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Vergil's room
"I reckon I'll get over it.
Figured I could take some time off though. Spend a few weeks or months or so being a mother.
You care to join us Vergil?"
"Please do. It'll be so much fun."

image The Dean's Mansion (Bedroom) - Tinsdal

"That sounds fun you two, I'd probably enjoy it. But not right now, you see one of our own is missing. Its Scarlett in case you already didn't know, she's disappeared, possibly even kidnapped; she vanished after the first encounter with the mysterious man at the Morning Light Inn." Vergil remarked with a saddened tone.

"Although, the two incidents are disconnected, for that I am certain." He then added, sounding more determined now.

"Perhaps after we find her, we can spend some time. Does that sound okay?" Vergil then asked, hoping that they would agree.

Katelyn Verneer - The Dean's Estate - Tinsdal

With the long and rather ornate silver spoon she stirred the leaves floating in the porcelain pot, infusing them with the steaming water, and closed her eyes as she inhaled the rising vapors. Tapping the spoon on the side to remove any excess drops she replaced the strainer and lid and caught sight of someone approaching the table. She looked at the spoon and placed it down alongside the cup.

'"I figured I own you some thanks. How are you holding up?"'

Kate looked up and wrapped her hands around the warm cup.

'Oh?' She paused. 'I'm holding up ok I guess.'

Julie and Emilie
"Ok I can wait."
"Trust me; you'll have more than enough to do it'll seem like no time at all. Where would you like to go first?"
"There's a park nearby."
"Ok then we'll head out for the day." Julie turned back to Vergil "Take all the time you need."


"I wanted to say that I'm sorry you got dragged into that.
And I'm sorry I almost ended the world.
Just to ask, that man we fought, did he get into your head at all? Don't feel ashamed if he did by the way, it happened to all of us. I just want to know if there's anything to be worried about. Anything I can do to help?"

image The Dean's Mansion (Bedroom) - Tinsdal

"Of course we will, you two just take care is all. Don't you worry, I'm sure at some point, we'll get to spend some time." Vergil remarked with a smile as he got up from the bed, and noticed that a maid had cleaned his clothes from the night before. So he grabbed them from off a chair, and got changed in the bathroom. He soon came out, and headed towards the door, before turning to Julie and Emile.

"It was a pleasure to meet you Miss Emile. You certainly have your mother's elegant looks. Anyway, I must meet up with the others to discuss a plan of action. Hope to see you two later." Vergil said with a kind look, as he left the room, and began walking to the dining room, where hopefully, Vessel and Katelyn were.

He soon arrived at the dining room, where upon he was greeted by a maid who asked him what he wanted; he settled upon a stack of pancakes and a glass of orange juice, enjoying the food here the last time. Vergil soon found Katelyn and the Vessel, who were sitting at the table.

"Hello ladies, and a good morning to you too Katelyn. I trust you had a pleasant nights sleep?"

Katelyn Verneer - The Dean's Estate - Tinsdal

She took a sip of tea and smiled at the young girl.

'It's fine, don't worry about it, I've been dragged into far worse situations before.' Her smile widened. 'As for this man he didn't really get too far into my head, so there is nothing to worry about.'

Vergil arrived with his breakfast.

'I did thank you. How about you?'

Oh no, I slept fine. I'm all fine.
Yeah everything's fine.
Looks like everyone is good and fine now.
Isn't it good that that's all cleared up and fine?"
She was talking staccato.
"So what's our first lead on your sister, where are we going? What do we know so far?"
She was still doing it.

Katelyn Verneer - The Dean's Estate - Tinsdal

She was beginning to tire of the tea, at least in the south they spiced the blend up with a variety of fruit and spices. Unlike the north where the tea remained plain and as pale as the sky they hung overhead. She decided to place the cup, carefully, back down on the table and pushed it to one side, a maid, hovering in the background, briskly walked over and snatched the cup and pot whisking them away to the door of the kitchen. Katelyn flexed her arms and looked around the room. It was still dead aside from the group, at least no one was around to eavesdrop on the conversation.

'I don't have any leads, we'll need to check in with my mother at the Overwatch base, here in the district. But, I can tell you that Scarlett was likely taken by an agent working for the Warfleet. They need all the sigils, including hers.'

image The Dean's Mansion (Dining Room) - Tinsdal

Vergil had been eating his breakfast whilst listening to the conversation between Katelyn and the Vessel. It was when he conveniently finished his orange juice that Vergil decided to speak.

"Katelyn, there is one thing that has had me curious for the past couple of days. What exactly is the point of all these Sigils? If we knew this, then it might help me understand why Scarlett forcefully took it from Tear, who I have a sneaking suspicion is connected in this some how. Last I saw of her, she was with some mercenary who she called General."

Katelyn Verneer - The Dean's Estate - Tinsdal

'Mercenary? I see. Then she has already been approached by the Warfleet.' She paused for a moment to think on the implications. 'The Sigils are an ancient form of magic and they act like keys to a door. Somewhere Sera has bound six Sigils to a door holding her legacy, don't ask what because I don't know what it is, and the Warfleet has decided to claim what they believe rightfully belongs to them.'


"So who are these people? You mentioned a war fleet? How many people are we talking about here? Not much call for a navy when your entire world is on the same landmass.
I wanted to ask at the time, those singles they anything like this?"

She showed her two palms; with the familiar leaf and blood drop design both of them the exact same shape the only real difference being a few lines and the colour. They were heavily stylised with a comic like black outline.

Katelyn Verneer - The Dean's Estate - Tinsdal

I suppose they have been gone for so long that they are nothing but a myth but long ago there was a group of people, in the south, who decided they had had enough of the City. Most assume they are nothing but pirates and mercenaries but they originally founded a 'floating district' on the ideals of equality, and liberation away from the grasp of the Nobles and Elite. Eventually, however, hostilities began to arise between the two and they set sail to forever wander the ocean.'

Katelyn paused.

'Sera was born on the Warfleet, a mass of ships sailing in union, who shelter more than a thousand, although you have to remember that there are families too, not just fighters. But somehow she arrived on land in the hands of the Red Stain.'

She looked at the markings on the girls hand.

'I suppose there are some similarities. Though they lack the fine detail of some Sigils.'


"Maybe a different kind then. They seem to match what I know of other sigils partially at least.
So if we're dealing with an enemy by sea then surly we can build up by the coasts.
How long are we expecting them to take?"

Katelyn Verneer - The Dean's Estate - Tinsdal

She had no idea, she needed to check in back home.

'My mother will know. I've been out of the loop for sometime. The fleet could be ready to land for all I know.'

She shrugged.

Kristina Kerrigan - Along The District Streets (The Dean's Crypt) - Tinsdal

The rain had let up a little as Kristina, her retinue, and the two Mage Hunters walked the still soaked streets of Tinsdal. On this early leg of the tour, there hadn't been that many interesting sights to talk about, save from some popular places to eat and shop for various items. As soon as it came into view though; she could see the gleaming white marble that made up the Dean's Crypt take shape. Out by the front gates, stood a small squadron of guards, given the duty of protecting the caskets of past Deans'. The area was reasonably well lit, which made it easier to find a spot to begin this guided tour.

"Now then, here we have the Dean's crypt; it was built in 4820, after the first Dean of a united North, Amarthis Klau died, and serves as a testament to the North's peacefulness, but also because we have had a lack of any bad rulers. Along with their body, a record of the Dean's history and accomplishments are also stored here. So far, over the 27 previous Deans that we have had, not a single one has refused to be buried here."

"Whilst it may not appear to be very large on the inside, that is because the structure itself goes far into the ground with many levels. Unfortunately, due to the historical nature of this site, and the fact that it is night-time, we are currently unable to actually go into the Crypt itself at the moment. However, from what I've seen, its certainly impressive, and sad in some cases."

Vincent - Streets near Dean's Mansion - Tinsdal

"Very impressive. Who is the current Dean? We are from the South, so we don't exactly keep up on who's in charge up here. Tell us a bit more about this man, he certainly seems to have fine taste in decoration if he keeps this crypt in such a good state. I take it he is definitely a family oriented man?" Vincent asked, his eyes casting a glance over the enormous marble pillars that held up the roof of the gate-house of the crypt. Something about it gave Vincent an eerie feeling, but he couldn't quite nail what it was.

Vincent strayed a little bit away from the rest of the group, walking closer to the metal fencing that separated the crypt from the rest of the district. Vincent longed to go inside, and to discover something about the dean's family that could lead them to Virgil, yet he knew the group behind him were hounding after his and Lucian's every move.

image - Dean's Mansion - Tinsdal.

Lorel awoke and headed to the dining room to get some grub, he was starving and when he realized it. He hadn't eaten much recently. Going to the dining room he stepped in and got something to eat but he kept his presence on the down low and simply sat and listened in on the conversation the others were having.

Kristina Kerrigan - Along The District Streets (The Dean's Crypt) - Tinsdal

"I see." Kristina said, finding it a little hard to believe, especially when the man's travelling companion didn't share similar traits. She then carried on playing the part of a friendly tour guide.

"The current Dean is Jastis Vo'ana, who has ruled the North for just over twenty years. And yes, the Dean is very much a family oriented man, and is also big on trading. He is also considered to be a kind and noble person, almost being considered a work-a-holic at times; but it shows he cares. In fact his estate, which by the way is different for each Dean, is nearby the waterfront, from which you can see the famous Bridges of Trust, which we will cover in the tour as well."

"Now then, if there aren't any more questions, then we shall proceed."

Vincent - Tinsdal - Crypt

"You say that the Dean is a family man, does that mean he has a family then? That's all of my questions though, unless my companion here has any of his own as we continue this wonderful tour." Vincent said with a somewhat sarcastic tone, but continued on behind the others regardless. Vincent knew what was at stake here, and in his condition, he wasn't about to make his life more difficult.

Kain Whitestroke-Crypt-Tinsdal

"I'm going to take a look at the Dean's mansion." Kain informed Marne as he departed on horseback to the outskirts of the Dean's mansion. Yep, looks like very careful stealth will be required here. As he walked around the area he came upon the Dean's Crypt. It was not only guarded as he expected but there was also a group outside it.

Kain stayed for a bit to see what the group was doing there...A tour guide? What? Of Tinsdal?

"I wasn't aware this district had tour guides. No official ones anyway, and I've been coming here since I was 15."

Kristina Kerrigan - Along The District Streets (The Dean's Crypt) - Tinsdal

Kristina turned, and saw a man with rather unkempt but curly hair on horseback entering the area. It seemed the man was carrying a silver short sword. Something about the man felt familiar though as if she had heard of him before. Her retinue kept their hands on their weapons, in case he turned out to be a threat.

"Your right, this isn't an official tour, but seeing as though these gentlemen were from the South, and despite me and my group bumping into them for an entirely different reason; I decided to give them a little Northern hospitality by given them a guided tour of the district." Kristina replied with a somewhat friendly tone.

It would appear they weren't setting out for a while.
The Vessel approached Vergil.
"I think maybe we should take this time to talk about a few things. Get some stuff sorted."

image The Dean's Mansion (Dining Room) - Tinsdal

From the way that things were going, it appeared that the group wouldn't be setting out for a while to begin the search for Scarlett and this mysterious Warfleet. Vergil was looking out of the window, watching the world go by and finishing the last few remnants of his breakfast when the Vessel came up to him.

"I think maybe we should take this time to talk about a few things. Get some stuff sorted." Vergil looked with a brief smile before speaking.

"Yeah, your right." He said with a nonchalant tone."I can see were this is going, but your right, we should get somethings out of the way."

"Where do you think its going? And if there's thing to get out of the way I think it's only fair you get to start.
So go ahead."

image The Dean's Mansion (Dining Room) - Tinsdal

"I don't know, that is a tough one Vessel." Vergil remarked glimly as he held her hand.

"I mean, our relationship has taken some interesting turns throughout its existence, and no doubt that it will continue to be interesting for the years to come that we know each other. But also, what do you think your parents would say about me, do they think that someone like me could help care for and protect their daughter; who is likely to be the most precious thing in their world."

"I don't know. I guess they'd be happy to have me safe then again I think I'm more dangerous to myself than you are so having you along would help.
Speaking of which have you been thinking about kids at all?"

image The Dean's Mansion (Dining Room) - Tinsdal

"I've not really thought about it all that much Vessel, mostly due to my career. Maybe if I were a few years older, I would reconsider. Although, I have had dreams about it, and their mother was someone I care about very much; someone who I could live with happily for the rest of my days with."

"Then I think you should know I've not got any plans for that to have children I mean. No offence or anything it's a fault in me not in you."

image The Dean's Mansion (Dining Room) - Tinsdal

"Oh, I see." Vergil said in a slightly saddened tone.

"Why do you think you wouldn't be any good as a mother? Is it because of the process that is involved? Could it be something to do with the gods? I can try help if you want me to." He asked, showing concern for the Vessel.

"It's not the biology I'm a doctor after all. I know what to expect. I've seen enough pregnancies.
And it's not the gods, though I'm not sure how they'd react to me splitting my focus.
It's just well. I don't do emotions well; you know it as well as I do.
I don't know if I could care for my own person. Medically sure, but you can't just make a good person by making a healthy one. I've already tried and it failed."

image The Dean's Mansion (Dining Room) - Tinsdal

"Yeah, I guess spending years in the medical profession would mean that your sufficiently knowledgable of how someone would become pregnant. And your right about a good person not being made solely because of their health, you also have to consider how the person was raised. Maybe at some point, we should just get away from the group, and do something as a couple; something we'll both enjoy." Vergil said with a caring voice, and friendly expression.

"What do you mean by having already tried it and failed?" He then asked with a look of curiosity.

"I've tried to help people who've been through some terrible things, I can heal them but I can do much for their sanity. I could barely do it to a stranger I couldn't stand the chance to do it to a child. Plus there's my power what if even when I am a good caring parent I'm building up negative energy, what do I do when being a parent comes into conflict with my powers?" She sounds fairly serious mixed with sadness mixed with a sense of submission.

"Maybe your right, maybe I've just been letting things get to me, going out sometime does sound nice. But if anything ends up, well up ends then I'm not going to be happy."

The humour built up mid-way through that sentence faltered and she was back to the more glum tone.

"I heard some people talking. And...


Am I insane?"

image The Dean's Mansion (Dining Room) - Tinsdal

" I heard some people talking. And... Well... Am I insane?" The Vessel had asked. This had been one of the tougher questions that Vergil had been asked, and one he had been slightly dreading. I mean, what was he supposed to say to her? Vergil began to think, this left him quiet, which must have made the Vessel nervous as to how he would respond. He then began to ask himself some important questions of his own.

" What should I say to her? Tell the truth and say she is completely mad? Or lie, and say its all in her head, which in a way it is. Why this question, I suppose I should of realised that she would ask it at some point. But what should I say? Hmm, maybe that is it... " He said with a slightly hopeful voice.

"Well... I think that your only slightly insane." Vergil said with an immediate stutter, nervous about her response.

"Look, I'm sorry, I just don't know how to respond to that kind of question."

She wasn't sure what she was expecting. Hearing it from him made it feel so much more important.
"Why do they think that?"

image The Dean's Mansion (Dining Room) - Tinsdal

Vergil felt somewhat relieved that the Vessel hadn't burst into a sea of tears, or flew into a fiery rage at his response; this made him feel more relaxed, and that he could focus more on her next question.

"Maybe... maybe its because that they think your delusional, that all the voices of the gods, are just figments of your imagination."

"They think that? But how can they judge, they can't hear them; they don't know what the gods say. How can they do that just because they don't understand. If I could show them I would."

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