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The first thing Telnor did when the Warfleet burst into the room was pull Jeanie down underneath the table. At first Jeanie thought that he wanted to continue undisturbed but as the screams filled the room, her face grew white and she bite down on her lip. Slowly Telnor drew his sword, so as to avoid any noise but before he could do anything, the soldiers retreated.

As he rose from under the table, he looked around slowly at the massacre that had taken place. His fist grew white as he clutched the handle of his sword, anger burning in his eyes. So focused was he that he did not notice Jeanie sliding a note into his pocket.

In Telnor's mind there was only one thing to do. Anger coursing through his veins, Telnor slipped through the front door and followed the tracks in the snow. It was easy for him to follow such a large group. Moving quickly he caught up with the soldiers. Before he had thought to fight them but looking at their numbers he realized that would have been suicidal.

Quietly he grabbed one of the soliders from behind, held his hand over the soldier's mouth and his other arm around his neck and choked him until he past out. Then he began to carry the body back to the bar. The solider would be useful in finding out why they attacked and where they were from, with a little incentive of course.

Arriving back at the bar he dumped the soldier's on the stage for all to see.

image The Ocean Horizon Bar - Januarias

Vergil could hear the sounds of fighting going on down stairs, and wanted to get involved, but he waited the return of Vessel. Suddenly, the noise dulled and grew softer as things came to a halt. Looking down below, he could see the soldiers retreating, and Telnor following after them.

'He's going to get himself killed one of these days.' Vergil said to himself as he looked down the corridor and saw the bodies of those that the Vessel had killed. He knelt down and found the knife that the Vessel was carrying was embedded in the neck of one of the soldiers; a woman from the looks of it. With a single sharp tug, Vergil pulled the knife out and wiped the blood off on the woman's uniform.

"This ought to come in handy." Vergil remarked, then he could hearing the sounds of someone crying. Turning his head, he could see the Vessel was sobbing into her hands. He went over to her and held her gently.

"Its alright, its all over Vessel, they've gone now."

It wasn't that, she considered trying to tell him why she was upset, but the words weren't coming and she almost didn't want them to. She'd come down from the high, the energy from her unconscious victim that had made her move like lightning to take down two well-armed mercenaries was gone. It felt cold and empty.

The little energy still inside her was looking for someone to help to reach out to and it was just the energy to save Vergil making it even sadder the two were never going to meet.

All her medical skills and all the gods could do nothing for her resurrected man.
She was too sad to realise what her coming down meant. From the bed in their room a figure stirred, far from sedated anymore.

image The Ocean Horizon Bar - Januarias

Vergil still held onto the Vessel as her crying began to slow down a little. But then he could hear a groaning from the nearby room, and saw that the man that the Vessel had chloroformed earlier was starting to stir. He gestured the Vessel to remain quiet as he stood up and crept into the room, where the man was clambering off the bed.

The moment he saw Vergil, the man attacked, clutching a dagger he began making a series of swipes and thrusts. Using his wrist blade, Vergil blocked and parried the blows, the sound of metal glancing across metal could be heard. After kicking the man in the right shin, Vergil forced the dagger to fall, then moved behind the soldier and put his arm around the soldier's throat, where he held the pose until the man passed out and collapsed onto the floor. After finding something to bind the man's hands with, Vergil retrieved the dagger and left the room.

"Well, he's dealt with for the mean time." Vergil remarked as he offered a hand to the Vessel to help her up.

Katelyn Verneer - The Ocean Horizon Bar - Januarias

She called out to Telnor but it had been too late and he vanished into the night. She hoped the guard would not mistake him for one of the Warfleet and decided to turn her thoughts to the girl instead. He could look after himself. After an initial inspection she seemed fine and in the following minute, with the help of some water provided by Daniel, she regained conciseness and sat on the end of the stage holding her head in her hands to avoid looking at the macabre sight. Katelyn sat down next to her and wrapped her arm around her shoulder and began to talk as Telnor returned with the guard.

Daniel stood from inspecting the dead and walked over to the captured guard with some interest, he had never seen one of the Warfleet so close before. He wore a long tanned robe that covered the dull, but elaborate, metal armour and his scarred skin was covered in what seemed like tribal tattoos, inked in a dark blue. Daniel took a step forward and pulled down the hood of the robe to reveal the face of a middle aged man covered in more scars and ink.

"Well, this should be enlightening."

The Vessel Stood up taking his hand calm at least for now.
Downstairs there were now a few of the attackers lined up, none in a state to fight.
She looked around at the people she recognised and a few she didn't but didn't look too much like a threat.
"Are any of you injured at all?"

Part I - A Cold Day In The North

Captain Felicia Jones - The Dock - Januarias

She could feel the anger, directed inwards, that failure had brought about, building like a wall in the back of her mind. The job had been nothing short of a complete disaster and she wanted to leave the dock and return to the comfort of her ship and just scream into the howling wind. Felicia knew that would have to wait. She still had some work to complete before she could leave this wretched district for good. A scout arrived and saluted to her with a slight bow, she could see him shaking in the cold and with a reserved sigh acknowledged the arrival and asked for the news. It had not been good. Someone had been captured and that wall of anger lurking in the back of her mind exploded with frustration as Felicia vented her feelings on the matter to the terrified scout. The district guard had been routed and she had little time to get the two ships ready for departure, this had been the last thing she needed to hear.

Cursing the unit she commanded, Felicia turned to the cloaked figure stood on her right. Covered in a thick hood she could only see the sharp chin and soft lips as she gave the order to find and kill the captured soldier. A wicked smile emerged on the lips before the cloaked woman left in silence and vanished into the darkness of the cold, northern night. Waving her hand to the captain of the second ship she ordered them to depart and faced the warm glow of the seafront and sneered. She would kill those people in the bar herself for their defiance. For a moment she forgot about the bitter chill lingering in the air.

Scarlett Verneer - ???? - The Ocean

Scarlett stood chained to the wooden crossbeam in the ceiling of the cell, waiting for the arrival of the guard on his regular inspection of the cell block. She smiled at the sound of the key scraping the lock and lulled her head to avoid the blinding light of the candle outside. She muttered something to the air.

'What you say girl?' The guard inquired stepping into the cell to grab her head. Scarlett jumped and caught his neck between her thighs, choking him to prevent a shout to the second guard elsewhere in the block. He struggled for a moment and tried to reach down for his knife but Scarlett shifted and with a violent twist she jerked to the right and watched the blade fall to the floor. As she continued to choke the man she watched the colour drain from his face and then the eyes begin to bulge until he passed out. Scarlett held on tight, long enough to ensure she had denied his brain oxygen long enough to kill him, before dropping the body to the ground.

Scarlett allowed herself a moment to recover and catch her breath before swinging forward on the crossbeam. She had used her time alone in the cell to weaken it after discovering the constant damp of the ocean outside had caused rot to appear. As predicted the beam broke under her weight and she fell hard to the floor. The noise had attracted the second guard and he came running to investigate after seeing the corpse on the floor. Scarlett snatched the knife from the floor and leapt to greet the guard with her shoulder. The guard howled and fell back across a table, Scarlett, unable to stop herself, followed and landed on top. She repeatedly stabbed the chest and stopped once she counted to forty.

Using the knife to break the chains around her wrists Scarlett marched through the length of the ship to find the stairs to the deck, surprised at the lack of soldiers onboard. She shivered at the chill in the air and stepped out on the open deck of the ship, it seemed they had just left land and the glow of a district faded into the dark horizon.

The Warfleet soldier turned and caught sight of Scarlett. She was a sight to behold. In the moonlight her pale skin glowed and highlighted the scars that covered her entire body, the result of intense torture. The thin white dress she wore seemed almost angelic and her hair had been cut short beneath the ears, but the soldier seemed transfixed on the feral anger radiating from her eyes before looking down at the knife. He shouted to the rest of the troop on deck. It did little good, with a speed not matched since her youth she butchered each one in turn.

???? - The Ocean Horizon Bar - Januarias

The cloaked woman arrived at the bar and climbed the outside of the building to enter through an open second floor window, she could hear voices and crept to the top of the stairs to listen. She ignored the girl asking about the state of the others, who had just arrived downstairs, and climbed onto the banister before leaping down to the stage. She took the group by complete surprise and with a short sword pierced the first captured soldier to the stage, before using a second sword to quickly kill the others while dropping several smoke bombs. It all happened so fast that the woman fled through the smoke filled bar to the exit before Katelyn even managed to raise her weapon. Daniel however had been to look for something behind the bar and hiding in the smoke clotheslined the attacker as she arrived at the entrance and knocked her to the ground.

'And who do we have here?' Daniel smiled pulling back the cloak to reveal Tear.

image The Ocean Horizon Bar - Januarias

Vergil had mostly been minding his own business, when suddenly a hooded figure leapt from the bannister, almost knocking him over, and down onto the stage. With a single strike from one blade, they killed the first captured soldier, then with a second came the others, whilst dropping several smoke bombs, obscuring his vision and covering their escape. Suddenly, Daniel leapt from behind the bar, and tackled the cloaked figure to the ground. After manoeuvring past the Vessel, he saw Daniel pulled down the figure's hood, and he couldn't believe who it was.

"And who do we have here?" Daniel smiled pulling back the cloak to reveal Tear. A lone sigh escaped Vergil.

"To think Tear, I thought you were better than this." Vergil said with a saddened tone.

As the smoke cleared the Vessel started to make sense of her situation. Coughing slightly she steadied herself turning to face the cloaked woman, the face was mildly familiar but enough for the Vessel to recognise Tear.
She reached for a dagger she no longer had so instead settled on a vile of something. A not very neat label had scrawled on it HCl 1.0M. The Vessel drew it, brandishing it with abandon which was probably a lot more reckless than she should have been.
"Do I know you?" She asked, fairly calmly considering.

Telnor had sat down against the wall, waiting for the others to interrogate the captured soldiers. He was unhappy with the lack of action on the part of the others, seemingly content to sit back and let their enemies take the initiative. He began to stand when an envelope fell out of his pocket, with his name written on the front of it. Sitting back down he opened it and began to read.

To my dear old master.

If you are reading this it means that my agent has reached you. Good. Hopefully she didn't have to resort to drastic measures. I would have like to come in person but take care of the underworld requires constant attention and care. So I would really appreciate it if you would come on down some time in the near feature. And as incentive, Jill decided to come and visit. Isn't that nice? She is currently staying with me, safe and sound but I can't guarantee for how long. I mean I've killed your ex-lovers before but I've never had one stay with me. I just don't know how long I will be able to put up with her. So finish up your business in the north and come back down to the Middle. I'll know when your're back so no worries about having trouble finding me. See you soon.

Your old student

Telnor sat there for a minute as a cloaked figure appeared and killed the captured guards. The figure was quickly captured and revealed to be a woman. Telnor jumped to his feet, pushed Daneil off the woman, grabbed her by the neck, hauled her up and slammed her against the wall.

"Who sent you! Where are they! Tell me!" Telnor yelled, his face wild with anger as he slapped her with his free hand.

image The Ocean Horizon Bar - Januarias

Vergil stood with his back to the crowd, ignoring what was going on, feeling contempt for Tear regarding what she was doing and who she was no doubt aligned with. He thought that Tear would have at least tried to break away from Sera's influence, a part of him thought that some signs of progress were being made back at the Conjurer's Elixir; seems as though he was wrong. However, when he heard that slap, Vergil decided to intervene.

"Who sent you! Where are they! Tell me!" Telnor yelled, his face was wild with anger, as he had Tear by the neck to the wall with one hand, and slapped her with the other. It looked as though Telnor was about to go for another swing, when Vergil caught his arm.

"Enough Telnor." Vergil said both sternly and calmly, not meaning to be threatening. He then let go Telnor's arm. "Physical abuse isn't going to get Tear to co-operate. And isn't it obvious that she was sent by the woman who was leading those soldiers earlier, probably sent to make sure the captives didn't talk. Which by extension means that she is associated with the Warfleet." He then turned to Daniel.

"As much as I'd hate to admit it, that was a well executed tackle Daniel." Vergil then saw the Vessel brandishing a vial of some clear liquid, a quick glance of the label showed that it was Hydrochloric Acid.

"And as for you Vessel, that is rather reckless of you brandishing a substance like that. What if you accidently dropped it on someone." Vergil then took a moment to calm down and refocus.

"I am sure there is a way to get her to talk, without resorting to what I have seen here. Maybe if someone who she trusts was to talk to her, then Tear might be a little more co-operative."

Daniel De'Silver - The Ocean Horizon Bar - Januarias

Daniel nodded as he listened to Vergil, he smiled, rested a hand on Vergil's shoulder and replied. 'Thanks! I've not had to use it for quite sometime though, anyway, I take it you know this girl?

Katelyn said nothing, before moving behind Daniel, glaring at the girl. 'I'll speak to her in the kitchen.' She remarked with a tone of voice as cold as the weather outside.

'I don't think that would be a good idea, if Vergil knows the girl, he should be the one.' Daniel replied, expecting Katelyn to argue back.

"Vergil won't go alone. I'm not letting her alone with him, whoever she is."
She begrudgingly slips the vial back into a secret compartment.
"Not to mention I have a surplus of questions and a deficit of answers."
She kept looking at Tear making no secret of her interest and suspicion.
"And of course if talking doesn't work out I can always try a little divine wrath."

Daniel De'Silver - The Ocean Horizon Bar - Januarias

Daniel sighed a little and moved a hand through his hair as he thought, before waving his hands in surrender. There would be no convincing the group to let Vergil go alone, despite his conviction that it would yield better results. It seemed he would be wasting his breath to argue.

'I think we could all do with some answers, sit her in the corner and let's be done with this.'

image The Ocean Horizon Bar - Januarias

Daniel smiled as he put a hand on Vergil's shoulder. "Thanks! I've not had to use it for quite sometime though, anyway, I take it you know this girl?" He then asked.

"Indeed I do Daniel, I have had several encounters with Tear over the past days. The first was when she was still an apprentice to Sera. The second when Mages attacked the Dean's mansion, and Scarlett beat Tear to the point where she could trick the sigil into passing over to her. Finally was a few days ago, we simply found a nice tavern to have a quiet drink and conversation. Perhaps later I'll fill you in on the details, as we don't have the time." It was then that Katelyn had moved behind Daniel, and glared at Tear, who looked winded from the take down, confused as to her situation, and simply tired.

"I'll speak to her in the kitchen." She remarked with a tone of voice that was as cold as winter.

"I don't think that would be a good idea, if Vergil knows the girl, he should be the one." Daniel replied with sharply, almost expecting Katelyn to argue with him.

"Vergil won't go alone. I'm not letting her alone with him, whoever she is. Not to mention I have a surplus of questions and a deficit of answers."

"What is the matter Vessel? Are you jealous of her, or being over protective of me?" Vergil asked rhetorically, his voice slightly agitated.

It was then that Daniel sighed as he moved a hand through his hair, then waved his hands in surrender.

"I think we could all do with some answers, sit her in the corner and let's be done with this."

Vergil sighed, feeling as though that no one had listened to him. Well, maybe Daniel, but he wasn't so sure.

"Look guys, can I ask that you all put a little bit of faith in me please. If we have multiple people all asking questions, its going to get both very confusing and stressful very fast. Thats why I suggested that someone who Tear trust talks her, that way it can all go a lot smoother, and maybe we can even gather additional information that we wouldn't be able to otherwise. That is all I am asking for, a little bit of faith, trust, and reassurance in my abilities."

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