Serial Killer Round 38: The Round We Make Contact (It's All Over!)

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Checked the escapist for a second and noticed that I had over 5000 messages, I felt very popular until I noticed that it was a system error and I only had one message. That was kind of a let down :P

@Staika: The same thing kind of happened to me, only I saw SK had 60 pages! O.O

In an attempt to escape the crushing boredom of class I decided to venture back into the kingdom of loathing only to discover that my account no longer exists. So for anyone who play Kol, what class should I role, I've already done both strength classes.

@axle: Play the third Muscle class: the Avatar of Boris. It's the new Seasonal Challenge Path.

Edit: Oops, it seems I missed the note about your account not existing. Um... Sauceror, I think.

@Counter: No option for that. I'm recreating an account at the moment which only gives me the six standard classes.

Edit: How long is the Seasonal challenge there for?

Edit the second: My account seems to have reappeared. Woot. How would I go about creating the Avatar of Boris character. Do I have to ascend with my current one first?

@axle: I think you do have to ascend first. Though if it's been less than eleven days since you started your current run, you can go back to Valhalla and start over.

Seasonal Challenges are available indefinitely, but a new one will be implemented in roughly three months' time. The old ones stick around, but the current one gives you more Karma to spend in Valhalla. My favourite so far is Way of the Surprising Fist, which was the current path six months ago.

@Counter: I haven't played this game in forever. At the moment I'm doing the Maguffin quest with my Seal Clubber

@axle: Ah, yes... easily one of the two longest quests in the main game. Since I've done it so many times I know exactly what to do when, but a fair portion still relies on the randomness of chance.

@Counter: I'm going to finish this run with my Seal Clubber than probably do Way of the Surprising Fist or Avatar of Boris. I'm in the SpookyRaven part of the Quest but I ran out of adventures.

@axle: I see... there are, of course, limitations on all the challenges. In Way of the Fist, you can't equip a weapon or off-hand item at all, and you don't earn all that much meat from monsters, adventures and items. In Avatar of Boris, you have a maximum of five drunkenness, can't use any weapons except the one you're given at the start (Boris's trusty axe, Trusty), and you lose access to a lot of things, including your familiars.

When do we know who was lyncheeeeeeed......

*Busts down closest wall with extreme gusto, eyes sparkling with determination*
@Sky: Right Now!


@Pm0: O_O

Kool-aid man?

@Link: Oh no...please, no, not him!!

@Mortis Oh no...? OH YEAH!!!!!!!!

@Mortis: >:D

*checks clock and notices its past noon*
How did I just wake up!?
Also I am still alive :P


*sees Kool-Aid Man*



*sees staika is still alive*


@Mortis: Glorious performance. That was a "NOOOOOO!!" for the ages. It shall surely go down in the annals of history!

@Link: Is it weird that I picture the Kool-Aid man bursting through the wall in the background?

@mort: that's shady, everyone is happy that I'm still alive........... Right >.>

@staika: Of course they are. Now, just keep looking toughtfully in the distance, absolutely nothing will happen to you when you're not paying attention to this general direction...

*walks up behind staika with a raised butterfly knife*


@Mortis: I would totally do that if I had anything resembling photoshop skills.

@staika: I'm happy that you're alive. Speaking of which, I think I have a job for you. See, my last javelin catcher has met an untimely end. I was kinda hoping to offer you that position since I have a vacancy. :D

@mortis: oh what's that
*looks away*

@link: I'd love to fill in at the position. But I should warn you I'm not good at catching things :P

I'm yet alive, seems it's time to go to work again, still hiring applicants.
Must be able to work with dead stuff and able to craft specific objects out of an assortment of materials. Just come by my shop if you're interested, it's on the boulevard towards the graveyard.

Oh god subnetting, MAKE IT STOP!
*goes brain dead*

so exciting o:

Well, I still have all my vital organs, aside from my liver, in working order, so I'm good.

*is still dead

Why no one have the decency to UNKILL me?

*just realized he doesn't have a coffin yet

@Malyc I know, right? When is the Medic gonna do his damn job?

@Randm: When he gets his life support system working again.

@RaN: The Medic isn't a miracle worker. Only so much can be done for those who have already passed.

For now...

@Malyc: Bah.

@Link: I Blame the The Health Care System!

The Kool-Aid man needs to visit my avatar xD.

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