Serial Killer Round 38: The Round We Make Contact (It's All Over!)

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@Berenzen: You coulda waited til monday...

Course, the hangover will KEEL YOU!

@Nouw It's somewhat easy. It's no Chopin piece, but the chord changes can trip you up. After playing for a while, the progression will become second nature. Personally, I'd like going the P.U.L.S.E. route and getting three singers. Not only having them alternate, but also putting in some harmonies on select spots.

@Insomni: Thanks for the advice. It didn't seem to complicated so I decided to try it. Now to hunt down the sheet music!


That is all.

I have yet again changed my avatar!
Cookie if you didn't have to Google it!

@Jak: You seem to be going through a phase of changing your avatar a lot like I went through......okay still go through :P

And yep no cookie for me XD

@staika: I think I'm going to stick with this one for a while.
I guess I'll just eat it then...

@Jak: It's sad I said the exact same thing for each of my avatars >.>
Or you could throw it at a homeless person, just sayin :P

@Jak That's a Dopefish. I saw something like it in Psychonauts.

So I found out what's going on with LIVE. A FiOS update is keeping some 360s from connecting to the internet, so we're just waiting for Microsoft and Verizon to get their act together.

The worst part of going on a trip is coming back and having class the next day. It's very difficult to stay awake >.>

@Staika: No it isn't... You're just not trying hard enough!



Sorry about that. Elementsoul was the next victim in the Killer's warpath!

Voting Time is Now!

Boston fans are raving mad! There are executions in the streets! A flash flood has broken out due to all the tears!

*casts vote*


*Casts Vote* Here's hoping we stop the maniac.

Vote is being sent.

Here's hoping that we lynch A poor defenseless new person the killer :P

@Random: Correct, it originated in Commander Keen 4 though. Oh, and I already ate the cookie...

That's okay. I still have cinnamon rolls.

@RaN: Can I get one of those cinnamon rolls? I feel like I need one right about now... :/

@RaNDM G: You still have them? Maybe you could send me one as well :P.

*Vote sent off.*


@RaN: *sneaks into house and steals cinnamon roll*

And I am sorry that I have not prodused the evidence that I promised, but these last three days have been kind of wild, with a lot of unexpected things coming up. And I had to prioritize that over this thread.

@Link: You forgot mine D: Can we half it :)?

Vote sent. Better get my torches out.

Vote sent, anyone want to preorder caskets from my fine establishment?

@Nouw:*splits cinnamon roll*

I didn't need a full one anyway. XP

@Loremaster: Ah, selling caskets I see. I think I want to get in on the ground floor of this one. What sort of stock or investment options do you offer? >.>

@Link: Should be plenty of opportunities, my locale at present is a small cellar in a old icecream factory, but a partner would be welcome, i need capital to advance the business as well. If you want to simply invest that can also be arranged, if you insert at least 150$ you get one of the premium caskets for free.

I beat Super Mario 3. I am so happy.

*changes Lynch-Mart sign to read "ALWAYS OPEN"*

Alrighty then, time for business.

*casts spell of +1 Voteness*

Yay my ZP shirt finally got here :P
Now I feel awesome.

Please study this, for it was sent to me by Ynnek89:
"Here is the current list of suspects for round 38:

War Penguin

This is the list the "Spy" Ynnek89 sent me. Notice anything?
No new players, no questions, no answers and nothing to build upon at all.

From what I have gathered, Ynnek89 rarely posts or interacts at all, so I heard that this was a very special situation.
Now I haven't gone in depth yet, put I don't think there is two questions that would end up with these names as an answer. This is something I will look carefully into tomorrow.
Other than that?
Every victim of the Killer has been a regular, or at least a common player.
And as far as I am aware, so is everyone on this list.
In fact, this seems more like the Killer's wishlist than the Spy's report.

Besides, there is three things that could happen if we kill Ynnek89.
1. He is the Killer and we win.
2. He is the Spy, and we know that his list is in fact correct. This will give us 10 names that might be the Killer.
3. He is not the Spy, and the other reports become a lot more plausible. Besides, even though this might be the worst possible scenario, there is still something to be gained from it.
If he dies, then it's better to stake what we can lose, nothing in this situation, and move on, to build upon other theories.

So based on this fact only, we have a Xanatos Gambit, a situation where all possible outcomes benefit the creator.
But in this case, everyone but Ynnek89 would benefit, not just the creator.

When I laid all my facts together, this much became apparent to me, and I decided I had to strike now, before I suffered a new players death, lynched by the lot of you.
Unfortunately, as I have mentioned to someone else here, it got off to a rough start. I didn't write the "secret" PM very well, and what I had intended to keep away from the public soon became the great discussion.

I must also clear up two lies, to show that I have little to hide.
The reason I said that only a few of you had gotten the PMs, was so you thought there were just a couple of you, and therefore would hesitate to discuss this in public. That was an utter failure from my part.
I also made the impression that I was sure that Ynnek89 was the Killer, when I in fact am not.
Don't misunderstand me for I strongly believe that it's him, but I lied to make an impact, to make sure you voted him out. Once again I failed to truly incorporate the human factor into my plan.
From my point of view, it would be simpler to convince you all that he was the Killer, than to explain all of this.

The day I got the "report" from Ynnek89, I also got two other "reports" by PM.
I don't wish to reveal the identity of either party, but is so happens that both of these list him as a potential Killer.
I know for a fact that very few of us has gotten one of them, but I know several has gotten the other, where a questions about the lack of a letter and the year of a person joining are asked.
I have come to believe that this list might be real.
Also, as I promised I have looked a little, but perhaps not enough, into the list that he sent me. And I still can't find a question, or a pair of them, that would end up with this list.
It reeks of forgery a long way.

Besides, from all that I have gathered on my own, and got from others, I have never even heard someone mention a reason why Ynnek89 couldn't be the Killer.
I know that everything I have been told might have been lies, but there are some I choose to believe.

As for claiming Berenzen was a fake spy?
Well that was for the "report" that just a few of us got, where I wish to protect the sender. For now at least.
To explain this to the user I was discussing with, I decided to blame a random person. Little did I know that also this would be made public.
I have apologised to him for this, and I tell you now that it was someone else.

And lastly:
Even if you think I am wrong, if you think I have too little evidence to support my accusations, use pure, selfish logic for a few seconds and consider it again.
You have nothing to loose by voting for him, but everything to win.

Yay my ZP shirt finally got here :P
Now I feel awesome.

*Looks at House M.D. shirt.
Yeah, I feel pretty awesome as well. Wouldn't mind a ZP shirt though.
*Goes browsing the store.

@Steke Your plan was a moderate success. Well played.

Remind me never to piss you off.

I yam back.

What'd I miss?

@Schizzy: All the things.

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