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image Along Prison (Outside) - Tinsdal

The group, now including Lorel, Velen and Itsuka, had arrived outside the prison in the early hours of late afternoon; as an orange glow cut across the slowly rising evening sky. It would look imposing to many in such low light, with the gate tightly shut. They could guardsmen patrolling the area. Vergil took the time to scan their surroundings, already making a plan of action.

Their appeared to be a balcony on one of the upper levels, with minimal light coming in from the room it was connected to, and also not a lot of noise, that would make for an easy insertion; if he wasn't spotted climbing up in the process. He figured that there would be a simple means to get done to the ground floor and the gate itself. All it would require then was to pick the lock.

"So, any ideas?" Kate remarked with a sigh.

"Well Katelyn. I'll find myself a quiet spot nearby, and use my grappling hook to climb on up to the balcony. Once inside the prison itself; I can work my way down to the gate and open it to let the rest of you in. How does that sound to everyone?" He asked quietly to the group.

"Oh you and your toys.
Sure, you can use your big fancy toy while we wait.
But seriously it sounds like a good plan to me.
I was going to suggest you use your sin connections to tell the guards he needs to be taken for questioning and then just walk him out.
Also I probably shouldn't be seen by guards. After the whole almost killed everybody thing."

image Along Prison (Outside) - Tinsdal

Vergil smiled as the Vessel made her comment about his 'big toy', but also about her agreeing with the plan for the most part. She then said what here suggestion was going to be. He thought on it for a moment before giving his own opinion.

"Its a good idea Vessel, I hadn't thought about using their name as a means to procure their escape. Unfortunately, they'll no doubt want some kind of evidence to make it official. But, I don't have a means to contact them as of yet, nor do we have the time to do so. Of course, I almost forgot that people are out for your blood. Come to think of it, might be a good idea if I fly solo for this one, less chance of being spotted, no offence to you all." He gave one last look at the prison before turning to the group.

"Wish me luck." He said with a smile as he walked towards a quiet area.

Kristina Kerrigan - Along The Streets (Ice Castle) -

By the time that they had reached the Ice Castle, it was in the early hours of late afternoon, and the dark orange glow of the sun reflected beautifully off of the ice crystal walls of the castle. The group had assembled, prompting Kristina to begin.

"Here we have the Ice Castle ladies and gentlemen, one of the main areas for the politics of the North Section. This ten story building originally had a completely different purpose; that it was built as a place for Ice Mages to teach Ice Magic. It was originally built back in 5745, before it was re-purposed, and in some cases modified to its current function in 5780.

The building is large enough to be seen anywhere in the district and has two layers of walls around for high security, but visits to the castle and tours are allowed; so should you feel interested in learning more than on this tour, then option is there." She looked around and saw that they were listening to hear patiently, but also she was somewhat enjoying this; not what she was originally sent for, but it was fun for the most part.

"Usually they will convene every year on December 20th to discuss the various issues and laws. But should something more serious happen or a very important piece of business come up, they will meet here also. Any questions?"

Katelyn Verneer - Prison - Tinsdal

Katelyn raised an eyebrow at Vergil's decision to take on the job alone, he was suited for it of course, but she had not expected him to be so ready.

"Good luck Vergil."

image Along The Streets - Prison (Outside/Balcony/Inside)

"Thanks Katelyn." Vergil said quietly to himself as he scanned the roof edge to find a stable footing for his grappling hook. He soon found a spot and threw it up, two of the hooks claws latching on with a strong grip. With a firm hand on the rope he began to climb to the roof, making careful movements to ensure that he wasn't heard. Upon clambering up to the roof, Vergil pulled the grappling hook up and reattached it to his waist. He then quietly dropped down to a nearby balcony.

Pressing his back against the wall, Vergil could hear the conversation that was going on inside.

"Hey, did you hear that the red haired drunk we pulled from The Whole Hog the other day finally shut up."

"Really, don't pay much attention to what happens on the ground floor."

"So, your being held on the ground floor Telnor. Hold tight friend, help is on its way." Vergil quietly stepped into the room as the guards were still talking. He quickly knocked out the first one, then subdued the second; dragging their bodies over to the nearby beds. Rifling through their pockets, he found a set of keys.

"Jackpot." Vergil said with a slight chuckle as he walked out of the room, locking it behind him. He then descended into the main prison complex.

Telnor- Tinsdal Prison

Telnor paced impatiently around his small cell. He had been stuck in one cell for too long and he was tired of being stuck in this one. He had been able to escape his mental prison. How much harder could it be to break out of this one. A plan became to form in his mind.

Sitting against his bed he wait until the guards brought his next meal. Using the spoon that came with the gruel, Telnor touched his uvula. Throwing up he made even more gagging noises to make it sound even worse. Telnor looked up as he heard a key in the lock and backed away from the door, doubled over. Telnor looked up as the guards entered the room, the first one with his sword drawn in case of any trouble.

Telnor ran at the guard and barreled into him, knocking him back into the second guard. Telnor continued to push the two guards out of the cell and into the hallway. Once they were out, Telnor grabbed the first guard's sword arm and shook it vigorously. The guard's dazed state combined with his inexperience at holding a sword allowed Telnor to take it from his grasp.

Telnor grabbed the sword by its hilt as it fell point first, brought it up and pushed the sword against the guard's neck so tightly that it drew blood. It was so close that if the other guard tried to push his way free, trapped between the wall and the first guard he would push the first's guards neck right into the blade.

"I'm checking out of here," Telnor said adjusting his grip on the sword, "Its been swell going through all this but I'm done. I have places to be and goals to accomplish. So to that affect you are going to tell me where my stuff is stored."

The guard's eyes were wide with fear and his pants wet with it, "Its a separate building by the south wall. All prisoner's stuff is stored there until they are released," he squeaked.

Telnor gave the guard a large friendly smile, "Thanks for the info." He brought the sword and the guard let a sigh of relief before Telnor smashed his head in with the pommel. Before the guard had hit the ground Telnor came around with a punch the temple of the second guard's head also rendering him useless.

Telnor turned on his feet and ran towards the stairs, skidding to a stop as he saw a similar face.

"Heyo Vergil. I just knew you couldn't resist my adorable face."

image Along The Streets - Prison (Inside)

"Heyo Vergil. I just knew you couldn't resist my adorable face." A familiar voice said as he arrived at the stairs, turning around he saw it was Telnor; the comment caused Vergil to chuckle slightly.

"Or rather words to that effect. Listen Telnor, sorry for not breaking you out sooner; things have been getting rather hectic lately, in more ways than one. A lot of serious business has gone down, and we'll need your help to resolve it. Don't worry, when we have time, I'll try and fill you in on the details." Vergil then looked around the area in which they were currently in. The corridor in which Telnor appeared from, was lined with prison cells, several being filled, but their occupants were asleep, or worse than that. Two other corridors lead into the small chamber they were in.

He noticed that Telnor was wielding a rather sub-par sword, a few cracks had formed along the blade itself, and the detailing was faded in places. Suffice to say it needed to be replaced.

"You know, that sword is rather insufficient. How about we reclaim the one you carried before your incarceration. Any ideas as to where it might be?"

Telnor- Tinsdal Prison.

"You know, that sword is rather insufficient. How about we reclaim the one you carried before your incarceration. Any ideas as to where it might be?"

Telnor looked over the sword. "Yeah the way I see it they had these pieces of garbage mass produced for the guards to carry around as show for the inmates. I mean the guard didn't even know how to hold it right." Telnor twirled the sword around a few times. "At any rate all my stuff should be in the building on the south wall." Telnor walked past Vergil. "Though I do suggest that we get out of this building first. The two guards that were nice enough to have a nap to let me escape could wake up any minute and alert the others. Or they may be discovered napping on the job. Bad thing that. Napping on the job. Especially when you're a guard. With the whole having to be alert thing would be useful. So shall we get going then?"

image Tinsdal Prison - Tinsdal

"...So shall we get going then?" Telnor asked after stating his complaints about the sword and saying that the pair of them shouldn't linger around here too long.

"Indeed we should, fortunately, I was able to acquire some keys from a couple of guards I knocked out; and should all go according to a plan I'm effectively making up on the spot, we might just be able to get out of this without raising and alarm. In any case, lead the way Telnor; after all you've been here longer than I have." Vergil remarked with a smirk on his face.

Telnor -Tinsdal Prison

"You so funny Virgil. I think you missed your calling as a comedian. I suggest we go up the stairs," Telnor led the two of them up the stairs where they came to an intersection. "Lets go right," Telnor turned and pushed open two big doors that led into a large room with many guard occupied benches all who turned to look at the opening of the doors. Telnor stood there for a second, obviously a prisoner by his plain grey prison clothes and carrying a guard's sword with blood on it.

"Sorry about that. Got lost looking for the bathrooms. You all have a good day now," Telnor grinned as he slowly shut the doors before turning to face Vergil. "I suggest we run. Very fast." Telnor took off down the hallway and ran down one of the other corridors.

image Tinsdal Prison - Tinsdal

"I suggest we run. Very fast." Telnor said with a look of sheer panic as he bumbled his way into a room full of guards. He then took off like lightning and headed down another corridor. Vergil had a look of disbelief on his face, as he gave a disapproving sigh.

"How can anyone be so quick to do... well that. Idiot. Well, so much for doing things quietly I suppose." Vergil thought to himself with a tone of both anger and a annoyance at his red headed friend. He soon caught up with him.

"Right, lets just get your equipment, and get out of here. And lets try to do things quietly this time."

image - Tinsdal Prison - Tinsdal.

Lorel kept quiet, as did Itsuka but then Velen spoke out. "You know... I am all for getting Telnor out, but if they kill the Guards... Then that's murder and I doubt the Dean with pardon killing of Guards." He spoke to Katelyn.

Lorel had to admit he was right, even if they do need Telnor, murder is still murder and the odds of no one finding out was nearly zero percent. "Not exactly the best way to repay him giving us support." The mage spoke.

Losia Ion - Steel Hearts Base - He'val.

She wasn't fond of the Steel Hearts Base, it lacked style and was dull to look at with its large stone walls. But she digressed, it wasn't meant to be a stunning base. Losia looked the window she was perched up on with her back against the wall and legs leaning inside the room. The snow was falling quickly over the mountainous district and she could see the lights through the snow down below in the streets and the sounds of the mines echoed through the area.

It was almost calming in a weird way. Just as her eyes began to daze she was awoken to the sound of knocking on the wooden door. "Come in," she loudly spoke at the door's direction and it opened it and entered in a person whom she hadn't seen before. She was younger, maybe in her teen's and was wearing what appeared to be a sort of maid uniform but with a distinctive Steel Heart style that made it look like partial armor. Her hair was short brown that had a crude cut at her neck, appearing that someone who didn't know how to cut hair did it. Lastly she was pale, very pale which made her orange eyes stand out.

"Miss Ion," the girl spoke. "I am Nana Gavech, I just arrived here and I will be assisting you around premise."

Losia looked at the girl. "Gavech... I remember that name... Upper District, right?"

She nodded her head. "Yes... I was a student at the Magic Academy, in fact your brother Lorel, was my classmate."

Her eyes opened wide. "Lorel? Have you seen him? How is he doing?"

Nana shook her head. "Sorry, I haven't seen him since the day he was forced out. I am still new to all of this..."

Losia stood up and nodded, she looked like she was almost scared. "Well are you at least alright? To go from the Magic Academy to here, is quite a big change."

"It is. But I am doing alright, I now know the truth of Upper, I am no longer blinded by ignorance."

The white haired woman smiled at that.

Amelia Foel - Upper District

This was bad, the Plan was out and that was a frightening idea to toy with. All of their plans could potentially be down the drain and that would be a finisher. "The only way to stop them," She spoke to herself as she paced back and forth. "Is to kill them before they can do anything."

She stopped. "It's time to get the Nobles... To finally strike against He'val."

Telnor- Tinsdal Prison

"You make it sound like its my fault. I mean I've never seen outside my cell. Its not like I knew where they eat. Anyways you must of come through a door in here. Me I was unconcious when thru dragged me in. So I don't remember. Its all kind of hazy. At any rate we have elimanted half of our options as where to go. So I vote we continue this way," Telnor rambled as they made their way down another corrider. Finally they reached another set of doors which opened to the outside. Telnor knocked the two guards standing at the doors in the head with the pommel of his sword, knocking them out. Looking up in the sky he took notice of the where the obital object was and headed south as fast as he could. Running he came upon a large building marked possions. Trying the door ue was discouraged to find it locked.

"Hey Vergil. You being a master their and all think you could unlock this door?"

Katelyn Verneer - Prison - Tinsdal

Katelyn turned to Lorel and regarded him for a moment. "He won't... Vergil I mean. I don't know this Telnor." She returned her gaze to the wall of the prison and folded her arms out of impatience. "No. Maybe not."

She hoped things would go well, but life had one hell of a sense of humour at all the wrong times.

image Tinsdal Prison - Tinsdal

"Hey Vergil. You being a master thief and all, think you could unlock this door?" Telnor asked after trying to open the door with furiosity. Vergil calmly walked up to the door, then searched for his lock picking set; finding it within his coat. After examining the lock, he picked a key with triangular teeth, inserting it into the lock, then using the secondary tool that allowed him to open locks. Vergil knelt down so he could get a better look at the lock itself.

He began twisting the two items in the lock, every so often a click could be heard as the lock began to release. In a few short moments, the lock gave way, pushing the door slightly open. Vergil then stood up and pushed the door wider, and looked at Telnor.

"There you go. Listen, sorry for blaming you about our current situation, guess part of me wanted to do things quietly." Vergil remarked with a sincere look upon his face as he entered the room. He began checking the room over to see if there was anything they could use, but also for Telnor's missing equipment.

imageScarlett Verneer - The Warfleet Ship 'Electra' - The Ocean North of Tinsdal

She had been locked in the cell for so long, chained to the floor, that time no longer held a meaning. Scarlett laid defeated feeling abandoned, on the soaking wooden floor, aware of the ship lurching in the ocean beneath her. If she had had the effort or the food in her stomach Scarlett might have been sick. She retreated into her mind, remembering the past and Scarlett could hear her laughter, as a child, images of Sera smiling, the two of them exploring the world together. Some of the best memories of her life. Scarlett began to cry, her tears streaking through the dirt on her face.

"Sera..." Scarlett whimpered.

She reached out and touched the cuts on her body, it stung but she bit back the pain, wondering how much longer she could hold out...

Telnor - Tinsdal Prison

"Thanks buddy. No worries. I'm sure you and the group had a lot of time to explore The North all free and stuff."

Telnor looked around the large warehouse of prisoner's goods. He saw some interesting items like grappling hooks and some very dangerous looking bows but passed those overs. After frantically searching he finally found his clothes and sword. Quickly he threw off his prisoner outfit and redressed in his own clothes. Grabbing his sword he drew it out to inspect it. The sheath could use some oiling and the blade needed a clean but beyond that it was far better than what he had taken from the guard.

Telnor listened as he heard guards yelling as they surrounded the building. There wouldn't be time to escape through the way they came in. Telnor started to look through the goods to find anything that could help them out of this predicament when he came across a box of black powder and an another box beside it holding a few homemade bombs with a set of fuses and a piece of flint.

This will make it too easy. Its almost like someone is giving us right what we need. Or the gods are making it easy for us. Heh. That sounds like what Vessel would say.

Grabbing the bombs he set a couple up right up the front door before running to the back with the rest of them and the black powder. Sticking a fuse in the black powder he sparked the the fuse and ran to the front door again. Tying those fuses together he set them off. Turning back towards the back wall he saw the explosion and saw the wall get blown out. He ran through the back wall and out into the street when the bombs at the front door went off.

Telnor jumped through the hole and into the streets just as the building behind them started to collapse. Standing up he turned to Virgil, "Pretty convenient that the warehouse was right next to the wall eh? So do we have anywhere to go from here?"

There was a pretty impressive explosion.

The Vessel would know she was an expert of sorts.
Of course a sane and sensible person would have avoided an explosion in a prison warehouse like the plague.

So the Vessel was there like a shot.
She saw her, what word was to use, boyfriend, no, partner, better but no, pet, probably no. Guess we should just say her Vergil.

"Well someone knows how to make an entrance." She closes in on him fairly rapidly dusting the ashes off him.

She'd spotted Telnor as soon as she'd arrived.
This wasn't a conversation she was ready to have hence the slight over affection with Vergil as a distraction. Guilt wasn't something that came easily to her but when it did it hurt, and this was one of those time.

Now apologies also didn't come easily to her.
She was distracted again Vergil still felt weird, her powers still weren't registering him at all which probably meant he was...

Great more guilt... not to mention the fear.
2/3 this wasn't good.
She couldn't focus at all definitely not enough to stop herself from saying.
I think I was wrong."

image Tinsdal Prison - Tinsdal

"Well someone knows how to make an entrance." Vessel said as she rushed over, dusting off the ashes from the explosion. Upon closer inspection, there was ash all over him and it would take a while to clean off. Vergil gave a smile to the Vessel, silently thanking her for doing this.

"Tell that to the bomber man here." He remarked, looking at Telnor with a slightly annoyed expression.

"It was his idea to use explosives. As you know Vessel, I was trying for a stealthier approach; but when something happened, the tactics changed at the drop of a hat, and we also had to make our rather hastily escape." Vergil said, speaking much more calmly now than before.

"Telnor..? I think I was wrong." Vessel said, looking almost sad in a way.

"Right, whilst I am all for reconciliation amongst friends, now might not be the best time. Since with a explosion its bound to attract rather unwanted attention, and given recent events; that is something we cannot afford to have on our heads. May I suggest this discussion take place in a more secure location?" Vergil asked the pair of them, but made it so Katelyn could hear as well.

Telnor- Tinsdal

"Telnor..? I think I was wrong." That caught Telnor off guard. Ever since he had defeated Glen he had been thinking about his argument with Vessel and the more he thought about it the more he realized his approach had been too heavy handed.

"I was also in the wrong Vessel. But Virgil is right. We need to find a better place than this to talk. I'm sure those guards aren't too happy about a prisoner escaping and blowing up their buildings."

Katelyn Verneer - Prison - Tinsdal

"What the hell?"

Katelyn jumped at the sound of the booming explosion, the look that crossed her face was mixed with confusion, surprise and a little annoyance. She knew that this could only be trouble. With a hurried pace she followed the Vessel and found Vergil and Telnor covered in the fine dust of what had once been the wall. She held back her tongue and listened to the conversation.

"So. Another idiot." She mused, aloud, dryly. "Great." She looked around and found the street crowding with people, and guards. "We should move now! Follow me back to the base and we will lay low for a while, until things calm down."

She led them back to the overwatch base, once again standing before the giant wooden statue of the goddess.

Telnor- ???- Tinsdal

"So. Another idiot.""Hey! I kind of resent that. I'm not just another idiot. I'm THE idoit! Wait. That makes me sound worse. Um continue on strange woman," Telnor looked around the base, focusing mostly on the giant wooden statue.

"So. I take some major things have happened during well I was doing hard time. I also can't help but notice a severe lack of Scarlet. I thought for sure she would have missed my charming personality," Telnor shifted from foot to foot as he looked at the awkward glaces of the rest of the group. "Something happened didn't it. Tell me."

image The Library of the Wind - Tinsdal

"So. I take some major things have happened during well I was doing hard time. I also can't help but notice a severe lack of Scarlet. I thought for sure she would have missed my charming personality." Telnor remarked as he shifted from foot to foot, receiving awkward glances from the other members of the group. "Something happened didn't it. Tell me."

"Indeed, many things have happened since your incarceration Telnor. Scarlett has been kidnapped for one thing; during an investigation into some potential threat involving some sort of plague. We had to hunt down several chests which contained information that would lead us to a cure; in no small part did we run into the Champions of the Tempest, and some strange man who carried a weapon similar to one I currently possess." Vergil remarked, showing the black powder firearm to Telnor.

"Thanks to the Vessel's medical knowledge, a cure was able to have been created; and we proceeded towards a structure called the Tower of Man, accompanying myself, the Vessel, Julie and Katelyn, was the leader of the Champions, called the Oncoming Storm. The Tower was an old weapon, designed to spread the plague; but it was old and defective, and we were tricked into using it for healing.

Sadly though, the Oncoming Storm sacrificed himself to save the Vessel from a fatal wound by the mysterious stranger who lead us here." He said in a rather sad tone, briefly looking at the Vessel, both of them knowing what had really happened there; this way, he protected her.

"After climbing the Tower, whilst the Vessel was working on the final stages of the cure, I was battling the mysterious stranger; but also rescued Julie's daughter Emile. Despite her best intentions, when the Vessel deployed the cure, she had received an overload of negative and harmful energy; enough that she went into a state of pure anger and rage, creating havoc nearby. Fortunately, I was able to calm her down, bring her back to her senses. You could say we both benefited from that." Vergil remarked with a brief smile at the Vessel.

Katelyn Verneer - The Temple of the Wind - Tinsdal

The echo of approaching lone footsteps silenced the group and all of a sudden the noise seemed to create a cold and eerie atmosphere in the scented wooden chamber. As if it held the weight of dread and impending bad news. Katelyn shivered. Emerging from the shadow of the central statue Daniel De'Silver arrived before the gathered individuals and he seemed pale in the low light of the candles, with falling shadows outlining the hard features of his face. His charismatic attitude had vanished. Katelyn had never seen him like this before, and that scared her.

"Daniel?" Katelyn remarked in a serious tone. "What's wrong?"

As he searched for the words to speak he avoided looking at Katelyn. "It's Scarlett. She is in the hands of the Warfleet."

Katelyn felt her heart sink. "Where?"

"We..." He paused. "Don't know."

"What!" Katelyn let her anger flourish. "I thought..."

"Silence girl." The voice emerged from behind the statue of Isabella. "This is no time for misplaced anger." Isabella waited for a protest from Katelyn but none came, she knew better than to challenge her mother. "She had been moved long before we found the location, there was nothing you, or anyone else, could have done."

Katelyn was angry, but she was restrained. Though it did not show in her face.

"There is a warehouse near the river. Daniel will take you. You can begin your search for Scarlett from there."

She said nothing more and turned to leave.

image - Temple of the Wind - Tinsdal.

They had followed them to the Temple of the Wind. The three of them stayed silent while everyone discussed, apparently they would be headed to a warehouse near a river. He didn't complain, he said he would help.

Kain Whitestroke-Aurora Hideout-Tinsdal

Kain returned to the Aurora Hideout and saw Marne waiting as he walked through the door. "Kain, apparently there was a break in at the Tinsdal Prison." Kain raised his eyebrow intrigued, "So who was busted out?" He asked. "Telnor Ghests." Was the reply. Kain reached for his coat that he had just removed, "Damn, guess I better get back out there." With those words, Kain exited the Hideout once more and began his walk to the prison to investigate.

????-The Infinite Storm-Eastern Expanse.

"Jacopo! Time for your shift! Keep that damn storm going!" The Captain shouted over the noise of the wind and thunder. All around were dark storm clouds circling around The Infinite Storm, it was a constant artificial hurricane and the ship rode right in the eye. The ship was almost too industrial for the time. An ancient ship; it has been roaming the Eastern Expanse for centuries.

Down below the deck of the ship, in the center of the massive ship, was a grand room. Very Militaristic and Luxurious at the same time. Scattered across the room were either historical documents or dossiers. In the midst of this mess you would occasionally see books on military tactics and so forth. The Commander of the ship lay on his bed however he didn't looked relaxed. He seemed to be in a state of thought and alert. In the dim light, one would be able to see his remarkable age and height. His nose was crooked, the sign of a veteran warrior. Across his face were numerous small scars and he slept with his hand on his sword. Always ready for the unexpected.

Vieri Benenati-Home-Estoff-6219 C.D.

"Mama. Mama!" Vieri squealed as his mother forced a torn shirt over his head. "Mama!" He screamed once more, "Where are we goin'?" His mother picked him up in her arms and answered, "You and Don are getting to be such big boys now so we're going to visit your father at work so you can see how important it is." Vieri groaned, "But I know Mama! He hunts those bad mages!" His mother laughed, "I know sweetie, but we want you to see one go to the big prison. We know how vile they are but don't want to see them up close? As poor as we are?" Vieri ate up the Propaganda like he and his brother always did. They loved hearing stories about the bad mages and how their dad hunted them.

Most of the families in the neighborhood enjoyed this. Seeing their children reject the mages as they did. Some of the families were recent haters of the mages; others have hated them since their childhood as did their parents. It wasn't entirely uncommon for kids to participate in the discrimination of the mages, warranted or otherwise and many of the kids had fathers who worked in Eren Douab or out on the field. The Benenati's in particular were well respected. Captain Benenati has been a Mage Hunter for years and now is a security officer at Eren Douab.

The Benenati's exited the door to their decrepit house and boarded a humble carriage for the ride to Ferela.

Daniel De'Silver - The Sern Bake-Warehouse - Tinsdal

Kate. I love you.

Daniel stood alone at the side of the river, hands buried in his pockets, gazing at his reflection in the water. He watched it break apart and reform as the water gently lapped against the stone of the dock. He let a long sigh escape his lips, briefly turning his attention to the warm vapour from his mouth as it rose and vanished into the cold air. Inside his head the words seemed so easy, so simple, so clear, and yet he struggled to speak his feelings to her. He laughed a little inside, mocking himself. It seemed ironic that the man known for talking too much now had nothing to say.

He had brought the group to the old baking warehouse, one of many warehouses that lined the banks of the river before the bridges of trust, as it had been the last place his informant had seen Scarlett. He turned around and observed the three story building, it looked ready to be condemned. It seemed ready to collapse but nature had begun to reclaim the site and plants grew from the cracks in the ground, climbing up along the walls as a kind of natural support. His instinct had been right. He had found the remains of cut rope at the waters edge, a boat had been moored here not too long ago and departed.

He saw the group walk inside and jogged to catch them up, upon entering he found the second floor had collapsed and the remains of several metal machines rusting along the walls. Birds fluttered overhead as he walked to large pool of dried blood in the centre of the ruins, along side the open hatch leading straight underground.

Oh, I hope that's not hers...

The Vessel had followed along with them; the walk had taken a while, in fact it felt like it had lasted for ever. It had taken her ages to get back into focus; it had been too long since she'd done this. Then again last time wasn't so great.

However as they drew closer her mind cleared had cleared at least somewhat and she felt more herself again.

She was one of the first to enter the building. It was a shame to see it crumble like this it looked like it really was something back before whatever has happened to it.
The birds burst from somewhere causing her to jump a little. She even reached for her boomerang before stopping herself.

She looked down at the blood. Thinking, giving herself a chance to slip back into detective mode.

The blood was dried, so not fresh, but looking at the amounts whatever shed it wasn't going anywhere fast. The pool was pretty amorphous as well spread out.

"I've not got anything definite yet but I'm getting a few ideas. From the looks of the pool the blood was released over a long time, if it was a single blow or dramatic trauma you'd expect a sort of splatter pattern. This could imply whatever bleed here wasn't instantly killed, I'm not sure they'd still be alive but I'd at least say they could have moved a little.

Now of course what's interesting is that there aren't any bloody footprints, now that's a little strange, especially since the passage is open. So anyone bleeding in here must have found another way out.

Anyway like I said nothing conclusive but those are my early observations."

Telnor- Tinsdal

Telnor followed along as they made their to the warehouse Telnor whistled a little cheerfully, after all it felt good to be out of prison and rid of his imaginary mind demons. As they entered the warehouse Telnor looked around at its ruined state. The most obvious thing of course was the giant puddle of blood and the hatch that was next to it.

"Well it would make sense that there wouldn't be any footprints if whoever was here took the hatch," Telnor replied to Vessel, "So the next step is of course to jump down feet first without looking." Telnor walked over to the hatch and ignoring the fact that there was most likely a ladder next the hatch, jumped into the darkness.

image The Sern Bake-Warehouse - Tinsdal

Vergil had kept up with the others on route to wherever it was they were going. He could see that there was a crowd of people heading towards the smoke that rose from the prison, no doubt that they still hadn't put the fire out that came from the explosion. He felt a mixture of annoyance and joy; joy at being able to liberate Telnor from the confines of prison, yet also annoyance towards the same person for creating the mess in the first place. But, that wasn't the focus of their attention now; Scarlett was.

They soon arrived at the warehouse for an abandoned bakery; whilst it might of been years since anything edible was stored here, Vergil could still find a brief odour of what was once here. Vergil soon saw the dried pool of blood that the Vessel began to investigate. He walked over and knelt down, then began to survey the scene, hoping his skills would help in discovering what happened here.

"I've not got anything definite yet but I'm getting a few ideas. From the looks of the pool the blood was released over a long time, if it was a single blow or dramatic trauma you'd expect a sort of splatter pattern. This could imply whatever bleed here wasn't instantly killed, I'm not sure they'd still be alive but I'd at least say they could have moved a little.

Now of course what's interesting is that there aren't any bloody footprints, now that's a little strange, especially since the passage is open. So anyone bleeding in here must have found another way out." The Vessel remarked as she made some early observations. Telnor meanwhile had decided to jump into the unknown again.

"What if Vessel, the person that was bleeding here was being carried out on some kind of blanket, or at least something similar. That might explain why there aren't any blood stained footprints. You said something about the blood being released over a long period of time, what kind of tool could be used to make it that way? My guess is that it'd have to be something that would create a small wound."

"Well why ever carried them should still have needed to step in the blood.
As for weapon yes, a small deep wound would make the most sense.
A dagger maybe, or an arrow or."
She stopped herself and tried to unthank that last thought. As you can probably guess she didn't manage it.

image The Sern Bake-Warehouse - Tinsdal

"Well what ever carried them should still have needed to step in the blood. As for weapon yes, a small deep wound would make the most sense. A dagger maybe, or an arrow or..." Vessel said, stopping just before the end of a sentence, quite possibly trying to forget that thought, but failing.

"Unless of course Vessel, they side stepped around the blood. Then again, it was just a theory to begin with." Vergil remarked as he looked around the area, seeing if there were any further clues before deciding what to do next. He then saw the Vessel, she looked uneasy to say the least.

"You feeling alright? Take it the sight of this blood, and who it could possibly belong to, is making you feel uneasy. If it makes you feel any better, I'm scared as well, I mean; it could be hers, which means the situation is possibly worse than we first thought. Look, if you want to take a breather, to try and calm yourself for a few moments, I'm sure the rest of us can manage."

"Could be who's? "
It took her a while to remember.
"Oh gods no, the bloods fine. I'm not exactly a stranger to the stuff."
She looked ok again. Like whatever bothered her had passed for now.

image - The Sern Bake - Warehouse - Tinsdal.

"What about the chance they came back and washed the footsteps? Granted it would beg the question as to why they left the other blood but maybe it was to throw us off," Lorel questioned as he also studied the blood and area.

image The Sern Bake - Warehouse - Tinsdal

"Could be who's?" The Vessel asked.

"You know who I'm talking about, Scarlett; this could be her blood here." Vergil responded with, slightly surprised that the Vessel didn't figure it out. Lorel then threw in his two cents on the matter.

"What about the chance they came back and washed the footsteps? Granted it would beg the question as to why they left the other blood but maybe it was to throw us off."

"Perhaps Lorel, but that would've meant that they knew someone was coming. And if they had washed some of the blood off, don't you think we would've seen traces of either soap and water near here? Given the currently cold climate we're in, it would have proven difficult to scrub it away effectively."

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