Serial Killer Round 38: The Round We Make Contact (It's All Over!)

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@Nouw: We've all been waiting in anticipation for that glorious moment.

@Link: Don't worry, it's coming >:D. And I've never even tried the drink :P.

@Nouw: You mean to tell me that the cream pie throwing clown will return to us once more?

@Malyc: Definitely! Can't let Redlin and you guys go too long without it ;).


As do I. Fuck, I just know someone's going to post it now >.>.


@fearofclowns: If you're afraid of clowns, I warn you not gaze upon this...

For those of you who aren't...prepare to be.

EDIT: Ninja'd...damn you, phone!!

@Mortis: Mine's better. IT was slightly amusing, not skeery.

@Malyc: Slightly amusing? O_o

Tim Curry is the man. XP

@Mortis I don't know... after watching The Nostalgia Critic review that movie, that particular clown got a lot less scary.

@Link: I'll be honest with you, I never really enjoyed scary movies. They always went WAY too over-the-top with the gore factor. ESPECIALLY the Friday the 13th movies... Dozens of gallons of blood for each kill.

IT was still amusing though, if only because of the evil clown.

@Malyc: I used to hate scary movies. Then I started getting familiar with the cliches.

I still hold that Paranormal Activity 3 was the funniest movie I watched last year. XP

@Jack: Nostalgia Critic is pretty good, but I actually prefer the Cinema Snob. Something about Brad's delivery makes me smile every time. ^_^

@Link True, there's something special about Brad's deadpan expression.

Man, I haven't seen anything from that site since the Great Retsupurae Calamity of 2011. I need to check up and see what's new.

Offtopic: Got back from The Wall live concert. It was mind-blowing, flower-raping, hammer-marching, wall-building, wall-tearing and logo-bombingly awesome.

@Nouw: I want to see a GIF of Kool-aid man breaking through your avatar, make it happen!
Oh, and clowns are overrated in the scary department. ;)


Totally not mine.

Ahhhh, remember these? Good times...

@Sky: Oh God... not the Horatios again. >.<'

@Sky: Epic. xD

I so totally want to bring those back.

@Jak23: Ssssh, don't ruin the surprise ;).

@CA: Awww come on, they're not that bad. At least you don't actually hear the music...


@Sky and @CA

Now you don't need to imagine the music.

@CA: Hey, now! You were a part of that as much as we were. No need to point fingers when you've made a comic yourself.


(shout to the rythem and notes of "livin on the edge", it works fairly well, surprisingly.)

@Malyc: Waiting on the dead? The dead? Where? I MUST HUNT YOU DOWN!


@Nouw: Ummm.... *quickly runs and hides, rather than marching*

@Malyc: Aaah that's totally fine then :). We have a thing against marching dead.

@Nouw: Phew, was worried you were gonna start going after the sneaking dead...

*sneaks off*

I'm so hungry right now.

@Randm: Why not make a sammich or something?

@RaNDM: Or bake yourself some cinnamon buns :)

@Nouw: If he does that, I'm totally haunting him til he gives me one...

Baked a pizza. All better.

@Random: I had pizza today! O.O

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