Soldiers fortune [In progress]

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"Same here," Chris replied. "So, what are the specs for your rifle? I assume its meant for the open battlefield and not urban combat."

"Thats pretty much what it does. Not very good up close, but at long range you can't beat the .50. It's amazingly efficient at disabling vehicles as well, pretty handy when you don't want anyone getting away. About the only downsides are noise and recoil, but this supressor takes care of that pretty well." Striker said, already liking his fellow sniper. "How about your rifle?"

Michael held up his hands defensively towards Crown, as a way of telling him to just wait a sec. He then let out a sharp whistle to get everybody's attention.

"Sorry for breaking up your small-talk, but the good Doctor here does have a valid point, there'll be plenty of time for talking on the road. So, gather 'round here and we can get this thing rolling."

"Just basically an M16 with a longer barrel. It's a good middle ground for any range of engagement, since it uses the 7.62 caliber. Instead of having to switch to a different sniper rifle if I go from open to urban or vice versa, I tend to want the happy middle. All-in-all it's a good rifle, and it will get the job done." Chris replied, as they finally made it to the range.

"Alright, now we can--" he heard the CO start yelling for everyone to gather round. "Damn, we walked all the way here for nothing," he said, a little disappointed. He then turned right around and double-timed it back to the group.

Anthonys face lights up.

"Sweet! Let's get this show on the road"

*begins to sing ZZ Top in his head*

David rolled his eyes a little as he made his way to Michael to hear his orders.

"We should only need a few rounds, so let's get started."
Striker took 3 rounds out of his belt pouch, and took aim at the target, 500 yards out.
"It's too bad they don't have a longer range out here. Be nice to double check the zero at 1000, or further. Oh well, no sense in wishing for something you can't have."

"Damn" he muttered "Always when you start to get some work done." He unloaded the rifle and headed back to the group.

Anthony turns to Michael

"So roughly, how long are we looking at until we reach the location"

Michael stroked his beard before commencing his briefing.

"Alright, as you know, our mission is extract an HVI from inside Iran. We got his pos, but getting there ain't gonna be easy. We got intel that the Iranians are looking for him, but we don't know how many they got doing it or how they're doing it. We got some civilian cars which'll go some way to keeping us under the radar, but put on some civilian clothes and anything larger than an M4 goes in the trunk along with bags and vests. We stick to the small roads and byways and we should avoid attention. We'll find some remote place to hide the cars and set up an oberservation point, codename OP Ginger, overlooking the HVI's pos, codenam Spooky, until 0-dark-hundred, then we hike in, bring him back to the cars and exfil. If we spot enemy moving in before dark falls, we'll of course have to respond to that, but if the coast is clear, we wait for cover of darkness.

We don't look like Iranians, so if we get stopped by Iranian military, we may have to fight it out. If that happens, I'll initiate contact, unless they actually show hostile intent. Keep your weapons concealed but ready.

I'll be riding lead victor along with Striker as my driver and Rim and McCannon in the back. Gannon will be in charge of victor two, with West driving and Crown and Brennan in the back. All goes smoothly, we're looking at a 5 hour drive, maybe a little less. It is now..." Michael paused to look at his wrist-watch, which he had syncronized during their briefing,
"... 0325, I expect to be able to leave immediately, meaning no later than 0335. We should be there no later than 0900, meaning we have eight or nine hours of watching before we can do anything. I'll issue further during infil and when we arrive at OP Ginger.
Keep together, maintain radio contact, all the usual. Any questions?"

"No sir" Striker replied, as he cased up his rifle and put it in the trunk. As he was already in casual cloths, he didn't need to change.
"Ready when you guys are."

"I am glad to hear that my logic has been heard, let's get this operation done with as soon as we can and get back home," Crown says as he head back to the truck and gets in, 'Matty' readied for any surprise that should come out of the early morning.

"Right, no time like the present then." David says as he puts his gear in trunk and got in the diver's seat.
"When your ready people"



"No questions sir. Let's do this."

"Alright, now I need civvy clothes." Chris said, walking over to where the casual clothes were at. He grabbed a set of clothes and went to change. When he came back he asked Michael, "Considering we are going to start very soon, don't you think it's about time for callsigns?"


"wouldn't it be beneficial for the recon to go in first now, and be an hour ahead of the rest of the team. That way the snipers can have time to set up, and get a count on guards, cover, and various things like that?" Crown says.

"Chris brings up a good point. We need callsigns. Obviously, Michael is Spartan 1, but we need to know for everyone so we can be reached over the radio." Striker said, looking around.

"Doc's Gotta Point, My Callsign is Diablo, Lets move out already!" David said as he honked the car horn.

"Well then wouldn't that make the rest of us "Spartan *number*? Although if we're picking our own callsigns. I'll take Chansey" Anthony said from the car.

"It's's my kids favourite pokemon....*cough*"

"Chansey? Ok, I gotta say that this could get odd... Anyway, if we're picking callsigns, mine is Viper. Otherwise, whatever callsign I am issued is what i'll go with."

While heading for the car, Michael answered Crown's question.
"No real advantage in splitting up. It is maybe putting all eggs in one basket, but we stand a better chance being all together if we do get caught. There'll be plenty of time for reconning once we're at the OP, but we don't have to time to recon the route. Hope for the best, really."

Turning to face the rest of the team, he continued: "We'll do radio checks on the road, along with callsigns and so on. For now, Victor 1, that's me, and Victor 2, Gannon, should be enough. But let's get going."

With that, he got in the passenger side of the car, placed his M4 on the floor, partially hidden under his seat, keeping his pistol hidden under his fleece overshirt.

"Shall we?" David said as he started the Car and Revved it.

"Alright, you heard the man. West, Crown, Brennan, mount up." Chris stated, while heading to the rear car. He got into the front passenger side, made sure his sidearm was loaded and safety on, and finally holstered it.

"Everyone in? come on, times a wastin'"

"Alright, let's get going" Striker said, as he got into the car and started the engine.

"LET ROLL OUT" David Roared as he did a burnout and started driving.
[spoiler=Signing off for the night British Time Zone, just refer to me every one and again I.E Striker did something and saw David doing something else, don't hold up on the plot, c ya]

Keal climbed into the back of the front vehicle. He leaned forward and said to Michael, "Listen, my call sign is Wombat, but if any of you call me that, I swear you'll end up deader than all these Iranians. It's a call sign, not a nickname!"

Keal leaned back and looked around. It was still dark. Keal turned over and shut his eye, "Wake me up when we get there"

"Well, let's get this over with."

As everybody seemed to be in their places, Michael gave the nod to Striker, or Viper as he said, and the car rolled gently on down the poor quality blacktop leading away from the hangar. Behind him, he saw the other car rolling up behind them, maintaining a good spacing between them. Michael took out his radio and initiated the radio check:
"Victor 2, this is Victor 1, radio check, over?"
He quickly received an affirmative response from Gannon, so he continued:
"Victor 2, while we're driving feel free to let your guys get some sleep if they want, but only one at a time. I want a 75% watch at all times. Victor 1, out."

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