One Hell of a Family (taking applications need a Co-GM)(relaunch)

"You know Nick back in our day if you wanted to take over family and all he owned you took him into some form of eatery,your office, or you met him in the streets and discussed the terms of the merge in front of them like a man." spoke an older gentlemen. The man was tall with long grey hair pulled into a ponytail. He took a drink from his glass and continued 'But then if they didn't like then you went to war,' he said taking another drink before sighing 'But now a days these kids have no respect for the old ways of doing things anymore now if they want the family gone they take their legs out from under them by attacking their money then destroying them piece by piece with some horror from beyond then they discuss the terms of the other families surrender over the f***ing phone." Light filled the small office from a large window overlooking the city. There were two chairs in the office and the one referred to as "Nick" was sitting in one of them. His face was obscured by shadow but his hands were deathly pale with long black fingernails. He spoke "Yeah but for us old dinosaurs who ran this town 5000 years ago its nothing but an old fairy tale to keep the gorillas in line." He took a drag on his cigar the cherry lighting up his face only so slightly showing his long black lips and pale skin. The gentleman with grey hair spoke again "So hows that boy of yours what is he now 19-" he was cut off as Nick spoke "20 but I don't think he has the drive to this kind of thing he may have demon blood in him but damn it all to hell its nothing but a f***ing waste." The older gentlemen slightly looked over "Eh thats all you got then, then that's all you got I mean you know the rules only he can become Don." Nick exhaled smoke filling the room "Yeah well he can't do any worse then his old man well Louie it's been fun reminiscing about the old days." Louie turned full exposing his decaying face "Yeah it has been I'll see you on the other side Nick." And with that the office was engulfed in purple flames as the building exploded in a enormous fireball. The scene ended as young man living in an attic woke with cold sweat running down his face.

And thats the opening now character sheets and rules

[Spoiler:Rules]1)No god modding
2)No OP characters
3)Try to post on a regular basis
4)have FUN![/spoiler]

Forgot to add Bio...Again.
Please don't wait a week in-between posts like last time.

Name: David West
Age: 17
Looks: Dark Red hair, spiked back, green eyes,standard human appearance otherwise, wears dark jeans, a white running top and a worn black jacket.
Race: Half-Demon
3) Devil Trigger: Can change into a full Demon for short bursts, He appearance changes to a fusion of his normal appearance and a red winged Demon, still getting the hang of the powers granted in this mode.

Bio: Born to a Human Hooker named Trish and a Demon Crime Lord named Vigil, David was always picked on for having a hooker for a mom.
After one evening of bullying, David , Age 9, had enough and fought back.
The ensuring murders showed David his hidden powers.
He asked his mother about his father and was told that he was with one of the crime familys.
At the age of 14 he managed to track down his father and forced him to take care of his mother, lest his sexual Trice be revealed.
Impressed by this, Vigil offered him to become his Hier, To which he long as his mother was given comps.
And with that, his mother managed to leave the streets and become a manager at bar called "Devil's Delight" with David working as a bouncer in-between/During his drinking sessions.
He now attends A Boarding School paid by his father, both angered and Impressed at his son's power.

Name: Christopher Riley


Looks: Shortish dark hair and a stubble to match. He wears a loose dusty dark t-shirt as well as a pair of scruffy jeans, he has a pair of yellow rimmed sunglasses which he usually wears. He is small for his size however has good upper body strength and it is clear to those who look at him that he is quite muscular, however he has a limp in his right leg he has to use a old wooden cane with a steel tip and handle.

What creature are you: Wizard

1) Can shoot bursts of lighting out of his limbs.

2) telekinesis, also uses a lot of focus.

3) Can create a circular forcefield that cannot be entered by any physical object or magic, this uses all of his focus to cast and if touch or distract he would loose the forcefield.

4)Has the ability to heal wounds and strengthen himself or allies for a short period time when he focuses, he sometimes uses this to stop the pain in his right leg.

BIO: Both of Christopher's parents were slain during a viscous attack from the Vigil crime family, Christopher was only young and couldn't remember the events at first. He went to live with his father's brother, Uncle Saturn who just like Chris's father was a man of magic, Christopher used to watch his Uncle in awe as his uncle was able to conjure items such as flowers and other items out of thin air. It wasn't till he grew older that he realized what his Uncle did for a living, he would grow Morshweed for the Vigil crime family, his uncle was known as one of the best in the camp at making the recreational drug. Saturn started to create the drug with the hope that it would end the violent rampage from the Vigil family, but it only made it worse as they would barge in and beat him sometimes to keep the fear in him so he wouldn't run to another family. It was during one of his uncles beatings that he gained flashbacks to the slaying of his parents, he remembers his father fighting back as his mother cowered behind him, his father was a great wizard flinging balls of ice & fire at his enemy, however they were to great in numbers.

Christopher was 15 when his Uncle decided to make his last stand, he wanted to assassinate Vigil and stop his murderous spree, he failed however after taking out dozens of guard he was slain by Vigil himself after he turned into his demon. Christopher was now out on the street, however never poor as he knew how to make his Uncles Morshweed just like he did, some say even better. He didn't let any of the crime families know that he was selling it and kept it quite small, only selling in small amounts to people he can trust. Chris thinks that his destiny is to continue training as a wizard and then revenge his family and take over the Vigil family.


Brunt your powers need work. The powers are a progression so you just start at minor level spells and then like at your max be able to tear open space or something but everybody else's are great


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