Serial Killer Round 38: The Round We Make Contact (It's All Over!)

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Eep. *barricades self and Skye in house, puts up usual defenses*
Y'know, I'm surprised that they always manage to sneak past the defenses I put up... What's up with that? Is there a secret tunnel or something? 'Cause they're awesome.

Lets do this!

I figured it'd be best if I didn't beat around the bush, and get right into the swing of things.


@Round Notes: At 31 contestants, this is the largest playing pool for a round of SK in it's history. The 8 new bloods is also a new record.

never been happier not to see 18 on my inbox

Quick, to the hills!

*Claims house, barracades the doors, boards the windows and grabs baseball bat, sitting in front of the door.*

...Huh, nobody's coming for me... time to booby trap the place.


*Claims the town's belltower, sets up a nice sniper hide up there. Breaks the stairs down, just in case. Sets up a rope ladder, in case he needs to go get mt dew or something*

*finds his body* Oh god, I moved here with the intent on starting a new life and this already? What the hell man...*calls for the rest of the town* oh god, oh man oh god.....

Looks like Dew couldn't...
Dew the Dew.
Oh God! I hope no one realizes that I used this one before! <_<
Well, time to vote blindly in the dark. :P

@CA: You think it's really safe to hold up with Skye? Why else do you think we don't see Smag anymore? :P

Oh geez, got a lot of people playing. O_o

*doesn't put up any defenses*

Eh...if I'm gonna get killed, locking the door wouldn't help. Might as well just save my money for tasty treats.


*orders a truck full of gummy bears*

@Fragrance: Odd...this is your first death that did not involve Mello Yello in some way. This killer is the first to not exploit your one weakness. >.<

So many people playing, oh well more people to use as a shield now :P

So yeah, Frag was the first death of the round.

Time to vote! Send whoever you think the killer is to my inbox!

@WarP: I'm pretty sure Neo was the one who managed to properly turn Smag away... Skype rants will do that, especially Drunken Canadian Rants. I'm comfortable with living with Skye in Murderville.

@Fragrance: Damn... it always sucks to be the first one to go. I shall have my vote in momentarily.

my vote is in, I am pretty sure it's one of the regulars, and not one of the people who commented before the murder but after the game started if that makes sense. Just my intuition.

@WarP GRRRRRR! You dare mar my death with recycled puns?! I demand originality!

@Link Well, this was only my third death. Besides, I gotta branch out some time. I mean there are only so many ways I can right about being killed by Mello Yello.


@Fragrance: I can try... that counts for something, right?

Vote sent.

Ahh, nothing's like the sound of sirenes in the morning!
I guess moving to Murderville was a great idea after all.

Vote sent.

@livinginthefortress: he. suspects. nothing. 8D

*unlocks the back door and leaves to mail vote*

@Fragrance: Being drowned in a pool of it would be a pretty bad way to go. I would imagine it would strip the flesh from one's face like sulfuric acid. >.<

It was a good death. Set the tone for what is to come.

@drmigit: That's really not much to go on. I mean, don't get me wrong; you could be totally accurate. But it's waaaaay too early to tell something like that just from a couple of goofy intro posts.

Trust me, I know where you are coming from on that intuition. But say it was one of the regulars. Don't you think it would have been possible that they have played for long enough to understand that a quick way to dump suspicion is by posting early on? I mean, hell, I got knocked off last round simply because I considerably slowed my posting and it looked like I was trying to hide away. We tend to notice dramatic changes like that around here.

Basically, all I'm trying to say is that there is just as much chance that it could be a regular as it is anyone else. In fact, my first intuition is that is wasn't simply based on their choice of target, but there is a lot of speculation on my part being based on the most minimal evidence possible. I need more time to watch before getting any closer to a real guess.

My guarantee that I will either be murdered or executed by the end of round 2.

Prove me wrong. XP

@Link That's a pretty detailed hypothesis you got there. Makes it look like you're...

Up to something...

@Link to Future: oh I understand that my guess here is totally faulty. That said, it's what I have to go on and I have to run with it until I am given contrary evidence.

*sigh* You'd think after all these murderous rampages, we'd move someplace where the water doesn't turn people homicidal.

Or at least have a better security system.

You know what. I want to do something cool to get my vote in, but since I can't think of anything cool to do I'll just make a little paper airplane and mail to to Pm0n3y that way.

*throws paper airplane with vote to pm0n3y's mailbox*

My vote is in. I'm actually looking forward to death so I can practice writing. Just a question to the regulars, are pop culture references looked down upon?

@Nouw: Who says we have to wait for the killer to get you. I can kill you right now, all you have to do is say the word >:D

I think the reason most people keep coming back is because of the (please, do excuse the phrase) dying housing market. With neighbors like these, it's no wonder we're getting paid to live here.

@Mortis: True enough. Wait, they pay us to live here? I never got a check.

*Heads down the rope ladder to check the mailbox*

Still nothin.

*Heads back up it, and pulls ladder up after him.*

@staika: I wonder what the word it wajdaljfeflah? Wow that actually sounds remotely sayable!

*Shoots down paper airplane.
@staika Do you have the forms and paperwork required to launch self built aircraft? Or start you own postal service? You can't just start off like that, that would be comblete chaos! Paper flying everywhere, destruction and panic!
*Gets flashback to the Norwegian postal war.
So many planes...
*Falls together and curls up in fetal position.

Well frak, that went by quick.

I guess it's time to do what any sensible new neighbor would do: join a lynch mob.


@Link/drmigit: First round speculation usually gets you nowhere, unless you have solid evidence. Which isn't likely to happen unless you're the Spy... or have really good connections. *shrug*

Edit: @Nouw: Pop-culture references are fine. Just don't make any puns or 'arrow in the knee' "jokes".

@Nouw: The word to activate it is a secret. My lips are sealed and only the best bribes will make me talk.

@Stek: Well I had the paperwork but I used the paperwork to make the paper airplane. So the plane itself was making itself legal. But now you cant check since you shot it down in cold blood!

@RaN: Yeah, pretty much expected a response like that. The killer probably thinks I've got a role and everyone else thinks I'm the killer. If I were either, this would have been a colossal miscalculation on my part.

As it stands now though, my death would only buy someone who has a role some more time to work. So I guess that's better than another round of doing absolutely nothing.

(('Course, I might just be saying that to mess with everyone's mind. I'm probably the killer/spy. YOU'LL NEVER KNOW UNTIL THE TRIGGER HAS BEEN PULLED!))

@drm: Fair enough. Stick with your guns! :D

@Nouw: If we hate references, then I'm out of the loop. Unless it's a pun/annoying, then I think we're mostly alright with it. I might just be speaking for myself here though. >.<

@CA: I realize that it's pointless. I usually keep it to myself unless someone else brings it up first.

Doesn't stop me from speculating. Otherwise I would be bored.

@Link: Eh, fair enough. Speculate away, my good man.

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