Serial Killer Round 38: The Round We Make Contact (It's All Over!)

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@Staika: That is what cats do... One of the most annoying things in the world is when the string your cat finds happens to be the one on your hoody... Damned claws can penetrate steel, I swear...

@malyc: I always take out the strings in the hood with all of my hoodies since I don't like them that much. Those are usually what my cat attacks.

@Staika: I usually take em out too, but i have one hoody that they don't bother me on... I have no idea why this string doesn't bother me but... *looks at string* WHY U NO BOTHER ME???

@Malyc: Them claws are unnaturally sharp! UNNATURAL, I SAY!

Even the slightest touch seems to cut.

@staika: For some reason, reading your post reminded me that it's probably time to shoot my cat with a Nerf dart again... to show her who's boss.

@malyc: I only kept the string in a hoody once for about a month but then the two sides wouldn't stay the same length and it bugged me so I took it out. Yay OCD!

@Schizzy: My cat has learned to hate the sound of a nerf gun firing since I accidentally shot her once with it. In my defense she ran into the shot >.>

@staika: Sure she did...

@Schizzy & Staika: Cats are dumb like that... I had one run in front of a Nitro RC car... when it was airborne...

@Schizzy: It's true, I was just shooting the gun randomly and then all of a sudden she got spooked by something and ran right into the area I was shooting at and a stray blast hit her and she jumped about 30 feet into the air. It was funny I have to admit XD

@staika: The surprised jumps are the best.

I've snuck up on my cat two or three times. Then yelled like the boogeyman. She didn't like me much afterwards, but her Olympian jumps were well worth it.

The other funny one was when she got hit by a diaper :P

@Schizzy: They are the best, they are comedy gold especially since my cat did a front flip once. I sadly can't sneak up on my cat that often since the basement (which is my room and she spends almost all of her time down there, She usually follows me where ever I go so my parent's call her my cat) is open and she usually sleeps in clear sight of the stairs. I do wish that I could sneak up on her more often :P

@staika: Stick blindfolds on her. Then you can sneak up on her any time!

@Schizzy: GENIUS! Or better yet maybe we should make specially made cat sunglasses that blind cats. WE WILL MAKE MILLIONS!

@staika: Sacrebleu! Why didn't I think of that first? Nonetheless, yes! We shall make millions AND take over the world!

'Cause it's a well known fact that cats secretly run everything.

@Schizzy: So I am not the only one who knew this fact. But we must keep this hush hush since my cat is near the computer and can listen in on our conversation and discover our plan to take over the world.
The moose will come out at midnight I repeat the moose will come out at midnight

@staika: Many kibbles were sacrificed to get this message out.
The no-eye deer reads, the no-eye deer reads, over

Kentucky Bullfrog hotel November, repeat, Kentucky Bullfrog hotel November, over

The enemy is in the bob, I repeat the enemy is in the bob.

If I was in a military outfit, I would totally make that a message xD.


This just in, I appear to not be dead. I shall continue to live for now.

*Arrives at JIB* Wow. Seems like it's been so long since I've actually been up here. I've totally forgotten what's on the menu.

And here I thought being relatively quiet would let me get away with another lengthy run. I blame Pm0n3y for putting my name at the top of the list. Well, I guess I was wrong, but I guess you guys will be guessing again.

Because y'know, my name was at the top of the last round's list, and I almost won. And you did win!

But yeah, Neo wasn't the Killer, and...


...Wait, seriously? Already?

The Killer doesn't wait. These killings come faster and faster.
Now just to wait and see.

And now that Neo is dead, we have eight names left, four of witch I would wait to kill, as they are more unlikely to be the Killer. At least in my eyes.

I yet live...i believe, time to open the casket shop for this round it seems.

Still looking for investment or partners by the way :)

@Lore You need a partner? Well then today is your lucky day. I offer you something you could never turn down.
You make the coffins, and I make the corpses. It's the perfect plan, and the shop will bloom like never before, making tons of cash.
Then we split the money equally [1].

So, what do you say?

[1] That means 75% to me and 25% to you.

@Steke: You drive a hard bargain, i can settle for 60/40 but then i want no traceable connections between the different branches of the business, deal?

@Steke: and who would those 4 be? Can I get a PM of that? =P

@Lore Deal, but you have to buy me my first set of throwing-knives and a dagger. I can take the rest from there on out, I will even repay you.

@sky Well, most of it is speculations and should not be followed blindly. It's some notes that I have made every now and then, and I see no harm in sending them.
PM incoming soon.

@Steke: Alright, thanks. I look forward to it. =P

Y'know, if the Double Voter feels like acting right about now, that would be swell... O_O

SERIOUSLY, DO SOMETHING!!! If you need Ynnek's list, just PM me! xD

@sky Being on the list yourself and asking for the Double Voter's id?
I know that this does not mean you are the Killer.
For if you truly are the Killer, and the Double Voter die any time soon, you sealed your own grave.
So, your either innocent or just a bad Killer.

I do not think you are the Killer, but these statements draw attention.

If the Double Voter wants Ynnek's list, but does not trust someone on it, just PM me and I will send it.

@Steke: That's fair enough. I know I'm suspicious right now as well, but I want to catch the killer just as much as you do.

I just don't lie a lot to try and get people to agree with me. xDD

@Steke: Unless she just solidly meta-gamed you.

"Of course no one would do that. That would be too stupid! They must be innocent!"

Oh, by the way, that list of collaborators you had? Were any of them on Ynnek's list?

Because, you know, that would be useful information right about now.

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