

'No. It never does, does it?' Felicia had had enough. They where strange people the six. The markings on their skin where obviously magic, they moved, grew and reshaped over time, it was a little unsettling to be honest and she wanted nothing more than to get rid of them and pick up this stupid girl they had captured.

Vincent - Main Gate - Tinsdal

"So pleasant aren't we Lucian? Straight to the point as usual, although in all honesty, we do not mean any harm to Magi this night. We're looking for a man, dark black hair, bright red eyes? He has a goatee?" Vincent said, not wanting to give away to much of the man they were looking for, but also wanting to watch the woman's expression to see if she knew anything about this Virgil character.


"To be honest I don't know who or what he was.
But something about him destroys you; he takes that special thing you value most about yourself and makes it dark and twisted.
I'm just glad Vergil was there to save me."

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