Soldiers fortune [In progress]

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"I'm going to assume that you don't want me sleeping while I'm driving." Striker said as he rolled off. "Could have unfortunate consequences"

Harlan lugged his HK and put in the trunk before taking one of the middle seats of the car. He didn't mind his assault rifle being in the trunk but he did mind if he didn't have his shotgun close by. He placed it on the floor of the car, covering it with a blanket. On the outside it looked as if he was just a man snug in his blanket.

It only had been a few days since Harlan was able to catch some rest from the last OP and he looked forward to it stoicism that resembled that of a warrior monk. They were warriors that devoted their lives, bodies, and soul to be a some modern day Crusader except they didn't fight for an ideology but for their country.

"Hope some of you speak Persian." Harlan joked. He knew a bit of Persian but they mostly consist of terms like "We come in Peace."

"Roger, Victor 1," he replied. He then spoke out to the guys in the car, "Alright guys, yall can get some shut eye, but only one at a time. No more than an hour and a half for each of you. He then thought for a minute and spoke into his radio, "Victor 1, this is Victor 2, I have a question: What is our escape plan exactly? Grab the HVI and wait for choppers to exfil us, or drive back across the border?"

As you approach the Iranian boarder you notice what seems to be a empty checkpoint due to you already being slightly behind schedule and you don't follow usual protocols and attempt to pass through unnoticed. This however was a trap as Iranian intelligence have told them about your attempt. As heavy metal building witch resembles a toll booth a group of Iranians jump out from door and cover pointing AK-47's and RPG's at the vehicles all of witch are shouting in Persian. You swiftly look around and do a count up of the enemies and their positions.

"Well, shit. This ain't a good start to the mission." Striker said, as he did a quick check for escape routes. "Your call Michael, do we blow through and hope for the best, or stop and hope for the best?"

Chris scanned the checkpoint ahead and looked at all the soldiers, "Victor 1, it's obvious we are outnumbered and outgunned, so I advise we back the fuck up as fast as possible, pray we don't get shot by an RPG, and find another way around," he stated into his radio.

Harlan eyed the rather angry Iranians pointing their weapons at their group.

Those AK's didn't even look like the original Ak-47's and more like the extremely close Chinese Variant the Type 56. The RPG-7's even looked more derelict and it had a greater chance of jamming than the supposed AK's. Thoughts like those ran through Harlan's head as he calculated their chance of survival against these odds.

"Hmph, they look like Iranian regulars... " Harlan assumed as he said his estimates on the comms. "If we move their still going to shoot at us, Grim. Victor 1, advise we engage over."

Keal woke up the moment the cars pulled up, and looked out the window. The Iranians were pouring out of the check point. Keal started to reach for his M9, and stopped himself just in time. He forced himself to relax and sit down. He still wished he had his SCAR, though.

"Oi! Michael, what the fuck do we do?!?"

Keal was itching to grab his SCAR and gun the Iranians down, but even he knew that doing that would screw this mission up before we even started. "Listen, I don't care about stealth and staying unknown, if one of them fires even one bullet, I am going to shoot them all."

Keal kept his hand on his M9 and watched.

"Keep it together, Man" David said to the paniced Keal.
He kept his foot just above the pedal, just in case.

Stopping the cars had been their first mistake, now they were stuck in it. He quickly counted 21 irate iranians, all with weapons trained on the two SEAL-laden cars. The guys with the RPG's must have been (feeling) stupid, one of them was barely 5 meters away, the rocket wouldn't have armed by the time it hit the car. Still, a rocket to the chest probably hurt all the same. At least the other guys would take the some of their pals with them if they fired. There was enough ordnance in the cars to make a pretty bang if struck by a HEAT.
The cars weren't armored and they were slow enough that the iranians would have plenty of time to riddle them with holes if they tried to push forwards. Shooting their way out didn't really seem a better choice, but it gave them some chance.

The other car came in on the radio:
"Victor 1, it's obvious we are outnumbered and outgunned, so I advise we back the fuck up as fast as possible, pray we don't get shot by an RPG, and find another way around."
"If we move their still going to shoot at us, Grim. Victor 1, advise we engage over."
Michael pressed down on his radio.
"All Spartans, fighting seems our only choice. Put up your hands and wait for them to come and pull you out of the car. That'll keep some of them off their triggers. Be ready to strike, follow my lead. Put down the guys with RPG's asap. How copy?"
While waiting for a response, Michael calmly put up his empty hands up for the Iranians to see.

Keal put his hands up, muttering a quick "Roger" to Michael. He put his hands behind his head, but tried to hang them as low as possible, ready to drop down and pull his M9.

"Shitshitshitshit" Keal muttered under his breath. Keal looked at the throng of soldiers mobbing around. He saw one of them struggling with an RPG, like it was broken or something. "You're first" Keal thought, and kept his eye's trained at the soldier, who was still struggling with the rocket launcher.

One of the Iranian who seem to be the leader called out in Persian, "Get them out of the car quick, quick" He then pointing to a group of them and back at the car. He then lifted up a megaphone and started to shout in English.

"Stupid Americans you have made a grave mistake, if you surrender now we will let you go home an embarrassment, but at least that is better then death."

It would be hard to see, however those with a train eyes glancing around the surroundings would be able to see a slightly through a doorway to your left witch lead to a larger room, you could just about make out the Iranian flag and a video camera set up. The Iranians planned to execute you on the borders.

Keal was itching to lower his hands, but he kept them up as Iranians pulled them out of the car. He was thrown to the ground, and he quickly jumped back up. One of the soldiers pointed an AK at him, the barrel inches from his face. The soldier started to shout something in another language. He kept yelling and pointed the gun closer and closer.

When the barrel was centimetres from his face, Keal said, "Fuck this!" He dropped his hand and tried to pull his M9. He was smacked by the gun and stumbled back. He swung his fist, and the soldier grabbed his fist, turned it and punched Keal in the face. Keal reeled back and had a gun butt smash into his head from the behind. Keal crumpled and blacked out.

As Harlan was about to say "We come in Peace" he saw Keal crack under the pressure. In an instant Harlan headbutted the Iranian in front of him, twisted him around and fired back at the other soldiers with the man's own AK.

"Shoot the tangos with the RPG's first!" Harlan yelled. As he made his way back to the car to retrieve his shotgun his bullet sponge slumped over after a volley tore around him. Harlan threw him aside and grabbed his shotgun. Feeling the satisfied pump, Harlan went to work blowing two more Iranian's away with the semi-automatic shotgun.

David kicked on the Grunts kness during the firing and got him in a head lock.
He faced towards the Iranians and pulled out his SideArm and firing 5 at the RPG's, killing 2 and wounding another.
He peformed a quick reload and shouted "RPG'S Down!"

Keal woke up to feel himself being dragged away, and when he opened his eyes he saw the fighting starting. He was being dragged towards the toll booth like building. He acted uncounsious for a second more, then slipped his hand down. His M9 was still there. In the chaos, they had left it on him. He pulled it and shot over his head, killing the soldier pulling him. As that soldier fell down, two others nearby spun. The first one was dead before he could raise his gun, a bullet in his head.

As the other one died with three bullets lodged in his chest, he sprayed with his AK. The bullets scattered around, killing a nearby Iranian. One bullet whipped low and punched through Keal's arm. "Damn it!" He shouted as his arm burned. Keal jumped up as quick as he could and ran for the nearby toll booth, trying to get to cover. As he jumped in the entrance, an Iran with a nasty looking knife jumped at him from inside.

Keal tangled with him, using the pistol to keep the knife away from his face. "Someone fucking help me!" He called.

David heard Keal and fired a aimed shot at the knife welder, straight in the head sending bits of brain all over the toll booth.
The Dead Iranian fell on top of Keal.
David smriked before re-focusing on the remaining forces.

The dead Iranian collapsed in Keal, his head missing. "Urgh, god damn it!" Keal rolled the body off and hopped up. He quickly looked around the room. Against the far wall there was an Iranian flag with a chair in front of it and opposite was a video camera. "The hell...?" Keal shook his head and leaned out the door, firing. His shots hit two Iranians and some others returned fire. As Keal slunk back away from the door way, he thought, "Here we go again. Defending a room. My speciality."

He smiled to himself and kicked the chair over, pulling it into the corner. As the first two Iranians "breached" swinging guns wildly, Keal took them both down with three shots. He reloaded and thought, "Just like the gruesome old days."

David moved himself and his hostage forward.
The Grunt must have been important as they were tring not to hit him.
David took advanage of this and managed to to get 2 men in the chest.
He looked around for more hostiles.


David looked around at the area, now covered in dead bodies.
"This was a set way they could set up something like this without Intel..."
He pushed his victim onto the ground and then grabbed him by the chest and said.
"Note: I'm against toturing POW's, but those guys..." He point at the rest of the unit "most likely won't lose much sleep over make both our lifes easier and just tell me what I want to know"

The Iranian spits in David's face and while David's distracted with the spits attempts to use his thumbs to gouge his eyes. As he does so he scream "YOU'RE TO LATE! ALLAH KNOWS ALL"

David hit the Iranian's Arms with is own, connecting with the side of the elbows, nearly dislocating them.
The Iranian recoiled long enough for David to recover.
"aahhhggg...well that wasn't very was it? aahhh owww..." he said as he aimed his gun at the downed Iranian while massaging one of his eyes.

The plan was working so far, Michael thought as Iranians closed in to pull them out of the cars. It'd pulled 12 of them in close, 4 for each door and rest for close security. The rest stayed about 5 meters way, and wouldn't be able to fire without hitting their buddies.

The door was opened and Michael patiently stepped out, still holding his hands up. The Iranians turned him to face the car and had just started patting him down when Keal tried and failed to pull his pistol and was put down. Sensing the distraction, Michael quickly grabbed the hand of the soldier patting him down and with twist of his body threw him around and against the car, following up with an elbow to the face. Kneeling down, he quickly reached inside his shirt and pulled out his SIG, instinctively aiming at the nearest enemy, one of the Iranians providing close security. He pulled a quick double-tap aimed at the head, registering only that he'd hit before directing his attention to the next target, an RPG-toting Iranian, who seemed mighty confused. Michael was more than happy to relieve him of that emotion, along with all other signs of life.

The Iranian scoured across the floor towards the wall of the checkpoint using his hands to cover his face, so he cannot see the warriors staring at him.


David pressed his foot on the Iranian's broken Knee.
"Hey, come on, stick around, you wanted us to stay, but now you want to leave, its rude to ditch your guests you know..."
He started to apply some pressure on the joint.

Harlan went up to David. "Here let me try something." He said before going up to the downed soldier. Their zeal was much to be admired for but there was always a breaking point.

"Listen up, Ahmadinejad, do you like cowards?" Harlan asked him. "Because, the way I see it, you are the only man here. That means you didn't do your job and allowed us to enter your city..." Harlan kicked the man in the gut and brought him over to the camera. "David, keep the camera rolling!"

"Okay, Mahmoud, how would you like to be Iran's finest coward? The one to let a group of American infidels into your beloved city. Tell us who told you or else your face will be on goddamn youtube." Harlan said even if the man might have no idea what he was saying.

"YouTube is going to eat this shit up, Sparta Remixs, Auto-Tune, might even start a Meme"

The Iranian screeches before speaking in Arabic towards the camera

"Our nation shall not be defeated we shall triumph against the western helots, join me brothers as the near comes."

As the man speaks, so does the radio.

"Spartan actual to Spartan 1, give me a sitrep son, I've got some bad news for you."

"Awwww shit...was looking forward to giving something to my subscribers..."

"Son, we've got some big trouble going down at this moment in time, now like I said can I get a sitrep commando."

"Son, we've got some big trouble going down at this moment in time, now like I said can I get a sitrep commando."

David got on the radio
"Got hit near the border, at a checkpoint, Iranians, even planned to cut us up on the Web, it was pre-planned, we beat them, unsure if anyone is are you?"

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